TNA Impact 1/28/2010

Written By: Bob Colling

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: January 28th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz

Video highlighting the issues between Mick Foley and Eric Bischoff are shown. The same video also highlights Ric Flair and TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles alliance. The video finishes off by highlighting the Orlando screw job last week. Angle spitting on Hogan and quitting is noted. Angle destroying the set is the last thing shown.

TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome everyone to Impact!

Hulk Hogan’s music hits as Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff make their way down to the ring. Bischoff points out a “4 sides 4 life” sign and says he loves that sign. They both have microphones as the fans chant for Hogan. Hogan says that things are moving so fast that he wants Mick Foley out here right now. I guess he isn’t fired… Foley gets a full introduction and makes his way down to the ring. Hogan thanks Foley for coming down to the ring. Hogan says that they are going to fix the situation between Bischoff and Foley. Bischoff says that he took care of the situation by firing Foley last week. Hogan has never gotten the chance to work with Mick Foley, and he sees a lot of good things in Foley. Hogan also says that there are some thing that need to be changed. Hogan sees potential in Foley. Foley says that he didn’t touch Bischoff though he wanted to. Bischoff doesn’t believe the fans are going to believe that. Foley tells Bischoff if he did touch Bischoff he wouldn’t be looking as good as he does. Hogan says either you work it out or you walk out. Hogan’s music hits to early as Hogan repeats what he just said. Foley stares at both Hogan and Bischoff as we go to commercial.


Jeff Jarrett and Bubba the Love Sponge enter the arena. Bubba hopes that Jarrett doesn’t do him wrong. Jarrett wants to do what is right and they don’t need any lawyers for their discussion.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Mr. Anderson. Anderson has to correct Hemme for not calling him Mr. Anderson. Anderson issues a open challenge to anyone in the TNA locker room. He doesn’t care if it is Sting, Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, Samoa Joe, the guy who drops his microphone and even the camera guy. Anderson wants Abyss to be the guy who accepts his challenge. Anderson finishes the promo by announcing his name, twice.

Mike Tenay and Tazz go over the tournament taking place at Against All Odds. It is called the 8 card stud tournament.

Opening Contest: Desmond Wolfe defeated Sean Morley to advance in the 8 card stud tournament: Tazz mentions that the girl with Wolfe’s name is Chelsea. Morley gets a dead reception as the camera zooms in at some women’s faces who aren’t that impressed. The fans are chanting for Wolfe to win. They trade hammerlocks in the opening moments of the contest with Wolfe kicking the ropes into the arm of Morley to gain control. Wolfe with a double forearm thrust in the corner. Morley with a couple of clotheslines and chops. Wolfe stops Morley with a hammerlock take down and continues to work on the left arm of Morley. The fans want Wolfe to break the arm of Morley! Wolfe ties Morley’s arm between his legs and leans back. Morley gets out of it but doesn’t get much offense. Wolfe runs into a big boot and back elbow. Morley with several right hands and neck breaker for a one count. Wolfe kicks the arm of Morley but Morley comes back with a full nelson slam. Morley goes up top but Wolfe crotches Morley on the top. Wolfe plants Morley with the Tower of London and picks up the clean win to advance in the tournament.
After the match, Wolfe taunts the fans as we go backstage.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett enters Hogan’s office where Hogan and Bischoff are sitting. Bischoff wants to know where his attorney is. Jarrett apologizes for what happened last week. Jarrett believes that Bubba has helped him see things in another light. Hogan wants the old Jeff Jarrett who started in TNA in the beginning. Jarrett says he will work his way from the bottom to the top. Hogan says that they do need help. Bischoff has an idea and mentions the open challenge made by Mr. Anderson. Bischoff suggests that Jarrett face Mr. Anderson tonight. Bischoff says that they both get what they want out of the match. Hogan says it is what is best for TNA. Jarrett says that he will go get ready. Bischoff wishes Jarrett luck and gets a laugh out of the situation.


Mike Tenay introduces a video highlighting the finish from last weeks main event where Kurt Angle got screwed over by Earl Hebner, Ric Flair and AJ Styles. The video also consists of Angle spitting in Hogan’s face. This is really the same video that open the show.

Backstage, AJ Styles and Ric Flair are with a woman looking at some suits. Styles and Flair apparently have thirty days off. Styles takes all the suits and says that they should go on their vacation right now. What the hell was the purpose of that?

Second Contest: TNA World Tag Team Champion Hernandez defeated Daniels to advance in the 8 card stud tournament: Daniels attacks Hernandez before the bell delivering several right hands and ramming Hernandez head first into the top turnbuckle. Hernandez with a knee lift to stop Daniels offense. Delayed vertical suplex by Hernandez, which is held for about ten seconds. Hernandez blocks a sunset flip and throws Daniels overhead. Daniels with a eye rake and a step up kick to the back of Hernandez head for a near fall. Daniels works on the neck of Hernandez and takes Hernandez down with a STO and a springboard moonsault for another near fall. Daniels takes to much time going for the Angels Wings and is back dropped by Hernandez. Daniels sends Hernandez to the floor. Hernandez with a slingshot shoulder block and a back drop. Hernandez with a splash in the corner and uses his shirt to throw Daniels across the ring. Daniels avoids a splash and delivers a forearm shot. Daniels stops Hernandez on the top turnbuckle and attempts a superplex but is shoved off by Hernandez. Hernandez misses a top rope splash and is rolled up by Daniels who uses the ropes for leverage but only gets a two count. Daniels with some palm strike but Hernandez shoulder blocks Daniels down. Hernandez with a sit down dominator to pick up the win and advance in the tournament. **¼

Still to come: Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Jarrett

Backstage, the Nasty Boys and Team 3-D are walking to the ring as Mike Tenay will be talking to both teams.


Mike Tenay mentions that at Against All Odds it will be the first meeting between Team 3-D and the Nasty Boys. Tenay introduces both teams to the ring as he will be interviewing both teams, which will surely lead to a brawl. Knobs says “we are here to stay in TNA”. Security actually have to prevent them from fighting as Team 3-D make their way to the ring. Brother Ray says that the Nasty’s waited for them to be in Japan to destroy their locker room. Brother Ray mentions the attack they did on the Nasty’s last week with a steel chair. Brother Ray wants to know where have they been for the past ten years. Team 3-D attempt to enter the ring but are stopped by security. Sags calls Team 3-D “fat boys” and says that they have always been nasty and they will always be nasty. Brother Devon says that he and Brother Ray have been winning tag team titles while the Nasty Boys have been sitting on their asses. Devon goes over all the companies they have won tag team titles in. Knobs goes over all the top tag teams they have beaten over the several tag teams over the past several years. Knobs says that Team 3-D are on their chopping block. Knobs says that they aren’t going to be giving Team 3-D any flowers or candies at Against All Odds. Knobs is exhausted after talking. Brother Ray says that people all over the world want to see them go at it. Brother Ray starts up a Team 3-D chant and says he will see the Nasty Boys at Against All Odds.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with the Beautiful People. Hemme asks about Angelina Love and their thoughts on her. Velvet Sky says that she will vomit if she hears that name. Madison says that Love is “so 2009” and that they are going to move on. Madison says that the Knockouts Tag Team Championships belong with them. Lacey Von Erich says “in our belly” but Madison has to tell her around their waists.

Jeff Jarrett is getting ready in his locker room for his in-ring return against Mr. Anderson.


Backstage, Bobby Lashley is in Eric Bischoff’s office. Bischoff says that Hogan agreed with him that it took a lot of courage from Lashley to come in here and admit he was wrong. Bischoff tells Lashley that he is FIRED. Security enter and escort a angry Bobby Lashley out of the office.

Third Contest: The Beautiful People defeated TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Awesome Kong/Hamada and TNA Knockouts Champion Tara: Hamada and Madison start the contest. Madison taunts her opponents is met with a kick by Hamada to her backside. Hamada with a few head butts and a chop before working on the left arm of Madison with a few elbow strikes. Hamada walks the ropes and takes Madison down with a flipping arm drag. Madison controls Hamada and tags in Velvet who tags in Lacey. All three BP members are working on the arm as they do quick tags. Madison re-enters and is taken down with a drop toe hold by Hamada. Tara gets the tag and delivers several right hands, scoop slam and a standing moonsault on Madison and gets a two count. Madison clotheslines Tara down and sends her into her corner working on Tara with her teammates. BP choke Tara as Velvet distracts the referee. Double face plant knocking both Tara and Velvet down. Tara tags in Awesome Kong who cleans house and tags in Hamada who dropkicks Madison down and hit’s a thrust kick on all three BP members. Tara scoop slams Lacey down and Hamada hit’s a top rope moonsault but Madison hits Hamada with the ugly stick twice. Awesome Kong chases Hamada to the back as Madison covers Hamada to win the match.
After the match, the Beautiful People beat down Tara until Angelina Love runs down and saves Tara.

Backstage, Earl Hebner is in the office of Hulk Hogan. Hogan asks Hebner why he screwed Angle over. Hebner says that when Angle turned over out of the ankle lock, he tapped the mat but Hogan knows that is not legit. Hogan brings up Montreal and how Hebner did it back then. Hebner says that he screwed Bret Hart not Vince, or HBK. Hebner says that he did it for the money and it was a damn good amount. Hogan is forced to suspend Hebner and tells him to leave.

– During the commercial break we see Kurt Angle making his way to the ring as he will be talking about what happened last week.

Backstage, Ric Flair and AJ Styles are joined by four women. Styles is excited while Flair starts hitting on one of the women, Styles says he will take the other three.

Backstage, Bubba the Love Sponge catches up to Mick Foley and wants to know what is going on with Foley. Foley tells Bubba that after his meeting Bischoff they will have a better understanding on the situation.

Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring and gets a pretty good reception from the crowd. Tazz announces that Hulk Hogan has given Kurt Angle a tournament match. Angle says that his match with AJ Styles at Genesis was the match of his career. Angle is confused and pissed off. Angle says that they shook hands and that they were going to see who the best wrestler was. The match could have been talked about generations. Angle tells Styles that he disappointed everyone with his recent actions. Angle continues by saying that Styles “went from being a hero to a punk ass bitch in one night”. Angle asks Styles if he actually thinks Flair cares about him. Angle says that Flair is using him and that he is the dirtiest player in the game. Angle mentions his spot in the tournament and how he is going to face AJ Styles one more time. Angle says that Styles will not get past the greatest wrestler, again. Hulk Hogan’s music hits and Hogan makes his way down to the ring. Hogan says that Angle accused him of something moments ago, and that he just proved it wasn’t his fault. Hogan says that Angle spitting in his face was unacceptable. Hogan tells Angle that if that were to happen again Angle can consider himself unemployed. Angle apologizes for what he did last week. Angle tells Hogan that everything that happens in the ring Hogan is accountable for. Angle and Hogan shake hands and Hogan heads to the back. Sean Waltman enters the ring and attacks Kurt Angle. Scott Hall also enters the ring and delivers several right hands. Waltman with a leg drop as Hall gets a few more shots in.


Mike Tenay and Tazz go over what happen moments ago.

Backstage, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman are being escorted out of the building. Hall says “see you next week”.

Mike Tenay and Tazz continue to talk about the attack on Kurt Angle.

Fourth Contest: Brian Kendrick/Chris Sabin/Alex Shelley defeated TNA X-Division Champion Amazing Red/Generation Me: Kendrick attacks Red before the bell with several forearm shots in the corner. Red avoids a splash and dropkicks Kendrick in the corner. Sabin and Shelley enter the match but Shelley runs into a boot, and Red rolls over Shelley’s back hitting a kick taking Sabin out. Jeremy with a gut buster and Max with a swinging neck breaker on Sabin for a near fall. Sabin controls Max with a knee to the midsection and a leaping elbow in the corner. Shelley misses a dive in the corner and is rolled up by Max for a near fall. Shelley and Sabin with a drop toe hold and a reverse snap mare on Jeremy. Red gets the tag and attempts a Code Red on Sabin but is met with a super kick by Shelley. MCMG with a slam/DDT combo on Red. Kendrick tags himself in and Kendrick delivers a running kick and cradles Red to win the match for his team.

The British Invasion music hits and Doug Williams, Rob Terry and Brutus Magnus attack Red. Terry choke slams Red. Terry has his briefcase but Magnus tells Terry to give the briefcase to Doug Williams. Terry is furious that Magnus wants him to do that.


Fifth Contest: Doug Williams defeated Amazing Red to win the TNA X-Division Championship: The match is already in progress as Rob Terry gave the briefcase to Williams. Red hit the Red Eye off the middle rope. However, Williams quickly hit’s the Chaos Theory and wins the title in about ten seconds shown. NR

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is pacing in his locker room.


Backstage, Mick Foley is in Eric Bischoff’s office. Foley wants to know how Bischoff played off the attack by Foley. Bischoff doesn’t answer the question and says it is time to move on. Foley tells a story about his son pooping at a Chuck E. Cheese. Foley would rather be the guy cleaning the poop up in the tunnel than working for Eric Bischoff in TNA. Bischoff says that Abyss and Jeremy Borash want to work for him, and that he would easily fire them if Foley were to quit or whatever. Bischoff tells the camera man to follow him and he leaves the room. Bischoff makes his way to the locker room of AJ Styles and Ric Flair. Styles and Flair are dancing and wooing as the girls are giggling. Flair says that they are off for thirty days and begins to strut. Bischoff says that he and Hogan are stuck with Flair as he got the contract signed before they took over TNA. Bischoff tells them that they do not have thirty days off. Bischoff mentions Against All Odds and tells Styles that everyone has to be ready. Styles doesn’t seem concerned as he is distracted by the women.

Jeff Jarrett and Mr. Anderson are both walking to the ring.

– Jeff Jarrett is again preparing for his in-ring return coming up in moments.

Before the main event, Mr. Anderson introduces himself as usual. Jarrett doesn’t even get any music for his entrance.

Main Event: Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Jarrett: Anderson mock claps Jarrett as the fans cheer him on. They stall both getting the expected reaction from the crowd. Anderson backs Jarrett into the corner and misses a right hand. Jarrett with a right hand that knocks Anderson between the ropes. Anderson asks for a timeout. Jarrett with several shoulder blocks and Anderson avoids a right hands by backing into the ropes. Anderson with a knee to the midsection and a overhand blow to the back of Jarrett. Anderson sends Jarrett head first into the top turnbuckle and delivers a few blows to the back and knee of Jarrett. Jarrett with a couple of hip tosses and a dropkick. Jarrett clotheslines Anderson over the top to the floor and begins to strut in the ring. Jarrett is in control as we go to commercial. Anderson rams Jarrett shoulder first into the ring post and begins to laugh in his face. Anderson follows up with several right hands on the floor. Anderson slams Jarrett’s left am onto the ring steps and sends Jarrett back into the ring. Anderson with a hammerlock slam but only gets a two count. Anderson continues to work on the left arm of Jarrett with a standing arm lock. Jarrett battles out and sends Anderson into the corner but runs into a big boot. Anderson drops Jarrett with a single arm DDT but again only gets a two count. Anderson goes for a sleeper hold but changes into a top wrist lock. Jarrett with several blows to Anderson’s midsection but is stopped with a shoulder block and Anderson gets another near fall. Anderson heads to the top rope and misses a Swanton Bomb. Jarrett is getting a second wind as he waits for Anderson to get up. Jarrett with several right hands as he blocks right hands from Anderson. Jarrett blocks the Mic Check and goes for the Stroke but Anderson low blows Jarrett and rolls Jarrett up to pick up the win.
After the match, Eric Bischoff is seen saying “this is great”. Anderson announces himself as the winner of the match. Jeff Jarrett is hurting on the floor so Anderson delivers a double axe handle off the apron and delivers several more right hands. Anderson continues to taunt Jarrett. Anderson sends Jarrett back into the ring and waits for Jarrett to get up. Anderson mocks Jarrett hobbling around and hits the Mic Check. Anderson grabs the microphone and says his last name a second time.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff says “it is going to be a hard long climb to the top of my mountain”.

TNA goes off the air with Jarrett laying motionless in the ring.

End of show.

My Take: The opening segment was actually pretty quick. Most of the time the opening interview will take fifteen minutes but this week it took only about eight minutes. I am interested to see where they are going with the whole angle that Foley didn’t touch Bischoff. Makes me think that perhaps it was Sting.

I personally really hope that they do not continue the Mr. Anderson/Abyss feud. Anderson’s debut was hurt greatly with a lackluster match with Abyss at Genesis. The longer the feud goes, the more it hurts Anderson’s TNA run, in my opinion.

Very happy to see Desmond Wolfe getting the clean victory over Sean Morley. You have to admit that TNA has been doing a good job with giving the viewers clean wins. That is something we never would’ve have gotten in WCW, which people are comparing TNA to. They are very different in that sense.

It appears that Daniels is no longer going to be a top player in TNA as he cleanly loses to Hernandez tonight. I think that is a poor decision as Daniels is one of TNA’s better wrestlers. Sure he doesn’t have the size that is ideal to be a top dog in TNA, but neither does AJ Styles and look at him. I wouldn’t mind Daniels going back to the X-Division as long as he isn’t used incorrectly in that division as well. Hernandez/Daniels match was very competitive and enjoyable. For a television match, it was a good showing I thought.

I find it both funny and yet sad how out of shape Brian Knobs is in. Obviously he has never been in the greatest shape, but when you begin to sweat profusely and gasping for air after simply talking, you should know that you shouldn’t be wrestling. Team 3-D/Nasty Boys match would have been good in like 1997, but not 2010. Hopefully that match is changed to a hardcore match because that will be the only way it will be watch able.

I won’t be losing any sleep now that Bobby Lashley has been “fired”.

I thought the X-Division six man tag team match was going to be a good match, but it wasn’t given the proper amount of time to be really get going. Kendrick pinning the champion would have met something if Red didn’t turn around and lose the belt to Doug Williams moments later. Which I do not know why they couldn’t show the whole match considering it couldn’t have been longer than two minutes. But, I do like Doug Williams as the X-Division Champion. I also see Rob Terry turning baby face as he didn’t want to give up the briefcase to Doug Williams.

The main event was very boring in my opinion. It was very slow and it looked like Jarrett was trying to sell the fact that he wasn’t in ring shape more than trying to put on a good match. Looks like Jarrett will be going on a long losing streak in TNA.

Overall: We get four matches in a matter of two hours. I am not considering the Williams/Red a match. I will never understand why Vince Russo refuses to put on more matches. I don’t see TNA challenging WWE by simply talking the majority of the show. The first hour seemed to be much better than the second hour as we got two clean finishes and two competitive matches. Thumbs down for this weeks Impact.

Thanks for reading.

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