ECW Hardcore TV 4/13/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 4/13/1993
From: Philadelphia, PA

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful welcome everyone to the show. Eddie Gilbert comes down, as being the special commentator, according to Stevie Wonderful. Wonderful mentioned that Gilbert is the “Real King of the Texas Death Match”. Sulli points on some footage, of Terry Funk on Quantum Leap, the television show. Funk comes over as being the special guest commentator. Gilbert is furious. Funk tells Gilbert that he isn’t going to take any crap from Gilbert. -Funk pours some beer down the shirt of Gilbert. Gilbert runs to the back.

ECW TV Title Tournament Round 1: Glen Osbourne defeated Johnny Hotbody:
Osbourne is a face painted, jacked up young man.Osbourne with a clothesline on Hotbody, who rolls to the floor. -Osbourne sling shots Hotbody from the apron back into the ring. Hotbody soon manages to send Osbourne face first into the middle turnbuckle. Vertical suplex by Hotbody for a two count. Hotbody with a nice German suplex on Osbourne for a two count. -Hotbody sends Osbourne to the floor. Hotbody with a snap suplex on the concrete floor. Hotbody is on the apron and connects with a flying shoulder block. Back in the ring, Hotbody locks in the sleeper hold and Osbourne is struggling. Osbourne ducks a clothesline, and Hotbody clotheslines the referee. Hotbody with a low blow and connects with a pile driver. Hotbody places Osbourne on the top turnbuckle, Tommy Cairo comes down and trips Hotbody up, sending him to the mat. Osbourne leaps off the top and connects with a splash for the win. *1/2


Terry Funk is standing with Glenn Osbourne. Osbourne says that Hotbody was the first victim, as everyone else will be a victim. He says the TV Title is coming where it belongs, around his waist.

Larry Winters/Tony Stetson defeated Samoan Warrior/Chris Michaels:
Samoan Warrior looks like a Headshrinker reject. Michaels with the advantage early on Winters. Winters with a hip toss, Michaels with a scoop slam. Stetson with a swinging neck breaker and Michaels falls in the wrong direction. Gut wrench suplex by Stetson. Stetson sends Michaels into the ropes, who proceeds to for some reason fall over the ropes, only to pull himself up? Why? He wasn’t sent in that hard at all to pull that off. Stetson clotheslines Michaels over the top to the floor. Double vertical suplex on Michaels from the apron. Double backdrop on Michaels. Rolling neck breaker by Winters on Michaels. Double shoulder block on Michaels. Warrior with a knee to the back of Stetson while on the apron. -Warrior no sells a face buster. Warrior misses a splash in the corner, hitting his head on the ring post. Winters with a weak clothesline on Warrior, sending him to the floor. Death Sentence type of move, Winters holds Michaels, the illegal man, in a body scissors, Stetson with a leg drop off the top for the win. *1/2

Terry Funk is with Larry Winters and Tony Stetson. Hunter Q. Robbins the manager for the Tag Team Champions, Super Destroyers, insults the Stetson and Winters. Destroyers come to the ring and proceed to brawl with Stetson and Winters to the back.

Jay Sulli says that the main event is next, Sandman defending his World Championship.

Another Sandman video package, the same from last week.

Sandman comes down to the ring to be interviewed by Terry Funk. Sandman thanks the fans for helping him win the ECW Title. This is really just a typical baby face segment. Sandman even has a surfboard with him.


ECW Championship Match: Sandman defeated Kodiak Bear to retain the title: Peaches, Sandman’s manager, gives him a big kiss before the match. Sandman with a hip toss early on, Kodiak says that Sandman used the tights. Kodiak does an awful lot of stalling. Sandman goes for two school boys and Kodiak reaches the ropes twice. Kodiak chokes Sandman on the middle rope. Kodiak misses a splash in the corner, Sandman with a clothesline to the back of the head. Sandman with a top rope dropkick. Sandman with a slingshot cross body block from the apron into the ring. Million Dollar Dream on Kodiak, and Sandman retains the title. DUD

ECW TV Title Round 1: Eddie Gilbert defeated JT Smith:
Gilbert continues to go to work on JT. Gilbert with a chair shot on the floor. Gilbert with a clothesline on the floor. Gilbert slams Smith face first onto the table. Gilbert sends Smith into the wall in the crowd. Gilbert has the ring bell, and hits Smith right in the chest. Gilbert taunts in the ring. Smith comes back with a few left hands on Gilbert. Smith with a fall away slam on Gilbert. Smith misses a top rope moonsault, Gilbert with a clothesline. Smith side steps a kick from Gilbert. Smith goes for a back suplex from the apron into the ring, Gilbert nails Smith with a foreign object around his fist for the win. Jay Sulli goes to tell the referee, but nothing occurs. **


Tommy Cairo defeated Super Ninja: Ninja with the advantage early on raking the eyes of Cairo and delivering a few over hand blows to the back. Cairo comes back with a series of forearm shots, and a spinning heel kick. Cairo catches Ninja in the corner and connects with a back suplex for the three count. Johnny Hotbody comes out and he and Cairo brawl to the backstage area. DUD

Terry Funk and Todd Gordon hype up next weeks show. Funk says that next week will be the finals for the TV Title..

End of show.

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