WCW Superbrawl II 2/29/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling Super Brawl II
Date: 2/29/1992
From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Super Brawl II Opening Video. Which briefly hypes up the tag team title, US title, and World Title matches.

Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff hype up the show. They mainly hype up the same three matches from the video package to open the show.

Backstage, Missy Hyatt will be doing interviews with various wrestlers.

Tony mentions the other matches on the card. Bischoff briefly hypes up Windham/Rhodes when they face Austin/Zbysko.

In the ring, Jim Ross introduces WCW newest broadcaster, Jesse Ventura. Ventura is on a motorcycle to the ring. The crowd gives him a really good reception. Ventura gets some cheap pops, and the crowd actually boos him. Ross asks Ventura who he thinks will win between Luger/Sting. Ventura doesn’t give a clear answer.

Back to Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff. They hype up Liger/Pillman which is the opening contest. It takes about six minutes before the first match is even introduced.


World Light-Heavyweight Title Match: Brian Pillman pinned Jushin Liger in 17:00 to win the title: Both men attempt dropkicks, but neither connect. Stand still. Pillman takes Liger down with a head scissors and dropkick. Pillman with a baseball slide while Liger is on the floor. Pillman continues his offense with a kick and a few chops in the corner. Springboard moonsault by Liger for a near fall. Pillman is sent to the floor. The crowd is loving the match early on. Pillman locks in a sitting abdominal stretch. Liger attempts a surfboard, which Pillman avoids, twice. Liger with a running dropkick in the corner. Pillman with a crucifix pin but Liger kicks out. Liger with a rollup but Pillman kicks out. Side suplex by Pillman which only gets a two count. Pillman misses a knee in the corner. Liger proceeds to work on Pillman’s leg. Liger locks in a figure four. Both men trade slaps while still in the hold. Pillman rolls over and eventually reaches the ropes. Liger continues to work on Pillman’s leg locking in a half Boston Crab. Pillman fights out and nails Liger with a kick. Spinning head scissors by Pillman. Liger backdrops Pillman to the floor. Liger with a top rope somersault splash to the floor! Springboard clothesline by Pillman. Pillman suplex’s Liger from the ring over the top to the floor. Pillman with a top rope cross body to the floor! Pillman misses a dive, and lands hard on the guard railing. Liger leaps off the top and Pillman nails him with a dropkick. Pillman looks a missile dropkick, but Liger blocks the move with a dropkick of his own. Pillman with a power slam for a near fall. German suplex by Liger for a near fall. Pillman slams Liger off the middle rope. Top rope cross body by Pillman but only gets a near fall! Powerbomb by Liger but once again only gets a near fall. Pillman reverses a second into a hurricanrana, but it was botched, and only gets a near fall. Pillman plants Liger with a DDT, but Liger reaches the ropes. They collide in the middle of the ring. Liger crotches Pillman on the top rope. Superplex off the top by Liger for a two count! Liger misses a flying head butt off the top. Pillman with a rollup and wins the bout. ****

Tony and Eric go over what we just saw.

Backstage, Missy Hyatt is with Terry Taylor. Taylor says he was his protégé. He was going to teach Bagwell how to be a winner. Tonight, he will teach him how to be a loser.

Marcus Bagwell pinned Terry Taylor in 7:38:
Barry Abrams is the guest ring announcer for the bout, and is from Syracuse University. He is oddly enough wearing what looks to be “Rocky” shorts. Bagwell with a atomic drop on the aisle way, and clotheslines Taylor back into the ring. Bagwell with a top rope cross body for a near fall. Taylor sends Bagwell to the floor, Bagwell rolls in and locks in a headlock. Taylor bails to the floor. Bagwell reverses a vertical suplex into a… sleeper hold. Bagwell stalks Taylor, who sends him to the floor and rams him into the railing. “Rooster’ chant. Jaw breaker by Taylor. Gut wrench power bomb by Taylor for another near fall. Running clothesline in the corner by Taylor. Bagwell comes back with a sun set flip pin attempt for a near fall. Taylor connects with a vertical suplex. Taylor with a top rope splash but only gets a near fall. Bagwell counters a pile driver into a back drop. Rolling neck breaker by Taylor for a near fall. Seconds later, Bagwell rolls Taylor off the ropes to win the bout. *
After the match, Taylor attacks Bagwell planting him with a DDT.

Backstage, Missy Hyatt is outside Lex Luger’s locker room. Harley Race comes into picture. Race puts over Luger health and says Luger will retain his strap tonight.


Ron Simmons pinned Cactus Jack in 6:34: Simmons runs into a big boot. Jack has Simmons against the ropes and charges, but Simmons ducks and gets his head stuck in the top rope! Simmons delivers a few shots before pulling Jack out of the ropes and ramming him into the railing. Face buster by Simmons. Scoop slam followed by a leg drop by Simmons for a near fall. Jack comes back taking Simmons down with a clothesline. Double arm DDT by Jack, followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Back to the floor, where Jack sends Simmons into the guard railing. Scoop slam by Jack on the floor. Jack goes to the middle turnbuckle and connects with a diving elbow drop. Jack drops Simmons across the top rope. Simmons misses a dropkick. Simmons connects with a sloppy dropkick, misses a spear and glides to the aisle way. Jack charges and Simmons slams him down with a spine buster. Jack takes Simmons down with a running bulldog in the ring. Jack comes off the middle rope, Simmons catches him and slams Jack down for the win. **1/2
After the match, Abdullah the Butcher enters the ring and attacks Simmons. Junk Yard Dog makes his way to the ring, he was in the crowd. JYD helps Simmons.

Tony and Bischoff hype up what we just saw. Tony also plugs the main event, again.

Van Hammer/Tom Zenk defeated Richard Morton/Vinnie Vegas in 12:01:
Vegas is none other than, Kevin Nash. Hammer takes Morton down with a gorilla press slam. The crowd appears to like Hammer. Vegas enters and completely botches a leapfrog with Hammer. Hammer works on Vegas’s shoulder. Zenk gets the tag and knocks Vegas down with a missile dropkick. Morton comes in and is clotheslined to the floor. Zenk with a slingshot splash to the floor, and hip tosses Morton on the floor. Vegas enters, but he wants Hammer. Vegas controls Hammer with a back suplex and a short arm clothesline for a near fall. A few moments later, Vegas connects with a running bulldog of sorts for another near fall. Gut wrench slam by Vegas. A nice looking big boot by Vegas. Morton gets the tag and delivers a back suplex on Hammer. Morton/Vegas double team Hammer for a few moments. Hammer manages to slam Morton down, but Morton cheap shots Zenk preventing the tag. Vegas enters and knocks Hammer down with a shoulder block. A few moments later, Hammer and Vegas go down after a double shoulder block. Zenk gets the tag and backdrops Morton down and dropkicks Vegas off the apron. Morton pokes Zenk’s eyes and sends him into the corner. Zenk manages to roll Morton up for the win. *1/2

Tony and Eric hype up Japan Super Show II. They also hype up the Windham/Rhodes/Austin/Zbysko feud. A video from Halloween Havoc 1991 where Anderson and Zbysko breaking Windham’s hand while he was in a car.


Barry Windham/Dustin Rhodes defeated Steve Austin/Larry Zbysko in 18:23: Austin and Zbysko attempt to attack Rhodes/Windham but they are ready for the attack. Windham rams Larry into the ring steps on the floor. Rhodes with several rights on Austin. Austin avoids a monkey flip in the corner by Rhodes. Austin leaps off tope, but Rhodes nails him with a clothesline in mid air. Windham enters the ring and takes Austin down with a dropkick and wants some of Zbysko. Zbysko with a standing side kick sends Windham to the aisle way. Zbysko attempts a pile driver but Windham backdrops Zbysko and connects with a clothesline. Windham with a clothesline in the ring and plants Zbysko with a DDT. Double backdrop on Zbysko. Rhodes enters the ring and works on Zbysko’s left arm. Windham enters and drops Zbysko with a gut wrench slam. Windham is trying for a pile driver, but Austin enters and clotheslines Windham. Zbysko sends Windham to the floor where Austin sends Windham into the railing a few times. Zbysko drops Windham on the railing groin first. Austin with a short arm clothesline back in the ring. Austin with a vertical suplex. Windham tries for the lariat, but Austin ducks and Zbysko holds the bottom rope which sends Windham to the floor. Back in the ring, Zbysko connects with a swinging neck breaker and a scoop slam for near falls. Austin continues to work on Windham with a back suplex and locks in a head lock. Windham drops Austin with a back suplex of his own. Zbysko with a sleeper hold, but Windham breaks the hold with a jaw breaker. Windham and Zbysko run into each other, dropping both men. Rhodes gets the tag and cleans house. Rhodes with a atomic drop and dropkick on Austin followed by a elbow drop for a near fall. Rhodes nails Austin with a clothesline as well. Austin comes back with a clothesline of his own. Windham and Zbysko are brawling on the floor. Zbysko enters the ring and works on Rhodes with a swinging neck breaker. Rhodes with chops and right hands. Rhodes drops his head and Zbysko nails Rhodes with a DDT for a near fall. Zbysko drops his head too soon and Rhodes connects with a kick. Rhodes begins to stalk Madusa on the floor. Austin comes over and clotheslines Rhodes on the aisle way. Austin continues to control Rhodes in the ring. Rhodes with a cross body for a near fall. Austin nails Rhodes again with a clothesline. Zbysko enters and drops Rhodes with a backbreaker for another near fall. Rhodes with a vertical suplex. Rhodes has Austin rolled up, but Windham has the referee distracted. Austin regains control with a sleeper hold. Rhodes catches Austin and connects with his version of the “Stun Gun”. Rhodes makes the tag. Windham goes to work on both Zbysko and Austin. Windham with a clothesline on Zbysko for a near fall. Rhodes and Austin are brawling on the floor. Zbysko shoves Windham off the top, Rhodes does the same to Zbysko. Windham with a top rope clothesline on Zbysko for the win. ****

Tony and Eric are hyping up the Tag Team Title match, coming up next. Eric is wearing a University of Michigan jacket, and is putting the Steiner Brothers over as the next tag team champions.

Backstage, Missy Hyatt is with some Ninja to get a interview with Ricky Steamboat. She opens the door and Steamboat is blowing fire. Hyatt runs into Madusa. Madusa is trying to talk to Steamboat, but the Ninja will not allow her. She slaps the Ninja, who chases Madusa.

Tony talks about what literally just happened. As if we didn’t witness it.

World Tag Team Title Match: Arn Anderson/Bobby Eaton defeated The Steiner Brothers in 20:06 by Disqualification to retain the tag team titles:
The crowd absolutely love the Steiner Brothers. The complete opposite for the Dangerous Alliance. It’s announced that Paul E. Dangerously will be barred from ringside for the contest. Madusa comes down to replace him. Scott with a fireman’s carry take down on Eaton early on. Scott with a double leg pickup slam on Eaton as well. Eaton comes back with a the picture perfect swinging neck breaker. Eaton goes up top, and Scott catches Eaton in mid air and connects with a over head belly to belly suplex. Eaton rolls to the floor. Anderson gets the tag. Rick Steiner gets the tag. Rick is playing mind games, before delivering several boots. Rick catches Anderson in the middle of a leapfrog with a power slam. Rick with several right hands, Anderson rolls to the floor. Scott enters and works on Anderson’s arm. Anderson with a wrist lock of his own. Eaton enters, but Scott takes both men down with arm drags. Rick enters and clotheslines both Anderson and Eaton to the floor- Anderson enters back into the ring, and sends Scott to the floor. Scott takes Anderson out with a atomic drop and clothesline on the floor. Scott also managed to avoid Eaton’s attack. Eaton gets the tag and brings Scott to the aisle way. Scott manages to send Eaton into the ropes and connects with a tilt a whirl slam on the aisle way! Rick gets the tag but Eaton slams him down. Rick manages to put Eaton on his shoulders, and Scott connects with a clothesline. Rick goes for a middle rope bulldog on Anderson, but Eaton moves him and nails Rick with a atomic drop for a near fall. Anderson keeps Rick down with a clothesline. Steiner’s come back with a vertical suplex/belly to belly suplex combo. Anderson leaps off the middle rope, but Rick manages to nail Anderson with a clothesline. Scott gets the tag and backdrops Anderson. Scott goes head first into Eaton, and Anderson keeps control. Eaton enters and scoop slams Scott. Eaton goes to the top rope and connects with a knee drop, but Scott kicks out at 2. Scott drops his head, and Anderson plants him with a DDT for a near fall. Anderson locks in a Boston Crab and tags in Eaton. Eaton drops a elbow to Scott’s back. Anderson with a back breaker on the aisle way. Eaton leaps off the top and splashes onto Scott on the aisle way. Scott manages to fight back ramming Eaton into the guard railing and ramp way. Eaton sends Scott back into the ring. Scott rams Anderson into the turnbuckle and finally tags in Rick. Rick enters and cleans house with several clotheslines. Anderson has Rick on his shoulders, Eaton attempts a clothesline, but Rick reverses into a power slam and gets a near fall! Rick with the top rope bulldog on Anderson for a near fall. Madusa gives Anderson powder, and throws the powder into Rick’s face. Rick suplex’s the referee on accident. Rick dumps Anderson over the top. Another referee comes down. Scott with a double underhook power bomb. Frankensteiner by Scott on Eaton. Scott hooks for the leg and gets the three count. ***1/2
After the match, the referees meet, and reverse the decision via disqualification.


Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura talk about what just happened.

Backstage, Missy Hyatt is outside Ricky Steamboat’s locker room. She hypes up how serious he looks.

Tony and Eric hype up Rick Rude and Ricky Steamboat, coming up next.

United States Heavyweight Title Match: Rick Rude pinned Ricky Steamboat in 20:02 to retain the title:
Interesting that Rude, the champion, gets the first introduction. Before the match, Rude grabs a microphone and wants quite has he showcases his body. Steamboat with the advantage with a few arm drags and a face buster for a near fall. Steamboat wrenches on Rude’s arm for a few moments. Steamboat wraps Rude left arm around the ring post a couple of times. Rude fights back with a few punches and boots backing Steamboat in the corner. Steamboat with a couple of boots to Rude’s arm. Hammerlock scoop slam by Steamboat. Rude briefly comes back, but Steamboat takes Rude down with a cross body. A botched cross body by Rude that was suppose to send both men over the top to the floor. Rude stomps Steamboat to the floor. Rude drops Steamboat throat first across the guard railing. Rude with a vertical suplex from the apron back into the ring. Steamboat with a few chops, but Rude fights back with a clothesline. Rude with a boot and clotheslines Steamboat again. Swinging neck breaker by Rude. A nice pile driver by Rude for a near fall. Steamboat attempts a side headlock, but Rude quickly takes Steamboat down with a back suplex for another near fall. Steamboat with a knee breaker and locks in the figure four in the middle of the ring. Rude manages to reach the bottom rope. Rude kicks Steamboat into the corner, and Rude nails Steamboat with a clothesline. Rude is on the top rope and connects with a axe handle. Rude with another axe handle off the top, followed by a clothesline for a near fall. Rude continues to dominate Steamboat for a few moments. Steamboat with a electric chair slam and both men are down. They trade right hands, and collide in the center of the ring. Rude locks in a sleeper hold. Steamboat fights back with a sleeper of his own, until Rude drops down into a jaw breaker. Rude goes up top, but Steamboat crotches Rude on the top rope. Steamboat with a superplex off the top rope! Steamboat hooks the leg but Rude kicks out. A few clotheslines by Steamboat, followed by a kick to Rude’s back. Backdrop by Steamboat. Clothesline on a seated Rude for a near fall. Steamboat with a axe handle off the top rope and Rude is knocked out. Steamboat goes over to the corner, and the Ninja nails Steamboat with a telephone. That must have been Paul E. Dangerously! Rude recovers and pins Steamboat to retain the title. ***1/2

Jim Ross, Jesse Ventura and even Missy Hyatt briefly hype up the main event.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting pinned Lex Luger in 13:02 to win the title:
Luger and Sting stand in the center of the ring and talk trash. Luger shoves Sting after several moments. Sting shoves Luger right back. Sting backs Luger into a corner, but nothing occurs. Luger goes nuts on the referee. Luger with several right hands. Luger misses a splash in the corner. Stinger Splash, but Luger absorbs it and clotheslines Sting. Power slam by Luger. Sting rolls out of the Torture Rack, and connects with a German suplex. Sting locks in the Torture Rack, but Luger kicks out of the move and falls to the mat. Luger drops his head too soon, and Sting plants Luger with a jumping DDT. Harley Race distracts Sting, to allow Luger to drag him to the floor. Sting rams Luger into the guard railing, and Luger begs off in the ring. Sting chokes Luger in the corner. Backdrop out of the corner by Sting for a near fall. Sting attempts to lock in the Scorpion death lock and does, but Luger reaches the ropes very quickly. Luger pokes Sting’s eye as the referee attempted to separate them in the corner. Luger with a few right hands and rakes Sting’s eyes across the top rope. Luger plants Sting with the pile driver, but Sting manages to somehow kick out! Luger begins to work on Sting in the corner with repeated right hands to the midsection. Sting comes back with a few blows of his own on Luger. Face buster by Sting and rubs Luger’s face into the mat. Sting drops Luger across the top rope throat first. Back rake a few times by Sting. Sting attempts a diving attack, but Luger ducks down and Sting flies over the top to the floor. Luger sends Sting into the railing. Sting blocks Race’s attempted pile driver into a back drop. Sting climbs to the top turnbuckle and connects with a flying cross body to win the title! **1/2
After the match, Sting celebrates the title win.


End of Show

My Take:
An excellent lightweight title match to start the show off. Pillman looked great in the match and makes you wonder why WCW never really pushed him to upper card level.

Naturally, after such a great match we get a rather boring match to bring the crowd back down to earth for the rest of the card. Bagwell was being pushed as a “bright young star” for WCW. Taylor on the other hand was trying to erase the memory of Red Rooster.

Simmons/Jack was a decent match, but could have been better if their were a stipulation to it. Though, that can be said for many Cactus Jack matches over the years.

I’d assume the Hammer/Zenk/Morton/Vegas match was really just a filler for the show. Hammer was another guy being promoted as a future star for WCW. Funny, because we all know how that turned out.

As expected we got a great match with the Dangerous Alliance and Rhodes/Windham. To the best of my knowledge, this had started at Halloween Havoc 1991 where Zbyszko broke the arm of Barry Windham. I’d recommend seeing this match if you are a fan of tag team wrestling.

I must say that I wasn’t a fan of having three tag team matches in a row. Also, wasn’t a fan of the disqualification finish. Apparently, WCW was holding off on a title switch but I have always thought that pay per views should be where we get an actual winner, whether it be clean or dirty.

The amount of heat Rick Rude got during his promo was incredible. Rude/Steamboat have always had some good matches and this wasn’t any different. They would continue their feud well into the summer of 1992 and we would continue to get some great matches.

Well, the main event had been built up since Lex Luger’s heel turn at the Great American Bash 1991. As soon as that happened, people had to be thinking that Sting would be coming after Luger, and after several months Sting got his chance. This would be the last appearance for Lex Luger in WCW until 1995 as he goes to the WWF to become a bodybuilder. What makes this pay per view and all time favorite of mine is that it is a fantastic show and you get to “go home happy” when the top baby face goes over the top heel in a rather good storyline.

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