WCW Nitro 4/10/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
Date: 4/10/2000
From: Denver, Colorado

Tony Schiavone welcomes everyone to WCW Nitro and mentions that tonight is “the night the world change” and that this is a new era for WCW.

We see in the ring that a lot of WCW talent is standing in the ring and outside the ring. Scott Steiner, The Wall, Vampiro, Booker T, The Cat, Billy Kidman, Van Hammer and WCW United States Champion Jeff Jarrett come down to the ring. Jarrett has a microphone and reminds people that he told everyone that he is the Chosen One and that he was hand picked to be the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Jarrett puts over Vince Russo as being the guy who turned the WWF around. Jarrett introduces Vince Russo. Russo makes his way down to the ring as the fans are silent. Russo says that he came WCW with one thing on his mind and that was to “beat Vince McMahon at his own game”. Russo says within a matter of weeks the New Blood was getting back into the game. Russo mentions the good ole boys and says they were afraid of their jobs. Russo actually mentions the Radicals BY NAME and says that they knew that WCW was a shitty place to work and that they all left. Russo tells everyone in the ring that it is over, the politics are over and that it is their chance to seize their opportunity. Eric Bischoff is heard saying “are you done yet?” Bischoff makes his way out and gets a silent baby face reaction with a mixture of boos. Russo doesn’t look thrilled to see Bischoff. However, once Bischoff enters they shake hands and embrace. Bischoff says that he and Russo have a lot in common and that they were screwed by the same people. Bischoff says that he doesn’t mind that and is thinking of all the good things he did in WCW. Bischoff mentions the mistakes he made that include Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, Sid Vicious and his biggest mistake Hulk Hogan. Lex Luger, Sid, Page and Sting are watching backstage on a monitor. Bischoff apologies to everyone in the ring. Bischoff says this is a “whole new WCW”. Bischoff asks where are Page, Sting and the others. Page, Sting, Luger and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sid come out. Bischoff rips on Sid by saying “no softball game?” Bischoff also takes some pokes at Luger, Page and Sting saying he is glad they showed up to work. Page doesn’t know what Bischoff is smoking but tells Bischoff to “step off”. Bischoff says if it wasn’t for him, Page would be in the trailer park. Bischoff takes credit for rebuilding Sting’s career and making Luger a multi millionaire. Bischoff will break them and do so on a level playing field. Russo chimes in and says that Flair is a “piece of shit on the bottom of my shoe” and says he will flush him personally. Russo turns to Jarrett and asks Jarrett to give him the WCW United States Championship and says all titles are stripped. Bischoff wants Sid’s belt. Sid tells Bischoff to come over to him and get the belt, which Bischoff agrees to do so. Bischoff asks if Sid wants to hit him and says he will heal while Sid is unemployed. Bischoff gives Sid the choice to give him the belt and Sid thinks about. Bischoff asks Sid if he can’t find his scissors and repeats himself. Sid gives up the belt and Bischoff tells Sid the real champion will be crowned at WCW Spring Stampede on April 16th. The segment ends with Bischoff being patted on the back by the New Blood.


Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden go over what just happened.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is shown arriving to the arena.


Footage from moments ago is shown.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is taping up until Sting comes in and says that Bischoff is on him. Hogan leaves saying “I’m on it”. Sting says that he isn’t ribbing Hogan and Hogan says he isn’t ribbing either.

Opening Contest: Diamond Dallas Page defeated Lex Luger to advance in the World Title Tournament: Both men get their music and pyro shut off. Page with a hammerlock, but Luger counters with one of his own. Page takes Luger down with a swinging neck breaker but Luger sneaks in a low blow and stomps away on Page. Luger leaps onto the back of Page several times and continues to stomp away on Page in the corner. Luger plays to the crowd and Page comes back with right hands of his own but runs into a big boot and is taken down by a clothesline. Luger with three back breakers. Buff Bagwell’s music hits and Bagwell comes out with full music and pyro. Luger is distracted and this allows Page to low blow Luger and continue stomping away on Luger. Page gets distracted as Bagwell talks to Kimberly. Luger with a power slam and signals for the end, but Bagwell kisses Elizabeth which distracts Luger. Page gets up and connects with the Diamond Cutter to move on in the tournament. ½*

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is looking for Eric Bischoff.


Backstage, Curt Hennig and asks Vince Russo why Jarrett gets into the finals at Spring Stampede. Russo tells Hennig that if Hennig wins tonight against Jarrett then Hennig will be in the finals.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is still looking for Eric Bischoff.

Tank Abbott’s music hits and Abbott makes his way down to the ring. Abbott says that he is a shoot fighter and knows how to kick ass. Abbott came to WCW for one reason and that is because of Bill Goldberg. He came to WCW to kick Goldberg’s ass. Abbott believes that Goldberg is ducking him. Abbott is going to beat the hell out of innocent people until Goldberg comes back to fight him. Abbott stalks around ringside until he kicks Mark Madden’s ass. Abbott rips Madden’s shirt off and shoves him into the ring where Abbott delivers several shots to his body and head until security runs down to stop the beating.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is not happy with Vince Russo having to face Curt Hennig. Russo asks if he looks like JJ Dillon.

Backstage, Billy Kidman tells Torrie Wilson that he has to take care of something.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is told where Eric Bischoff is.


Backstage, Hogan knocks on Bischoff’s door and Bischoff meets Hogan. Bischoff tells Hogan to not believe what Sting and Sid are telling him. Bischoff and Hogan enter his office and Bischoff looks out the door nervous before closing the door.

Billy Kidman’s music hits and Kidman makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand. Kidman feels like he has gotten a “Get out of jail for free” card. Kidman says he and the New Blood have been held back by the veterans. Kidman says that tonight his night. Kidman wants to address Hulk Hogan. Kidman mentions that Hogan has been ripping on him for several weeks. Kidman has heart and talent, two things Hogan will never have. Kidman says that Hogan has been in the spotlight for far too long. Kidman says he may not draw flies but Hogan is a pile of shit and would know something about drawling flies. Hulk Hogan ends up seeing this on a monitor and makes his way to the ring. Hogan’s music hits and Hogan makes his way to the ring. Hogan actually gets his full music, just to note. Hogan grabs the microphone and asks who does Kidman think he is. Hogan says this isn’t the first night he has heard Kidman crying. Hogan says that Kidman gives the young guys a bad name. Kidman tells Hogan that his run was good, but it is now over. Hogan tells Kidman that if he was in his league but he doesn’t how this business works. Kidman proceeds to attack Kidman when Hogan mentions Wilson controlling Kidman. Kidman misses a dive and hits the guard railing. Hogan with several right hands on the floor and rams Kidman head first into the ring post. Hogan also sends Kidman into the guard railing. Hogan sends Kidman into the ring and continues to beat down Kidman with several right hands. Eric Bischoff runs down with a chair. Bischoff tells Hogan that he wants to hit Kidman. Hogan turns around and Bischoff hits Hogan with the chair! Kidman covers Hogan and Bischoff makes the “count”. Hogan has been busted open.

Outside, Ric Flair has arrived to the building.


During the replay of what happened, we see a clear blade job by Hogan before the chair shot.

Backstage, a furious and bloody Hulk Hogan is throwing stuff and swearing a lot looking for Bischoff once again.

Backstage, Ric Flair is just now seeing what Eric Bischoff said earlier in the show.

Ric Flair’s music hits and Flair makes his way out to a decent ovation. Flair has a microphone and makes it clear that Vince Russo is on his mind. Flair says that Russo and Bischoff have given him the green light to rip on them. Flair says that Russo grew up watching him and Russo lives with that everyday. Flair mentions John Elway and gets some cheap heat. Flair believes that his greatness drives Russo crazy. Flair got great, so did Hogan, Sting and Diamond Dallas Page. Flair says that Bischoff has the guts to face him while Russo doesn’t. Scott Steiner’s music hits as Flair calls out Russo. Steiner comes out to the old Steiner music from 1996 which doesn’t fit his personality. Steiner begins to talk and rips on Flair’s teeth and that Flair tried to get Steiner fired. Steiner mentions that Steve Austin was in WCW and is now the champion in WWF and how all the champions have came from WCW lately that have been champs in WWF. Steiner lowers himself to Flair as he claims Flair to be low class. Steiner puts some fake teeth in and mocks Flair as if he is a redneck. Shane Douglas comes from behind and nails Flair with a right hand. Security run in and take Douglas off of Flair.

Backstage, Kevin Nash arrives with crutches to the arena.


Bret Hart is seen sitting in the stands. We also get a reply of Douglas’s attack on Flair.

Backstage, Flair is searching for Shane Douglas.

Backstage, Gene is with Shane Douglas and asks why Douglas is here. Douglas tells Gene that he is doing whatever he wants. Douglas says that Flair has made this business a mockery. Douglas hates Flair guts and has hated Flair since day one. Douglas tells Gene he will be a Franchise.

Second Contest: Sting defeated Sid Vicious by count out to advance in the World Title Tournament: Sid works on Sting with several right hands in the corner. Sid misses a running attack in the corner and is kicked on the top turnbuckle where Sting hit’s a Stinger Splash and clotheslines Sid over the top to the floor. Sid with a low blow on the floor and drops Sting across the guard railing. Back in the ring, Sid keep control until Sting battles back with right hands and takes Sid down with a clothesline. The Wall makes his way down to the ring with a table and sets it up on the floor. Sid powers out of a pin and Sting lands on the referee. Sting misses a Stinger Splash. Sid with a power bomb on Sting but Wall hits Sid with a chair. Wall choke slams Sid through the table and is counted out. ½*

Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson go over the impact of Russo and Bischoff in WCW.

Ric Flair is back in the ring and wants Shane Douglas to come back to the ring. Flair says that Douglas tried to make a living to be like Ric Flair. Flair says he is going to “make Shane Douglas”.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is still throwing stuff around looking for Kidman and Bischoff.


Outside, Hogan throws Shane Helms and Shannon Moore into a garage door as he continues his search for Kidman and Bischoff.

Footage of the premier of Ready to Rumble is shown. David Arquette hit Jeff Jarrett with a guitar.

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated Curt Hennig: Jarrett and Hennig brawl on the entrance ramp before the bell. Hennig getting the upper hand and sends Jarrett into the guard railing. Hennig with several chops and right hands. Jarrett drops Hennig across the top rope and Hennig falls back into the ring. Jarrett with a back elbow in the ring and delivers a few more shots. Jarrett with several punches in the corner. Hennig with a series of chops and right hands. Jarrett with a sleeper hold until Hennig drives Jarrett down with a back suplex. Some music hits and Shawn Stasiak comes out to Hennig’s old music, a modified version of his WWF stuff. Hennig goes for the Hennig Plex but Stasiak distracts Hennig and Hennig hit’s the referee with a back elbow. Stasiak enters and completely botches a attempted Samoan Drop slam. Jarrett recovers and sends Hennig into the corner hard. Jarrett drives Hennig down with the Stroke and wins the match. ½*

Hulk Hogan is up in the skybox asking some “fans” where Bischoff is.

Ric Flair is walking back to the ring.


Backstage, Kevin Nash is talking on the phone. Nash tells the person to get here if they can.

Backstage, Gene is with Sting. Sting believes that Russo and Bischoff believe they have everything figured out. Sting owns Bischoff because of his loyalty. Sting says the company boy is out as it is show time.

Fourth Contest: Ric Flair and Shane Douglas fought to a No Contest: Both men are fighting in street clothes. Flair works on Douglas with right hands until Douglas sends Flair to the floor. Douglas rams Flair into the guard railing. Flair sends Douglas into the guard railing. They continue to brawl on the floor with Flair delivering several shots. Flair takes Douglas’s shirt off and delivers a few more chops in the corner. Douglas with a eye rake and a low blow. Douglas chokes Flair for a few moments before working on Flair in the corner. They brawl again to the floor where the same thing happens as previously noted. Vince Russo makes his way down to the ring and nails Flair with a baseball bat several times. Douglas hits Flair as well with the bat as the referee calls for the bell. DUD
After the match, Vince Russo steals Ric Flair’s watch and taunts the fans at ringside.

Backstage, Kevin Nash is making his way to the ring.


Kevin Nash makes his way out to the ring with full music. Nash reminds everyone that they are in Denver, Colorado. Nash calls Russo and Bischoff “jack offs”. Nash says that those two are going to play wrestler and attack the boys. Nash says he has lost a few brain cells traveling with Scott Hall. Nash wants to know what happened to the “sweet little wrestling show” and wonders where “the Dog” is when you need him. Nash just got done talking to Scott Hall and says that Hall is sober and in a real bad mood. Nash says that neither Russo or Bischoff would be here without Hall and himself. Nash mentions that he and Hall saved Russo from getting his ass kicked from Shawn Michaels. Nash tells Bischoff that he would be Verne Gagne’s sidekick in the AWA. Nash tells them to bring their balls if they are going to come here. Mike Awesome comes into the ring and beats down Kevin Nash with his own crutch! Schiavone actually mentions that Awesome is the ECW World Champion. Awesome has a microphone and says that it was to sweet of an opportunity to pass up.

Hulk Hogan is talking on the phone in a limo and tells someone he is going to “eat Bischoff’s ass. All of a sudden, the white hummer of doom rams into the limo a few times. Bischoff exits with Kidman and tells Hogan to buy himself out of that.


Backstage, Hogan is putting placed on a stretcher and is mocked by Bischoff and Kidman. They spray pain NB on Hogan’s chest.

Main Event: Diamond Dallas Page defeated Sting to win the World Title Tournament: This time around Page gets full music and pyro. Before the match, Jarrett music hits and joins the announcers for the match. Page with several shoulder blocks and goes for the Diamond Cutter but is sent to the floor. Sting with a one hand running bulldog and a Stinger Splash in the corner, twice. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death lock but Page reaches the bottom rope. Page with a belly to belly suplex and gets a two count. Jarrett leaves the announcers table and goes towards Kimberly. Page is clotheslined to the floor where Page brawls with Jarrett. Vampiro enters the ring and plants Sting with the Nail in the Coffin. Page drives Sting down with the Diamond Cutter and picks up the win. *
After the match, Page celebrates his win. Page ducks a guitar shot and Jarrett smashes the guitar over Kimberly’s head!


Clips of what just happened is shown about five times. Page carried Kimberly to the back.

Backstage, Russo and Bischoff put over Jarrett as being the man.

Jeff Jarrett makes his way back out to the ring. Jarrett says at the PPV he will be realizing his destiny. He is six days away from being crowned the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Jarrett tells Page he will show Kimberly more wood. DDP storms the ring and brawls with Jarrett until Scott Steiner enters and attacks Page. Lex Luger runs down and cleans house saving Page. Bagwell enters but is attacked as well. The New Blood storm the ring and beat down Page and Luger. Sting runs down and cleans house. Booker T and The Cat enter and beat down Sting. The New Blood stands tall in the ring. However, Russo and Bischoff stand at the top of the ramp with Bret Hart standing behind them as Nitro goes off the air.

End of show

My Take: Well, the opening promo was nicely done. It did put the wheels in motion to start the New Blood vs. Millionaires Club feud, that is for sure. Vacating the titles is fine as well, as that cleans the slate and makes everything fresh I guess. I did find it funny that guys like Silver King where in the New Blood. Silver King has done nothing in WCW to be warranted to be in a high ranking feud like this is going to be.

Page/Luger was a horrible example of a wrestling match. Everything was punch, punch, kick, kick and that just isn’t going to get the job done. I did like the cutting of the music, but that didn’t even last the whole show!

Abbott beating up Madden was a humorous part of the show. That is really about it.

I’m just not able to buy into a Hogan/Kidman feud. Kidman may have the talent, but he isn’t a good talker and he is just to small to be working with Hogan. Kidman should have worked with someone smaller and then perhaps worked his way up to Hogan instead of going right to him. Though, the feud makes sense because of Hogan’s comments about the kid.

Sting/Sid was pretty much the same thing as Page/Luger. Just a lot of brawling. Which gets old if every damn match is that style.

Am I really suppose to think that Hennig will beat Jeff Jarrett to get in the main event at the PPV? That just didn’t make much sense to me. I should note, that if you noticed of all the matches the youngest gut to compete in the ring was Shane Douglas, and that guy isn’t exactly young.

Douglas/Flair was another brawl and again that was quite boring. Vince Russo putting himself in the angle instead of a Booker T or anyone else for that matter is just horrible decision making. Russo is a writer and should have kept to doing that.

Nice way to introduce Mike Awesome by attacking Kevin Nash. Awesome is a good talent but if he is going to talk, you need to get him a manager. That is one thing he has never been good at. He is good at being a monster, though. By the way, Kevin Nash easily got the biggest reception of the evening.

If you look back to 1998 and 1999 you will notice that Sting and DDP have fought each other roughly the same time each year including in 2000. 1998 was in late March, 1999 was in April and 2000 was in April. Talk about being stale.

Overall, every match had some sort of distraction or bullshit finish that just isn’t going to fly with me. This stable war or whatever could get interesting if they don’t showcase Hogan and Flair every other segment. They literally would show either man every other segment.

Thanks for reading.

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