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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #21 11/20/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #21
Date: 11/20/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the program. West hypes up Red/Lynn for the X-Division Title tonight as well as Jarrett/Killings for the World Heavyweight Title tonight. Tenay mentions that he talked to Ron Killings earlier in the day and proceeds to introduce a video of the interview.

Mike Tenay says that Jeff Jarrett refused a sit down with him as he is focused on the match later tonight. Killings says that Mr. Wrestling III is as far out of his mind as possible as he has to focus on Jarrett. Killings mentions Jarrett’s passion for the NWA World Championship. Killings says that he has a passion for the belt just as Jarrett does. Killings believes that tonight is his biggest challenge to date. Killings tells Tenay that tonight we are going to find out who has most passion and who wants it more. Killings finishes off by saying “who is willing to play the bigger price”.


Opening Contest: EZ Money/Sonny Siaki defeated Divine Storm: This is the debut of Divine Storm who are lead to the ring by Trinity. All four men go at it early on with Money being back dropped to the floor. Siaki bails to the floor where he is met with a suicide dive from Quiet Storm. Money enters the ring and nails Chris Divine with a clothesline. Money leaps off the top and clotheslines both Siaki and Divine on the floor. Trinity knocks everyone out with a moonsault off the top rope to the floor. Divine with a hurricanrana on Money. Storm misses a spinning slingshot splash attempt on Siaki. Storm manages to comeback with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Siaki with a overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Money mule kicks Storm into the corner and drop toe holds Divine into the groin of his partner. Money follows up with a dropkick on both seated opponents and gets a near fall on Divine. Double hip toss on Storm and follow up with a double slam. Siaki with a pump handle overhead suplex on Divine on the floor. Trinity comes out of nowhere and takes Siaki down with a hurricanrana off the apron. Money nails Trinity with a clothesline on the floor. Money plants Divine with a elevated reverse spinning neck breaker and heads to the top rope but is crotched on the top rope. Divine with the Storm Crusher off the middle rope on Money. Both men make tags. Storm with several dropkicks and a death valley driver on Siaki for a near fall. Moments later, Siaki with the SIAKALPYSE on Storm to win the match for his team. **

Father James Mitchell and Belladonna make their way out to the top of the entrance ramp. Mitchell says that everyone is taking notice of the NWA World Championship match tonight. Mitchell says that having control of the tag team titles is not enough. Mitchell wants more blood and more gold. Mitchell says the winner of the match will have to deal with his New Church. They will have to face the wrath of the New Church.

Second Contest: Malice defeated Kory Williams: This was really just a squash match for Malice. Malice actually botched a top rope move as he slipped off the top rope and crashed to the mat. Malice quickly followed up with the choke slam and won the match in a short match. DUD
After the match, Malice just sends Williams to the floor.


Third Contest: Harris Brothers defeated Maximo Brothers: Before the bell, Jose dove over the top and took Ron Harris out with a cross body on the floor. Jose with a dropkick off the top on Don as well. Jose took Ron down with a head scissors on the floor. Don sends Joel hard into the guard railing a few times and sends him into the crowd. Ron with a swinging side slam on Joel in the ring for a two count. Joel with several arm drags on Ron but is stopped with a big boot. Ron with several elbow drops on Joel before tagging out. Don sends Joel into the crowd and beats on him for a few before sending him back into the ring. Jose takes Ron out with a dropkick off the top to help his brother. Ron connects with a exploder suplex on Joel. Don enters and drives Joel down with a spine buster for a near fall. Jose low blows Ron and a double dropkick on Don. Double running bulldog on Don as well. Leg drop/moonsault combo on Don but only get a two count. Ron clotheslines Jose over the top to the floor. Ron with several clothesline in the corner until Joel avoids a clothesline. Ron blocks a tornado DDT and military presses Joel over the top onto Jose on the floor. Don actually leaps over the top rope and dives onto both Joel and Jose on the floor. Joel misses a running attack in the corner. Ron power bombs Jose onto Joel in the corner. Harris Brothers with a big H Bomb on Jose and they pick up the win. *

Backstage, Goldylocks is standing with April. Goldylocks asks what April was doing in the shower with Bruce. April denies it and says she doesn’t know something like that got on camera. April thinks someone is playing a trick on her. Goldylocks says April makes her sick. April starts to cry, and Bruce comes over to console April and profess that he is indeed a gay man. Lenny Lane comes into the picture and calls Bruce a fake and a phony. Lane says that he is the real Miss TNA and calls Bruce a wannabe homo. Brian Lawler runs over and attacks Bruce, as does Lenny Lane. Security pulls Lawler off of Bruce.

Before the next match, BG James goes to cut his promo but Lenny Lane prevents that from happening. Well, maybe not. BG grabs another microphone and says that “this isn’t going to be a gay bashing, I am just going to beat up a *****”

Fourth Contest: BG James defeated Lenny Lane:
Lane grinds BG as he went for a go behind. Lane also humped BG when he went for a go behind. Lane runs right into a right forearm. Lane is more interested in taunting BG and gets beaten up for it. BG with several jabs but misses a right hand. Lane with a eye poke and connects with a moonsault off the top for a near fall. Lane also covered BG in a 69 position. Bruce entered the ring and attacked Lane. Bruce spikes Lane with a pile driver. Brian Lawler runs down and attacks Bruce. As those two fight, BG simply drops a knee drop on Lane and picks up the win. DUD
After the match, Goldylocks comes down and comforts April and holds her hand as they head to the back. Lawler cries again.


Fifth Contest: AJ Styles defeated Crimson Mask and Jorge Estrada in a three way dance to become the number one contender to the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: This is the debut of Crimson Dragon. All three men trade right hands and miss elbow drops. They also trade arm drags a few times. Double backdrop on Styles. Estrada backdrops Dragon but is attacked by Styles. Styles with a springboard reverse DDT but is super kicked by Dragon. Dragon with a dragon sleeper on Styles and a chin lock on Estrada. Dragon covers both men but only gets a two count both times. Estrada power bombs Dragon and lifts him back up so Styles hit’s a missile dropkick off the top and Estrada power bombs Dragon again. Styles covers Dragon but gets a near fall. Estrada with a cover but Styles breaks it up with a standing swanton bomb. Styles dropkicks Estrada but is met with a stunner from Dragon who gets a near fall. Estrada plants Styles with a double under hook power bomb for a two count. Dragon with a pile driver on Estrada but only gets a two count. Styles kicks Estrada right in the chest as he works on Dragon as well with a delayed brain buster. Estrada with uppercuts and right hands on Styles in the corner. Styles with a running clothesline on Estrada in the corner. Dragon misses a dive in the corner. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but is back dropped by Estrada. Dragon covers Styles but only gets a two count. Styles slaps Estrada and Estrada comes back with several right hands. Styles with a standing side kick on Estrada for a two count. Styles blocks a tornado DDT from Estrada and goes for a suplex off the middle rope but Estrada shoves him off. Dragon with a nice kick on Estrada that sends Estrada to the floor. Dragon with a big yakuza kick on Styles as he springs off the middle rope. Estrada sends Dragon into the guard railing and is met with a kick to the face from Styles. Styles sends Estrada into the guard railing. Styles prevents Dragon from doing a springboard moonsault to the floor and Dragon crashes hard to the floor. Estrada with a body scissors into a bulldog on Styles on the floor. Estrada covers Styles in the ring but only gets a two count. Double clothesline by Styles and Estrada. Dragon leaps off the top and connects with a leg drop on both men and gets a near fall on both men. Estrada with a northern lights suplex on Styles and remains with a roll up on Dragon for a two count on both men. Dragon crotches Estrada on the top rope. Dragon with a top rope hurricanrana on Estrada and gets a near fall. Styles goes up top but is crotched by Dragon. Dragon attempts a hurricanrana but Styles blocks it and hit’s the Styles Clash off the middle rope onto Estrada! Styles covers Dragon and picks up the win. **¼

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Chris Harris and James Storm. Harris says that their plan is to beat the living hell out of Mitchell. Harris says they will get their titles and respect back. Storm says that he is going to take Mitchell’s head off. Storm is going to break Belladonna neck. Storm says “sorry about your damn luck”.


Video promoting the New Church and their title win last week is shown.

Sixth Contest: The New Church defeated America’s Most Wanted by disqualification to retain the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships:
All four men brawl on the floor for the first few moments of the match. Harris with a running clothesline on Slash sending both men over the announcers table. Storm with a snap suplex on Slash on the floor. Harris suplexs Lee into the ring as the match finally gets two legal men. Harris comes off the ropes and is met with a chair shot to the back by Slash. Lee gets a near fall following that on Harris. Lee drives Harris down with a military press slam and double teams Harris with Slash. Harris manages to get a roll up on Slash but gets a near fall. Slash with a reverse DDT on Harris for a two count. Harris and Slash trade several chops. Slash takes Harris down with a running clothesline. Lee and Harris both attempt a leaping shoulder block and they collide. Slash enters keeping control for the champs. Lee with a yakuza kick on Harris for a two count. Harris shoves Slash off the middle rope and connects with a flying clothesline. Harris tags in Storm and Storm takes the champs out with several right hands. Storm with a snap scoop slam on Slash. Lee and Slash head butt Storm but Storm backdrops Lee to the floor. Storm follows up with the Swinging Noose on Slash but only gets a two count. Storm sets Lee up for the Death Sentence but Harris is crotched by Slash. Slash with a vertical suplex but Storm comes from behind taking Slash down with a electric chair slam. Slash covers Harris but only gets a two count. Storm shoves Slash off the top onto the entrance ramp. Harris rolls Lee up and gets a near fall. Lee and Harris trade right hands. Lee goes for a tombstone but Harris shoves Lee away and Lee is met with a chair shot from Storm. Harris with the spear on Lee but only gets a two count! Lee has the spike and tries to hit Harris but is stopped. Storm with a super kick and hits Lee with the spike which causes the DQ.
After the match, Storm shoves Belladonna down. Storm plants Belladonna with the Eight Second Ride and take out the New Church. Harris even takes the referee out with the Catatonic. Security run down as they trapped but they hit the security guys with the chair allowing Mitchell to leave the ring. Several jobbers stand in AMW way.

A video hyping up Amazing Red is shown.

Mike Tenay sat down with Amazing Red earlier in the day. Red says that he likes to have something new so that the fans can have something to enjoy when it comes to his moves. Red goes over his short career in wrestling. Red says that Hulk Hogan and the Lightweights inspired him to be a wrestler. Red proceeds to put over the other X-Division wrestlers. Red says that he has never faces Jerry Lynn and that he is nervous about the match. Red puts over Lynn as being awesome and it will be a honor. Red would be honored to win the X-Division Championship


Backstage, Goldylocks is with NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Jerry Lynn. Lynn is looking forward to facing Amazing Red tonight. Lynn says that Red reminds him a lot of himself in the earlier days of his career. Lynn also puts over Red as a great athlete.

Seventh Contest: Jerry Lynn defeated Amazing Red to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship:
Red with a roll up in the opening seconds for a one count. They trade a series of moves but no one gets a clear advantage and they have a stand off. Red covers Lynn following a monkey flip and gets a near fall. Red takes Lynn over with a hurricanrana. Lynn drives Red down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and gets a two count. Lynn locks in surfboard submission but Red doesn’t give up. Red comes back with a head scissors and a kick that sends Lynn to the floor. Red attempts a hurricanrana off the apron but Lynn catches him and drives Red midsection first into the apron. Lynn with a gut buster and gets a two count. Red with a roll up but Lynn kicks out and delivers a running clothesline to regain control of the match. Red with a arm drag and dropkick in the corner. Red leaps over the top and takes Lynn out with a somersault dive on the floor and gets a two count back in the ring. Red with the 718 and attempts a springboard hurricanrana but is caught by Lynn. However, Red manages to hit the Code Red but only gets a two count! Red with a spinning kick to the head of Lynn as he was on the top rope. Red with a top rope hurricanrana but Lynn rolls through and nearly wins the match! Lynn reverses the Code Red attempt with a nice sit down power bomb and gets another two count! Red shoves Lynn off the middle rope and hits the Red Eye but only gets a two count! Red goes up top but is stopped by Lynn who goes for sunset flip power bomb but Red reverses with a rollup but only gets a near fall. Lynn crotches Red on the top rope and spikes Red with a sick middle rope cradle pile driver to pick up the win and retain the title! ***½
After the match, Lynn checks on Red and helps him up showing sportsmanship.

Mike Tenay and Don West mention the main event is still to come and Don West hypes up next weeks match. Hennig/Pac will face the New Church for the tag titles. Jerry Lynn defends his title against AJ Styles. Tenay wonders about Mr. Wrestling III and what he will do with the main event outcome.

A video hyping up Ron Killings is shown.

A video hyping up Jeff Jarrett is shown.

Before the main event, Ron Killings does another rap and threatens the fans.

Jeremy Borash gives this a very professional introduction and Scott Armstrong goes over the rules like they would in a boxing title fight.


Main Event: Jeff Jarrett defeated Ron Killings to win the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Killings knocks Jarrett down with a shoulder block and taunts Jarrett. Jarrett with a shoulder block but Killings comes back with a dropkick. Killings with a few boots and a flying forearm smash that causes Jarrett to bail to the floor. Killings shoves Jarrett several times. Jarrett with several right hands and a nice dropkick. Jarrett leaps onto the back of Killings and struts. Killings with a low blow as Jarrett goes behind him. Killings with a few right hand and boots to maintain control of the title match. Killings with a STO and takes his time before delivering more right hands and boots. Killings with a running power slam but only gets a two count. Jarrett comes back with right hands but misses a clothesline. Killings delivers a scissors kick and slowly covers Jarrett and only gets a two count. Killings blocks two kicks and proceeds to place Jarrett in the figure four right in the middle of the ring. Jarrett’s shoulders go down a couple of times but he manages to pop them up every pin attempt. Jarrett manages to roll over on the move but Killings reaches the bottom rope. Jarrett runs into a big boot but manages to take Killings down with a back suplex. Jarrett blocks right hands and delivers a few of his own. Jarrett catches Killings and plants Killings with a power bomb for a near fall. Jarrett with ten punches in the corner and the referee apparently got hit during that move. Killings slides a chair into the ring but Jarrett hits Killings with the chair and gets a two count. Jarrett goes for the Stroke but takes up much time. Killings goes for the ace crusher but is stopped by Jarrett. Killing with a sit down front suplex and gets a two count. Killings goes to the top rope but is stopped as Jarrett backs into the ropes and Killings flips back into the ring. Jarrett goes for the Stroke and takes along time before hitting the move. Jarrett covers but Killings is able to kick out. Jarrett is arguing with the referee as he doesn’t believe it. Killings sends Jarrett face first into the ring post as they brawl on the floor. Jarrett has been busted wide open as Killings delivers several shots to the forehead of Jarrett. Killings sends Jarrett into the crowd and they brawl into the crowd. Jarrett with a chair shot to the gut and back of Killings. Killings rams Jarrett onto a table and places Jarrett on the table. Killings goes up to the balcony and leaps off splashing onto Jarrett crashing through the table! Jarrett is able to get up and clothesline Killings from behind over the guard railing. Both men were able to enter the ring before getting counted out. Killings with several right hands and a kick to the face to continue to control the contest. They trade several right hands in the middle of the ring. Killings goes for a flying forearm but Jarrett ducks and Killings hit’s the referee. They collide in the ring head first and both men are laid out in the ring. Mr. Wrestling III appears and has a guitar. He teases hitting both men and eventually hits Ron Killings. Jarrett falls on top of Killings and the referee enters the ring and Jarrett picks up the win and title! **3/4
After the match, Jarrett clutches the belt in the ring and raises his arms in the air. Mr. Wrestling III enters the ring and claps for Jarrett. Mr. Wrestling III takes off his mask and it is revealed to be… VINCE RUSSO.

Mike Tenay says “Oh shit, it is Vince Russo!”. Jarrett looks at Russo in disbelief as Russo leaves the ring.

End of show

My Take:
A odd tag team match to start the show as I don’t believe Money/Siaki have any sort of an alliance. Divine Storm looked okay in the match, they do not appear to be anything all that great. TNA does need some new tag teams though, so this good be a good addition for that part of the roster.

For some reason, I can not get behind Malice this time around. His first run with TNA was good but after losing all those matches he doesn’t seem like a viable contender to me.

Harris Brothers/Maximo Brothers match was boring. Harris Brothers have never been entertaining to me.

This saga between Lawler/Bruce/April and now apparently Goldylocks is weird yet funny to me. I don’t think Lawler is suppose to be a comedy character, but he sure is coming across as such in the past several weeks.

You would have thought that their would have been a disqualification in the BG/Lenny Lane match, but instead BG has to get a pin fall win. Their was a sign saying “We Get it, now just go away”. That proves that the fans just do not care about BG James, anymore.

A decent three way X-Division match this week with Styles now the number one contender. For some reason I couldn’t really get into the match. Something was missing from it to really pick up and be something good. A good way to finish the match though, that was pretty cool. Also, Crimson Dragon is Chris Hammrick of ECW glory.

It appears to me that AMW/New Church matches will only be good if they are no disqualification matches. Brian Lee just isn’t a good wrestler without being able to use weapons. AMW are great talents for TNA, but they haven’t quite found a tag team that they can put on great matches with.

A very good X-Division title match between Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn. A very good showing for both men. I suggest that you (the reader) find the match because it was very entertaining to watch.

I thought the main event was actually a good contest. Had a mixture of wrestling and brawling which is always a good thing. I do think that Jarrett should have won the match cleanly. Also, I guess Jarrett is now a baby face? Either that or the crowd really hates Killings but I think he just decided to be a baby face now. He did act like a baby face with a few heel tendencies.

Instead of having Mr. Wrestling III be a new wrestler and threat for the NWA World Championship, it is Vince Russo. I’ll be the first one to say that Vince Russo is a good heel on air character. there is no way anyone can say otherwise. However, he shouldn’t have been in this angle. I could imagine that this could have driven a few fans away from the product knowing that Russo is now going to be all over the product.

Overall, the dead crowd kind of killed the show but this show had two worthy watching matches in my opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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