NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #23 12/4/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #23
Date: 12/4/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

A video starts off the show which continues from what happened last week. Ron Killings attacked Vince Russo until the Harris Brothers came down and broke up the brawl.

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay welcomes everyone to the show as Roddy Piper’s music hits. He and Don West act as if they have no idea who’s music that is. Piper appears after a few moments and gets a pretty good reception. Piper appears to have one of his sons with him. Piper says that he wanted to come down here to talk about that is going on. Piper mentions Vince Russo which gets a few boos. Piper says that NWA-TNA is the last place Russo hasn’t killed. Piper says that Russo has everything except for one thing and that is talent. He says that Russo will kill all the boys in the backstage area dreams. Piper displays his book and tells Russo that he will “shoot”. Piper says that Russo is the “Bin Laden of professional wrestling” and that he is a coward. Piper wonders if Russo if Russo wrote the death of cousin Owen Hart. Piper says that happened because Vince Russo doesn’t know anything about wrestling. Piper has ten names on the back of his shirt. Piper says that Russo will kill professional wrestling if we don’t stop him. Piper proceeds to call Russo out. Russo slides in the ring from behind and casually stands in the corner. Piper gets right in his face and asks if Russo killed Owen Hart, Russo doesn’t answer. Piper wants to know how Russo killed WCW. Piper slaps Russo in the face and he wants to know what Russo is trying to accomplish. Piper sent Russo a tape about how to save WCW, but Russo said they weren’t wrestler but rather entertainers. Piper agrees that his time is over, but now it is time for Russo t leave the business. Harris Brothers come down and hold Russo back as Piper teases Russo by not giving him the microphone. Piper leaves the ring.


Mike Tenay and Don West wonder if we will get Jeff Jarrett’s answer. Don West knows that Jarrett isn’t with Russo after what he did last week. Tenay isn’t jumping to any conclusions. Don West goes over what will be on the show this evening. Tenay says that Lynn/Siaki match has been postponed for one week as Lynn suffered a pectoral injury last week.

Opening Contest: Divine Storm defeated Maximo Brothers: Divine and Joel start the match. Joel with a hurricanrana but Divine comes back with several arm drags. Joel with several of his own and they eventually have a stand off. Storm and Jose enter and Jose takes Storm down with a hurricanrana and a standing kick to the head of Storm. Jose rolls through a pin attempt and sends Storm to the floor. Joel catapults Jose over the top onto Storm on the floor with a somersault dive. Divine takes the SAT out with a somersault dive. Trinity leaps off the top rope and connects with a moonsault on Jose on the floor. Double running yakuza kick on Storm in the corner. A nice submission combo by the SAT on their opponents that was a Boston Crab/chin lock. Joel with a elevated Boston Crab and Jose hit’s a slingshot leg drop on Divine for a near fall. Divine with a spinning northern lights for a near fall on Joel. Both Jose and Divine attempt a dropkick but hit each other groin first. Joel with a missile dropkick on Storm and snap suplex on Divine. Jose with the Maximum Overdrive in Divine for a near fall. Storm with a death valley driver on Jose for a near fall. Jose with a spinning back suplex for a near fall on Storm. Storm with a nice electric chair frontward slam on Joel for a near fall. Storm goes up top but is crotched on the top. SAT’s go for the Spanish Fly but Trinity low blows both men. Divine rolls up Jose and gets the win.

Backstage, Ron Killings says it is the moment of truth. Killings puts over the auction to manage him that is at $1,000. Killings wants the fans to do better than that because it is for a good cause. Russo says that the NWA does not care about the fans. Russo runs down the NWA as “senior citizens who are trying to hang on for dear life because it is over.” Russo rips on the officials saying they are worried about wetting the bed at night.

Vince Russo runs down to the ring as Chris Harris makes his way and gets ready for his match. Russo says that he is not going to trash talk Roddy Piper tonight. Russo says that Piper is using Owen Hart’s name to sell books. Russo threatens to shove his foot up Jeremy Borash’s ass. Russo says that the fans want violence, blood, vulgar language, nudity and sex. Russo proclaims the birth of “Sports…Entertainment…Xtreme”. Russo tells the fans to spell it out which would be S.E.X. The fans begin to chant TNA. Russo finally mentions that the fans love Athena and how he has seen all the signs in the crowd the past several weeks. Russo says that he is going to give the fans Athena. Athena enters the ring to a pretty good chant. Russo asks how she feels about the fans, but Russo cuts her off. Russo says the fans want to see her breasts. Russo tells her to show her breasts but Athena refuses. Russo proceeds to insult Athena and calls her a “ugly bitch”. Athena slaps Russo but Russo backs her into a corner and pulls her hair calling her a whore several times. The Harris Brothers come down to the ring as Athena punches Russo a few times. Russo turns his attention to the Harris Brothers. Russo insults them calling them bouncers and “office scum”. Russo gives Ron Harris the microphone. Ron says that he has been here since day 1 and that TNA wouldn’t be running without himself and his brother. Ron tells NWA that they can shove it up their ass. Apparently, the Harris Brothers have joined Vince Russo. Harris Brothers lift Athena up twice and drop her with the H-Bomb. Several security guys run down and check on Athena as Russo and the Harris Brothers leave the ring.


Backstage, Bob Armstrong asks the Harris Brothers what they are doing. Armstrong mentions that he pays their salaries. Ron tells Armstrong to shove the NWA contract up his ass. Bob tells the Harris Brothers that they will be wrestling tonight against NWA’s finest. Armstrong calls Russo a snake and says that Russo will be a dead snake, or something.

Chris Harris tells Mike Tenay that they need to stop this shit right now. Tenay begins to be a motivational speech to Chris Harris and James Storm. Tenay says that the NWA has won wars before and that they can do it again.

Second Contest: Chris Harris defeated Brian Lee:
Harris and Lee brawl on the floor with Lee sending Harris into the guard railing but Harris returns the favor. Lee takes Harris down with a snap suplex on the floor. Harris rams Lee head first into the announcers table and delivers right hands. Harris with several chops but Lee stops him with a poke to the eye. Harris with a suplex back into the ring and gets a two count. Lee drops a knee to the groin of Harris and taunts the fans. Slash gets a cheap shot on Harris as Lee distracts the referee. Lee with a scoop slam and several elbow drops for a two count. Lee with a knee to the midsection and drops Harris. Lee goes to the top rope and misses a knee drop. Harris with a Thez Press and several right hands and follows up with a clothesline. Harris with a running one hand bulldog. Harris throws Belladonna into the ring and goes for the Catatonic but Lee connects with a big boot but only gets a two count. Lee gets the spike but Harris connects with the spear to win the match. *

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Ron Killings and Bob Armstrong. Killings wants his title back and doesn’t care about Jeff Jarrett. Armstrong needs Killings to do this favor for him and then he will get Vince Russo.


Third Contest: James Storm defeated Slash: Slash attacks Storm before the bell and works on Storm in the corner. Storm with a kick to the side of Slash’s head. Storm with a big power slam for a near fall early on. Slash goes for a spinning slam but Storm gets out of it. Storm runs right into a big boot. Slash with several head butts in the corner and several stomps as well. Slash drives Storm down with a vertical suplex for a two count. Slash sends Storm to the floor where Lee sends Storm into the guard railing as the referee was distracted. Slash covers Storm and only gets a near fall. Storm with several elbows but runs into a back elbow. Storm with a low blow and the super kick and both men are down. Storm with several right hands but Slash delivers a knee and sends Storm over the top but Storm hangs on. Storm with a head scissors and a Russian leg sweep but again gets a two count only. Storm goes for the Swinging Noose but Belladonna distracts Storm. Slash throws powder into the eyes of Storm and connects with the Slash and Burn but Storm kicks out. Storm with a middle rope cross body but Slash rolls through and hangs onto Storm’s tights for a near fall. Slash gets a chair but Storm manages to hit the Swinging Noose onto the chair but Slash kicks out! Harris spears Lee as he enters the ring with the title belt. Storm turns around and is hit with the title belt. Slash covers but again Storm kicks out. AMW go for and hit the Death Sentence. Storm covers Slash and picks up the win. The referee was distracted by Belladonna.
After the match, AMW celebrate both of their wins.

Mike Tenay and Don West go over the bull rope match that will see Father James Mitchell facing both Chris Harris and James Storm.

Backstage, Bob Armstrong is talking to Jeff Jarrett and Ron Killings. Armstrong is doing his best to try and get both men to get along and fight the good fight to get rid of Vince Russo. Killings tells Jarrett that he better not mess up tonight. Jarrett kicks a chair and tells Killings to be ready.


Fourth Contest: EZ Money defeated Joel Maximo, AJ Styles and Kid Kash in a double elimination match: Before the match, Styles attacked Amazing Red and hit the Styles Clash on the entrance ramp. Thus, Joel Maximo replaces Amazing Red for the match.
First Elimination: Joel Maximo pinned Kid Kash following a German suplex.
Second Elimination: AJ Styles pinned Joel Maximo following a sit down compact reverse DDT.
Third Elimination: EZ Money pinned AJ Styles following the Crash Landing.
Kid Kash connected with a sick top rope hurricanrana reversing a power bomb attempt.
Fourth Elimination: EZ Money pinned Kid Kash following a kick from AJ Styles on the floor.
Fifth Elimination: AJ Styles pinned EZ Money following the Styles Clash
Sixth Elimination: Joel Maximo pinned AJ Styles following a roll up
Seventh Elimination: EZ Money pinned Joel Maximo following the EZ Driver after Styles hit Joel with a chair to the back. **½
After the match, AJ Styles and Mortimer Plumtree get in a shouting match with EZ Money briefly.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. Goldylocks wishes Siaki good luck next week in his X-Division title match. Siaki refuses her good luck statement. Siaki says that whenever the match happens the belt “will be all mine brotha”. Siaki says once the belt is around his waist it will be the first day of the rest of his life.

Mike Tenay is standing at the top of the entrance ramp and introduces the NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Jerry Lynn. Tenay goes over the injury that Lynn suffered last week. Lynn says that he suffered a partial pectoral muscle tear. They discuss Lynn’s recent rivalry with Sonny Siaki. During the interview, we see the Harris Brothers beating up Bill Behrens. Harris Brothers have a table in the ring. Jerry Lynn slides into the ring but is beaten down by Ron Harris as Don Harris beats down Behrens. Harris Brothers H-Bomb Lynn onto Behrens crashing through the table. Ron Killings runs down and brawls with both Harris Brothers. Killings hits Ron Harris with a chair and actually holds his own for a few moments. Killings brawls with Don in the crowd. Ron Harris with a big boot on Killings sending chair right into the face of Killings. Harris Brothers do that move a few more times and control Killings. They go to the balcony where Killings battles but is thrown over the railing and crashes through the table on the floor. Referees check on Killings as Tenay and West go over what just happened.

Backstage, Bob Armstrong is recruiting his own son BG James trying to get rid of Vince Russo. BG James looks rather conflicted. BG says that he will do it for his father but not for anyone else.

Father James Mitchell has a microphone and tells AMW that he has some bad news. Mitchell says he has been feeling ill and he had some testing done. Mitchell has pneumonia and takes himself out of the match and puts Belladonna into the match.


Fifth Contest: James Storm defeated Chris Harris and Belladonna in a three way bull rope match: Belladonna is ready to fight but AMW are not interested in doing that. Well, Storm shoves her down and they leave the ring to go after Mitchell but are attacked by Brian Lee and Slash. The match pretty much turns into the New Church beating the crap out of America’s Most Wanted with the bull rope for several moments. Eventually, Slash and Lee are ejected and Father James Mitchell enters. Mitchell chokes Storm and gouges Harris’s eyes for a few moments. Long story short, Belladonna re-enters and suffers the Death Sentence. Storm covers her and picks up the win. DUD
After the match, AMW chase Father James Mitchell to the backstage area.

Mike Tenay and Don West put over the main event and West goes over what will be seen next week. AJ Styles will face Amazing Red and Sonny Siaki goes for the X-Division Championship against Jerry Lynn. Also, Jeff Jarrett defends the NWA Championship against Curt Hennig.

Mike Tenay had a sit down interview with Curt Hennig talking about the NWA Championship. Hennig says he is the greatest wrestler to come out of Minnesota. Hennig goes over his run as AWA World Champion back in the late 1980’s. Tenay brings up Sports Entertainment and Vince Russo. Hennig says he changed wrestling was in the 1990’s. Hennig didn’t really agree with how Russo put actors over and put the belt on himself instead of the boys. Hennig says that Russo never paid his dues. Hennig believes that Russo should stay in the back and not on camera. Hennig says he has wrestled the greatest wrestlers in the world and puts himself as being great and that Jarrett is just “good”. Hennig again mentions the fight he had with Brock Lesnar. Hennig says that if he was a betting man he would bet on himself. Tenay wishes him luck, but Hennig says he doesn’t need luck because he is good enough to win the belt.


Main Event: Jeff Jarrett defeated Harris Brothers in a handicap match: BG James is seen a backstage laid out with several chairs over him as his father Bob Armstrong helps him up. Thus, Jarrett is all by himself. Harris Brothers beat down Jarrett on the floor sending him into the guard railing. Jarrett gets a chair and hits both men but the numbers came catches up and he is controlled by the Harris Brothers. This is really just a brawl. Ron Killings makes his way down slowly with taped up ribs and a steel chair but is stopped by Ron Harris. Jarrett plants Don with the Stroke and pins Don in the middle of the ring. *
After the match, Ron Killings sticks around ringside as Jarrett leaves to the backstage area. Killings grabs a microphone and wants Vince Russo to come down. However, Killings is attacked by the Harris Brothers. Harris Brothers plant Killings with the H-Bomb. Vince Russo makes his way into the ring as Killings suffers another H-Bomb. BG James runs down with a chair and chases everyone off. Killings gets up and James hits Killings with the chair. BG high fives Russo and helps beat down Killings some more.

All of a sudden, the camera goes to the entrance ramp and Percy Pringle is standing at the top of the ramp as Tenay and West wonder why he is here.

End of show

My Take:
The fans loved to see Roddy Piper in TNA and I think that Piper would be a great counter part for Vince Russo in this war between Sports Entertainment and Wrestling. One thing that really turned me off from the promo was the mention of Owen’s Hart death and who is to blame for that tragedy. Their just isn’t any need for that to be brought up. Events like that should never be made into storyline.

Having the Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn match canceled really killed this show for me. That was the most appealing match on the card. Everything else was lackluster and soon enough, that was proven.

SAT/Divine Storm match was a below average showing. I don’t think they were given enough time to really get any sort of rhyme going for the match. Trinity continues to be the best thing about Divine Storm. The crowd seemingly didn’t care for the match and that made the match even less appealing.

The birth of S.E.X. was nicely done by Vince Russo. They need to get better members than just the Harris Brothers and Vince Russo, though. Harris Brothers are just boring wrestlers who offer nothing to the company.

This show was seemingly based around progressing the AMW/New Church feud. The New Church have been made out to be completely lackluster champions as they haven’t cleanly beaten AMW and when they do, they have to do a lot of illegal things to do so. Obviously, Russo is trying to protect the young guys so that their popularity isn’t killed. Everything involving those two teams just wasn’t that entertaining or even interesting.

I support a push of EZ Money. Money may not have a X-Division “body” but he can pull of the moves to be entertaining in the division. I really like his Crash Landing finisher as well.

The main event was just a typical brawl. Jarrett beating both men by himself does not help the new S.E.X group at all. If they are to a dominating force, I would think two men can beat one. The heel turn by BG James is actually a good move considering the fans had zero interest in cheering for the guy. I’d assume they will have no problem booing him.

Overall, a very, very, very boring show. A lot of the same guys where used and that just got annoying. I mean, who wants to see the Harris Brothers all the time? I sure do not. Next weeks show appears to be a much better show as we get Siaki/Lynn and Styles/Red. Styles/Red will surely be a great match.

Thanks for reading.


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