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WWF RAW 1/27/1997

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation RAW
Date: 1/27/1997
From: Beaumont, Texas

Highlights from the last edition of RAW.

RAW Opening Video

We see highlights of Savio Vega turning on Ahmed Johnson last Saturday at a MSG House Show. We also see Sid Vicious whacking Crush with a steel chair on Shotgun Saturday Night

Crush defeated Ahmed Johnson in 5:42: After a brief back and forth action, Crush focuses on the injured kidney of Ahmed Johnson. Farooq is seen looking at the entrance way, rooting on Crush. Crush continues the offense with a back breaker hurting the kidneys in the process. Crush leaps off the top rope, and Ahmed connects with a dropkick. Farooq comes down to the ring and sends Ahmed into the ring steps. Crush delivers a heart punch and picks up the win. *


Vince introduces the WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels to a pretty big ovation. HBK says that this is no longer is a dream, it is a reality. Vince brings up the rematch with Sid on Feb. 13th. HBK says he is going to do what ever it takes to retain his title. HBK doesn’t give a direct answer in who he thinks will win the 4 way at the next PPV. Vince calls out Bret Hart. Whom may be challenging Shawn at WM 13. Hart says he wants to beat HBK for the title. Hart doesn’t want HBK to injure himself. Vince thinks that Bret may be underestimating Sid Vicious. Bret says he isn’t, and says he will be watching HBK’s back. The Undertaker makes his way down to the ring. Undertaker says he respects Bret Hart. But is sick of Hart bitching. Taker says that the title should be hits after what happened to him at last years Rumble. Taker says he will now be the hunter, not the hunted. Vince introduces Steve Austin to little reaction. Jim Ross is right behind him with a microphone. Austin doesn’t want to get into the ring, as he sees an ambush. He is sick of hearing everyone crying. Vader is behind Austin with Paul Bearer. After faking to fight the faces in the ring, Austin heads to the back.


The British Bulldog defeated Doug Furnas in 7:36: Bulldog sends Furnas into the corner, and Furnas goes flipping over the turnbuckle to the floor. Bulldog picks up the steel steps and drops them on the back of Furnas. After coming back from the break, we see Ahmed Johnson searching for the Nation, breaking down doors and whatnot. Whenever Furnas gets something going, Bulldog manages to get him back down again. Bulldog catches Furnas with a dangerous looking power bomb. Owen accidentally hits Bulldog with Slammy nearly causing Bulldog to lose. Bulldog manages to roll up Furnas for the win. *1/2

Owen and Bulldog begin to argue after the match. Cooler heads prevail.

We see footage from the MSG House Show. We see again Savio Vega turning on Ahmed. Then we go to Shotgun Saturday Night, where Vega says he had a temper and it got to him today. Vega again attacks Rocky Maivia officially joining the Nation.


The Godwinns (Henry O. & Phinneas I.) defeated Vader & Mankind by Count Out in 7:12: Talk about a brawl. Vader with a few vicious looking right hands to the head of Phinneas. Vader continues to manhandle Henry Godwin. Mankind comes over and attempts to hit Henry with the chair, but instead whacks Vader. Mankind walks to the back, smiling. If you like brawls, this is prime example of one. *1/2


Ahmed catches up to the Nation and throws one of the PG 12 members into the trunk, the Nation speed away.

End of Show

My Take: The only thing worth talking about on this show is the promo by Taker, Hart, Austin and Michaels. They did a great job with that promo and everyone came across very good, I thought. Everything else was just below average.

Thanks for reading.


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