ECW Hardcore TV 4/6/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 4/6/1993
From: Philadelphia, PA

Opening Video for Eastern Championship Wrestling is shown. Oddly enough, British Bulldog is in the video package.

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful are the commentators tonight. Sulli introduces the president of ECW, Todd Gordon. Gordon has the TV Title in his hand. The tournament begins tonight. Eddie Gilbert also comes over to become the third person for the commentator. Gordon says that it is not Gilbert. Instead, it is Terry Funk. Eddie Gilbert is none to happy. Funk says that he can beat Gilbert’s butt in the ring, Gilbert walks away. Funk basically puts ECW over as all the wrestlers will do their best to entertain the fans.


ECW Tag Team Title Match: The Super Destroyers defeated Hellriders to retain the tag team titles:
The Super Destroyers are wearing black masks, and come out to the Halloween theme music. Destroyers dominate on HD Rider early on with a double lift dropping him guy first on the mat. EZ Rider comes in and gets taken down with a vertical suplex, power bomb and is pinned by a somersault splash coming off the ropes. *

Terry Funk goes to ringside to interview Mr. Hunter Q. Robbins III. Funk keeps on insulting Robbins by calling him a terd and not the third.

We now go to a video package for surfer, The Sandman. There is footage of him from the USWA. Since this is ECW’s first show. Sandman is the ECW Heavyweight Champion.

We now go to the ECW TV Title tournament bracket. #1 seed Jimmy Snuka faces #8 Larry Winters this week. Undefeated #4 seed Tommy Cairo faces #6 Wildman Sal Bellomo Next week, Eddie Gilbert faces JT Smith. Glenn Osbourne faces Johnny Hotbody

Terry Funk again goes to ringside to interview Tommy Cairo. Cairo is undefeated. Funk wishes Cairo luck. Cairo puts over ECW on Sports Channel.


ECW TV Title Tournament Round 1: Tommy Cairo defeated Sal Bellomo: Bellomo with a few offensive of moves, mainly right hands and biting the forehead of Cairo. Cairo with a few arm drags. Cairo runs into a big boot in the corner and Bellomo gets a two count. Flying cross body onto Bellomo for a two count. Johnny Hotbody comes down to the ring. Hotbody accidentally hits Bellomo coming off the top rope. Bellomo rolls to the floor, and is unable to re-enter the ring. -Hotbody comes into the ring and attacks Cairo. Hotbody misses a top rope elbow drop. Cairo clears Hotbody out of the ring. DUD

Special Challenge Match: Rockin Rebel defeated Tony Stetson:
Rebel is the number one contender for the ECW World Title. Stetson with a arm drag on Rebel early on. Stetson with a arm drag and a hip toss. Stetson kicks Rebel in the butt, Rebel complains to the referee. Rebel comes back and sends Stetson chest first into the corner. -Rebel with a dropkick. Rebel with a leaping back elbow on Stetson. Side slam by Rebel for a two count. Stetson uses the hair of Rebel and pulls Rebel down. Stetson with a leg drop off the top for a two count, Rebel gets on the bottom rope. Seconds later, Rebel rolls Stetson up and puts his feet on the middle rope for the win. DUD

Jay Sulli goes to ringside and Rebel quickly cuts a promo on Sandman. He says that he is going to take Sandman’s strap, and end his career.

Jimmy Snuka basically pulls Jay Sulli from his chair. Snuka announces that he just signed a contract. He is happy to be with ECW. Snuka introduces his manager, Eddie Gilbert. Gilbert comes over and says that Snuka is apart of “Hotstuff International”.


ECW TV Title Tournament Round 1: Superfly Jimmy Snuka defeated Larry Winters: Gilbert gets involved in the match by delivering a few rights at various times. Snuka falls down after a back body drop. Winters has had zero offense. Winters delivers a few boots and punches, Snuka with a eye rake to regain control. Winters with a flying cross body off the ropes and a dropkick. Leg drop off the ropes by Winters. Winters knocks Gilbert off the apron. Gilbert soon trips Winters up. -Snuka with a back breaker. Snuka goes up top and connects with the flying splash off the top rope to win the contest. *

Terry Funk and Jay Sulli are at ringside, where Funk says that they are new, and that they know they have room for improvement so be please be patient with them. Sal Bellomo comes back down to the ring and goes to work on Ernesto Benefico

Sal Bellomo defeated Ernesto Benefico:
Bellomo with a simple scoop slam and he wins the match. That was about fifteen seconds. DUD

Terry Funk is with Todd Gordon. Funk says that next week we have the Quarterfinals for the TV Tournament. Gordon says that ECW Champion Sandman will be live next week.


There is an ad for “Dream Match” where the fans can send letters for certain matches they want to see. Hype for next week show. Terry Funk will be back next week as well.

Clips from Funk being an actor.

End of Show

My Opinion:
Already have a stable in place, “Hotstuff International”. Uh, that’s about it. Everything else was sub-par most of the workers are below average. Sal Bellomo being on the show TWICE. Once was certainly enough for him.

Overall Grade:

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