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ECW Hardcore TV 5/4/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 5/4/1993
From: Philadelphia, PA

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful welcome everyone to ECW. Sulli looks confused on what to say. Wonderful hypes up the show well. Todd Gordon comes down, and shows a video clip. From last week, Gilbert shows a clip of his own of showing the I Quit Match, which Gordon didn’t allow.

We go to Terry Funk who is on a ranch. Funk says that Gilbert is suppose to meet him on the ranch. Funk talks about a Texas Chain Massacre match. The hilarious part about this, Funk is talking to a horse’s ASS. -That’s correct. Funk is talking to a HORSE”S ASS. Funk goes over the rules to a chain match, where you drag your opponent to all four corners. Funk asks the ass of the horse, who is suppose to be Gilbert, what he thinks about that. The horse “farts”. Funk makes a silly face.

Eddie Gilbert/Don Muraco defeated JT Smith/Glenn Osbourne:
Gilbert with a big clothesline, which Smith sells nicely. Muraco with a swinging neck breaker on Smith. Gilbert sends Smith to the floor, Muraco drops Smith chest first on the guard railing. Osbourne gets the tag, and all four men are going at it in the ring. -Smith and Muraco fall to the floor. Osbourne with a backdrop, and a tombstone pile driver on Gilbert. PAUL E. DANGEROUSLY runs down and hits Osbourne with the telephone, Gilbert gets the three count. *

Paul E grabs the microphone, Snuka joins the ring, and so does Jay Sulli, for no reason other than to stand like an idiot in the ring. Paul E cuts on Todd Gordon, who says that ECW is going out of business because the fans do not have the guts to watch ECW. Sulli hypes up the new alliance. He is a moron.


Hunter Q Robbins III is with the Super Destroyers. Robbins cuts almost the same promo as last week. No more title matches after tonight for Stetson and Winters. That was actually, the same promo.

For the ECW World Tag Team Titles: Super Destroyers defeated Tony Stetson/Larry Winters to retain the titles:
Stetson and Winters work on the left arm of one of the Destroyers. Side kick by Stetson for a one count. Winters is taken down by a standing dropkick. Winters arm is wrapped around the ring post twice. Side slam in the ring for a two count. Destroyers work on the back of Winters. Stetson is fighting with one of the Destroyers on the floor. Stetson gets the tag. Stetson goes for the back suplex from the apron, the Destroyers has a loaded glove, and hits Stetson for the win. Why doesn’t Sulli tell the referee? *

We go to Sal Bellomo who cuts a promo with his face completely covered with his hair. Bellomo is coming for the World Title.

For the ECW World Title: Sandman defeated Sal Bellomo to retain the title..
Bellomo with simple wrestling moves. Mainly punches, boots and choking Sandman. Sandman sends Bellomo over the top to the floor, who is distracted by the fans, gets counted out. Though, Jay Sulli incorrectly calls it a disqualification. DUD

Rockin Rebel is backstage who cuts a promo on Sandman. Fairly simple. He has Tigra and Sandman doesn’t.


Rockin Rebel defeated Ernesto Benefico: Rebel with control early and often. Scoop slam and vertical suplex. Power slam by Rebel, who doesn’t go for the cover. Spine buster and gets the easy win. DUD

Hunter Q Robbins III is at ringside with Todd Gordon. Gordon tells Robbins that he has a contract where Stetson/Winters would put their hair up in a No DQ No Time limit match. Robbins signs it. Gordon points out that Robbins signed a contract where he will be handcuffed to Tommy Cairo. Robbins flips out.

Suicide Blondes are backstage. Christopher Candido and Jonathan Hotbody. They have taken their full name. Remember Hotbody is NOT a blonde.


Tommy Cairo defeated Johnny Hotbody: Cairo with a Northern lights suplex on Hotbody. Candido distracts Cairo, allowing Hotbody to send him to the floor. Hotbody with a running elbow drop off the ring apron. Top rope superplex by Hotbody and gets a two count. Swinging neck breaker by Cairo for a two count. Cairo rams Hotbody into Candido, and rolls Hotbody up for the three count. *
After the match, Hotbody and Cairo are brawling on the floor.
End of Show

My Opinion:
Paul E is in ECW! Jay Sulli is terrible, took me a few shows, but he is awful. Everything in ring was worthless.

Overall Grade:

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