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ECW Hardcore TV 4/20/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 4/20/1993
From: Philadelphia, PA

ECW Opening Video.

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful welcome everyone to ECW. Stevie hypes up the show. Eddie Gilbert comes down, and says that he knows he is not the commentator this week. He apologizes to Terry Funk for what he did the past few weeks. Gilbert simply walks away. Funk doesn’t trust Gilbert.

ECW Tag Team Champions Super Destroyers defeated Canadian Wolfman/Super Ninja:
A weak power slam on Wolfman, seemed to be botched. Destroyers force a tag to Ninja. Ninja goes for a dropkick, which has zero effect. Side slam on Ninja. Standing back splash on Ninja to retain the titles. DUD

Jay Sulli says he is going to interview the winners. But, Funk does instead. Hunter is sick of the disrespect of Funk, Gilbert comes from behind and delivers a chair shot on Funk.


ECW TV Title Tournament Semifinals: Jimmy Snuka defeated Tommy Cairo: Gilbert is with Snuka, wearing a cowboy hat and mocking Terry Funk. Cairo has a headlock on for several moments, Snuka connects with a back suplex. Gilbert attacks Cairo on the floor, Snuka with a pile driver in the ring and Snuka only gets a two count. Cairo avoids contact while Gilbert holds him on the apron. Snuka hits Gilbert. Cairo has a pin on Snuka, there is no referee. Johnny Hotbody is in the ring, and is sent to the floor by Cairo. Snuka with a backbreaker and connects with the flying big splash off the top. Snuka gets the win. Cairo has lost his first contest. *1/4

Jay Sulli is ringside with Gilbert and Snuka. Gilbert continues to mock Terry Funk. Gilbert hypes up Jimmy Snuka. Gilbert says that Funk is gone from the ECW.

ECW TV Title Tournament Semifinals: Glen Osbourne defeated Eddie Gilbert:
Gilbert showcases his lady friend, Tigra. He allows Osbourne the chance to walk to the back. Osbourne doesn’t walk away. A shoulder block on Gilbert early on. -Gilbert tries to shake hands. Osbourne refuses. Gilbert sends Osbourne to the floor and sends Osbourne into a table. Gilbert props the table against the apron. Gilbert slams Osbourne head first into the table. Gilbert places the table on top of Osbourne and proceeds to step on the table. Osbourne comes out of a rear chin lock, connects with a head butt, flying clothesline and a backdrop. Gilbert pulls something out of his trunks and whacks Osbourne with a pair of brass knuckles. Gilbert pulls out the win. Wait, Jay Sulli tells the referee, and the referee reverses his decision. *1/2


Gilbert is yelling at Sulli, when Terry Funk comes to the ring and delivers a chair shot. Funk delivers a few right hands and chops on Gilbert. Funk slaps Stevie Wonderful. Funk says that Wonderful and Gilbert where making Funk out to be a fool. Funk says that he will what he wants to do. He will kick anyone’s ass that he wants to. Funk says that he is the “meanest bastard in town”. He pushes Sulli around who seems to be afraid.

Jay Sulli is with Peaches, ECW World Champion Sandman women friend. Rockin Rebel comes down to ringside. Sulli comes over and Rebel wants Peaches over too him. Rebel says that he is better looking than Sandman, and he wants to know why Sandman is better than him. Rebel wants a kiss from Peaches, Peaches slaps Rebel.

Rockin Rebel defeated Frank Cody:
Rebel with a spine buster in a matter of seconds for the win. Rebel brings Peaches back into the ring, and Sandman rolls in and delivers a few rights. Tigra comes in and gouges the eyes of Sandman. Rebel BREAKS the surfboard over the head of Sandman. Sandman is out cold. Several wrestlers come down to check on Sandman. DUD


ECW TV Title Tournament Finals: Jimmy Snuka defeated Glen Osbourne to win the title: Osbourne clotheslines Snuka over the top to the floor. Osbourne with a scoop slam in the ring. Snuka sends Osbourne into the referee, who knocks Gilbert off the apron. Osbourne has a pin, Gilbert rolls in and elbow drops Osbourne. -Snuka with a backbreaker. Snuka connects with the flying big splash off the top, and wins the match. *

Stevie Wonderful is backstage going into the Dressing Room. Peaches answers the door, and she is crying. She says Sandman is hurt badly. She says that Sandman has a mild concussion. She can’t talk. Stevie Wonderful hypes up the debut of Don Muraco.

My Opinion:
Rebel/Sandman segment was good. Funk/Gilbert brawling was really effective. ECW has a lot of old wrestlers who can not work, or young guys who are just too green to be working.

Overall Grade:

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