ECW Hardcore TV 5/25/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
Date: 5/25/1993
From: Philadelphia, PA

Footage from last week where Dangerously insulted and pushed Todd Gordon around.

ECW Opening Video

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful welcome everyone to ECW. They are still confused over the Super Destroyer III, who is Sal Bellomo, and is ridiculously obvious. Sulli goes over the rest of the card.
Wonderful says that the Suicide Blondes have promised that they will win the tag team titles tonight.

Sal Bellomo defeated HD Rider:
: Bellomo still has one of the Destroyers mask’s on, but comes out to his usual music. The announcers finally acknowledge that it is Bellomo. Bellomo works on the back of Rider. This sucks, Bellomo with knee drops, and weak right hands.Bellomo with a big splash on Rider to get the pin. DUD
After the match, Super Destroyers come to the ring and attack Bellomo.
Hunter Q. Robbins grabs the microphone and says that no one makes fun of the Destroyers. Robbins delivers a few right slaps to the Bellomo.


For the ECW Tag Team Championships: The Suicide Blondes defeated Tony Stetson/Larry Winters to win the Tag Team Titles:All four men are in the ring, with the champions getting the advantage early on. Candido and Hotbody are sent into each other. They go to the floor and stall. Winters with control on Candido. Stetson comes in and connects with a clothesline on Candido. Winters with a standing savant kick on Candido. Atomic drop, and Candido is met with a few right hands. Hotbody with a vertical suplex on Winters to gain control, side slam by Hotbody for a near fall. Winter plants Hotbody with a DDT. Winters with a clothesline on Hotbody. Backdrop on Hotbody. Winters splashes the referee in the corner, when Hotbody placed the referee in front of him. Hotbody with a rollup, no referee. Candido had a chain on the apron, Winters knocks them out of his hand. Hotbody catches the chain, and whacks Winters , goes for the cover, and get the three count for the win! NEW CHAMPS! **

Jay Sulli and Todd Gordon hype up the Funk/Gilbert chain match. Gordon wants to show some tape, but Paul Dangerously comes down with Muraco and prevents that from happening. Dangerously calls Sandman a piece of crap. Gordon says that ECW will grow, and that Dangerously will beg to be apart of the company. Gordon goes to sign a contract for Muraco/Sandman match. Muraco calls Gordon stupid. Muraco says that Gordon has just signed the death wish for Sandman.


Don Muraco defeated Ernesto Benefico: Muraco is calling a pizza from Domino’s. Muraco seemingly takes this match very lightly. Muraco with a botched gorilla press slam on Ernesto, simply dropping him. Muraco catches Benefico off the top, and connects with the tombstone pile driver for the win. DUD

Terry Funk is on the ranch cutting a promo. This is the same one, where Funk runs over Eddie Gilbert’s “brother” over with a tractor. It was obviously a dummy.

Tommy Cairo/JT Smith defeated Canadian Wolfman/Max Thrasher:
Cairo with a hip toss on Wolfman early on. Wonderful compares Cairo to a Rick Steiner. Cairo with a belly to belly suplex on Wolfman. Which Sulli calls a “belly to back”. Smith with a Northern Lights suplex on Wolfman. Smith with a clothesline. Standing dropkick by Smith on Wolfman. Thrasher comes in to meet his former partner. He quickly tags out. Smith slams Wolfman down. Cairo comes into the ring and power slams Wolfman down. Smith with a splash off the top to pick up the win. *

For the ECW Television Title: Jimmy Snuka defeated Glenn Osbourne to retain the title:
For being virtually a jobber, Osbourne gets quite a few title matches. Wow, Osbourne with a terrible clothesline that barely moves Snuka. Snuka still sells it by literally sending himself over the top to the floor. Osbourne with a vertical suplex from the apron back into the ring. Snuka with a few knees and a chop. Osbourne with a school boy for a very close win. Monkey flip by Osbourne. Snuka blocks another one. Backbreaker by Snuka, and a diving splash off the top, across the ring for the three count. *

Jay Sulli and Todd Gordon hype up the ECW show. Gordon cuts Sulli off, to notice Gilbert. Gilbert calls ECW, “Eddie’s Championship Wrestling”. Gilbert says that Gordon has gone too far with this chain match. Gordon brings up a family dog? Gilbert says that he is happy he killed it.

We go to a promo with Terry Funk. Funk, with a chain around his neck, calls Eddie a lowlife. Funk says that Gilbert doesn’t have any wrestling skill, he is just all talk. Funk says that we will find out who is the King of Philly. Funk tells Gilbert that this chain match is his match and that Gilbert better be prepared.

Todd Gordon and Jay Sulli are acting like school girls, being happy about Gilbert being ran off. Don Muraco challenges The Sandman for the ECW World Title, next week.

End of Show.

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