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WCW Superbrawl IV 2/20/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling Super Brawl 1994
Date: 2/20/1994
From: Albany, Georgia

Opening Video which hypes the following. Arn Anderson and Lord Steven Regal for the TV Title. Nasty Boys defending the tag titles against Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne. Both Thunder Cage Matches. Makes sense, because the other four matches appear to be ridiculous C Show quality. Ric Flair training video getting ready for the match against Vader.

Tony and Bobby hype up the show. Heenan is predicting a new World Champion in Vader.

Footage of Michael PS Hayes turning on Johnny B. Badd this past weekend.

Michael PS Hayes shows up in a wheel chair, with Jimmy Garvin pushing him down the aisle. Hayes and Garvin can not get their stories right. Hayes says that he got injured and can not wrestle. Garvin says he is retired, Nick Bowinkel says that he is not retired for now. Bowinkel says that he can fine and suspended both men, if they do not wrestle.


Harlem Heat (Kane and Kole) defeated Thunder and Lightning in 9:47: Lighting with control on Kole early on. Dropkick, hip toss and arm lock. Kole comes back with a scoop slam and tags in Kane, Thunder with a leaping shoulder block. Lighting with a knee lift on Kole. Lighting is sent to the floor, and Kane sends him into the guard railing. Kole with a leaping forearm smash onto Lighting. Thunder takes down both Heat members. Thunder with a belly to belly suplex on Kane. Thunder has a roll up, Kane kicks Thunder in the head leading to the win. *

Gene is backstage and is outside the locker room of Ric Flair. Vader’s locker room is right next to Flair’s.

Jim Steele pinned The Equalizer in 6:31:
Little while into the match, Equalizer with a scoop slam and leg drop off the ropes. Steele is sent to the floor. Equalizer sends Steele back first into the ring apron. Steele with a crucifix pin for a two count. Steele with a atomic drop, and a dropkick. Steele with the Thez Press. It’s over. That was a crowd killer. DUD

Gene is with Nick Bowinkel and Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat says he will face the winner of Vader/Flair match sometime in the near future.

Terry Taylor pinned Diamond Dallas Page in 11:45:
Back and forth offense from both men. Page with a power slam on Taylor. Gut buster by Page. Taylor finally breaks out of a long head lock, Page with a clothesline on Taylor. Back suplex by Taylor to finally get some offense in since the beginning of he match. Page goes chest first into the corner, Taylor rolls Page up for the win. *

Gene is standing with Olivier Muffler from Germany and is with WCW International. Muffler really just puts the pay per view over. Muffler asks Gene is Flair can beat Vader. Gene isn’t going to answer the question, as he doesn’t want to be on the “hot seat”.


Johnny B. Badd pinned Jimmy Garvin in 10:48.…DUD This was suppose to be Badd and Hayes and the opening contest. Hayes is “injured”. Garvin who is retired replaces him. A lot of headlocks and arm locks. Badd ends the match with a top rope sunset flip into a pin. That was a terrible. Terrible match. DUD
After the match, Badd is going to go after Hayes, this allows Garvin to attack Badd from behind. Garvin attacks Badd with a cowboy hat. Garvin with the Stunner on Badd. Garvin calls that the “911”.

Gene is again backstage, Gene makes his way over to Vader’s locker room. You can hear Vader screaming and tossing things around. Vader doesn’t want a interview.

World Television Title Match: Steven Regal pinned Arn Anderson to retain the title:
Anderson gets a pretty good reception from the Georgia crowd. Regal gets some good heel heat. Michael Buffer with the ring introductions. Well, this is a lot of mat wrestling and simple arm lock. Nothing really stands out so far. Arn wraps Regal’s arm around the ring post. Arn continues to work on the arm of Regal. They trade a few rights, Anderson delivers a right hand knocking Regal down. Anderson with a near fall with a roll up. Anderson with the spine buster! Anderson is on the apron, sunset flips over Regal, only for Regal to grabs the umbrella of Sir William to drop down and pick up the win! *


Highlights from Clash of the Champions when Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne defeated the Nasty Boys.

World Tag Team Title Match: Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne defeated The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) in 12:37 by Disqualification:
Payne with a German suplex to quickly open the contest on Knobbs. Payne blocks a boot from Saggs and connects with a belly to belly suplex. Payne with a single arm suplex on Knobbs and a slam on Saggs. Payne knows wrestling moves! Jack with forearm shots on both Nasty’s. Jack with a leg drop on the apron on Knobbs. Clothesline/chop block combo by the Nasty’s on Payne. Knobbs misses a middle rope leg drop. Jack with a clothesline sending Knobbs to the floor. Knobbs lifts up the mat, Saggs shoves Jack off the apron, hitting hard on the floor. Knobbs sends Jack head first into the guard railing. Jack is coughing up blood, but he seems to like it. Knobbs and Saggs trade off with a Boston Crab. Behind the referee’s back, Payne begins to pull Jack over to his corner. Jack makes the tag, but Saggs distracted the referee. Jack with a double DDT! Payne gets the tag and knocks the champions down. Payne has the “Payne Killer” on Knobbs. Saggs comes in with a guitar and whacks Payne causing the DQ. Nasty’s retain. **1/2
Replay shows that on a suplex by Payne onto Knobbs late in the match, Knobbs landed directly on his left arm, didn’t look pretty at all.

Gene is backstage with Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. Gene of course plugs his hotline. Gene mentions that Hulk Hogan is watching this match. He is not under WCW contract at this point. Flair says he needs to get past Vader, and then face Steamboat. Ricky talks about the contract talks he has had. Arn Anderson comes into the picture and tells Flair that he knows what he needs to do tonight.

Fireworks go off as the Thunder Cage Matches are going to be coming up next. The first one is the six man tag team match. Followed by Flair/Vader.


Thunder Cage Match: Sting, Brian Pillman, and Dustin Rhodes defeated Steve Austin, Rick Rude, and Paul Orndorff in 14:36: Sting and big back body drop and quite a few clotheslines on Rude. Orndorff comes in and goes to work on the arm of Sting. Steve Austin comes in and does a leapfrog and acts id he blew out his knee. Sting goes for the Scorpion. Sting sends Austin back first into the cage, Pillman with a chop for good measure. Pillman comes in, he and Austin go to the floor, Austin back drops Pillman into the cage, Pillman hits his forehead. Orndorff sends Pillman into the cage again, Pillman is busted open. The heels go to work on Pillman Orndorff with a belly to back suplex on Pillman. Rude with a top rope knee drop for a two count. Austin with a middle rope forearm drop, Sting breaks up the count. Austin leaps off the middle rope, Pillman connects with a nice dropkick. Pillman tags in Sting. Sting with the same move set on all three men. All clotheslines. Sting sends Orndorff into the cage, twice. Orndorff is busted open, Rhodes comes in and knocks both Orndorff and Austin down with elbows. Rude comes in and Rhodes deliver a few rights. Goes for the running bulldog, but Rude sends Rhodes onto the top turnbuckle! Rude with a top rope belly to back suplex! Bear hug by Rude. Austin comes in and Rhodes with a dropkick to send Austin off the apron into the cage!! Rhodes with a springboard back elbow off the middle turnbuckle. Pillman comes in and goes to work on Austin. Double dropkick onto Rude and Orndorff. All six men are in the ring. Double backdrop on Austin.Sting gorilla press slams Pillman onto Austin for the win! ***1/2
After the match, Sting goes to leave, Rude closes the door right into Sting’s face. Rude Awakening on the floor! Sting is hurting as the referee and his teammates check on him.

Bobby and Tony hype up the next match, Flair and Vader. Footage from the Clash of Champions on 1/27/1994. Vader connected with a top rope superplex on Flair. Flair is really selling as if his back is broken, just like the plane crash. Tony and Bobby hype it up.

Nick Bowinkel delaying the Thunder Cage. Vader attacking Steamboat on WCW Saturday Night. Flair calls in and says that he wants Vader because Steamboat was nearly injured by Vader’s attack. Bowinkel will reinstate the match only with a doctors notice for Flair’s health. Flair meets the deadline. The Boss is named as the special referee.


World Heavyweight Title Match (Thunder Cage Match): Ric Flair defeated Vader in 11:32 to retain the title: Flair with a series of rights and boots in the corner. Flair with a running back elbow sends Vader to the floor. Flair with a chair shot on the floor, three times. Vader scoop slam on Flair to gain the advantage. Vader Splash off the middle rope. Short arm clothesline by Vader, several clubbing blows by Vader. Vader lands on his feet misses a moonsault off the top. Vader with another attack, sending Flair to the floor. Race chokes Flair using the cage. Vader with several forearm shots on the floor. Race with a right hand through the cage. Flair comes back with right hands and chokes Vader. Vader with a eye rake. Vader with the top rope superplex, Flair doesn’t sell it nearly as much as he did on COTC.
Vader and Race handcuff The Boss to the cage for getting involved in their business. Vader with a big splash on Flair. Boss is trying to break free from the cage. Arn Anderson and Ricky Steamboat come down. Vader misses Flair, and hits Race coming off the ropes. Flair with rights on both Vader and Race. Steamboat is trying to break the lock with a chair, but is unable to. Flair with chair shots on Vader and Race. Boss breaks free and delivers a few rights to Vader, and delivers a nightstick shot to the knee of Vader. Flair with the figure four. Boss calls for the bell, even though, Vader didn’t give up. Vader is going nuts. ***

Overall Grade:

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