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WCW Souled Out 1/17/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling Souled Out 1999
Date: 1/17/1999
From: Charleston, West Virginia

Special Report bulletin with Ric Flair. He announces that WCW is in control, once again. Every few seconds, the picture fuzzes up, which would mean the N-W-O. Flair puts over WCW as the best promotion in the world. “WCW is reunited.. And is looking really, really good”.

Pyro goes off as Tony welcomes everyone to WCW Souled Out 1999! Tony, Mike and Bobby hype up the pay per view. Mostly Goldberg/Hall ladder match. Ric Flair/David Flair battle Curt Henning/Barry Windham. This is David Flair’s wrestling debut.

We go backstage, to see Goldberg on the floor holding his knee. He was attacked.


Chris Benoit defeated Mike Enos in 10:34 via submission: Both men go to work on each other in the corner. Enos ends up with the advantage. Little sloppy early on. Benoit with a series of chops and running clothesline. Benoit with a series of boots. Crowd loves Benoit. Dragon screw by Benoit. Vicious chop by Enos. Enos with a nice reversal of the Cross Face into a tilt a whirl back breaker for a two count. Power slam by Enos for a two count again. Enos absorbs some chops and connects with a clothesline. Enos misses a standing leg drop, but isn’t affected. Bear hug by Enos. Enos is getting some pretty good heel heat. Enos with a vertical suplex for a two count. Enos’s chest is very red from the chops. Benoit reverses a back suplex into a pin for a two count. Rolling German suplex’s by Benoit. Flying head butt by Benoit. VERY weak clothesline by Enos.Benoit with the Cross Face seconds later to pick up the win. *1/4

Video package hyping up the ladder match between Goldberg and Scott Hall.

Norman Smiley defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. in 15:44 via submission:
Smiley brings out a urn of sorts with Pepe inside. Chavo’s mop, whom Smiley put in a wood chipper. Chavo with control early on with a chops and clotheslines Smiley over the top to the floor. Chavo with a dive to the floor onto Smiley. Chavo with a springboard off the middle turnbuckle into a cross body. Chavo continues to work on Smiley in the corner.Smiley drops Chavo head first into the turnbuckle, and connects with a clothesline. Smiley with a standing, spinning scoop slam on Chavo and gets a two count. Chavo goes for a big splash, but Smiley gets his knees up. Smiley drops Chavo across the top rope. Smiley with a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Chavo with a interesting pin attempt for a near fall. Chavo with a rollup, Smiley with a big back elbow, gets a two count. Smiley with a superplex off the middle turnbuckle. Smiley reverses a sleeper hold into a back suplex. Chavo is sent to the floor. Norman with the Big Wiggle, which the crowd goes nuts for. Chavo with a few near falls. Chavo blocks the chicken wing submission, Smiley reverses the tornado DDT. Smiley throws Pepe’s ashes into the face of Chavo, locks in the Chicken Wing to win the match. *1/2


Backstage, Konnan says he is going to hunt down who ever tried taking him out.

Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Wrath in 9:23:
Wrath with a leaping big boot sending Bigelow to the floor early on. Bigelow with a brief offense, Wrath with a face buster and several chops in the corner. Leaping clothesline off the middle rope by Wrath. Bigelow drops Wrath throat first on the top rope. Bigelow with a scoop slam and a standing head butt for a near fall. Bigelow with a power slam. Bigelow with a DDT and gets another two count. Wrath goes head first into the ring post. Bigelow with the Greetings from Asbury Park for the win. DUD

Lex Luger defeated Konnan in 9:31 via submission:
Luger gives Konnan the chance to walk away. Konnan delivers a right hand. The crowd is really into this match. Konnan with a clothesline on Luger. Konnan keeps control with several stomps in the corner. Luger with several stomps of his own. Luger goes to work on the lower back on Konnan. Bear hug by Luger. Konnan fights out, but Luger connects with a clothesline. They go to the floor, Luger continues the assault. Konnan with a seated dropkick on Luger. Miss Elizabeth comes down to the ring. Tequila Sunrise by Konnan. Elizabeth sprays Konnan with black paint. Torture Rack by Luger to pick up the win. *1/2

Loser Wears a Dress Match: Chris Jericho defeated Saturn in 11:44:
A HUGE reception for Jericho. Tony mentions how Scott Dickinson the referee, has had issues with Saturn. Simple early on. Saturn control with a forearm and a nice kick to the head in the corner. Saturn with a clothesline to the back of Jericho. Leaping spinning kick, and a springboard leg drop by Saturn. Jericho wit a springboard dropkick, sending Saturn off the apron into the railing. Jericho dives over the top onto Saturn, and taunts the crowd. Front slam by Jericho on the floor. Delayed vertical suplex by Jericho back into the ring. Cocky cover, Saturn beats Jericho up with right hands. Jericho with a yakuza kick and a senton back splash for a two count. Saturn blocks the Lionsault getting his knees up. Jericho leaps off the top, Saturn with a T-Bone suplex.Saturn reverses a head scissors into a sit down face buster. Jericho with a double under hook back breaker. Saturn connects with a top rope big splash on Jericho for a near fall. Jericho with a German suplex. Jericho reverses the DVD, Saturn reverses the Lion Tamer. Saturn has a rollup, Dickinson rolls Jericho over on top. Fast count, Jericho wins. Saturn puts the dress on, while Jericho rubs it in his face. **


David Flair is interviewed by Flair wants to help defend his Flair respect.

World Cruiserweight Title Match (Four Corners Match): Billy Kidman defeated Rey Misterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, and Psicosis in 14:24:
Rey with a nice flying head scissors on Kidman. Kidman with one of his own from the apron into the ring. Double cross body attempt, Psicosis and Juventud come in and put the boots to both men. Rey tags in Psicosis. Kidman tags in Juventud. Juventud with a nice pin attempt on Psicosis, who kicks out at two. All four men are in the ring, with Kidman and Rey double teaming Juventud and Psicosis. Kidman power bombs Juventud following a back body drop by Rey. Kidman with a cross body off the top onto Psicosis. Juventud trips up Kidman. Psicosis with a sit out vertical suplex. Juventud with a hurricanrana off the top on Kidman. Juventud sends Kidman to the floor. Juventud backdrops Rey over the top onto Kidman on the floor. Kidman and Rey with a double sunset flip power bombs on Juventud and Psicosis from the apron to the floor. Juventud is on Kidman’s shoulders, Rey with a springboard clothesline on Juventud, near fall. Rey uses his legs to monkey flip Psicosis on the apron over the ring post to the floor. Kidman with a somersault splash on Psicosis. Juventud uses the back of Rey to leap over the top and splash onto both Kidman and Psicosis. Rey with a somersault splash onto Kidman, as Psicosis and Juventud moved. Juventud with the Juvi Driver on Rey. Psicosis with a missile dropkick to the back of Juventud’s head. Kidman reverses a power bomb into a face crusher. Rey with a body scissors into a nice bulldog. Psicosis with a Swanton Bomb onto the laying Rey and Kidman on the floor. Juvi with a missile dropkick on Kidman. Psicosis breaks up the pin. Kidman connects with a reverse DDT, following a leg sweep by Mistero. Mistero with a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor on Psicosis. Kidman with the Shooting Star Press on Juventud to win the match. **1/2

Backstage, Booker T is being interviewed by Mark Madden and Chris Jericho comes over and argues with Booker. Jericho challenges Booker to a match on Nitro tomorrow.


Ric and David Flair defeated Barry Windham and Curt Henning in 13:56: Ric and David charge the ring and grab a steel chair. Windham and Hennig roll to the floor. The crowd loves Ric Flair. Windham wants David to start the match with him. Ric allows him to. David goes for a take down, but Windham is backed into the ropes. Windham with a headlock. David reverses into a head scissors rather quickly. Ric comes in all pumped up. Hennig is pissed. David with a hip toss, which Windham had to do all the work for. David soon tags in Ric. Ric goes to work on Windham with a few chops, and chops Henning. – Hennig gets a tag and goes to work on Flair. Hennig with a snap mare on Ric, Henning chops David who falls hard to the floor. Ric flips in the corner and falls to the floor. Windham with a few chops, and sends Ric head first into the guard railing. Hennig slams Flair off the top turnbuckle. Windham with a superplex for a two count. Henning with the figure four on Ric, Windham gives Hennig some extra leverage. Ric is being double teamed in the corner. Arn pulls Henning to the floor with several rights, Ric with the figure four on Windham in the ring. Hennig has got control on Anderson. Double team on Ric, David low blows Henning. Anderson rolls in with a tire iron and whacks Henning with it. Hennig literally pulls David on top of him. David picks up the win. *1/2
After the match, everyone in the N-W-O come down and beat up David, Ric and Anderson. Ric is handcuffed to the ring ropes, as David is surrounded by N-W-O. Hogan shoves David, David charges towards Hogan. Everyone attacks David. They hold David open on the mat, and Hogan whips him with his belt. They spray paint “EZE” on the back of David. Hogan whips David one more time. That was actually done very well. Bringing something fresh for the Flair/Hogan saga. Hogan with one more whip to end the segment.

Video of Lex Luger turning heel and help mug Goldberg. Wouldn’t make sense to have Luger feud with Goldberg then? Sure Hall, but no mention of Luger at all.

Ladder/Tazer Match: Bill Goldberg defeated Scott Hall in 17:44:
Michael Buffer with the ring introductions. Hall says that Goldberg got nervous, peed his pants, then slipped on his urine. Making Hall the man who ended Goldberg’s career. Goldberg’s music’s hits, Hall is shocked. Goldberg throws Hall around a few times. Hall with a few shots the eyes, but Goldberg comes back with a clothesline. Goldberg with a scoop slam, Goldberg appears to be favoring the injured knee. Hall goes to work on the leg. Goldberg with a power slam and again favors the knee. Hall with a few boots to the knee. Hall goes to get the ladder, but Goldberg attacks Hall. Hall manages to drop Hall onto the ladder who holds his knee again. Hall is sent into the guard railing. Hall with a baseball slide into the ladder into Goldberg. Goldberg is rammed head first into the ring steps. Goldberg is busted open. Hall goes up the ladder, and connects with a elbow drop off the ladder! Hall climbs up again, Goldberg with back suplex off the ladder. Hall again climbs up, and Goldberg shoves him off, dropping Hall throat first on the top rope. Goldberg blocks a ladder attack, and connects with a clothesline. Goldberg sends Hall into the ladder in the corner. Goldberg goes up the ladder, Hall dropkicks the ladder, Goldberg lands on his bad knee. Hall continues his attack. Hall climbs up again, Goldberg tips the ladder, Hall falls hard onto the ropes. Goldberg climbs up, Disco Inferno runs down and tips the ladder over, Goldberg drops down throat first. Hall grabs the tazer gun. Goldberg blocks, and connects with a standing side kick. Tazer falls to the floor. Goldberg got the tazer gun. Disco is stunned. Hall is begging off. Goldberg tosses it in the air, SPEAR, and the JACKHAMMER! Goldberg stuns Hall to win the match. **
After the match, Bigelow comes out to attack Goldberg. Should be noted, the camera spoiled the run in, going to the entrance way three seconds before Bigelow came out. Hall stuns Goldberg and Bigelow.


End of Show.

Overall Grade:

NOTE: Fit Finlay also defeated Van Hammer on this PPV. However, i reviewed the Home Video version of this event. That match was cut out.

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