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WWF House Show 8/13/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 8/13/1993
From: New York, NY

Opening Contest: Owen Hart defeated Blake Beverly:
They trade wrist locks until Blake goes to the ropes as he is unable to counter. Blake slaps Owen but is slapped back. Owen with a drop toe hold and works on the left arm of Blake. Blake backs Owen into the corner and delivers a few knees. Blake misses a splash in the corner and is taken down with a arm drag by Owen. Blake comes off the ropes but Owen is able to kick him down. Owen grabs Blake’s arm and spins Blake around before sending him down to the canvas. Owen drops a leg across the left arm as well. Blake with a clubbing blow and attempts to kick Owen as he comes off the ropes but Owen drops a knee across his face for a near fall. Knees and right hands from Blake and is able to nail Owen with a short arm clothesline and a head butt. Blake with a neck breaker and leg drop. Blake continues his offense by working on Owen’s back with several forearm shots. Blake drives Owen down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Owen with a sunset flip but only gets a two count. Bear hug by Blake in the middle of the ring but the crowd is strongly behind Owen to get out of the hold. Blake is able to block a scoop slam by dropping onto Owen for a near fall. Delayed vertical suplex by Blake but only gets a two count. Owen battles his way out of a bear hug and comes off the ropes but is scoop slammed by Blake for a near fall. Blake sends Owen hard chest first into the corner and gets a two count. Blake runs into a big boot and Owen comes out with a running bulldog for a one count. Owen with a back drop and a spinning heel kick for a near fall! Owen heads to the top rope and connects with a cross body for a near fall. Owen charges towards the corner but misses and hit’s the ring post shoulder first. Blake with a back suplex and slowly covers a near fall. Owen quickly counters with a cover of his own and gets the three! **½

Before the next match, Doink offers 1-2-3 Kid some candy. Kid rejects the candy by slapping the candy up in the air.

Second Contest: 1-2-3 Kid defeated Doink the Clown:
Doink taunts Kid but Kid simply kicks Doink on the butt. Doink backs Kid into the ropes and slaps him. Doink again backs Kid into the ropes and goes to slap Kid but Kid ducks and slaps Doink a couple of times. Kid side steps a running attack but Doink is able to back Kid into the corner and deliver a few left hand shots. Doink with a knee lift and comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Kid sends Doink into the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Kid is sent into the corner but is able to move out of the way and comes off the top with a moonsault for a near fall. Doink rolls to the floor to stop the momentum. Doink comes back into the ring and gets in Kid’s face. Doink yells at him for quite sometime and misses a few punches. Kid with a atomic drop and a couple of dropkicks sending Doink to the floor. Doink backs Kid into the ropes hammers away on him. Doink misses a kick coming off the ropes and almost loses the match. Kid arm drags Doink and works on the left arm of Doink. Doink with a few punches and sends Kid into the ropes and power slams Kid! Doink rams Kid back first into the corner and works on Kid in the corner. Doink sends Kid hard back first across the ring into the corner. Doink sends Kid to the floor and heads to the top rope where he leaps off and drops down onto Kid on the floor. Doink rams Kid back first into the ring post and begins to spank Kid in the ring. Kid hits Doink with a right hand and a kick but Doink rakes his eyes to regain control. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Doink and goes for the cover but Kid reverses for a near fall (same spot that finished the first match). Doink chokes Kid in the corner and sends Kid into the ropes where Kid eventually connects with a cross body for a near fall. Doink stomps away on Kid and sends Kid to the floor. Doink taunts the fans on the middle rope. Doink meets Kid as he gets on the apron and knocks him back down to the floor with right hands. Doink tries to catapult Kid back into the ring but Kid lands on his feet and rolls Doink up to win the match. **½


Third Contest: the Smoking Gunns defeated the Headshrinkers: Fatu attacks Bart as Bart was looking at Samu. Fatu with a few over hand blows and taunts the fans. Bart goes for a rollup but Fatu falls the wrong way at first. Bart still gets a two count despite the botch. Several clotheslines by Bart for a near fall and he heads to the top rope where he connects with a missile dropkick for a two count. Bart turns around and Fatu connects with a hard clothesline! Fatu misses a splash in the corner and is arm dragged by Bart who tags out to Billy. Billy comes off the middle rope with a double axe handle onto the arm of Fatu. Shoulder block by Fatu as Billy comes off the ropes. Fatu wants to do a test of strength with Billy who takes his time to accept the challenge. Billy keeps his eye on Samu so he balks a few times at doing the test of strength. Samu comes off the middle rope but Billy arm drags Samu in midair and arm drags Fatu. Bart comes in and they connect with a double side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Fatu comes back with a scoop slam on Bart and tags out to Samu who is arm dragged down. Bart holds Samu down as Billy comes off the ropes with a leg drop. Billy with a few more leg drops to the arm of Samu. Bart comes of the ropes but is lifted up and dropped over the top to the floor. Bart is choked by both men in the corner as the referee is distracted by Billy. Bart leaps over Samu as he was going for a backdrop but is nailed with a clothesline when he turns around. Fatu comes off the top with a double axe handle and taunts the fans. Back suplex by Fatu sees Bart land right on the back of his neck and Fatu gets a two count. Bart with a sunset flip pin attempt but only gets a two count. Bart is double teamed as Billy tried to get into the ring. Samu charges into the corner but is met with a couple of big boots and Bart connects with a clothesline. Fatu gets the tag as Bart went to the wrong corner to tag out. Fatu is able to keep control of the contest by double teaming Bart in the corner with several right hands with Samu. Samu crotches Bart on the top rope and Bart is struggling to get to his feet. Both men come off the ropes and they both go for a cross body. Billy gets the tag and takes Samu over with a backdrop and dropkicks Fatu. Billy with ten punches in the corner and leaps off the middle rope with a cross body on Samu! Samu goes shoulder first into the ring post! Gunns with a double ten punch count in opposite corners. They go for a head ram but the Headshrinkers are not affected. Billy tries to do it again, but they aren’t affected again. Samu sends Billy into the ropes and Billy comes off with a sunset flip pin for the win. **½

Before the next match, Jerry Lawler cuts a promo putting down New York fans and their sports teams. After Randy Savage comes out, Lawler wants Savage to kiss his feet. Lawler chases after a midget Macho Man and Savage goes to work.

Fourth Contest: Jerry Lawler defeated Randy Savage via disqualification:
Lawler is able to recover and stomps away on Savage in the corner. Lawler grabs Savage and sends him over the top to the floor. Lawler rams Savage face first into the ring post. Lawler is able to send Savage into the ring steps as well. Lawler hits Savage with brass knuckles it appears a few times. Lawler chokes Savage on the top rope and continues to work on Savage with a few right hands. Lawler with several left hand jabs and a right hand to knock Savage down in the corner. Lawler puts the boots to Savage until the referee warns him to back off. Savage with a boot out of the corner and attempts to ram Lawler head first into the corner but Lawler rakes Savage’s eyes to prevent that from happening. Lawler drives Savage down with a DDT and connects with a standing fist drop. Lawler goes back to work on Savage by gouging Savage’s eyes in the corner. Savage comes back with right hands and he knocks Lawler over the top to the floor. Savage sends Lawler face first into the ring post a couple of times. Savage brings Lawler into the ring only to send Lawler back to the floor. Savage sends Lawler again into the ring post and goes to the top rope back in the ring. Savage leaps off but Lawler nails Savage in the midsection with a right hand. Lawler plants Savage with a pile driver but only gets a near fall. Bret Hart has made his way down to ringside. Scoop slam by Lawler and connects with a middle rope fist drop for a near fall. Lawler spits on Bret Hart and this causes Hart to enter the ring and attack Lawler leading to the DQ finish. **¼
After the match, Hart hammers away on Lawler until Lawler is able to drop down to the floor. Savage gets in Hart’s face as well and actually shoves Hart! Hart pulls down his straps but they are held apart by referees. Hart returns the shove and they try to go at each other a couple of times. Eventually, they shake hands and embrace.


Fifth Contest: WWF World Champion Yokozuna defeated Bret Hart in a steel cage match to retain the title: Hart goes on the offensive by attacking Yoko as soon as he enters the cage by delivering several right hands. Hart backs Yoko into to the corner still hammering away on Yoko. Hart comes off the ropes for more momentum on his punches and goes for a cross body but is scoop slammed by Yoko. Yoko misses a elbow drop coming off the ropes and Hart dropkicks Yoko, only staggering the champion. Hart is able to drop Yoko to one knee and connects with a forearm smash to have Yoko flat on his stomach. Hart goes to leave the cage but Yoko is able to grab Hart’s foot and drops a forearm across his chest. Yoko with a chop and casually walks towards the door but is stopped by Hart. Hart with a head butt and after a few seconds Yoko falls down but Hart is also hurting from the head butt! Hart begins to climb up the cage but Yoko is able to grab Hart’s foot and drag him into the ring. The fans start a “USA chant”, even though Hart is Canadian. Yoko misses a leg drop and Hart goes to crawl out of the cage but is stopped by Yoko. Yoko pokes Hart in the face to stop the escape attempt. Hart with right hands and comes off the ropes with several clotheslines but Yoko stops Hart with a clothesline. Yoko tries to leave but Hart runs over and stops the champ from leaving. Yoko works on Hart in the corner sending Hart into the turnbuckles. Yoko chokes Hart and head butts him a few times in the corner. Hart staggers towards Yoko and is able to send him face first into the turnbuckle. Hart with right hands and a ten punch count in the corner. Yoko sends Hart hard back first into the corner and goes to work on Hart with a few right hands. Yoko attempts a running back splash but Hart moves. Hart comes of the middle rope with a bulldog and both men are down! Hart goes to climb out of the cage but Fuji jabs Hart with the Japanese flag! Yoko with a standing leg drop to keep Hart down on the mat. Yoko with a throat thrust and goes for the Bonsai Drop! Hart starts to crawl through the door and kicks the door into the Mr. Fuji’s face! Hart is almost out but is stopped by Yoko! Hart with several right hands on Yoko and goes to leave but is stopped once again. Yoko sends Hart face first into the steel cage. Yoko attempts to leave the cage but Hart kicks the middle rope into the groin of Yoko! Yoko falls down to the mat and Hart goes to the middle rope for a forearm smash and connects! Jerry Lawler has ran down to ringside and is rooting for Yoko to get to his feet. Hart begins to climb up the cage and is at the top of the cage! Hart kicks away at Yoko but Yoko grabs Hart and yanks Hart down sending him groin first onto the top rope! Yoko pulls Hart up to deliver a head butt. Yoko scoop slams Hart but misses a big splash as he was coming off the ropes! Hart blocks being sent into the cage and rams Yoko head first into the cage. Hart with a running clothesline and both men are down! Lawler has thrown the salt bucket into the ring. Hart blocks being hit with it and is able to nail Yoko with the bucket. Yoko stumbles back and falls down directly onto Hart’s knee it appears. Hart goes for the cover on Yoko and the referee takes awhile and eventually counts a very close near fall that sees the crowd go nuts thinking that Hart won the title! Hart nails Yoko with the bucket again and Yoko is out cold! Hart goes to climb out of the cage but Lawler is climbing up on the other side and throws salt into Hart’s eyes! Hart falls back down to the canvas! Hart is blinded and this allows Yokozuna to escape the cage to win the match. ***½


After the match, Yoko nails Hart with a savant kick and drags Hart to the corner for the Bonsai Drop. Yoko connects with the move in the corner, and goes for it again but referees drag Hart out of the way. Referees check on Hart after the beat down.

Sixth Contest: Bastion Booger defeated Brooklyn Brawler:
Brawler goes to lock up and pulls back because Booger apparently smells bad. Brawler avoids a splash in the corner and goes to work on Booger with right hands. Booger clotheslines Brawler but misses a leg drop. Booger avoids a elbow drop and simply sits on Brawler to win the match in less than two minutes. DUD

Main Event: WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels/Diesel/Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Mr. Perfect/Marty Jannetty/Tatanka in a elimination match:
Tatanka and Michaels start off the match until Tatanka asks the fans if he should tag out to Jannetty and does. Michaels tags out to Bigelow. Jannetty walks around the ring and tags out to Tatanka. Tatanka with a side headlock but Bigelow takes Tatanka down with a back suplex. Bigelow with a shoulder block as Tatanka comes off the ropes and scoop slams Tatanka. Bigelow misses a standing falling head butt. Tatanka with a series of clotheslines and a cross body coming off the ropes for a near fall. Tatanka works on the left arm of Bigelow with several overhand shots. Jannetty tags in and leaps off the middle rope with a double axe handle to the arm of Bigelow. Jannetty avoids a splash in the corner and goes for a monkey flip but Bigelow just shoves him down. Bigelow scoop slams Jannetty and tags in Michaels. Diesel tries to military press slam Michaels onto Jannetty but Jannetty is able to move out of the way. Jannetty with several right hands and a super kick. Jannetty is able to clothesline Michaels over the top rope to the floor. Perfect drops to the floor and chops Michaels. Jannetty takes Michaels out with a slingshot cross body! Perfect gets tagged into the match and takes Michaels down with a double team back drop for a near fall. Perfect attempts a dropkick but Michaels bails to the floor and Perfect crashes to the mat. Perfect regains control by taking Michaels down by the hair and connects with a rolling neck snap. Perfect knocks Diesel and Bigelow off the apron and back elbows Michaels for a near fall. Perfect misses a running attack in the corner and Michaels tags out to Bigelow. Perfect counters a vertical suplex with a rollup attempt and can’t take Bigelow down. Perfect with a dropkick and tags in Tatanka who leaps off the top with a overhand chop on Bigelow. Tatanka with more overhand chops and comes off the ropes but is nailed by Diesel. Bigelow rakes Tatanka’s eyes and tags out Diesel. Diesel with a gut wrench power bomb and a big boot as Tatanka comes off the ropes. Diesel goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Michaels tags in and leaps off the top rope with a double axe handle. Michaels with several left jabs and a right hand to keep control for his team. Tatanka gets up from a sleeper hold and attempts a sunset flip but Bigelow comes in and hits Tatanka. Bigelow with a leaping double leg kick to the side of Tatanka’s head. Diesel tags in and drives Tatanka down with a backbreaker. Michaels re-enters and sends Tatanka into the corner but misses a running shoulder attack and hit’s the ring post shoulder first! Tatanka is able to tag in Jannetty who drops Michaels with a leaping back elbow and a running knee lift. Snap power slam by Jannetty for a near fall on Michaels. Snap suplex by Jannetty and he heads to the top rope. Jannetty leaps off connecting with the Rocker Dropper and goes for the cover but Bigelow comes in and accidentally head butts Michaels. All six men come into the ring and Diesel punches Jannetty on the back of the head to eliminate Jannetty.
First Elimination: Diesel pinned Marty Jannetty following a punch to the head.
Bigelow has the advantage on Perfect with a few shoulder blocks and a back suplex for a near fall. Bigelow tags out to Michaels who dropkicks Perfect and chokes Perfect for a few moments. Perfect rams Michaels head first into the corner but is poked in the eyes by Michaels. The referee is distracted as Bigelow and Diesel attack Perfect in the corner. Michaels goes for a cover but Perfect is able to kick out. Michaels with a front face lock. There is a portion of the match clipped, so when we come back Perfect is laid out and Bigelow leaps off the top for a head butt, but Perfect is able to move out of the way! Tatanka gets the tag and delivers a few overhand chops for a near fall. DDT by Tatanka and he heads to the top rope. Tatanka with a cross body but only gets a two count. Tatanka knocks Michaels and Diesel off the apron. Tatanka and Bigelow fall to the floor on a cross body attempt by Tatanka and they brawl on the floor leading to a double count-out.
Second/Third Eliminations: Tatanka and Bam-Bam Bigelow were counted out.
Perfect is all by himself now as he has to deal with Diesel and Michaels. Perfect is cornered by his opponents but is able to duck a clothesline by Diesel and dropkicks Diesel to the floor. Perfect clotheslines Michaels and sends Michaels over the top onto Diesel on the floor! Perfect and Michaels are the legal men but Diesel grabs Perfect hair from the apron and allows Michaels to beat down on Perfect in the corner. Elbow smashes by Michaels backing Perfect into the corner. Perfect gets his boot up as Michaels charges towards the corner. Perfect hits Diesel on the apron but is stopped by Michaels and a back elbow. Perfect sends Michaels into the corner flipping over and connects with the Perfect Plex to eliminate Michaels!
Fourth Elimination: Mr. Perfect pinned Shawn Michaels following the Perfect Plex.
Diesel walks right in and punches Perfect on the back of the head and pins Perfect to win the match.
Final Elimination: Diesel pinned Mr. Perfect following a punch to the head. ***
After the match, Diesel and Michaels attack Perfect. Perfect is able to get the advantage by sending Diesel to the floor and kicking Michaels in the corner and sending him to the floor as well. Diesel and Michaels head to the back.


My Take: The fans were really behind Owen Hart on this show. The reception he got was shocking to me. They were going nuts for him, when he hadn’t been wrestling for quite sometime due to injury. The match with Blake was a good opener and the crowd never once died out. This would be Blake’s last MSG appearance while Owen would go on to have several more.

Doink also got a big baby face reaction. Vince has been known to care about the MSG fans and listens to their reactions. Could it possibly be he turned Doink because of the reactions he was getting? The fans loved his evil ways, so the face turn didn’t work out well. Besides, Matt Bourne was no longer Doink. The match with Kid started off really quick and was good. It kind of died off in the middle but it was still a solid contest and entertaining for what it was.

Headshrinkers/Smoking Gunns was a pretty good tag team match. It had a couple of slow parts but it was a enjoyable back and forth tag team match. Billy really showed some glimpses of good high impact moves, and you can hear some fans saying he is very good. Three straight good matches to open up this house show. Very impressive for house show standards.

Savage/Lawler wasn’t all that bad, actually. It wasn’t as good as the first few matches but it was still watch able contest and Lawler looked really good during his offensive attacks. Crowd was really pumped up for the match and the finish didn’t affect how much they enjoyed the contest. They also were making noise for when Savage and Hart got in each others face.

Yoko/Hart was a fantastic house show steel cage match. A very good match that was incredibly entertaining and well put together. At one point the fans really thought Hart had won the title and the reaction for that was just insane. This house show has had plenty of good/decent matches but this match was a very good contest. This has to be considered one of if not the best match of Yokozuna’s career. I can’t recall a match he was in that was this good. Of course, it doesn’t get any sort of recommendation from people because it was only witnessed by 11,000 at MSG and not ever broadcasted.

Booger/Brawler was a squash match to just kill the crowd going into the main event. The show and the fans for that matter have been really good.

The main event was really fast paced and action packed for the most part. Really solid contest and it would appear that the WWF was trying to make Diesel and his right hand look like a lethal move. Good way to close out the show with yet another good contest on a very good MSG house show.

Overall, this house show as a great watch. All the matches except for the squash match were good enough to watch. Their weren’t many dull moments for this show. Cage match was the match of the night. Very good stuff by the WWF in a year where in-ring wrestling wasn’t necessarily the greatest.

Thanks for reading.


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