ECW Hostile City Showdown 6/24/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling Hostile City Showdown
Date: 6/24/1994
From: ECW Arena Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We see a few buildings of Philadelphia and Joey Styles welcomes everyone to Hostile City Showdown.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Hack Myers:
Back and forth match but nothing interesting really happens here. Dreamer, the face, gets booed by the ruthless Philly crowd. They hate their pretty boys. *

Chad Austin Vs. Don E. Allen ended in a NO CONTEST:
911 comes down to the ring, and choke slams the same referee he choked from the last pay per view. 911 then choke slams both Allen/Austin. Todd Gordon comes in and 911 simply choke slams Gordon For the record, Austin/Allen did not even fight one second. Just 911 demolishing everyone. DUD


The Tazmaniac defeated Pitbull #1 in a “Dog Collar” match: Tazmaniac actually rams the guard rail into Pitbull, instead of simply sending him into the railing. Odd. Though this is a dog collar match, it is being treated as a Strap Match in that the winner must touch all four corners. However, Tazmaniac connects with a sick looking suplex, and gets the three count. Which just confuses me. *1/2
After the match, Pitbull #2 debuts and helps attack Tazmaniac. They proceed to hang Tazmaniac over the top rope and continue the attack. The match was just a simple brawl.

The Bruise Brothers (Ron & Don Harris) defeated Mr. Hughes & Shane Douglas:
Both teams brawl both inside and outside of the ring. Douglas seemingly carries most of the load for his team and Hughes really just comes in and delivers right hands. Hughes nearly had the win with a side slam, but the referee wasn’t around and the Bruise Brothers got the win. Hughes argues with the referee to no avail. *


Tommy Cairo wrestled Sandman to a No Contest in a “Cane on a Pole” match: The Cane is really, really high up the pole. Both men are going to have to literally climb up the pole. The Sandman pretty much no sells going through a table as he gets up in record time. The Cane actually falls off the pole after Cairo was delivering some stiff looking elbows on the turnbuckle. Ok, the finish makes zero sense. You have to get the cane, in order to use it. The cane fell, Women gives it to Sandman, and the referee determines it is a no contest? Hmm.. I don’t quite get the logic. *
After the match, Sandman and Women brutally Cairo and Peaches with canes. Yikes, Cairo left arm is slashed open from the cane shots.

We see footage from April when Bobby Eaton, and Arn Anderson debuted in ECW. Heyman is cutting a promo on Terry Funk and his daughters. Funk comes into the picture and slaps the taste out of Heymans mouth, Heyman says he was joking. Heyman gets the Public Enemy to help out against Terry Funk.

Footage of Anderson turning on Funk.

Terry & Dory Funk Jr. defeated The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) by DQ:
Just a brawl with two guys who really don’t do actual moves, and two old fellows. Steel chairs get involved which you would think cause the DQ, but it didn’t. Terry Funk and Rocco Rock are both busted open. 911 comes in with Heyman and choke slams the referee. Heyman counts the three count. Funk then also counts a three count..911 has caused the DQ. *1/2
After the match, all four men continue to brawl. Oh god, Funk is with Rock on the Eagles Nest, Funk ties Rock’s feet, and then shoves him off having him tangle in the air upside down. The Funk Brothers continue to attack Rock, until Grunge comes over with a chair.

Mikey Whipwreck defeated Rockin’ Rebel by DQ to retain the Television title:
Rebel could have one the title on a few occasions but opted to continue beating on Mikey. Mikey manages his first offensive move, ever, by knocking Jason down with a clothesline off the apron. Very quick match, as Rebel is DQ’d for the use of he chair. DUD
After the match, Tazmaniac comes down to the ring and beats up Jason and Rebel. The Pitbulls come down and attack the Tazmaniac.


Sabu defeated Cactus Jack in 12:44: A brawl that just goes all over the place. Sabu with a leaping leg drop off the guard rail onto Jack, through a table. Oh god, Sabu places a table beyond the guard railing into the crowd and connects with a moonsault! In a very, very weak finish. Heyman whacks Jack over the head with the infamous telephone and Sabu gets the three. ***
After the match, Jack with an vicious chair shot on 911 after the match. A good match, but had an extremely weak finish. Jack and Sabu continue to brawl all over the arena. Sabu smashes a glass over the face of Jack.

We go to a promo by Jack who SPITS on the WCW World Tag Team Titles. He isn’t happy to be in ECW, because he lost being
1. The sickest wrestler.
2. Ugliest Wrestler
3. Dr. Kevorkian #1 wrestler.
Jack is sick and being tired of a “family entertainer”. Paul E’s little boy is “coming home”

We go to Paul Heyman cuts a promo and says that he has never seen someone smile after taking such a beating as Cactus Jack has done. Heyman is “obsessed with the demise of the CNN Offices”, meaning he wants to put WCW out of business. Heyman says that next time Sabu and Jack meet, Sabu will kill Jack. Two great promos.

End of show

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