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ECW Heatwave 7/16/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling Heatwave
Date: 7/16/1994
From: ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA

ECW Opening Video consisting of several wrestlers doing trademark moves.

Axl & Ian Rotten defeated Rockin’ Rebel & Hack Meyers:
A few minutes into the match, Ian connects with a interesting looking dropkick in the corner on Myers. When Rebel gets the tag, he gets a pretty decent amount of heat. Ian takes Rebel down with a clothesline. Ian attempts to taunt Rebel, but the crowd doesn’t seem to care, and are more interested in Rebel. This match, about six minutes in, is nothing but clotheslines and right hands, really. Rebel with a swinging neck breaker on Axl for a near fall. Myers continues the attack on Axl in the corner with a few elbows to the upper back. Axl comes back and takes Rebel down with a clothesline from the middle turnbuckle. Ian with a double under hook suplex with a bridge on Rebel for a near fall. Rebel and Myers with a double team, double big boot on Ian. Ian comes back with a double arm DDT on Myers and tags in Axl. Atomic drop by Axl, Ian leaps off the top and connects with a bulldog on Myers for the 1-2-3. *1/2
After the match, Rebel shoves Myers as he is disappointed in the match. They seem to hash things out, only for Rebel to clothesline Myers. They brawl to the backstage area.

Mikey Whipwreck defeated Chad Austin by DQ to retain the ECW Television title:
Jason Knight comes down to the ring, and is apparently the new manager of Chad Austin. Jason is obsessed with getting the TV title off of Mikey Whipwreck. Joey Styles wants to see Jason wrestle Mikey. Mikey attempts to leapfrog Austin, but Austin manages to catch Mikey and connect with a power slam. Austin with a nice looking clothesline on Mikey. Mikey with a hip toss and dropkick, sending Austin to the floor. Austin gets some advice from Jason. Austin misses a running attack in the corner, sending him to the floor. Back in the ring, Austin connects with a brain buster, but doesn’t go for the cover. Mikey with a back drop on Austin, who manages to land on his gut, Mikey gets a near fall. Austin comes back with a power bomb and goes for the cover, but lets Mikey up. Mikey reverses another power bomb into a hurricanrana for a near fall. Austin sends Mikey to the floor, where Jason kicks Mikey in the head, and whacks Mikey over the back with a steel chair. Mikey with a rolling neck breaker on Austin for a near fall. Mikey reverses a hurricanrana from Austin and connects with a power bomb of his own, Jason breaks up the pin. Mikey with a top rope cross body for another near fall. Mikey is sent to the floor again, and Jason drops Mikey face first onto the table ringside. Austin with a sling shot face first suplex. Austin with a top rope leg drop and it is over. Austin is the new ECW Television Champion! Jason is happy. Austin decides for some reason to say he used brass knuckles to win the match. Austin has been disqualified. Thus, Whipwreck is still the champion. **1/2
After the match Jason and Austin attack Mikey after the match. Jason pile drives Mikey onto the TV Title.


Tommy Dreamer defeated Stevie Richards w/Angel in 8:05: Richards fakes Dreamer out by wanting to shake hands. Richards offense doesn’t last too long. Dreamer with a near fall following a cross body. Richards can not get anything going early on. A very weak back elbow by Dreamer, which Richards still sells against the ropes. On the floor, Richards sends Dreamer back first into the guard railing. Richards charges, but Dreamer drops – Richards throat first on the railing. Dreamer with a swinging knocktaker in the ring, doesn’t go for the cover. Richards catches Dreamer with a super kick. Atomic drop, and another super kick by Richards. Dreamer comes back with a belly to belly suplex and a leg drop for a two count. Double clothesline and both men are down. Richards with a fist drop from the top rope. Richards goes for another one, but Dreamer is on, and Richards caught in a sleeper hold. Richards has passed out, and it is over. You rarely see someone get counted out, from a sleeper hold. *1/2
After the match, Tommy Dreamer cuts a promo about the people wanting to see the future of professional wrestling. He wants Shane Douglas’s strap. He calls Douglas a piece of shit. Douglas comes down to the ring, with Mr. Hughes holding Douglas back. Hughes enters the ring, and we got another match.

Mr. Hughes defeated Tommy Dreamer in 2:56:
Hughes clubs away on Dreamer early on. Dreamer comes back with right hands of his own. Dreamer goes for the cross body, but Hughes catches him and manages to connect with a back breaker. Hughes with a few kidney shots, Dreamer with the sleeper hold, Hughes fights off. Dreamer goes off the ropes where Douglas whacks Dreamer over the back with a steel chair. Hughes with the side slam, and it is over. DUD

Shane Douglas proceeds to cut a promo, and beat up Tommy Dreamer at the same time. Angel comes into the ring and he wants Angel to be by his side during his match against Sabu. He wants her because, Paul E. Dangerously will be their, and he needs someone to have his back. Douglas cuts a promo on Flair and Hogan, even Bret Hart not being the future of pro wrestling.


A mystery partner & The Tazmaniac defeated The Pitbulls (#1; #2) in 0:51 seconds: Before the match, Tazmaniac sends a camera man into the guard rail, who then tumbles back into Tazmaniac. Tazmaniac with two stiff shots the head of the camera man before entering the ring. Was that in the job description? “Take photos, and be beaten up by wrestlers!”. Todd Gordon says that Taz’s mystery partner had transportation issues so they will postpone the match. The Pitbulls attack Taz with their dog collar chains repeatedly. Mr. Hughes is in the aisle way preventing anyone from helping Taz. The crowd wants 911. Rockin Rebel and Chad Austin are also beating people up. 911 comes down to the ring and trades right hands with Mr. Hughes. 911 goes for a double choke slam on Rebel and Austin, but Hughes comes with a chair and hits 911 at least dozen times. Taz is still getting manhandled in the ring. SABU makes his way down to the ring with a chair and cleans out the people on the floor. Taz with a belly to belly suplex over the top rope, Sabu leaps over the top rope onto Pitbull #2 Taz with a half nelson suplex on Pitbull #1, and it is over. The crowd went nuts for Sabu. For the official fifty one seconds, that was pretty entertaining. *1/2

Sandman defeated Tommy Cairo in a “Dueling Canes” match in 7:23: Sandman appears to be transforming into the Singapore cane, cigarette smoking brawler, and not the surfer he was before. They stall for quire a while before the bell actually rings. Cairo with a few cane shots on Sandman. Cairo blocks a cane shot, and again whacks Sandman over the back a few times. Sandman retreats to the floor. Cairo with repeated shots to the midsection, and the back of Sandman. Sandman again retreats to the floor. Sandman and Cairo trade shots on the floor. “We Want Blood” chant starts. Cairo continues to have the advantage with several cane shots. Sandman gets a few in as well. As you can tell, nothing else is happening, other than cane shots. Sandman is bleeding from his forehead and left arm. Cairo misses a top rope somersault splash, allowing Sandman to deliver cane shots. Cairo is busted wide open from his forehead. Both men connect with a cane shot and both are down. Peaches comes in, as does Woman. Peaches whacks the referee on her back swing with the cane shot. Sandman sends her to the floor, and Sandman with a cane shot to the head and gets the pin. *

Sandman grabs a microphone and asks Cairo who has won this war. Sandman says something about not paying his bill, and whacks him again with the cane.


Shane Douglas defeated Sabu by COUNT OUT to retain the ECW World Heavyweight title in 19:35: Douglas with control early on with right hands both in and outside the ring. Douglas connects with a double axe handle for a near fall. Sabu with a near three count pin, but Douglas quickly recovers and connects with a delayed vertical suplex. Douglas has a head scissors locked in , Sabu manages to escape and Douglas connects with a nice clothesline for a near fall. Sabu ducks a clothesline and connects with a sit down power bomb for a near fall. On the floor, Sabu grabs a chair and hits Douglas over the head. Sabu sits Douglas in the chair, goes off the ropes and connects with the suicide dive through the middle rope! Sabu with another chair shot in the ring. Sabu springboards off a chair, and attempts a splash in the corner but Douglas is able to move out of the way. Douglas with a atomic drop onto the steel chair. Slingshot splash by Douglas for a near fall. Douglas spikes Sabu with a pile driver for another near fall. Sabu with a springboard heel kick off the middle rope. Sabu misses a 450 splash after leaping over the top rope from the apron. Sabu goes for a hurricanrana, but Douglas plants Sabu with a power bomb and a nice looking elbow drop from the top rope. 911 and Mr. Hughes both get on the apron and are arguing over something. Sabu low blows Douglas. Sabu with a top rope spinning heel kick, Douglas flips over the top rope to the floor. Sabu with a somersault splash off the apron onto the floor on Douglas. Sabu with chair shot on Douglas. Douglas is sent into the crowd by Sabu. They both brawl in the crowd with various chair shots. Douglas drops Sabu gut first onto the guard railing. Moments later, Sabu drops Douglas groin first onto the railing. 911 grabs a table to the delight of the crowd. The lights have gone out as well in the arena. Sabu misses a springboard moonsault with Douglas backed against the table. Sabu bounces off the table. Paul E. is saying that Sabu is injured. Joey Styles is already wondering if Sabu will ever wrestle again. Paul E. whacks Mr. Hughes with the telephone. Mr. Hughes isn’t’ affected and proceeds to beat Paul up. 911 choke slams the referee, Shane Douglas and Mr. Hughes. Angel hits 911 with a wooden chair, to no affect. 911 with the choke slam on Angel to a massive pop. 911 is really over, for having one move.

ECW World Tag Team Champions The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) defeated Terry and Dory Funk Jr in a “No Rope Barbed Wire” match: Joey mentions that this match is a FMW style barbed wire match. Public Enemy run up to the Eagles Nest, and the Funk Brothers throw a few chairs up in the nest. Eventually, PE make their way to the ring to get the match started. Early on, just right hands and scoop slams. The Funk’s throw PE into each other. Terry Funk gets caught head first into the barbed wire. Rock misses a splash onto the wire. Terry Funk scraps Rock’s head against the barbed wire. Terry with a wooden chair shot on Grunge. Grunge is busted open. Terry is tangled up in the barbed wire again. Rock and Dory are also busted open. Dory is dropped throat first onto the barbed wire by Rock. Grunge is tangled against the barbed wire. Terry with a pile driver on Grunge. Terry tells the fans to throw in chairs. There are now close to one hundred chairs in the ring. Terry with a pile driver on the chairs. Later, Terry Funk’s head is wrapped in barbed wire. He is really busted open. PE place a trash can on the chest of Terry, and land on him for the three count. Terry is still wrapped with barbed wire and the trash can on him Dory is busted open big time as well. The Funk’s continue to deliver chair shots. Rock tries running out of the barbed wire, but the wire is stuck to his chest preventing him from doing so. Terry can not get the barbed wire out of his hair. **


End of Show

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