NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #22 11/27/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #22
Date: 11/27/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

Jeremy Borash is standing in the ring and says “we are all proud to be Americans” and briefly talks about Thanksgiving. Goldylocks sings God Bless America.

NWA-TNA opening video

Opening Contest: Divine Storm defeated The Briscoe Brothers:
Storm and Jay start the contest and trade go behinds. A little “Ring of Honor” chant starts up with someone saying “sucks”. Storm takes Jay down with a hurricanrana but Jay comes back with one of his own. They trade leg sweeps and tag out to their partners. Mark and Divine trade headlocks and arm drags. Mark with a dropkick and a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Jay enters and clotheslines Divine over the top to the floor. Mark and Storm trade right hands in the ring. Divine and Mark flip over the top onto their opponents. Trinity gets involved and connects with a hurricanrana on Mark off the apron. Jay with a sit out front slam on Storm and gets a two count. Mark tags in and hit’s a missile dropkick on Storm. Storm takes Mark down with a pump handle sit out suplex. Briscoe’s botch a double team spine buster on Storm. Jay with a big yakuza kick on Storm and Mark hit’s a springboard ace crusher on Storm who was on the top rope. Divine takes both Briscoe’s out with various slams. Trinity takes Mark out on the floor with a springboard moonsault. Jay blocks a head scissors attempt from Storm by hitting a sit out slam. Jay follows up with the Jay Driller on Divine but isn’t able to cover him. Storm hit’s the Storm Cradle Driver on Jay to pick up the win.


Mike Tenay and Don West officially welcome everyone to the show. Tenay has to get something off his chest. Tenay says being apart of TNA is a career highlight for himself. Tenay puts over the wrestlers in TNA. However, what he can not associate himself with is the man who appeared in TNA last week, and that is Vince Russo. Tenay does not like what Russo stands for. Tenay will not sit and allow Russo to takeover TNA. West didn’t realize that Tenay had those strong feelings. Tenay says West would, if it cost him his job like it did his back in WCW. West goes over the card for the rest of the show.

Video highlighting last weeks NWA-TNA World Championship match is shown

Mike Tenay is standing in the ring and introduces the new NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett. However, Vince Russo says “cut that music”. Russo enters the ring and tells Tenay that if he wants to quit TNA now that he is there, the door isn’t that far away. Russo tells Tenay to go and pout like Sean Waltman (who left TNA because Russo is apart of the product). Tenay goes and sit at his announcers table. Russo says that he is the “Anti Christ of Professional Wrestling”. Russo figured that he had to comeback before the industry went in the shitter. Russo is here to talk about Jeff Jarrett. Russo says that he met Jarrett back in the WWF when he had a horrible gimmick. Russo and Jarrett became friends. Russo says that one night Jeff Jarrett left one night and Russo wasn’t even told. Russo says that once he got the WWF back on top Jeff Jarrett begged to get back in the company. Russo made sure that Jarrett couldn’t be buried because he is friends with him. Russo mentions that the week he goes WCW, Jarrett loses to Chyna. Jarrett calls him up and wanted to get back in WCW. Russo made Jarrett the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Russo was happy for WCW to get sold so he was done with the company. Russo says that Jarrett wanted him to be apart of TNA and he even gave Jarrett the name for the company. Russo says he can mention the name of some guy who lead Jarrett’s company. Russo was sick and tired of waiting for a phone call so he showed up himself. Russo says the this product sucks and that the WWE product sucks. “Vince Russo is here to save the day once again”. Russo is giving Jarrett an opportunity to join him as starting next week things are going to change. Russo says that he is going to be here to help Jarrett once again and he wants Jarrett’s answer. “Either you are with me or you are against me”. Russo says “we can do this the easy way or the hard way”.


Mike Tenay continues to rip on Vince Russo as the segment comes to an end.

Backstage, Mortimer Plumtree says that a fan paid $2,000 to manage a wrestler opposing his client. Plumtree also cuts a promo about a fan bidding 700 dollars to manage AJ Styles but that wasn’t good enough.

A video hyping up the feud between Brian Lawler, Bruce and Lenny Lane.

Second Contest: The Hot Shots defeated America’s Most Wanted by count-out:
Storm with several right hands and chops on Stevens. Stevens knocks Storm down with a spinning heel kick. Hot Shots double team Storm in the corner. Double slingshot suplex on Storm with O’Reilly getting a two count. Storm takes O’Reilly over with a overhead belly to belly suplex. Harris enters and nails O’Reilly with several lefts and a clothesline on both opponents. Harris is sent over the top to the floor where Stevens sends Harris back first into the guard railing. Hot Shots with a double super kick on Harris but Stevens only gets a two count. Stevens follows up with a back breaker. Hot Shots with a double team rolling slam. Harris blocks a moonsault attempt by O’Reilly and connects with a spear. Storm enters and cleans house nailing Stevens with a super kick and the Swinging Noose on O’Reilly. Storm with the Eight Second Ride and Harris plants Stevens with the Catatonic. They go for the Death Sentence and they hit it. Father James Mitchell and Belladonna are at the top of the ramp. Harris and Storm leave the ring looking at the New Church. They are counted out as Mitchell bails to the back after shoving Belladonna into AMW.
After the match, AMW go for the Death Sentence on Belladonna but Mitchell is begging them not to. Harris doesn’t do it. Instead, they are attacked by Brian Lee and Slash. Bob Armstrong and security guys come down and break up the battle.


Backstage, Goldylocks asks “how much are you tonight” referring to the auction but Borash interprets that differently. Borash is $1,250 for ring announcing.

Backstage, Goldylocks walks up to Dory Funk Jr. Funk tells Goldylocks that Jarrett is not talking to anyone tonight as he has a important match tonight.

Before the next match, Father James Mitchell cuts a promo. Mitchell says there is a lot of scandal and intrigued tonight. Mitchell is only intrigued with evil and that is what insures their victories.

Third Contest: The New Church defeated Curt Hennig/BG James by disqualification to retain the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships:
Hennig and Slash start the contest. Hennig slaps Slash and connects with a few atomic drops and a clothesline. BG enters the ring and kicks Slash in the midsection. Slash with a eye rake to gain control of the match. Lee enters and works on BG with right hands and chokes BG on the middle rope. BG with several jabs and a running forearm to knock Lee down. BG backdrops Slash to the floor and knee drops Lee for a near fall. Hennig tags in and works on Lee with right hands in the corner. Hennig proceeds to work on the left knee of Lee and places Lee in a standing figure four. Lee pokes Hennig in the eyes but Hennig hangs onto him and BG enters working on the leg some more. Lee and Hennig trade a few right hands but Hennig backs Lee into the corner where Hennig delivers a chop and tags in BG who delivers right hands. Lee manages to low blow BG and tags in Slash. Slash with a running back elbow and a few knee drops. Slash continues with a jaw breaker and chokes BG on the middle rope. Slash tosses BG to the floor where Belladonna and Mitchell get a few cheap shots in. Slash plants BG with a DDT moments later and tags out to Lee. Slash places BG in a cobra clutch and takes BG down with a Russian leg sweep. BG takes Slash down with a back drop out of a sleeper hold. Lee and Hennig get tags and Hennig cleans house. Hennig backdrops Slash down and goes for the Hennig Plex on Lee but Slash saves him. Hennig Plex hits the move on Slash but Lee breaks up the pin and drives Hennig down with a back breaker. BG goes for the pump handle slam but is nailed with a big boot from Lee. America’s Most Wanted storm the ring and attack the champions leading to the DQ.
After the match, AMW brawl with BG James and Curt Hennig who send AMW to the floor. AMW continue to brawl with the champions to the backstage area.


Fourth Contest: EZ Money defeated Alex Winters: Early on, Money hit a nice slingshot flip clothesline for a near fall. The match was a complete squash which Money wins following the Crash Landing. *

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Bruce. Bruce says that he is no longer Bruce, but instead Alan Funk. Funk says that he saw Lawler treating April like a piece of meat and Funk was being a good friend. Goldylocks mocks Alan. Alan says that he may just give the Miss TNA crown to April.

Fifth Contest: Sonny Siaki defeated Crimson Dragon:
Dragon connects with a dropkick in the early moments but is taken down by Siaki quickly with a arm drag. They trade a series of arm drags and have a stand off. Dragon with a unorthodox suicide dive into a clothesline on the floor taking Siaki out on the floor. Siaki with a pump handle suplex over the top and Dragon crashes to the floor. Siaki rams Dragon head first into the announcers table. Siaki also sends Dragon head first into the ring steps and gets a near fall back in the ring. Dragon comes back with a stunner and a yakuza kick but only gets a two count. Siaki crotches Dragon on the top rope. Siaki connects with a overhead suplex off the top rope! Siaki follows up with the SIAKILYPSE to win the match.
After the match, Siaki grabs a microphone. Siaki asks if he is a joke. Siaki says that he should only be in title matches and main events. Siaki says that if he doesn’t get better competition he will leave.


Backstage, Goldylocks is with April. Goldylocks wants to know where Brian Lawler. April says that Lawler is in the truck watching the shower scene from last week. Goldylocks says that she doesn’t buy it. April thinks that Goldylocks is a little jealous. Goldylocks simply leaves the interview saying “I don’t need this bullshit”.

Brian Lawler’s music hits and Lawler comes out on the verge of tears. Lawler has something very important to say. Lawler says that he has given his heart to a female for several weeks. Lawler has given everything to this girl. Of course, he is referring to April. Lawler says that he is made out to be a fool. Lawler says that April is now having an affair with Goldylocks. Lawler hasn’t been able to sleep or eat since this has happened. Lawler announces that he is quitting the wrestling business. The fans cheer and Lawler cries. Lawler blows his nose and a lot of snot comes out. Lawler says that they no longer have Lawler to kick around anymore. “You will never see me again”. Lawler sulks to the backstage area.

Mike Tenay and Don West go over that announcement made by Brian Lawler.

Backstage, Goldylocks catches up to Brian Lawler who is Priscilla. Lawler leaves the arena while patting and feeling the ass of Priscilla.

A video promoting AJ Styles is shown.

A video promoting Jerry Lynn is shown.

Jeremy Borash gives the main event a boxing style in-ring introduction.


Sixth Contest: Jerry Lynn defeated AJ Styles to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: They have a stare down until Lynn head butts Styles and they trade right hands. Lynn pulls Styles shirt over his head and delivers several shots. Lynn mounts Styles delivering more right hands. Lynn with a dropkick to the back of Styles for a near fall after reversing a series of moves. Lynn tosses Styles over the top to the floor. Plumtree tries to pull Lynn to the floor but is taken out with a dropkick. Plumtree hangs onto Lynn as he enters the ring which allows Styles to kick Lynn in the midsection. Styles pulls the protective mat up and attempts the Styles Clash but Lynn backdrops Styles onto the floor. Plumtree distracts Lynn which allows Styles to DDT Lynn on the concrete floor. Lynn with a rather obvious blade job. Styles sends Lynn several times head first into the guard railing. Styles gets a near fall in the ring and delivers more right hands to the open wound of Lynn. Styles sends Lynn to the floor where Plumtree continues to hit Lynn with brass knuckles. Styles covers Lynn and Lynn manages to just get his shoulder up. Lynn crotches Styles on the top rope and goes to the top rope but Styles punches Lynn off to the apron. Lynn kicks Styles in the head and Styles falls to the floor. Lynn stalks Plumtree who goes into the crowd. Styles tries to come from behind with a hurricanrana but Lynn avoids it and Styles crashes into the guard railing. Lynn continues to stalk towards Plumtree. Styles charges but is dropped chest first across the guard railing. Lynn with a few stomps to the head of Styles back in the ring. Styles stops Lynn with a jaw breaker but is met with clothesline. Lynn with a spinning back elbow that spins Styles around. Lynn gets a near fall following the move. Styles sends Lynn through the middle rope to the floor. Plumtree uses the brass knuckles to hit Lynn several more times. Styles covers in the ring but Lynn reaches the ropes. Styles with a nice swinging neck breaker out of an attempted running power slam. Lynn reverses a reverse DDT attempt and plants Styles with a running power bomb but only gets a two count. Lynn with a German suplex and Styles lands on his midsection. Styles with a body scissors slam but only gets a two count. Lynn avoid a superplex attempt and drives Styles down with a front suplex off the middle rope. Plumtree distracts the referee and tries to throw Styles the brass knuckles but over throws Styles. Lynn grabs the brass knuckles and nails Styles to pick up the win. ***
After the match, Lynn celebrates the win and plays to the crowd.

Backstage, BG James and Curt Hennig try to get more money out of an auction that includes a dinner with both men and a round of golf with Hennig.

Don West goes over what will take place next week. The biggest match mentioned is Sonny Siaki facing Jerry Lynn for the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship.

A video of Dory Funk Jr. discussing a few topics is shown. Funk says that the winner of Killings/Jarrett will have an opportunity to bring the NWA back to prominence. Funk believes that Vince Russo should just stay out of the business. Of course, Mike Tenay enjoyed that.

Before the main event, Ron Killings raps once again and dances as well this week.

Jeremy Borash does another boxing style introduction for the main event.


Main Event: Jeff Jarrett defeated Ron Killings to retain the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Killings with a quick roll up but only gets a one count. Jarrett with a shoulder block and pin attempt early on. Killings with a Thez Press and transitions into a cover but Jarrett kicks out at two. Jarrett with a sunset flip off the middle rope and gets a near fall on Killings. They proceed to trade several roll ups each getting near falls. Killings sucker punches Jarrett and continues to deliver several right hands. Jarrett blocks the scissors kick and drops Killings down. Jarrett locks in the figure four, but Killings quickly rolls over. Jarrett breaks the hold and heads to the floor. Killings leaps over the top rope and connects with a cross body on the floor! Killings chokes Jarrett with a camera cord. Killings ties Jarrett’s hands together and gets a few right hands in. Killings leaps off the top and connects with a frog splash which gets him a near fall. Jarrett comes back with a dropkick after Killings did a split. Killings locks in a sleeper hold and Jarrett begins to fade but gets his arm up before three drops. Jarrett leaps in the air but Killings drives Jarrett down with a sit down power bomb for a near fall. Jarrett crotches Killings on the top with right hands. Jarrett attempts and connects with a superplex off the middle rope. Killings blocks a kick, but Jarrett hits Killings with his free leg. Killings attempts a backslide but Jarrett low blows Killings and rolls Killings up for a near fall. Jarrett bridges a chair between the top and middle turnbuckle as the referee checks on Killings. Killings rams Jarrett head first into the chair and gets a near fall. Killings misses a top rope moonsault and Jarrett plants Killings with the Stroke, but Killings kicks out! Jarrett takes the top turnbuckle off as Killings bails to the floor. Jarrett sends Killings into the guard railing and into the crowd. Jarrett positions two tables and climbs up a tower. Killings gets up and low blows Jarrett on the tower. Killings with several right hands, but they both fall off the table and crash through both tables! They are counted out as neither man can make the count. Bob Armstrong comes out and quickly restarts the match. Killings with several right hands in the crowd as soon as that announcement was made. They trade right hands in the ring until Killings drops Jarrett face first on the exposed turnbuckle but only gets a two count! Jarrett blocks a suplex attempt, but Killings blocks the Stroke. Killings hit’s a sit out front suplex but Jarrett’s legs knocked the referee out. Vince Russo appears at ringside with a guitar and gives it to Jarrett. Jarrett breaks the guitar over the ring post and Russo yells at him. Killings rolls Jarrett up and nearly wins the match. Jarrett plants Killings with the Stroke but Killings quickly gets up. Killings misses a clothesline, and is planted with another Stroke. Jarrett signals for and hit’s a third Stroke to win the match and retain the title. **¼
After the match, Vince Russo grabs a microphone and wants his answer tonight. Russo says that next week is a new day for TNA. Russo says that Jarrett can be with him or against him. Jarrett slowly enters the ring.. But we are out of time!

End of show

My Take: The crowd was DEAD for the opening contest. The Briscoe’s seemed a little awkward in the match and the match never got a rhythm to it at all. The only time the crowd made some noise was for Trinity who did some impressive spots. I have a feeling the match would have been a lot better in ROH.

I actually enjoyed the interview segment with Vince Russo. Mike Tenay played the part of a pissed off former employee very well, as I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually felt that way. The fans also gave Russo a warm reception. They chanted his name (without saying sucks) and applauded everything he had to say. Looks like Russo has a fan base in Tennessee.

AMW/Hot Shots match didn’t offer anything that hadn’t been done in prior weeks. I really feel that the Hot Shots are a team being misused by TNA writers.

The tag team title match was another match that was lackluster. The fans are simply turning on BG each and every week as he just isn’t a viable baby face anymore. New Church need to actually start getting some wins though or this title reign would have been pointless.

EZ Money getting a squash match must mean that they are trying to get him over which could result in a push. Money is a talented performer as displays some very unique moves. The same can be said for Siaki as his match was pretty much a squash as well.

I will give it five weeks until we see Brian Lawler again. Retirement angles never last, especially when Vince Russo is writing the television.

Lynn/Styles was a good contest as expected but their wasn’t any need to the dirty finish. I could have seen this match as a feud ender but instead with a cheap win like that, this could continue and I think it has really ran it’s course. Besides, TNA should be trying new things and not putting on the same matches every other week.

Jarrett/Killings wasn’t as good as last weeks show. It was similar to their last match so I gave it a lower rating based on that as well. Judging by the result of this, I would assume Killings is out of the title picture. Jarrett hitting three strokes before pinning Killings seals the deal I would think. The finish does help Killings though if he were to get back in the title scene as it could be argued it took a lot to take him out. I liked the ending so that people will have to tune into the show for Jarrett’s response.

Next week looks like a rather weak show, but we will get a answer from Jeff Jarrett.

Thanks for reading.


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