ECW Hardcore TV 5/18/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 5/18/1993
From: Philadelphia, PA

ECW Opening Video

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful welcome everyone to ECW. They talk about the new tag team champions Stetson and Winters defeating the Super Destroyers. Sandman battles Rockin Rebel tonight, and the women will not be at ringside. Suicide Blondes will face the new tag team champions. Paul E Dangerously comes to the ring and wants Todd Gordon to come to ringside. Gordon says that he is not going to allow Dangerously to push him around. Don Muraco comes behind Gordon. Gordon backs down and runs to the backstage area. Muraco cuts a promo on how great Dangerously is. Muraco says that he has defeated everyone who has gotten in his way. Muraco directs his attention to Sandman. He says their can only be one surfer in ECW. Muraco challenges Rebel to put up his ECW World Championship.


Footage from last week is shown where Stetson and Winters won the ECW Tag Team Titles by defeating the Super Destroyers. The complete match is shown.

Eddie Gilbert/Jimmy Snuka defeated Max Thrasher/JT Smith: Smith and Thrasher work on the left arm of Gilbert. Gilbert comes back with a rake to the eyes of Smith. Gilbert with a vertical suplex, Thrasher goes to break up the pin, but elbow drops Smith. Gilbert misses a fist drop off the top, Smith misses a leaping knee, and hits Thrasher off the apron. Thrasher proceeds to trip Smith up, Gilbert with a scoop slam, Snuka with a diving splash off the top. Terry Funk is at the ranch again, and he goes over the rules to the chain match. DUD

The Suicide Blondes are backstage and put themselves over.

In a Non-Title Match: Tony Stetson/Larry Winters defeated The Suicide Blondes:
Stetson with a hip toss on Candido early on. Stevie Wonderful must not know this a non-title contest. Stetson with an atomic drop, sending Candido into Hotbody. -Winters with a leg drop to the arm of Candido. Stetson comes in and connects with a swinging neck breaker. Sal Bellomo comes to the ring. Winters with a few arm drags and dropkicks. The announcers do not realize it is Bellomo. Which is ridiculous. It is obviously him. Candido with a snap suplex on Winters. Double dropkick on Winters. Hotbody with a snap suplex on Winters. Candido is sent off the top by his partner, but Winters gets his knees up. Stetson comes in and cleans house. Stetson and Winters with a sunset flip into a pin on Hotbody and Candido for a double pin. Candido and Hotbody argue that they had their feet on the ropes, and a hair pull. Suicide Blondes attack the champions with the titles and a steel chair. *1/4

Don Muraco defeated Glenn Osbourne: Osbourne with the advantage early on working on the left arm of Muraco. Wonderful is saying Muraco is faster than Osbourne. Sulli agrees. That is interesting. Muraco gets control with a few boots to the head of Osbourne. Osbourne with several head butts. Flying clothesline by Osbourne and a elbow to the chest and gets a one count only. Muraco drops Osbourne on the top rope, also known as the “Hot Shot”, that Gilbert uses. Muraco with the tombstone pile driver for the win. DUD


For the ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Sandman fought Rockin Rebel to a No Contest, Sandman retains the title: Sandman runs down to the ring, and Rebel quickly rolls to the floor. -Rebel sends Sandman shoulder first into the ring post. Rebel rubs the title belt into the face of Sandman. Rebel with a nice looking dropkick on Sandman. Sandman with a back elbow, and Rebel stalls on the floor. Sandman lays in the ring, and Rebel comes in only for Sandman to continue his offense. Rebel with a kick to the chest of Sandman and a clothesline for a two count. Jaw breaker on Sandman. Sulli doesn’t know the doesn’t know what to call it. Rebel with a leg drop for a near fall. Double right hand knock down, and a double clothesline knock down. Tigra and Peaches come down to ringside and begin to brawl in the ring. That causes the no-contest. *

Sal Bellomo has a pizza and is giving some pieces out to the crowd. Sulli and Wonderful go over next weeks show. The announcers do not know it is Bellomo and that he is still “Super Destroyer III”.

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