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WCW Superbrawl IX 2/21/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling Super Brawl 1999
Date: 2/21/1999
From: Oakland, California

A good looking female is in a hotel room talking to someone. She is excited because that person is bringing her to SUPER BRAWL.

Opening video for Super Brawl. Which highlights the Bam-Bam Bigelow/Goldberg contest. Flair/Hogan contest.

Tony, Mike and Bobby welcome everyone to WCW Super Brawl. They hype up Hogan/Flair.

A video package highlighting the WCW Tag Team Tournament. Benoit and Malenko need to win two matches to win the titles. They have already lost to Henning and Windham once. Benoit/Malenko with a brief promo.

Gene is standing in the aisle way with the Tag Team Titles in a case. He hypes up the finals briefly.

We see a video from last Thursday where Disco apparently insults Booker T, and Booker takes exception to it.

Booker T pinned Disco Inferno in 9:19:
Booker with a hip toss early on, and the crowd is behind Booker T. “Disco Sucks” chant. Booker misses a clothesline, and Disco connects with a running swinging neck breaker following a quick taunt. Booker with a scoop slam on Disco. Disco manages to trip Booker up and taunts him again. After another taunt by Disco, he walks right into a clothesline by Booker. Back body drop by Booker. Big clothesline in the corner by Booker. The crowd is really, really pumped up tonight. Booker with a flying forearm smash on Disco. Disco with a elbow to the neck. Booker misses a Harlem sidekick, and Disco clotheslines Booker over the top to the floor. Disco sends Booker into the ring steps and guard railing. Forearm drop off the top for a two count. Harlem sidekick by Booker. Scissors kick by Booker. Disco with a atomic drop. Disco leaps off the top, Booker catches him and connects with a spine buster. Booker misses a Harlem sidekick, Disco with a nice clothesline. Booker shoves off Disco’s attempt for the Chart Buster. Harlem sidekick again by Booker. Booker goes up top and Disco catches Booker on the top rope. Booker sends Disco off the top and connects with the Harlem Hangover! It’s over. **3/4


Chris Jericho defeated Saturn in 11:17 by Count Out: Slip up with the ring introductions, as Saturn’s music hits first, but instead they go to Jericho’s. Ralphus is wearing a dress, with a pair of earrings. Scott Dickinson is the referee, who has had issues with Saturn. Jericho grabs the microphone before the match. Jericho tells the dress wearing Saturn that he looks ridiculous. He feels sorry for the fans to have to see Saturn in the dress. Saturn goes to work on Jericho with a few right hands and a clothesline. Saturn sends Jericho into the guard railing a few times. Saturn is pounding away on Jericho in the crowd. Jericho comes back and sends Saturn into the railing and ring steps. Exploder suplex by Saturn in the ring. Saturn with several head butts to the chest. Saturn slingshots Jericho over the top to the floor. Saturn dives over the top onto Jericho. Saturn sends Ralphus into the ring and tears the dress off of him. Jericho dropkicks Saturn from behind. Vertical suplex by Jericho. Cocky pin is reversed as Saturn slams Jericho face first into the mat a few times. Jericho with a missile dropkick from the top to the floor on Saturn. Jericho misses a twisting splash off the top. Saturn with a frog splash off the top rope onto Jericho, Jericho rolls Saturn up from behind for a two count. Saturn with a near fall after reversing the Lion Tamer. Release German suplex by Jericho. Jericho with a flying cross body, Saturn reverses into the Rings of Saturn. Jericho reaches the ropes. Inverted vertical suplex by Saturn, Saturn misses a moonsault. Jericho with the Lion Sault and gets a two count. Saturn connects with the Death Valley Driver but doesn’t go for the pin. He grabs the referee Scott Dickinson and connects with the Death Valley Driver. Saturn proceeds to leave the ring and walks to the backstage area, he gets counted out. **1/2

Rey Mistero Jr. and Konnan are backstage talking to They are talking about Rey possibly losing his mask to the Outsiders.

Video package of the feud between Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page.

World Cruiserweight Title Match: Billy Kidman pinned Chavo Guerrero, Jr. in 8:26 to retain the title:
Kidman with hurricanrana and a dropkick on Chavo. Kidman with a atomic drop and clothesline. Chavo goes to the floor. Chavo is sent back first into the guard railing. Kidman with another clothesline after faking a handshake. On the apron, Chavo sends Kidman throat first into the guard railing. A nice brain buster in the ring by Chavo. Chavo with a nice leaping somersault splash over the top rope to the floor! Kidman comes back with a flying cross body off the top into the ring. Tilt a whirl back breaker by Chavo. Back suplex by Chavo. Chavo leaps off the top, but is met in mid-air with a dropkick by Kidman. Top rope hurricanrana by Chavo for a two count. Sit out power bomb by Kidman for two. Chavo plants Kidman with a DDT, after he crotches Kidman on the top turnbuckle, only two count. Kidman with a face buster, and climbs up top to connect with the Shooting Star Press for the win! **3/4


World Tag Team Title Match: Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko defeated Barry Windham and Curt Henning in 19:34 when Malenko forced Windham to submit to win fall one: Heenan mentions how all four men at some point have been Horsemen members. Benoit and Malenko are currently apart of the group. Henning was shortly in 1997, and Windham in the late 1980’s. Windham and Malenko with some mat wrestling early on, Henning and Benoit get tagged in. Henning with a chop, Benoit with a bigger chop sending Henning down. Benoit with a straight jacket. Henning reaches the ropes fairly quickly. Now they are trading a series of rights. Benoit with a big chop. Benoit continues the chops now on Windham. Malenko comes in and Windham soon connects with a vertical suplex for a two count. Double clothesline on Malenko, and Henning gets a two count. Benoit comes in and takes out both of his opponents. Snap suplex on Henning for a two count. Malenko with a clothesline in the corner on Henning. Benoit clotheslines both men down and signals for the flying head butt, and he connects on Henning, but Windham breaks up the count. Henning with a low blow on Malenko, Henning tags in Windham. Malenko is on the floor and is sent into the railing by Henning. Superplex by Windham on Benoit, goes for the cover and Malenko breaks up the count. Double vertical suplex on Benoit for a two count. Henning with a rolling neck breaker for a two count. German suplex by Benoit and both he and Henning are down. Malenko and Windham get the tag. Malenko cleans house. All four men are in the ring, Malenko has the Texas Cloverleaf on, but Henning breaks up the submission. Malenko has it on again, Benoit has Henning in the corner, Windham gives up. First fall goes to the Horsemen. **

World Tag Team Title Match: Curt Henning/Barry Windham defeated Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit in 0:20 to win the Tag Team Titles
Malenko goes to put the cloverleaf on again, but Windham chokes Malenko with his belt. Clothesline on Malenko, and it is over. Windham and Henning win the tag team titles. That was no way thirty seconds of a rest period.

Elizabeth’s Hair Versus Rey Misterio’s Mask: The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) defeated Konnan and Rey Misterio, Jr. in 11:00:
Lex Luger was originally suppose to be Nash’s partner. However, he suffered a torn bicep, and Nash chose Hall as his partner. Hall with the toothpick shot to the face of Rey. Hall shoves Rey down, Rey with a arm drag take down. Rey with a springboard leg drop ton the back of the head of Hall. Springboard Thez Press of sorts onto Hall. Hall catches Rey and connects with the fall away slam. Nash comes in and simply throws Rey across the ring. Hall with a clothesline in the corner and signals for the Outsiders Edge, Rey fights out and tags in Konnan. Konnan cleans house sending Nash to the floor. Nash clubs Konnan on the back, Hall with a clothesline in the ring. Nash with the picture perfect back elbow in the corner on Konnan. Konnan fights out of the corner taking Hall down and staggering Nash. Double clothesline spot by Konnan and Hall/ Rey with two springboard dropkicks on Nash and Hall. Rey leaps off Nash to dropkick Hall. Konnan leap frogs Rey into Nash in the corner. Luger drags Konnan to the floor. Rey with a springboard moonsault. – Rey has the cover, Elizabeth distracts the referee. Hall with the Outsiders Edge on Rey, Hall drags Nash onto Rey, and they get the three count. ***
After the match, Rey takes off the mask, and he looks like a twelve year old. Nash tells Rey to put it back on. Nash puts the mask on his head, well, attempts to, as the mask isn’t close to fitting him.


World Television Title Match: Scott Steiner Knocks Out Diamond Dallas Page in 13:53 to retain the title: Before the match, Steiner brings a female into the ring, and cuts a promo on the men in California. Saying that if he wants a women, he will take them away from the guy. Both men trade a series of right hands. Steiner walks into a big boot in the corner. Now on the floor, Page sends Steiner into the railing, Steiner kicks Page into the railing. Steiner knocks Page off the apron, into the railing. Page drops Steiner throat first onto the top rope. Page with a top rope clothesline, and a swinging neck breaker. Buff Bagwell runs down to the ring to check on Steiner. Bagwell and Steiner try to double team Page, Page with a double clothesline to take care of them. Bagwell with a knee on the apron, Steiner with a clothesline. Steiner continues control with a clothesline and a elbow drop. Steiner places Page in the tree of woe, goes to the floor and pulls the neck back of Page. Page comes back in the corner with right hands, Steiner comes back with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Bagwell has put a chair on the apron, and distracts with the referee. Steiner with a chair shot to the back of Page. Bagwell uses clippers to take off the top turnbuckle pad and the referee sees Bagwell doing it, and throws Bagwell out. Page clotheslines Steiner over the top, as he argues with the referee. Page dives over the top onto Steiner. Steiner sends Page into the ring steps, the referee takes the chair away from Steiner. Steiner chases the referee around the ring, and is clotheslined by Page. Steiner with the Franken Steiner off the top rope for only a two count. Page with a jumping DDT coming off the ropes. Page gets a two count. Steiner sends Page into the exposed turnbuckle twice. Steiner with a running power slam into the exposed corner, three times. Steiner with the Steiner Recliner in the middle of the ring! Page has passed out, his eyes are glazed over. Steiner wins! Steiner now has Page’s wife for thirty days. ***1/2

United States Heavyweight Title Match: Scott Hall pinned Roddy Piper in 8:19 to win the title:
Disco Inferno tells everyone get on their feet, and out comes Scott Hall. The music plays twice before Hall actually comes out. Piper with a few rights with his kilt over Hall’s face. Piper chokes Hall with the kilt. Hall goes to work on the arm of Piper, Piper grabs the hair of Hall on the mat. Piper with a couple of atomic drops, Hall pokes Piper in the eyes, Piper does the same. Hall with a few right hands on Piper, Piper is asking for more. Piper with a low blow. Hall has Piper in the tree of woe and stomps away on Piper. Abdominal stretch on Piper. Piper has the sleeper hold on Hall. Hall is trying to reach the ropes. Kevin Nash runs down to the ring and distracts Piper. Hall with a blow to the back, rolls Piper up and uses the ropes for leverage and gets the three count. DUD
After the match, Piper drops the belt to the feet of Hall, and tells him to pick it up. Hall goes to hit Piper, and he misses. Piper eventually gives Hall the strap. Piper is surrounded by Hall and Nash.


Bill Goldberg pinned Bam Bam Bigelow in 11:39: Bigelow comes out to zero music. Gets some decent heat however. Bigelow with a shoulder block, Goldberg quickly gets up and slams Bigelow down. Goldberg with a leaping shoulder block, fireman’s carry take down and a cross arm breaker on Bigelow. Goldberg clotheslines Bigelow over the top to the floor. Bigelow pulls Goldberg to the apron and yanks down on his leg across the apron. Standing head butt on Goldberg twice and goes for a headlock. Goldberg with a back suplex. Bigelow goes to the top for a moonsault, but Goldberg slams him down, goes for the spear but Bigelow rolls to the floor. Bigelow back into the ring, Goldberg with the spear. Standing sidekick, and another spear. Jackhammer. Splat. Goldberg wins. *

World Heavyweight Title Match: Hulk Hogan pinned Ric Flair in 12:00 to retain the title:
Hogan with a couple of shoulder blocks on Flair. Hogan continues his offense with a back drop. Running clothesline in the corner and Flair flops down. Flair with a few chops and connects with a knee drop. Hogan with another clothesline coming out of the corner. Hogan grabs a chair on the floor and hits Flair over the back. Hogan with right hands, Flair wit a few chops. Flair has been busted open from the chair shot. Hogan with a vertical suplex on the floor. Flair goes up top, Hogan slams Flair off. Flair gets up and he is pissed. Hogan with several rights, Flair with a few chops, and decks Flair again. Hogan with his weight belt and begins to whip the back of Flair. Hogan whips him in the face. Hogan wraps the belt around his fist and punches Flair. Flair with a poke to the eye. Flair with a knee to the groin of Hogan. Flair grabs the weight belt of Hogan and whips Hogan a few times. Hogan gets busted open following a right hand by Flair with the belt around his fist. Here comes the blonde female from the beginning of the pay per view. She is on the ring apron. She slaps Flair a few times, Flair turns around to connect with a back suplex on Hogan. Vertical suplex by Flair. Hogan kicks out and Flair lands onto the referee. Hogan with several right hands, and the big boot. Hogan with the scoop slam, but misses the leg drop. A masked man is now coming to the ring. You can clearly tell who the masked man is. The masked man uses the stun gun on Flair. You can clearly tell it is David Flair. Hogan pins Flair to retain the World Title. **
After the match, The masked man is revealed as the before mentioned David Flair, who stuns his father again. Kevin Nash comes to the ring and hugs David Flair.


End of Show

My Opinion:
Steiner/Page came across as if they legit hated each other. Which is a good thing. Disco/Booker was a good opener. Jericho/Saturn, Chavo/Kidman could have both been better, but where OK. Hall/Piper was terrible. Bigelow/Goldberg wasn’t any better. Bigelow was made out to be weak, if your going to push him as a threat to Goldberg, he needs to do other moves than a standing head butt. David Flair joining the Wolfpack makes the whole situation from Souled Out as a set up. I’d much rather have had David with his father for a little while longer.

Overall Grade:

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