ECW When Worlds Collide 5/14/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling When Worlds Collide
Date: 5/14/1994
From: ECW Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Some ECW highlights to open up the event.

Now in the ECW Arena, Rockin Rebel and Tommy Dreamer head out to the ring for some opening action.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Rockin’ Rebel w/ Jason in 7:24:
Back and forth match, but it wasn’t special or even that good. Just a simple boring contest with each man barely getting off their feet or doing any high impact moves. *

Mikey Whipwreck defeated 911 w/ Paul Heyman by DQ to retain the ECW Television title in 1:55:
About twenty seconds into the match, 911 connects with a choke slam on Whipwreck, and doesn’t go for the pin. Two choke slams in one minutes, and no pin. Well, make that four choke slams.. Three to Whipwreck, and one on the referee, to cause the DQ. DUD
Should be noted, that the referee really no sells the move by being able to call for the bell after being choke slammed, so, 911 did it again. Make that three times on the referee.

Jimmy Snuka defeated Kevin Sullivan in 4:33: A brawl is what this match is. Sullivan with a skillet and a spike on Snuka. Sullivan chokes Snuka with a rope or wire, and a beats him with a crutch. Late in the match, Woman leaves the ringside area with The Sandman.. Being his manager now. A weak finish with the tripping of Sullivan. *
After the match, Sullivan beats up Hunter Q with the crutch, and chases people around ringside.


Tommy Cairo &Peaches defeated Sandman & Woman in a “Singapore Cane” match in 4:59: Cairo and Sandman are in the ring for the majority of the contest. As soon as I type this.. The females get involved in a “Cat Fight”. Wow, Peaches pins The Sandman after Cairo knocked him down. *
After the match, Peaches pulls down Sandman pants down and canes him three times. Woman attacks Peaches. Sandman begins to cane Cairo several vicious times. Woman canes Peaches a few times.

911 comes out again, and choke slams the same referee that he choke slammed previously in the night.

Pitbull w/ Jason defeated The Tazmaniac in 8:49:
Quite a few suplex’s by Tazmaniac during this contest. Which makes this match fairly enjoyable as they look pretty good. Eventually, Pitbull wraps a chain around his fist whacks Tazmaniac with it to gain the win. Match was fairly slow, so the rating is low. *1/2

Before the next match, Shane Douglas cuts a promo on Ric Flair. Like that would ever, ever happen here in ECW.

J.T. Smith & The Bruise Brothers defeated Shane Douglas & Mr. Hughes Public Enemy in an “Handicap Elimination Match” in 23:14:
Around six minutes into the match we see the longest single leg Boston crab by both Douglas and Rock, on Ron Harris. Must have been at least three minutes of just that. Six minutes later, the match has been nothing but people working on various others knees. Which is quite boring. Rather funny, Douglas continues to ask for a tag, but Rocco Rock just ignores him, several times, then tags in his partner Johnny Grunge instead of Douglas. Late in the contest, four men are counted out, Bruise Brothers, Shane Douglas and Mr. Hughes. They all brawl in the crowd, and the lighting sucks, so I can’t see what is going on.The last two men are JT Smith and Johnny Grunge, which doesn’t last long as Smith gets the pin quickly. **


Paul Heyman gets on the microphone and introduces Eaton and Sabu to a pretty good pop.

Sabu &Bobby Eaton defeated Terry Funk & Arn Anderson in 19:40:
Early on, Sabu slams Funk from inside the ring to the floor through a table. Funk with a pile driver on Eaton, landing on a piece of table. Holy shit, Funk misses a moonsault from for the top rope. Seeing Funk doing that is just un-real. Sabu soon connects with a nice looking moonsault. Late in the match, Funk and Eaton go brawling into the crowd leaving Sabu and Anderson in the ring. Anderson with two DDT’s on Sabu. Oh god, Funk and Eaton are up at the Eagles Nest, over by Styles.. Anderson with the spine buster on Sabu! Public Enemy is attacking Funk with a 2x4n on the knee. Anderson comes over with a steel chair. Funk accidentally hits Anderson with the chair, and Sabu hits Funk a few times with the chair. Holy shit, Anderson is whacking the leg of FUNK, his own tag team partner. Sabu with a half Boston Crab on Funk and Funk gives up. A good match here. ***


We go to Heyman paying The Public Enemy for attacking Funk I would assume. Heyman cuts a very good promo on a man who refuses to quit and several other things. He is referring to Terry Funk.

We go to Terry Funk who says something I couldn’t hear.

We now go to a highlight of what happened on Hostile City Showdown 1994. Looks pretty good if you ask me.

End of show

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