WWF House Show 1/30/1992

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 1/30/1992
From: Providence, RI

This is a handheld event. Thus, this show has never been broadcasted. Their were three matches on this show that were not recorded. They were the following:
Chris Walker defeating Kato
Repo Man defeating Kerry Von Erich
Rick Martel defeating Virgil

Everything else on the show is the complete match.

Opening Contest: Shawn Michaels defeated Jimmy Snuka:
Michaels with a wristlock early on but Snuka powers out of that and places Michaels in a hammerlock until Michaels reaches the top rope. Michaels with a knee to the midsection and delivers a series of right hands to Snuka who is backed up against the ropes. Snuka with a sunset flip attempt but Michaels blocks and goes for a punch but misses. Snuka with a clothesline and Michaels quickly rolls to the floor. Michaels comes back into the ring and quickly sends Snuka over the top to the floor. Michaels mocks Snuka by doing his taunt in the middle of the ring. Michaels leaps off the apron and connects with a double axe handle. Michaels rams Snuka back first into the apron and Snuka is slow to get back into the ring. Michaels drives his elbow across the throat of Snuka and Snuka falls off the apron back to the floor. Michaels manages to suplex Snuka from the apron back into the ring to continue his control of the match. Michaels goes for a cover but Snuka is able to kick out. Michaels works on Snuka in the corner and takes Snuka down with a backdrop. Michaels with a series of jabs and a head butt that hurts Michaels more than it hurts Snuka. Michaels recovers and pokes Snuka in the eyes. Snuka surprises Michaels with a rollup and almost pulls out a win! Michaels quickly goes back to the offensive taking Snuka down with a snap mare. Snuka gets to his feet with a series of back elbows but is stopped with a knee to the gut. Michaels covers but is only able to get a two count. Snuka elbows Michaels in the corner and delivers a couple of chops. Michaels misses a shoulder ram attempt and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Snuka with a head butt but Michaels comes back with a shoulder block. Michaels is sent into the ropes and rolls through a attempted rollup. Michaels rolls Snuka up using the rights for leverage to pick up the win. **


Second Contest: Bret Hart defeated The Mountie: Hart works on Mountie with several right hands in the corner and a head butt. Hart with a right hand to the gut as Mountie comes off the ropes. Hart follows up with a side Russian leg sweep and Mountie quickly bails to the floor and walks up the ramp way. Mountie slides back in and tries to leave but Hart grabs him and connects with a atomic drop and a running clothesline. Hart pulls Mountie to the middle of the ring and stomps Mountie on the lower midsection. Hart attempts a side slam but Mountie pokes him in the eyes and works on Hart in the corner with a series of boot shots and chokes Hart as well. Hart with a kick to the midsection and bites Mountie’s forehead. Hart tricks Mountie after a leapfrog and simply drives his elbow down across his face. Hart rams Mountie’s face into the top turnbuckle several times and Mountie is loopy. Mountie comes back by sending Hart hard chest first into the corner. Mountie with a spinning back elbow and gets a two count on a cover. Mountie locks in a camel clutch using Hart’s hair, but it doesn’t last long. Mountie throws Hart to the floor and grabs a chair. Mountie hits Hart with the chair in the ribs and the referee lets the match continue. Mountie wit a wrist lock back in the ring and rams Hart face first into the top turnbuckle. Mountie places Hart in the tree of woe in the corner and stomps away on Hart. Mountie begins to choke Hart from the floor until the referee breaks Hart free. Mountie taunts the fans and goes back to the camel clutch. Hart battles out with a few elbows but runs right into a knee to the gut from Mountie. Mountie covers but Hart kicks out again. Hart battles back with right hands and atomic drop. Hart with a backbreaker and a forearm drop off the middle rope. Hart goes for and locks in the sharpshooter! Mountie quickly taps out! **¾

Third Contest: Randy Savage defeated Jake Roberts:
Savage runs to the ring and Roberts bails to the floor. Savage follows Roberts to the floor and sends Roberts into the ring post a couple of times. Savage is yanking on Roberts nose and grabs a chair. Savage throws the chair into the ring and the referee throws the chair out. Savage with a eye rake and chokes Roberts in the corner until Roberts sends Savage to the floor. Savage comes back in as Roberts tries to recover but Roberts sends Savage into the corner and back over the top to the floor. Roberts yanks Savage back to the floor and sends Savage into the ring post face first. Roberts drives his elbow down across the throat of Savage as well. Savage with a couple of right hands but is stopped with a atomic drop. Roberts with a few back elbows in the corner and snap mares Savage. Savage with several jabs but is stopped by Roberts who again sends Savage to the floor. Roberts with several left hand jabs and a right hand uppercut to drop Savage. Roberts confidently stands in the corner and just casually kicks Savage down several times. Roberts goes back to work with right hands and chokes Savage. Savage kicks Roberts in the chest but Roberts isn’t phased by it. Savage with a running elbow smash and right hands in the corner to gain the advantage. Roberts is sent into the corner and met with a back elbow. Savage goes up top and connects wit a double axe handle. Savage sends Roberts into the corner again but runs into a high knee and both men go down. Roberts with a short arm clothesline and drops down to a knee. Roberts begins to taunt the fans as they cheer Savage on to get up. Roberts goes for a DDT but Savage hooks the ropes and pins Roberts! **½


Fourth Contest: Sgt. Slaughter/Jim Duggan defeated the Nasty Boys via count-out: Duggan and Slaughter chase the Nasty Boys out of the ring as Duggan has his 2×4 with him, as always. Duggan and Sags start off the contest with Duggan running Sags out to the floor. Sags reverses a attack in the corner from Duggan and delivers several shoulder blocks. Duggan counters with a few right hands and blocks a kick. Duggan with a atomic drop and a clothesline. Knobs enters and is met with a atomic drop and right hands from both challengers. Nasty Boys again bail to the floor as they can’t get anything going. Duggan and Slaughter work on Sags for a couple of moments until Sags is able to control Slaughter with right hands and sends Slaughter into the corner. Sags tosses Slaughter to the floor where Knobs chokes Slaughter with a rope. Knobs and Sags taunt the fans in the ring as Slaughter slowly gets up. Sags with a backdrop on Slaughter and gets a two count on a pin attempt. Knobs tags in and connects with a few elbow drops until he misses one. Knobs and Sags double team Slaughter in their corner. Slaughter sends Sags into the corner but misses a splash. Slaughter goes to tag out but Knobs enters and knocks Duggan off the apron. Knobs goes for a backdrop but Slaughter knocks Knobs out with a right hand. Duggan is prevented from getting in by the referee and behind the referees back Slaughter knocks both Nasty’s down with a clothesline. Duggan finally gets the tag and cleans house with clotheslines. All four men are going at it with the Nasty’s being sent into each other. The Nasty’s bail to the floor and are simply counted out.

Main Event: The Undertaker defeated Sid Justice via disqualification:
Taker hammers away on Sid and chokes Sid in the corner quickly to start the match. Taker sends Sid across the ring and misses a attack in the corner. Sid with a series of chips and clotheslines Taker to the floor, where Taker just lands on his feet. Taker drags Sid to the floor and hammers away on Sid against the guard railing. Sid sends Taker into the railing and smashes a chair across the back of Taker a couple of times as well. Sid sends Taker head first into the ring steps. Taker comes back with a uppercut as Sid tried a backdrop. Taker goes back to choking Sid on the middle rope. Sid goes to the floor and stalks Bearer but it attacked by Taker from behind. Taker chokes Sid again in the corner. Sid lifts Taker up and connects with a atomic drop. Sid runs into a big boot in the corner and Taker knocks Sid down with a running clothesline. Taker goes back to choking Sid as Sid is down to his knees. Sid low blows Taker behind the referees back and they both go for choke slams with Sid dropping Taker with a choke slam! However, Taker quickly sits up and Sid scoop slams Taker but knocks the referee out at the same time! Sid grabs Paul Bearer from the apron and almost gets hit by Taker. Sid nails Taker with the urn and covers Taker. Sid covers and counts his own three and the referee calls for the bell. Sid thinks he has one, but he has been disqualified for using the urn!
After the match, Sid clotheslines Taker over the top and the crowd goes home happy.


End of show

My Take:
The three matches that weren’t included on the taping of this show seemed to be three rather poor matches anyway. To me that didn’t seem to warrant any kind of attention anyway, so I wasn’t heartbroken when they weren’t included.

Snuka/Michaels was really just a standard match. The heel controls most of the match, baby face gets a good amount of a comeback and the heel cheats to win. It wasn’t bad really, but the finish seemed to have been slightly botched.

Mountie/Bret Hart was a match that I really enjoyed. The match just went along very well and kept the crowd into it. I just felt that Hart’s comeback was really, really quick and the finish was kind of abrupt. Nonetheless, it was a fun match to watch.

Roberts/Savage was decent for what it was. It was really just a brawl between two guys who had been feuding for a good amount of time. The finish was kind of lame as their wasn’t a elbow drop, something I’m sure the fans would have loved to have seen live. Not a bad brawl though, sending each other to the floor though was a little too repetitive for my liking.

The tag team match seemed to go on too long. Nothing spectacular happened and I lost interest in the match pretty quickly. I have never liked count-out or DQ finished on house shows anyway. House shows should always have clean finishes or some form of a pin/submission in my opinion. Its not being broadcasted on television or anything.

Sid got a mixed reaction despite still being a baby face at the time. The match itself wasn’t too bad considering it was two big guys and those matches aren’t usually the greatest. Sid did get a huge pop when the fans thought he had won the match. Surprised this was the main event and not Savage/Roberts to be honest.

Overall, Mountie/Hart had the best match on the show that’s for sure. Seemed like every match had the same move sets, as you can see the atomic drop was used a lot on this show, so the matches were kind of boring with them nearly being the same or close to it. Based on the matches that were shown, it didn’t seem like a bad show. So, if this was a show to attend in 1992 I might have been happy with the purchase to the show.

Thanks for reading.

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