ECW Hardcore TV 5/11/1993

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 5/11/1993
From: Philadelphia, PA

Jay Sulli looking ever so awkward is with Todd Gordon.Gordon goes over the Hair Vs Belts Tag Team Title.Sulli there is a lumberjack match, Hotbody and Tommy Cairo. Mixed Tag Team Match also tonight.

Footage from a few weeks ago when Rebel broke Sandman’s surfboard over Sandman’s head. Footage of Tigra gouging the eyes of Sandman during his title defense against Rockin Rebel.

Todd Gordon says that he just signed a Texas Chain Match between Funk and Gilbert. Paul E. Dangerously comes over and says that chain match has been canceled. Gordon says that the contract had been signed weeks before Paul came to ECW. Paul threatens to use lawyers. Gordon says Paul to sue him, and he will be disappointed. Paul says that the person who was disappointed was Gordon’s wife, last night with him! Paul says that he will end ECW. A good segment here.


Terry Funk is riding a tractor on the double cross ranch. Eddie Gilbert’s “brother” comes over to challenge Funk. Funk picks up a clear dummy, and puts him in the tractor. They do not even hide the face he is a dummy. Which is a good idea. Funk runs over the dummy a few times. Evil laugh.

For the ECW Tag Team Titles, No DQ, Titles Vs Hair: Tony Stetson and Larry Winters defeated Super Destroyers to win the titles:
All four men are going at it in the ring and then roll to the floor to continue to brawl. Hunter Robbins is handcuffed to Tommy Cairo. Double team on Winters. Well for a no DQ match, why are their tags? Winters with simple right hands and knees to one of the Destroyers. Chair shot on Winters. Sulli completely forgets this is a No DQ match. Hunter Q Robbins throws in his cane, Stetson grabs it and hits one of the Destroyers to win the match and titles. That sucked. *

Eddie Gilbert/Jimmy Snuka defeated Max Thrasher/JT Smith:
Paul E Dangerously introduces his stable. Dangerously asks Wonderful to help him scout. Dangerously is now announcing with Sulli. JT with a dropkick and a reverse power slam on Snuka. Snuka gains control and tags in Gilbert. Thrasher is being dominated. Gilbert with a scoop slam. Snuka with a diving splash off the top for the win. DUD

Sal Bellomo cuts a promo with his hair in front of his face. He says he likes kids. He only likes kids. That is all he says.

Sal Bellomo defeated Canadian Wolfman:
When they say from parts unknown for the Wolfman, wouldn’t it be a reasonable guess to think maybe he is from Canada? Bellomo in complete control. Right hands, boots and back scrapes. Simple, and extremely boring. Scoop slam and a big splash for the win for Bellomo. DUD


Lumberjack Match: Johnny Hotbody defeated Tommy Cairo: Hotbody attempts to leave the ring a few times but is sent back into ring by the lumberjacks. Cairo has control with a few slams and elbows, Hotbody with a low blow. Cairo comes back with a butterfly suplex on Hotbody, who again rolls to the floor. Flying clothesline off the middle rope. No referee, who is controlling the lumberjacks. Hunter Q Robbins III comes down and whacks Cairo with his cane. Hotbody picks up the win. DUD

Footage from a few weeks ago where Funk talks to Gilbert on a ranch. Gilbert was the horse’s ass.


Rockin Rebel/Tigra fought Sandman/Peaches to a No Contest: Oddly enough, this is a tag team match, Tigra isn’t on the apron, rather acting as the manager. Sandman with a dropkick and few clotheslines. Rebel is looking the tag, but Tigra refuses. Sandman with another clothesline, making that the fifth one in about thirty seconds. Tigra is finally on the apron, and she drops back off. Rebel with a low blow on Sandman. Rebel with a back elbow for a two count. Double clothesline, Sandman up fairly quickly for a two count. Sandman backdrops Rebel over the top to the floor. Peaches and Tigra come into the ring. Once the women get in, the show is out of time. *

End of Show

Overall Grade: D

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