WCW Uncensored 2000 3/19/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling Uncensored 2000
Date: 3/19/2000
From: Miami , Florida American Airlines Arena

Interesting Facts:
In the home video version, there is zero mention of Scott Hall in the main event from the previous PPV, Super Brawl. Speaking of Super Brawl, Sting returned to help Hogan from an attack from Flair and Luger.

This is the second year that Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair have been in the main event at Uncensored. Ric Flair defeated Hulk Hogan at Uncensored 1999 to win the WCW World Heavyweight Title in a Steel Caged Barbed Wire Match…

Opening Video hyping the event.

Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan, Sid, Jeff Jarrett and The Harris Brothers are seen backstage walking and talking about their various issues for a brief moment.


World Cruiserweight Title Match: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea pinned Psicosis in 7:20 to retain the title: Chris Candido debuts before the match to be a guest commentator. Psicosis with a hurricanrana early on to take advantage. Artist comes right back with a savant kick. Psicosis with a inverted vertical suplex into a face buster. Paisley distracts Psicosis on the top rope, and beats up Juventud Guerrera on the floor. Psicosis with a diving leg drop off the top rope. Paisley again distracts Psicosis. Artist leaps off the middle rope and connects with a jumping DDT form the middle rope to retain the title. *1/2

Gene interviews Bam-Bam Bigelow backstage on The Wall. Bigelow doesn’t understand why Wall is destroying everyone. Bigelow says Wall is doing the wrong thing.

Norman Smiley and The Demon defeated Lane and Rave in 3:42: Before the match, Lane and Rave fire Miss Hancock, who came down to be a guest commentator. Norman has painted himself up and dresses like The Demon. Lane and Rave with the poetry in motion on Demon in the corner. Norman is really over with this crowd. Lane with a version of the Stroke on Smiley. Smiley locks in the chicken wing submission on Rave to pick up the win. DUD
After the match, Smiley and Demon save Hancock from Lane and Rave. Hancock and Smiley are really over. The fans boo as Hancock does the big wiggle on Smiley instead of the other way around.

Booker and Billy Kidman are backstage, where Kidman apologizes to Booker for what happened recently and not having his back.

David Flair, Crowbar and Daffney are backstage where they are planning to attack The Wall.


Bam Bam Bigelow defeated The Wall in 3:35 by Disqualification: Bigelow connects with a diving head butt from the top, but only gets a two count. Wall with a big boot and high knee for a two count. Bigelow with a impressive tornado DDT coming off the ropes. Wall clotheslines Bigelow to the floor, Wall’s momentum sends him to the floor as well. They brawl over to the internet section, where Wall choke slams Bigelow through the table. Crowbar and David Flair attack Wall. Eventually, Wall and Crowbar have somehow gotten to the top of the structure for the PPV. Wall choke slams Crowbar from the top through the stage! *

Backstage, Crowbar is rushed into an ambulance as several wrestlers look on. Booker, Lash LeRoux to name a couple.

Backstage, Gene is with Brian Knobs. Knobs puts over Crowbar and Bigelow. He dedicates his upcoming Hardcore Title match, to those two men.

World Hardcore Title Match (Gauntlet Match): Brian Knobs defeated 3 Count in 6:58 in a “gauntlet match” to win the title:
Knobs runs to the back and grabs a lot of weapons and tosses them into the ring. All three members of Three Count hit Knobs with trash cans. Knobs comes back with trash can shots and chair shots. Pit Stop on all three members of Three Count. Helms with a chair shot. Knobs is sent into a ladder in the corner. Helms with a big splash fro the top of ladder. Evan with a corkscrew splash. Moore with a Swanton Bomb, but misses. Knobs places a chair on the face of Helms and whacks the chair with a broom. Knobs pins Helms. Knobs needs to defeat the other two men to win title. Knobs grabs the title. Knobs power bombs Evan from the ring, over the top through a table. Moore pins Knobs, but Knobs had his foot on the bottom rope, match is restarted. Moore tries to give the title to Knobs. Knobs has none of it. Knobs with a trash can assisted middle rope big splash to pick up the win and title. **

Backstage, Gene is with Big T, Stevie Ray and Cash. Ray uses several slang words to basically telling and Booker to be prepared. Big T, aka Ahmed Johnson, yells.

Backstage, Vampiro cuts a promo on Fit Finlay. He says that Finlay brings out the bad and evil in Vampiro.


Billy Kidman and Booker defeated Harlem Heat 2000 (Big T and Stevie Ray) in 6:57: J. Biggs, aka Clarence Mason, is on guest commentating duty. Double team on Ray early on with Kidman dropkicking Ray. Ray comes back with a power slam. Booker with a standing side kick on Big T. Russian leg sweep on Big T. Big T with a leaping kick to Kidman. Torrie Wilson distracts the referee, breaking up Ray’s pin on Booker. Big T leaps over the guard railing, charges and proceeds to half way clear the guard railing back to the floor and barely hit Kidman with a clothesline. Big T is too much out of shape to attempt that. Kidman with a springboard bulldog on Ray. Booker and Big T get tags. Booker with the Book End on Big T, which is broken up by Ray. Booker with same move on Ray. Double spine buster on Booker. Kidman breaks up the pin. Kidman with a sunset flip, and Booker with a Harlem Sidekick on Ray and Kidman gets the pin. **

Video package hyping up Fit Finlay and Vampiro feud.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Vampiro pinned Fit Finlay in 8:46:
Vampiro with a super kicks a chair into the face of Finlay, who had the chair in his hands since the referee didn’t allow Finlay to use it moments earlier. Finlay backdrops Vampiro over the guard railing into the crowd. Finlay and Vampiro brawl up into the concession area, and the men’s bathroom. Vampiro is sent into the bathroom stall. Vampiro leaps off the stall, but Finlay throws a steel trash can at Vampiro. Finlay tried to throw Vampiro over the balcony, but Vampiro fights out. Backdrop by Finlay on the concrete floor. Vampiro sends Finlay head first into the concrete post. Nail in the Coffin by Vampiro on the concrete floor and he picks up the win. **1/4

Video hyping up the Harris Brothers/Mamalukes feud.

Backstage, The Mamalukes and Disco Inferno basically say that they are going to walk out with their Tag Team Titles.

World Tag Team Title Match: The Harris Brothers (Ron and Don Harris) defeated The Mamalukes (Big Vito and Johnny the Bull) in 8:45 to win the tag team titles:
This is a no disqualification match. Disco Inferno is guest commentating for this match. Vito with a few clotheslines on Don Harris. Big boot, and swinging neck breaker double team by the Mamalukes. Mamalukes with the Brooklyn Bomb on Don Harris. Bull with a spinning heel kick on Ron Harris. Bull is dominated for a few moments, double clothesline spot. Both teams make a tag. Vito with a Northern Lights suplex, and connects with a top rope elbow drop, but only gets a two count. Double flapjack on Bull, but Bull kicks out at two. H-Bomb, but Vito breaks up the count. Inferno runs in and nails one of the Harris’s brothers with the tag team title. Don Harris kicks out. Vito is hit with a tag team title, as is Inferno and Bull. H-Bomb, and we have new tag team champions. *1/2


Backstage, Fit Finlay cuts a promo on Vampiro. He just really puts over Vampiro as he has respect for him now.

Lex Luger and Ric Flair are backstage with Gene. Luger says he is going to beat up Sting, because he can. Flair says that Hogan is going to bleed and sweat all night long.

Video package hyping up Dustin Rhodes/Terry Funk feud.

Backstage, Gene is with Dustin Rhodes. Gene shows Dustin the bull rope that is around the neck of Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes says that Funk with recognize that Dustin Rhodes is the “American Nightmare”

Bull Rope “I Quit” Match: Dustin Rhodes defeated Terry Funk in 8:59:
Funk cuts a promo before the match with a chicken in his hand. Soon, a guy dressed in a chicken suit runs down, and Rhodes chases the chicken around the ring, and is met with a right hand by Funk, with the chicken around his fist. Funk whips Rhodes with the cow bell. DDT by Funk for a near fall. Rhodes with a low blow as Funk is arguing with the referee. Rhodes with a few shots to the had of Funk, using the cow bell. Rhodes with a bulldog onto the cowbell but only gets a two count. Funk is busted open, the chicken attacks Rhodes, which doesn’t work. Funk gains control, and changes the rules, saying it is now a “I Quit” match. Funk nails the referee with the cow bell. Repeated shots to the forehead by Funk. Rhodes soon quits, but the match isn’t over since that is not the actual match. Rhodes with repeated cow bell shots of his own. Rhodes with a pile driver on the cowbell to pick up the win. *1/4

Backstage, Gene is with Sid Vicious. Sid says he can not let Jarrett bother him. Sid has better things to worry about.

Video package hyping up Sting/Luger feud.

Lumberjack Cast Match: Sting pinned Lex Luger in 6:57:
Lex Luger apologizes to all the lumberjacks to which he broke their arms. Luger introduces his own lumberjacks. Hugh Morus, Harlem Heat and the Harris Brothers. Sting with several right hands, which causes Luger to roll to the floor. Rather simple offense by Sting. Sting sends Luger to the floor, and the lumberjacks deliver boots to Luger. Luger sends Sting to the floor, and the lumberjacks go to work on Sting. Tank Abbott comes down and knocks out Doug Dillinger. All of the lumberjacks brawl with each other, except of Vampiro, and leave the ringside area. Ric Flair comes down with a chair and brawls with Vampiro. One arm bulldog by Sting. Stinger Splash on Flair. Stinger Splash on Luger, Elizabeth whacks Sting with the bat. Jimmy Hart is threatening to hit Elizabeth with a belt, and they go to the backstage area. Luger has the Torture Rack locked on, Vampiro with a baseball shot to the back of Luger. Scorpion Death Drop to win the match. *1/2
Sting and Vampiro embrace after the match.


Backstage, Gene is with Tank Abbott. Abbott says that he knocked out Dillinger because he can.

Video package hyping up Sid/Jarrett

There is a “change in the order, and instead of Hogan/Flair, we will have Sid/Jarrett up next.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Sid Vicious pinned Jeff Jarrett in 7:35 to retain the title:
Sid goes for the choke slam early on, but Jarrett pokes Sid in the eyes. Sid slams Jarrett on the announcers table. Double axe handle off the announcers table. Jarrett is sent over the guard railing and they brawl in the crowd, mostly in Sid’s favor. Harris Brothers comes down and attack Sid in the ring. Jarrett with a sleeper hold. Sid fights out and takes Jarrett down with a big boot. Sid sends Jarrett face first into the World Title that one of the Harris’s was holding on the apron, but only gets a two count. Jarrett again blocks the choke slam with a low blow. Jarrett with a guitar shot while the referee is out. Jarrett signals to the back, and Slick Johnson comes down, but Hulk Hogan is behind him. Hogan pulls Johnson out of the ring during the pin count. Hogan with several rights on Jarrett. Leg drop on Jarrett, and Sid picks up the win. *1/4
After the match, Scott Steiner runs down and hits Hogan with a guitar! Sid choke slams both Harris Brothers. Hogan is laid out in the ring. Flair comes down, and starts the next match.

Strap Match: Hulk Hogan pinned Ric Flair in 14:28: Flair whips Hogan several times with the strap. Jimmy Hart comes down to ringside. Hogan no sells a few chops on the floor. Hogan whips Flair with the strap in the ring, Flair has been busted open after a few strap shots and right hands from Hogan. Hogan power slams Flair off the top rope to the mat. Jimmy Hart with a few strap shots on the floor. Hogan with several rights on the aisle way, until Luger comes out and whacks Hogan with a chair. Hogan is now busted open. Moments later, Flair is touching the corners, and gets to three corners. Hogan is hanging on the bottom rope to avoid the fourth corner. Flair with several boots. Flair with a brass knuckles shot, and goes for the pin and gets a two count. Hogan begins to Hulk Up. Hogan with several rights, and the big boot. Hogan gets to three corners until Luger comes out but Hogan big boots him. Leg drop on Flair and gets the three count, and touches the fourth corner to win the match. **


End of show

My Opinions:
Very boring show. Ric Flair seems to never be able to get a win over Hogan. Sid beating Jarrett, but not cleanly makes Sid out to be a weak champion. Sting looked to half ass his comeback match. Harris Brothers were on this PPV way too much. Matches where short, except for the main event, since their were a lot of backstage segments and video promos as if this were a Nitro or something. Very lackluster showing.

Overall Rating: D

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