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ECW Hardcore Heaven 8/13/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling Hardcore Heaven
Date: 8/13/1994
From: ECW Arena Philadelphia, PA

Hack Meyers defeated Rockin’ Rebel in 4:40: At the last pay per view, Heat Wave, Rebel turned on Meyers after losing a match to the Rotten Brothers. Meyers with a leg drop on the apron. Rebel was throat first on the bottom rope. Rebel battles back with a side Russian leg sweep. Rebel whacks Meyers with a chair on the floor. Meyers with several boots and head butts in the corner. Rebel with a short arm clothesline moments later. Meyers reverses a back suplex into a pin for the 1-2-3. *

Chad Austin defeated Tommy Cairo in 4:30:
Austin attempts to shove Cairo down out of the tie up, to no avail. Cairo with the advantage early on connecting with a vertical suplex. Belly to belly suplex by Cairo for a two count. Gorilla press slam by Cairo for another two count. Cairo connects with a spinning heel kick, and Austin has been dominated thus far. Cairo with a back body drop, and Austin lands rather dangerously. Cairo with a power slam on Austin, Cairo goes to the top rope and misses a somersault splash. Austin with a near fall following a sunset flip. Seconds later, Austin rolls Cairo up using the ropes to earn the win. *1/2


Jason Knight defeated Mikey Whipwreck to win the ECW Television title in 12:09: Thus far, Jason’s stable members are 1 out of 2. That is right, so far all three matches have featured a Jason stable mate. Jason is attempting to win the Television Title after months of trying to manage other wrestlers in taking the strap away from Mikey. Jason uses his power early on to knock Mikey down with a shoulder block. Mikey with a cross body off the ropes for a near fall. Mikey takes Jason down with several hip tosses, arm drags and dropkicks, and the crowd loves it. Jason rolls to the floor. Mikey rams Jason face first into the guard railing. Jason gains control and sets up a table. Jason slams Mikey gut first onto the table, the table doesn’t break. Jason with a leg drop off the apron through the table! Jason slams Mikey from the apron back into the ring as if it is nothing. A few moments later, Mikey is caught square on the chin with a big boot by Jason. Mikey with a few near falls following rollups. Mikey plays possum and rolls Jason up. There are several rollups by both men getting near fall after near fall. Jason with a gut wrench power bomb and a elbow for a near fall. Back to the floor, Mikey sends Jason back first into the guard railing and delivers a few chair shots to Jason. Mikey misses a top rope cross body. Jason grabs a chair. Mikey accidentally whacks the referee with the chair, and whacks Jason with the chair. Mikey has the cover, and the referee counts the three, but is passed out. The Pitbulls come down to the ring and attack Mikey. They put Jason on top of Mikey and Jason gets the win. I guess the referee forgot he just counted the three for Mikey. Jason is busted wide open. Tazmaniac and Jimmy Snuka come down, which leads to the next match. **

The Tazmaniac & Jimmy Snuka defeated The Pitbulls (#1 & #2) in 0:40: The bell never rang. Tazmaniac with a suplex on both Pitbulls. Snuka with a big splash on Pitbull #1, and that was quick match. Way to kill a tag team in the Pitbulls at this time. In the past two pay per views, they have lost in less than two minutes. DUD

911 w/ Paul E. Dangerously defeated Mr. Hughes w/ Shane Douglas/Angel in 3:33:
The build of this match is “giant versus giant”. 911 being a giant in height, and Hughes being a giant in width, I would assume. They trade several right hands, with Hughes actually being able to out punch 911. Hughes CHOKE SLAMS 911, that is a complete shock. Hughes with only a near fall. 911 quickly comes back with few right hands, until a low blow by Hughes. 911 blocks the side slam, and connects with the choke slam on Hughes for the three count. Douglas attacks Dangerously, Douglas runs away, but first puts Angel in front of harms way. Angel slaps 911. 911 choke slams Angel. Paul Dangerously grabs the microphone and tells Douglas to get his “death smelling fish out of the ring”. Yikes. 911 grabs Angel again and connects with another choke slam. DUD


Sandman w/ Woman defeated Tommy Dreamer by DQ in a “Singapore Cane” match: Sandman now has the “Enter Sandman” music. The transformation is complete. Dreamer was apparently underneath the ring, the whole night. Dreamer comes from behind and whacks Sandman. Dreamer proceeds to make out with Woman, basically forcing himself on her. Dreamer whacks the referee with the Singapore Cane, and again on Sandman. Dreamer is disqualified by the referee who is knocked out. Dreamer whacks the ring announcer for announcing it. Dreamer is now hardcore. Sandman is busted wide open. Sandman is laying in the ring, and Woman simply gives him a cigarette to get him back up. DUD

ECW World Tag Team Champions Public Enemy (Rocco Rock/Johnny Grunge) defeated Bad Breed (Axl/Ian Rotten) in 19:09:
When a team is knocked out for ten seconds or longer, the other team will be able to use a baseball bat. This match is also a falls count anywhere match. Early on, Rock connects with a springboard moonsault off the middle rope on Ian. Rock connects with a moonsault from the top rope for a near fall. Rock dives off the top and Ian connects with a weak dropkick in mid air, actually not even mid air, Ian fell down before connecting. Axl backdrops Ian over the top to the floor landing on PE. PE gain control with several chair shots onto Bad Breed. Rock with a pan and whacks Ian over the head a few times. Ian with a sick chair shot on Rock. Rock springboards off the rope top rope and eventually connects with a cross body over the top to the floor. Order is restored and Grunge and Axl battle in the ring. Rock and Grunge connect with a side slam elbow drop combo. Bad Breed with a Doomsday type of move on Rock. Rock can not answer the ten count, thus Bad Breed get to use the baseball bats. Axl whacks both members of PE with the baseball bats. Rock leaps off the guard railing and connects with a somersault splash on Ian in the crowd. Rock climbs up a scaffold and connects with somersault splash onto Ian through a few tables. Grunge is beating Axl with a baseball bat on the opposite side of the arena. Ian and Rock are delivering chair shots onto each other. Rock and Ian climb up the Eagles Nest. Rock with several chair shots onto Ian. Axl and Grunge are busted wide open. Grunge with a reverse DDT, Rock with the “Drive By” on Axl and it is over. If you like brawls, this is a match you would enjoy. **


Sabu defeated Too Cold Scorpio in 18:28 following a leg drop onto a chair: Sabu misses a slingshot leg drop in the opening moments of the match. Scorpio dropkicks Sabu to the floor. Scorpio connects with a forearm shot off the apron on the floor. Sabu misses a sunset flip power bomb from the inside to the floor. Sabu hit’s the floor hard. Scorpio with a cross body onto Sabu. Slingshot splash by Scorpio for a two count. Scorpio with a awkwardly good looking pile driver. Scorpio didn’t drop to his buttocks, inside onto his knees. Scorpio with a nice standing somersault leg drop. Crowd liked it. Sabu gets his knees up in time to block the Scorpio splash. Sabu two leg drops off the ropes, and one from the apron back into the ring, both for near falls. Very weak hurricanrana by Sabu. Scorpio connects with a power bomb for another near fall.Scorpio misses a flying forearm and rolls to the floor. Somersault splash by Sabu onto Scorpio using a chair onto the floor. Sabu grabs a table and sets the table up against the guard railing. Sabu with suicide dive onto Scorpio on the floor. Sabu sends Scorpio over the guard railing and delivers a chair shot. Sabu misses a dive and barley crashes through the table. Scorpio with a few chair shots to the back of Sabu. Sabu reverses a tombstone pile driver and connects with one of his own onto the chair in the ring for a near fall. Sabu misses a top rope moonsault. Back suplex by Scorpio. Scorpio with a slingshot 450 splash from the apron for a near fall. Scorpio with a leaping/spinning in mid air leg drop for a near fall. That was pretty damn cool. Scorpio misses top rope moonsault. Sabu with a pile driver on the concrete floor. Paul E is distracting the referee. Scorpio is placed onto a table. Sabu with a springboard moonsault through the table onto Scorpio. Sabu gets a near fall. Scorpio plants Sabu with a nice DDT. Sabu with a leg drop from the apron back into the ring onto a chair. Sabu picks up the three count. ***

Cactus Jack fought Terry Funk to a NO CONTEST in 11:00:
Rather funny note, Funk comes to the ring, but then goes back to the backstage area to get his knee pads. Jack grabs the microphone and says that he has come to understand family entertainment. Jack suggests they have a straight up match, Funk declines. Funk sends Jack to the floor early and delivers a few shots with a broken piece of table. Jack is sent over the guard rail into the crowd. Funk with a few chair shots to the back of Jack. Jack fights back taking Funk down with a running somersault splash over the guard railing. Running bulldog by Jack, Jack charges towards Funk but Funk moves and Jack gets his head tangled in the top rope. Funk delivers a few rights. Back to the floor, Funk sends Jack face first into the ring post. Funk goes to enter the ring, but Public Enemy come running down to attack Funk. Grunge goes on to plant Funk with a DDT. PE isn’t attacking Jack. As soon as I typed that, they do. They put Jack on top of Funk and count their own three count. PE continues the attack on Jack. Jack and Funk come back and proceed to beat PE with anything they can find.
After delivering a beating, and leaving PE in the middle of the ring, Funk and Jack tell the fans to throw in chairs into the ring. They do, and the ring fills up with a lot of chairs. **


End of Show

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