ECW Hardcore TV 4/27/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 4/27/1993
From: Philadelphia, PA

ECW Opening Video

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful welcome everyone to ECW. They hype up Sandman/Rebel on this show for the World Title. Super Destroyers will defend the Tag Titles against Winters/Stetson. Eddie Gilbert is standing behind the announcers. The Suicide Blondes will be debuting here tonight. Eddie Gilbert has a big announcement. He is the guest commentator this week. He says that he ran Terry Funk out of this area. He says that he had a “I Quit” match. He says that Funk quit.

We now see footage of the I Quit match between Funk and Gilbert. Gilbert rams Funk head first into a table a few times.

ECW Special Announcement from Todd Gordon saying the rest of the video can not be shown, but he says that Gilbert DID NOT run Funk out of the ECW. Funk will be on ECW next week.

Hunter Q. Robbins III is with the Super Destroyers and cuts a promo on Stetson/Winters. Robbins has $500 dollars and says that all they have to do, is beat Destroyers in the ring.


For the ECW World Tag Team Championships: Tony Stetson/Larry Winters defeated Super Destroyers via DQ: Winters with a face buster and leg drop on one of the Destroyers. Double hip toss. Clothesline on Stetson for a two count. Head butt to the groin of Stetson. Winters gets the tag and backdrops one of the Destroyers. Winters with the figure four, the other Destroyer comes in and causes the DQ. Destroyers retain the titles, and Hunter keeps the money. *1/4

Eddie Gilbert rolls into the ring and has an announcement. Osbourne gets in Gilbert face. Gilbert interrupted the supposed Bellomo/Osbourne match. Don Muraco and Jimmy Snuka come down to the ring. Muraco cuts a promo putting himself, Gilbert and Snuka over.

Backstage, The Suicide Blondes, Chris Candido and Johnny Hotbody challenge anyone. Hotbody isn’t even a blonde. He has black hair. They will show everyone just why they are called the Suicide Blondes.

The Suicide Blondes defeated JT Smith/Tommy Cairo:
Cairo goes to work on both Hotbody and Candido. Cairo with a headlock on Hotbody. Referee is distracted, allowing the Blondes to connect with a double clothesline on Cairo. Candido continues the offense with a headlock of his own. Candido misses a dropkick. Hotbody and Smith come into the ring, Hotbody with a low blow and a clothesline on Smith. Smith with a scoop slam on Hotbody. Smith sends Hotbody butt first into Candido, who is sitting in a corner. Blondes are sent into each other again. Candido with a snap suplex on Smith for a two count. Smith and Cairo work on the arm of Candido with arm wrenches. Hotbody comes in and is back dropped by Cairo. Cairo continues to clear the ring sending both Blondes to the floor. -Candido sends Cairo over the top to the floor. Hotbody with a flying elbow drop off the apron onto Cairo on the floor. Gut wrench suplex by Candido. Cairo comes back with a side suplex. Smith gets the tag. Smith with a scoop slam and dropkick on Hotbody. Candido misses a top rope splash, Smith with ANOTHER scoop slam, and connects with the moonsault, Hotbody leaps off the top and connects with a forearm shot to Smith. Candido picks up the win for his team. **


Don Muraco and Jimmy Snuka are backstage. They say this is only the beginning of Hotstuff International. Snuka tells everyone to wake up as they will find out what they are all about. Snuka should never cut promos, ever. Muraco was fine, but never Snuka.

Don Muraco/Jimmy Snuka defeated Hellriders:
Muraco and Snuka go to work before the bell even sounds. Double clothesline on HD. Muraco with a weak clothesline in the corner on HD. Snuka and Muraco control EZ. Muraco with a tombstone pile driver on EZ. Muraco slams Snuka onto EZ for the win. *

Jay Sulli is backstage, who is talking very low, and serious. Nothing like he sounds while commentating. Highlights from last weeks attack by Rebel on Sandman.

For the ECW World Championship: Sandman defeated Rockin Rebel by DQ to retain the title:
That match is joined in progress, which either means it sucked, or they are running out of time. Sandman with a scoop slam on Rebel and a arm drag takedown. -Rebel comes back with a couple of clotheslines. Rebel with a side slam on Sandman. Sandman fights back, but Rebel with another clothesline. Tigra is choking Sandman on the bottom rope and gouging the eyes of Sandman. Scoop slam by Rebel. Running face buster by Sandman. Sandman with a top rope dropkick. Tigra enters the ring to cause the DQ. Tigra and Peaches get involved. Rebel ducks a ECW World Title shot. Sandman celebrates the win. *1/2

Highlights from the ECW TV Title Tournament.

Hunter Q Robbins III is with Jay Sulli. Stetson/Winters will be getting a rematch next week. Robbins calls them crybaby’s and says that once they lose again, they will not get another rematch.


End of Show.

My Opinion:
Suicide Blondes/Smith/Cairo was decent. Snuka cutting a promo was not a pleasant sight. Not much else to really comment on these ECW shows from 1993. They have been very, very bad.

Overall Grade: D

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