NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #13 9/25/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #13
Date: 9/25/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome to NWA-TNA. Tenay goes over a couple of matches tonight which include Jeff Jarrett taking on BG James and NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Jerry Lynn defending against NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ron Killings in a lumberjack match.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn is attacking Sonny Siaki sending him into walls and trash cans. Siaki comes back and sends Lynn into a bathroom door. They are sending each other into walls and really just punching each other. Security comes over and breaks things up, Don Harris shoves both men to end the brawl.

Mike Tenay goes over the show which will see AJ Styles taking on Low Ki in a best two out three falls match with the winner earning a NWA-TNA X-Division title shot next week. Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac team up to face Brian Lawler and Elix Skipper. Chris Harris/James Storm defend the NWA-TNA Tag Team Championships against Brian Lee and Ron Harris in a tables match.


Opening Contest: Sonny Siaki defeated Amazing Red: Red with a springboard somersault dive to start the match. I should mention that Siaki is no longer sporting the Flying Elvises gear, as he has black pants on. However, he does still come out to the music. Red Star Press off the apron to the floor onto Siaki. Siaki lifts Red into the air and connects with a ace crusher for a near fall. Red with a spin kick and a dropkick in the corner. Siaki with a vicious clothesline as Red comes off the ropes. Siaki with a couple of spears in the corner and goes for a third one but misses and goes shoulder first into the post. Red with a swinging reverse DDT for a near fall. Siaki backdrops Red over the top to the floor. Siaki drops Red face first across the ring steps. Siaki also drops Red throat first across the guard railing. Mortimer Plumtree is seen taking notes. Siaki with a overhead belly to belly suplex sending Red back first into the corner. Red fights out of a bear hug but runs right into a sidekick from Siaki. Red with a wheelbarrow slam of sorts for a near fall. Red springs off the middle rope and drives Siaki down face first and follows up with leaping kick for a near fall. Siaki avoids a top rope dive from Red and nails Red with the Money Clip for the win. **3/4
After the match, Jorge Estrada is at the top of the ramp way with a microphone. Estrada tells Siaki that the games are over. Estrada says that tonight “we are getting over on you”. Estrada wants Siaki’s Elvis gear.

Backstage, Amazing Red is walking to the back where he is attacked by Ron Killings. Killings says “I will get them before they get me.”

Footage from last week where Chris Harris and James Storm “shocked the world” and won the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships.

Second Contest: © Chris Harris/James Storm defeated Brian Lee/Ron Harris in a tables match to retain the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships:
Only one man needs to go through the table to lose. Ron and Lee attack the champions early on. Chris Harris and Lee start off with Lee takes Chris down with a power slam. Chris clotheslines Lee over the top and Storm backdrops Ron over the top to the floor. Storm is caught leaping over to the floor but Chris Harris dives to the floor and takes out all three men. Ron with a side slam on Chris but their aren’t any pin falls as he goes for the cover. Ron slides a table into the ring and sets the table up in the corner. Brian Lee looks to press slam Chris into the table but Storm enters and stops that from happening. Ron with a running power slam on Chris. Ron continues to control Chris with a snap suplex. Lee misses a top tope knee drop as Chris rolled out of the way. Chris tags Storm in and Storm cleans house. Double dropkick and double clothesline sends Ron to the floor. Lee with a double clothesline on the apron to knock Harris and Storm down. Lee looks for a choke slam on Harris off the apron through the table. Storm low blows Lee. Lee goes for a suplex but Storm again saves Harris. Storm comes off the ropes and hits Lee with a right hand and Lee falls off the apron crashing through a table. *1/4
After the match, Ron Harris grabs a title belt and takes out the champions. Ron sets up a table in the ring and power bombs Storm through the table. Security runs down to stop the attack. Don Harris comes down and gets in Ron’s face. Don shoves Ron and they argue.

Earlier today, Goldylocks was outside interviewing Bruce. The old lady who sells tickets gets in Bruce’s face for taking her parking spot. She slaps Bruce and Bruce gets really pissed until some officials come over to stop the matter.


Ron Killings makes his way down to the ring for some interview time. Killings tells the fans to shut up so he can get something off his chest. Killings talks about the smell of rats and saying that the rats were in his food, beds and everything else. Killings says he had to deal with that, while people in the crowd dealt with big houses and other luxuries. Killings says that he started to think their isn’t a prejudice. However, he knows that it exists and that happens here in TNA. Killings asks what happened to Ricky Steamboat after he gave Killings a title shot, he hasn’t been seen since that time. Killings wants to know where his merchandize is. Killings wants to know where his private dressing room is, considering Ken Shamrock got one. Killings is not happy about having to face Jerry Lynn in a lumberjack match with X-Division wrestlers. BG James comes down and says that he has his posse “right here” (pointing to his groin). James says that he hears Killings being a prima donna. James reminds Killings who offered him friendship and had his back when the boys were putting Killings down in the WWF. Killings says that James brought him up because he was in deep shit. Killings says he was used to carry the load that James no longer had. Killings tells James to not talk while the champion speaks. Killings says that James rejected his handshake when James came to TNA. Killings says that it is a new time and that James is his “bitch”. James with a right hand and Killings bails to the floor. James tells Killings that he can handle the truth.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler and his girlfriend. Lawler says that whatever he and his girlfriend do are between themselves. Lawler’s girlfriend says that she has been dealing with Lawler’s issues that included apparently physical abuse, but Lawler cut her off and said that is their business. Lawler kicks the camera crew out of the locker room.

Third Contest: AJ Styles defeated Low Ki in a best two out of three falls match to become the #1 Contender for X-Division Title: Styles works on Ki’s arm early on as they both go with a mat wrestling style in the early moments of the match. Ki with a big back elbow to knock Styles down and follows up with a spinning elbow drop for a near fall. Ki with several chops and right hands. Styles with a inverted atomic drop and delivers several kicks. Styles mocks Ki and is met with a stiff kick and sent to the floor with another kick. Ki with a somersault dive off the apron onto Styles on the floor. Styles drops Ki groin first across the top rope. Styles with a backbreaker and a gut buster. Styles with a standing dropkick in the corner. Double clothesline spot and both men get up and trade right hands. Ki with the advantage with a flying forearm smash. Ki with a springboard front kick and locks in the dragon sleeper and Styles taps out in the middle of the ring. Ki wins the first fall.
Styles drops Ki throat first across the middle rope, a kick to the back and a discus clothesline for a near fall. Delayed vertical suplex by Styles and drops a knee to the face of Ki for a near fall. Standing spin kick by Styles as well. Styles nails Ki with a leaping kick to the head of Ki that sends Ki to the floor. Styles misses a baseball slide and is met with a stiff kick to the face from Ki. Ki with a dragon sleeper on the floor but Styles drops Ki back first onto the entrance ramp. Styles gets a near fall back in the ring. Ki with a double chop and locks in a hanging dragon in the ropes. Styles attempts a slingshot power bomb but Ki holds on and goes for a hurricanrana but Styles rolls through and pins Ki to win the second fall.
Ki with a running kick that again sends Styles to the floor and chops Styles on the floor. Styles rams Ki knee first into the guard railing. Styles slams Ki knee first onto the concrete floor. Both men are on the top rope with Ki getting the advantage with a chop and goes for a hurricanrana but Styles hangs on and takes Ki down with a middle rope shin breaker! Styles with a spinning toe hold but is rolled up by Styles for a near fall. Styles goes back to work on the knee of Ki. Ki with a nice hurricanrana for a near fall. Styles rams Ki back first into the corner, blocking a Ki Krusher 99 attempt. Styles low blows Ki after shoving the referee and covers Ki using the ropes for leverage but Ki kicks out. Styles with the Styles Clash to pick up the win. Styles will get a title shot next week. ***
After the match, Styles taunts the fans.


Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. Goldylocks mentions that Jarrett’s attempts of getting the World title is more of a dream than a reality. Jarrett tells Goldylocks to keep on smoking whatever she is smoking. Jarrett says that he has been focusing on one goal and that is the belt. Jarrett says he needs to eliminate Hall, Waltman and BG James. Jarrett also says that it’s just business in regards to Ron Killings.

Fourth Contest: Syxx-Pac/Scott Hall defeated Elix Skipper/Brian Lawler:
Funny note, before the match Skipper actually botched a springboard back flip getting into the ring. Lawler also is trying to cover up his girlfriend who is exposing plenty of skin. Skipper and Syxx start the match. They both go for several kicks but both miss on their attempts. Skipper avoids a spinning heel kick by doing the matrix and spin kicks Syxx down. Syxx tags in Scott Hall. Lawler wants the tag and is tagged in. Lawler leaves the ring and tells his girlfriend to stand in the exact spot he told her, which was only two inches apart. Lawler is very angry rather forceful with his girlfriend and tells her to sit down and not move. Skipper tags himself in. Hall with a choke slam for a near fall on Skipper. Skipper sends Hall into the corner and avoids a big boot by sliding to the floor. Skipper and Lawler ram Hall groin first into the ring post. Skipper with a leg drop off the middle rope for a near fall. Skipper works on Hall as Lawler chokes Hall behind the referees back. Lawler enters and connects with a running shoulder block to the midsection of Hall in the corner for a near fall. Lawler with a snap suplex and his girlfriend applauds him. Skipper with a double axe handle on Hall and knocks Syxx off the apron. Hall blocks a leaping spin kick and slams Skipper down to the mat. Lawler yells at his girlfriend which makes Don West check on her only to have Lawler shove her. Skipper doesn’t have anyone to tag in. Syxx with a standing spin kick but is caught in midair and power bombed by Syxx. Skipper runs into a spin kick and is met with a face buster but Lawler breaks up the cover. Hall with the fall away slam and Syxx goes for the bronco buster but misses. Lawler enters the ring and chokes Hall. Skipper comes off the ropes but Syxx nails Skipper with a face buster to pick up the win. **
After the match, Jarrett nails Syxx and Scott Hall with the Stroke. Lawler is attacking Hall and Syxx, and not Jarrett. Skipper also gets in on the action. Jarrett knocks security down as they run down to the ring. That is until Don Harris charges the ring.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with AJ Styles. Styles is acting very cocky since beating Low Ki. Styles says that he is best sports entertainer and that it doesn’t matter if he is cocky or have a big mouth. Styles says that he will be at the top of TNA. Styles brings up a ladder and says that gives him an idea.

Bruce makes his way out to the ring and cuts his weekly promo. Bruce says that he isn’t going through PMS. Bruce almost bought into women being equaled. Bruce actually even motions oral sex on camera, not sure that is a good thing. Bruce says none of the women in Tennessee can step in the ring with him. Bruce says he is the only woman in the building. Bruce rips on Mike Tenay’s wife throughout the promo. Sarah the ticket lady storms the ring with a broom and Bruce is all set to fight Bruce. Don West tries to get the fans to want Sarah to fight Bruce. Don Harris down and prevents her from entering the ring.


Fifth Contest: Jorge Estrada defeated Kid Kash: They trade wrist locks and hammerlocks go behinds in the early stages of the contest. Estrada with a arm drag to gain control. Mortimer Plumtree is seen again scouting the match. Kash with a head scissors takedown and a spin kick. Estrada with a head scissors of his own and clotheslines Kash to the floor. Estrada leaps over the top and connects with a dive onto Kash. Kash with a double springboard somersault dive onto Estrada on the floor and gets a near fall in the ring! Estrada with a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Kash shoves the referee into the ropes and crotches Estrada on the top rope. Kash with a hurricanrana off the top for a near fall. Kash with a pump handle face first slam. Kash runs into a back elbow in the corner. Estrada with a split legged moonsault for a near fall. They trade several overhand chops with Kash poking Estrada in the eyes. Kash with a clothesline and a DDT for a near fall. Estrada catches Kash on a attempted double springboard hurricanrana. Estrada with the TCB (springboard senton splash) to pick up the win. **
After the match, Estrada grabs a microphone and tells Siaki that his time is up. Estrada wants Siaki’s Elvis gear or he will kick his ass. Siaki appears at the top of the entrance ramp. Siaki says he is sorry that things went this way. Siaki says that he already gave it a proper burial. Siaki through the Elvis suit into a trash can that was on fire. Estrada is a emotional wreck in the ring as Siaki waves goodbye to Estrada.
Footage from last weeks match between Ron Killings and Jerry Lynn is shown.

Sixth Contest: © Jerry Lynn defeated Ron Killings in a lumberjack match to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship:
Amazing Red, Kid Kash Low Ki, and Jorge Estrada are the only lumberjacks for the match. Lynn with the early advantage with several right hands. Low Ki prevents Killings from bailing from the ring. Lynn with a nice middle rope bulldog and Killings bails to the floor but is sent back in by Red. Lynn gets a near fall. Killings sends Lynn chest first into the turnbuckles and connects with a shoulder block coming off the ropes. Killings with a clotheslines and a sit down wheelbarrow face buster for a near fall. Killings sends Lynn to the floor where Kid Kash stomps on Jerry Lynn! AJ Styles is at the top of the entrance ramp with a ladder. Killings with a Muscle Buster of sorts but only gets a near fall. Killings drives Lynn down to the mat with a running power slam. Lynn gets his feet up in the corner but Killings takes a charging Lynn down with a power slam for another near fall. Killings with a front face lock and uses the ropes for leverage. Killings yanks Lynn down by the hair as he fights out of the front face lock. Lynn with a float over reverse DDT to stop Killings momentum. Lynn with a clothesline, spinning heel kick and a power bomb for a near fall. Lynn goes for a German suplex but Killings grabs the referee and low blows Lynn. Estrada and Red distract the referee as Low Ki gets on the apron and nails Killings with a right hand. Lynn with a TKO and picks up the win. **1/4
After the match, Jerry Lynn celebrates retaining the championship with the crowd on its feet. Ron Killings argues with the referee telling him what had happened.

Don West hypes up next weeks show which will see AJ Styles take on Jerry Lynn in a ladder match for the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship. Jeff Jarrett, Syxx-Pac and Scott Hall will all be on next weeks show as well.

Before the main event, BG James has a microphone and cuts a promo. BG James says that he will not be negotiated as he is the last obstacle for Jarrett.


Main Event: BG James defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification: James with a forearm shot that causes Jarrett to back into a corner. Jarrett comes back with several right hands but is met with a inverted atomic drop and a knee drop coming off the ropes by James for a near fall. Jarrett with a kick to the back of James head as James had blocked a kick by Jarrett. James with several left jabs a right hand that sends Jarrett to the floor. James nails Jarrett with a steel chair across the back a few times. James jabs Jarrett in the midsection that sends Jarrett into the crowd. Jarrett with several chair shots of his own. Jarrett rams James head first into the announcers table. Jarrett rams the chair into the throat of James. This all takes place right in front of the referee. Jarrett locks in a sleeper hold right in the middle of the ring and James is fading in the middle of the ring. James prevents his arm from dropping a third time and elbows out of the hold. James with a sleeper of his own but Jarrett connects with a back suplex. James with a big boot and ten punches in the corner. The referee appeared to have been poked in the eye or something. Jarrett wedges the chair in the corner and goes to send James into the chair but James reverses and sends Jarrett into the chair for a near fall. Elix Skipper runs down and is met with a right hand. Brian Lawler runs down and hold James for Jarrett but Jarrett accidentally hits Lawler. James with a roll up for a near fall. Jarrett nails James over the head with the chair. Jarrett goes for the cover but only gets a near fall. James with a pump handle slam and goes for the cover but Lawler and Skipper slide into the ring and attack James causing a disqualification. *1/4
After the match, Scott Hall and Syxx Pac enter the ring to clean house on Jarrett, Lawler and Skipper. Ron Killings comes in with the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship and hit’s the baby faces with the belt. Killings comes off the top hitting BG James with the belt. Jarrett does the same to Syxx Pac. The heels stand tall as the show goes off the air.

End of show

My Take:
When the matches were announced I was just shaking my head. A two out of three falls, lumberjack, and a tables match? There is no need for three stipulation matches on one show. Space them out over the course of a few weeks. But, what do I know? Siaki/Red was a good opening contest. It is a shame that Red keeps on jobbing but he is very, very good so at leas he is on TNA almost every week. I hate when workers use inside terms of the business, aka Estrada saying “getting over on you”. The tables match was lame. The crowd wasn’t into it and the finish to the match was really not exciting or anything. I didn’t mind the James/Killings segment. I would think that this would lead to a title match between Killings/James in the coming weeks. Styles/Ki was alright, but wasn’t anything spectacular. I have no idea as to why Syxx/Lawler was changed into a tag team match, considering Skipper has had zero interaction with Hall or Syxx. I am not a fan of Lawler being presented as an abusive boyfriend. You can make him be paranoid and jealous of his girlfriend and not have him be considered abusive. Skipper taking the pin was the sole reason he was involved in the match to begin with. Judging by the promo Styles did I’d assume there will be another ladder match next week (I type this before completion of show). I have no idea what the purpose of the Bruce/Sarah segment was, and the fans couldn’t have cared any less. Kash/Estrada was good, but I would’ve like to have seen Kash go over. Kash has been impressive in TNA thus far, although he seems to be alternating between being a face and heel on a weekly basis. However, clearly Estrada is in a angle with Siaki so he needs to get some momentum for his feud with Siaki. Considering Lynn had already lost to Killings the week prior, and that he needed Low Ki’s help to beat Ron Killings, the match lost is luster. If Lynn had beaten Killings last week in a non-title match and then lose to him this week in a title match, it would have made sense. Lynn doesn’t come out looking any stronger. The match itself was decent. Sure Lynn/Styles in a ladder match will be good, but another ladder match? In its thirteen weeks of being a company the ladder match has been used way too much. Jarrett/James was nothing special and really consisted of chair shots. I guess Lawler/Jarrett are good now, making the whole angle a few weeks ago pointless. I do like the possibility of Elix Skipper being given a bigger role in TNA as he was associated with the top baby faces and heels in the company. It is always nice to see a fresh face get a push.

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