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NWA-TNA Weekly PV #25 12/18/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #25
Date: 12/18/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the show and briefly go over what is going to be on the show. Tenay puts over the importance of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Tenay mentions the places that Jeff Jarrett has defended the belt.

A video highlighting where Jeff Jarrett has gone defending the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Jarrett talks to Jeremy Borash throughout the video and the interview appears to have taken place ay a WWA event.

Outside the building, Goldylocks meets up with Curt Hennig as he enters the building. Goldylocks wants to know what is on Hennig’s mind but he ignores her and makes his way to the ring. Hennig grabs the microphone from Jeremy Borash. Hennig says he has some business to take care of and that is Vince Russo. Hennig insults Brock Lesnar saying he is buying him some more liquor down the street. Hennig is pissed that Russo screwed him over last week for the title. Hennig is going to tie Vince Russo in a knot. Russo wants Russo to be a man or a mouse. Hennig says that Russo “is just a fan”. Hennig threatens Russo saying that his fist will be going down Russo’s throat. Russo shows up and has the Harris Brothers with him. Hennig chases Russo around the ring until he is beaten up by… LOW KI, ELIX SKIPPER and CHIRSTOPHER DANIELS! Hennig is held down as Ki, Skipper and Daniels stomp away on Hennig. BG James is on commentary mocking Jim Ross. Harris Brothers tear down the TNA banners off the guard railing. Russo welcomes Hennig to Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Security and referees run down to prevent any further beating on Hennig.


Mike Tenay and Don West are shocked that Low Ki has joined S.E.X.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong. Goldylocks wants to know what is going on. AJ Styles walks by and Armstrong stops Styles. Armstrong wants to know why Styles is associated with Russo. Armstrong says that Styles isn’t welcomed in the NWA locker room. Styles puts himself over and says that he deserves to be a World Champion. Styles says that until he gets that he is going to be all over Jeff Jarrett.

Before the next match, we see Jeff Jarrett beating down AJ Styles backstage and brawling outside. Mortimer Plumtree is trying to stop Jarrett but to no avail.

Opening Contest: Jason Cross won the X-Division Gauntlet for the Gold:
First Elimination: Jimmy Rave pinned Tony Mamaluke with a rollup.
Second Elimination: Shark Boy pinned Jimmy Rave following the Deep Sea Drop.
Third Elimination: Kid Kash pinned Shark Boy following the Bankruptcy
Fourth Elimination: Amazing Red pinned David Young following the Infrared.
Fifth Elimination: Ace Steel pinned Jose Maximo following a to rope tornado DDT.
Sixth Elimination: Joel Maximo pinned Ace Steel with a rollup.
Seventh Elimination:
Kid Kash pinned Joel Maximo with a hurricanrana
Eighth Elimination:
Amazing Red pinned Kid Kash following the Red Eye
Final Elimination:
Jason Cross pinned Amazing Red following the Crossfire (botched). ***

Mike Tenay announces that the X-Division title match is now a three way between Sonny Siaki, EZ Money and Jerry Lynn. Don West goes over a triple threat tag team match and BG James/Ron Killings in a street fight.


Vince Russo and the rest of S.E.X. enter the ring and Russo has a microphone. Russo asks the fans if they realize that thousands of people tune in to laugh at them. Russo puts down the Nashville crowd as being pathetic. Russo says if he was a dentist he would make millions. Russo introduces the three newest members of his group, Low Ki, Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels. Russo says that the NWA wouldn’t book Low Ki because he wouldn’t commit to a 52 weeks schedule. Russo says he will give Ki days off whenever he wants. Daniels is introduced next and Russo says that Daniels wasn’t booked on the shows because his plane ticket from California cost too much. Elix Skipper is introduced next. Skipper says no money was enough to return to the NWA. Russo guarantees Skipper a lot of money and that Skipper will get laid twice a day. Russo proceeds to rip on BG James and tells him their isn’t any compassion in S.E.X. Russo threatens to kick BG out of the group. Russo also demands that the Harris Brothers do not disappoint him tonight. Russo tells Jeff Jarrett that he is sick and tired of waiting and calls out Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett’s music hits and Jarrett shows up at the top of the ramp. Jarrett actually walks down to the ring. Jarrett tells Russo it is time for Russo to shut up and listen to him. Jarrett begins to let the fans know who Russo is. Russo is just a magazine writer and that Russo has no reason to be in the ring. Jarrett says that Russo hates the business because Russo never had the balls to be a wrestler. Jarrett tells a story about Russo interviewing Jarrett back in 1993 for the first time. Russo also apparently wanted to leave the WWF for WCW. Jarrett tells everyone that Jarrett protected Russo back in the WWF. Goldberg also wanted to kick Russo’s ass as did Scott Steiner. Jarrett says that he has saved Russo’s ass to many times. Jarrett mentions all the things he did for the Sports Entertainment portion of the industry. Jarrett lets Russo know he crossed the line when he spat in the face of Jerry Jarrett. Jarrett says that if it weren’t for wrestling Russo would be back in NY selling televisions. Jarrett has some questions but Russo has a question for Jarrett. Russo wants to know where Jarrett’s balls are. Russo says everyone is laughing at Jarrett in the back. Russo is the only one who can get the respect back for Jarrett. Russo asks Jarrett if he is with him or without him. Jarrett stalls for a few moments and says “I never was with you and I never will be with you.” Jarrett calls Russo a son of a bitch and proceeds to brawl with S.E.X. Jarrett grabs a chair and begins to literally hit everyone with chair shots. However, the massive odds catches up to Jarrett as Jarrett is planted with the H-Bomb. Jarrett is beaten down by the rest of the group. Skipper with the Play of the Day and Daniels connects with the Best Moonsault Ever. Security eventually runs down and protects Jarrett from any further beating the but damage has been done. Russo dumps some water on Don West and Mike Tenay before heading to the back through the crowd.

Second Contest: America’s Most Wanted defeated Harris Brothers and the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions The New Church in a non-title three way dance:
Slash and Storm start the match with Storm taking Slash out with a somersault dive off the top for a near fall. Slash with the Slash and Burn but only gets a two count. Percy Pringle is sitting at the top of the ramp. Storm takes Slash down with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Chris Harris enters and atomic drops Slash setting up Storm to hit a super kick which gets another near fall. Slash with a running clothesline on Chris Harris. Lee enters and works on Chris Harris with several right hands and a big boot for a near fall. Lee with a snap suplex on Chris and gets yet another near fall. Lee with a gorilla press slam and chokes Chris across the middle rope. Chris mounts Lee with several right hands and a leaping clothesline. Chris with a top rope cross body on Lee for a two count. Double backdrop on Lee and AMW connect with a double team dropkick. Chris catapults Slash into the corner and attack the Harris Brothers. The match loses control and all three teams start a big brawl all around ringside. Harris Brothers with the H-Bomb on Chris Harris. New Church distract the referee as Athena rolls into the ring and low blows Ron Harris. The ROAD WARRIORS storm the ring and attack the Harris Brothers. LOD with the Doomsday Device on Slash. Hawk splashes on Ron Harris in the middle of the ring. Storm covers Ron Harris and picks up the win. That all happened right in front of the referee, by the way.

Backstage, Goldylocks catches up with the Road Warriors who are leaving the building. Animal tells Russo that they just took on their Sports Entertainment. Goldylocks turns her attention to the locker room where Bob Armstrong is rallying up the troops. The locker room consists of just the X-Division wrestlers. Armstrong is sick of Vince Russo taking everyone out. Armstrong needs the best they got, even better than that. Armstrong needs the egos to be out the window.

A video promoting the Sonny Siaki/Jerry Lynn feud and match from last week is shown. The video also highlights the mystery woman who helped Siaki last week.


Third Contest: Sonny Siaki defeated EZ Money and Jerry Lynn in a three way dance to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: Lynn and Money take each other down with arm drags after shoving Siaki down. Money drives Siaki down with a gut buster a neck breaker for a near fall. Lynn with a head scissors takedown on Money. Siaki super kicks Money and Lynn gets a near fall with a roll up. Lynn with a head scissors on Money but Money’s momentum spears Siaki and gets a two count! Siaki with a pump handle suplex on Lynn for a two count. Money with a kick on Siaki in the corner and delivers a running baseball slide dropkick in the corner. Lynn blocks the attempted move on him and dropkicks Money down. Money with a reverse DDT on Siaki but Siaki managed to kick out following a pin attempt. Lynn leaps off Siaki’s back and plants Money with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Siaki avoids a leg drop on the apron and nails Lynn with a right hand. Lynn manages to drop Siaki throat first across the top rope. Lynn backdrops Money over the top onto Siaki on the floor. Money and Siaki trade right ands on the floor and Lynn takes them both out with a somersault dive. Lynn tries to suplex Siaki into the ring but is unable to. Money with a flip clothesline on Siaki but knocks Lynn down with a duel clothesline. Siaki goes for a ace crusher but Lynn plants Siaki with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Money with the Money Bag (I think) and gets a two count on Lynn. Siaki with a overhead suplex on Money for a two count. Money and Lynn with the 3-D on Siaki but Lynn only gets a near fall. Lyn spikes Money with the cradle pile driver but Siaki pulls the referee out of the pin attempt. The mystery woman arrives and takes her jacket off and slaps Lynn. Siaki clotheslines Lynn to the floor. Money can hit a suplex because of his back. Thus, Siaki connects with the Siakilypse to pick up the win. ***
After the match, the woman embraces Vince Russo who is now in the ring. Russo tells Siaki that it was always about him and not Jarrett. Russo puts Siaki over as an elite athlete in this business. Russo wants Siaki to join S.E.X. Russo really kisses Siaki’s ass by putting him over huge. Russo has given Siaki a gift named “Desire” that would be the woman. Desire whispers something in Siaki’s ear and Russo says that she will do everything that Siaki’s asks. Russo says that “the world is yours” and Jerry Lynn tackles Siaki until Desire low blows Lynn and Siaki beats down Lynn with Desire. Siaki leaves with Russo and apparently has joined S.E.X.

Before the next match, Ron Killings raps about BG James and Vince Russo until he is attacked by BG James.


Fourth Contest: BG James defeated Ron Killings in a falls count anywhere match: James with several right hands on Killings in the corner to start the match. Killings with a leg lariat and a flying forearm sending James to the floor. James heads up the ramp and they trade right hands. Killings with a scissors kick on the ramp way and gets a two count. Killings sends James off the ramp way and James goes hard onto the cage platform on the side of the ramp. They brawl over by the balcony where James nails Killings with a trash can and gets a two count. James sets Killings up and power bombs Killings through a table. James covers but Killings kicks out. James has a shovel and cookie sheet. James with a cookie sheet shot to the head and also uses a floor is wet sign. James somehow got a sink but Killings avoided the shot and hits James with the shovel. Killings is attacked by Elix Skipper who chokes Killings with a nightstick. Ki, Daniels and Skipper help James pick up the win following a trash can shot from Daniels. *

Bob Armstrong makes his way down to ringside and he isn’t happy with the constant beatings. Armstrong says he has three of his best to face Russo’s best. Armstrong has the SAT and Amazing Red to face Ki, Daniels and Skipper.

Main Event: Low Ki/Christopher Daniels/Elix Skipper defeated Amazing Red/Maximo Brothers: All six men brawl in the ring and outside the ring to start the match. Daniels scoop slams Red on the floor as Ki nails Joel with a springboard knee attack in the ring. Ki and Joel are legally in the ring and Joel dropkicks Ki off the middle rope to the floor. Skipper enters and they botch a simple arm drag. Joel with a suicide dive onto Skipper. Red with a hurricanrana on Daniels in the ring. SAT’s with running attacks on Ki in the corner. Red with a springboard drop kick and a ace crusher on Ki for a near fall. Red with a dropkick on Ki again for a near fall. Ki with a atomic drop stopping Joel’s attempted tornado DDT. Daniels enters and is tripled teamed by his opponents in the corner. Double team dropkick by Red and Jose on Daniels for a near fall. Red with a series of kicks on Daniels to get a two count. Jose with a snap power slam on Daniels for a two count. Daniels is back dropped over the top to the floor. Skipper enters and so does Ki. SAT with a Boston Crab/chin lock combo with Red entering and dropkicking Skipper right in the face! Double team running bulldog on Daniels for a near fall. Red with a missile dropkick on Daniels for a two count. Daniels with a clothesline to stop Red’s momentum. Skipper enters and drops Red throat first across the top rope. Skipper works on Red with a belly to belly suplex which gets a near fall. Skipper with several knees to the face of Red. Low Ki gets some cheap shots in as the referee is distracted by the SAT. Ki with a leg drop on Red for another near fall. Red with a inside cradle on Daniels but the referee was distracted by Skipper. Daniels with a delayed vertical suplex and a split legged moonsault on Red for a two count. Skipper with a sit down abdominal stretch on Red. Red is trying to make the tag but is simply unable to as Ki, Daniels and Skipper continue to work on Red for several moments. Red plants Ki with a tornado DDT and sends Ki face first into the corner reversing a Ki Krusher attempt. Red connects with the Code Red as well and nearly wins the match for his team! Red slowly makes his way to his corner and tags in both SAT’s. Joel and Jose clean house on S.E.X driving them down with clotheslines and sending them to the floor. Joel with a tornado DDT on Skipper for a two count. Daniels with a STO on Joel and hits the Best Moonsault Ever but doesn’t get the win. Jose with a sit down suplex on Daniels for another two count. Skipper with a brain buster on Jose but Jose kicks out. Ki kicks Red off the apron and Skipper takes Jose out with a dive on the floor. Red works on Ki with several chops against the ropes. Ki blocks the Code Red and flips Red down to the mat. Ki with a backbreaker on Red but misses a twisting 450 splash. Red misses the Infrared on Ki and crashes to the mat hard. Ki covers but Red manages to pop his shoulder up. Ki goes for the Ki Krusher but Red rolls Ki up for a near fall. Ki dropkicks Red as Don West starts up a “Go Red Go” chant. This match is just out of control at this point. Joel with a flurry of right hands on Skipper as they brawl on the floor. Red with a hurricanrana on Daniels but only gets a two count. Daniels with a sit out one arm power bomb on Red and tags in Ki. Ki accidentally hits Daniels with a yakuza kick and is rolled up by Red for a near fall! Ki with a handspring leaping kick on Red but only gets a two count. Red with a spinning kick on Ki and hits the 718 and goes for and hit’s a springboard Red Eye but Ki again kicks out! Red with a standing shooting star press but Ki kicks out. Skipper with a gut wrench slam on Red but Red kicks out yet again. Ki sets Red up and attempts the ki Krusher but Red battles out of the move. SAT come over and go for the Spanish Fly on Ki but Skipper and Daniels prevent that from happening. Daniels with the Last Rites on Joel and Skipper hits the Play of the Day on Jose. Ki blocks a hurricanrana on the middle rope and drives Red down with a middle rope Ki Krusher! Ki rolls onto Red and picks up the win! ****
After the match, Vince Russo enters the ring and asks BG James why are there tables underneath the ring. James says because they put them there. S.E.X. set up a table and put the SAT and Red on the table in the middle of the ring. Ki, Skipper and Daniels all go to leap off the top but Curt Hennig runs down and begins to brawl with all of S.E.X. The numbers game catches up for a moment so Hennig whips them with his belt. David Flair rolls into the ring and has a axe handle and hits Hennig in the throat. Flair locks in the figure four on Hennig in the middle of the ring as BG stomps on Hennig. Jarrett runs down with a chair and hits everyone with the chair. Jarrett plants Ki with the Stroke. Jarrett nails Flair with the chair and puts the figure four on David Flair in the middle of the ring. Hennig grabs the chair and begins to hit S.E.X. AJ Styles slides into the ring and attacks Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett is placed on the table and Daniels/Skipper splash onto Jarrett crashing through the table. Vince Russo is using the axe to destroy the TNA set. Russo says “the following show has been presented by Sports Entertainment Xtreme”.


End of show

My Take:
Well, what a great surprise to see Low Ki and Christopher Daniels back in TNA. Those two guys will greatly improve the X-Division that seems to be revolving around Lynn/Siaki/Red/EZ Money. Especially now that AJ Styles is going for the World Championship, the X-Division has some great athletes. By the way, Hennig at this point was over stating his fight with Brock Lesnar that got him fired from WWE. Nothing to special about the opening segment, though.

Opening match was a fine gauntlet for the gold match. The whole spot fest thing has its place in TNA, as long as it is not overused. This match didn’t overdue that so that was a good thing. Rather surprised to see Jason Cross win, but he is a new contender and adds a fresh contender for the championship.

I found the Russo/Jarrett segment to be a very good segment. Jarrett is now a full fledge face and has plenty of guys to work with in the S.E.X stable. The interactions between Russo and Jarrett have been very well and this angle between them seems to be progressing very well, in my opinion.

I had high hopes for the New Church’s title reign but this will go down as one of the worst title reigns in TNA history. They haven’t beaten anyone cleanly, during their reign. I find that pathetic. Who would have though that within a month and half of their return, the New Church is a low point of show because of the poor booking of them.

Road Warriors in TNA? This works for me. If they are in the company for a long run, then perhaps a title run is in the works. I’d suspect they aren’t but hopefully we get a few matches out of them before they leave.

A pretty good triple threat match with Siaki/Lynn/Money. This was a triple threat match that actually had consistent action and not a lot of stalling. All three men looked good as well. Siaki joining the S.E.X stable is a smart move as his personality fits well with the idea of the group. I just hope Siaki isn’t lost in the shuffle while in the group. He should be one of the leaders of the group, in my opinion.

BG James/Ron Killings was a boring match. Same old hitting your opponent over the head with a trash can and whatnot gets boring. Seems like they do the same stuff every week, just in different order. I should note that if anyone in the S.E.X group where to do a quick baby face turn, it would be BG James because of his compassion for his father. They are already teasing that possibility.

The main event was a great six man tag team match. If you want a match where TNA actually lives up to their name, Total Non-Stop Action, then I’d recommend watching this match. All six men looked great in this match and the crowd really got into this one half way through the match. Just a very good match that has to be watched, some fantastic action. The aftermath was also nicely done as S.E.X actually got the upper hand over Jeff Jarrett and company. This actually makes S.E.X look like a dominate force. The only bad thing about this portion of the show was the debut of David Flair. The guy sucked in WCW, and I’m sure he got released by the WWE for a reason.

Overall, a solid opening contest, a good triple threat match and a great main event. This show was fairly entertaining to watch as S.E.X vs. NWA heats up as we head into 2003.

Thanks for reading.

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