WWF RAW 3/28/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Poughkeepsie, NY

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette are on commentary. Jim Cornette says that he is here to bring the truth to what is going on in the WWF, because no one else will do it.

Opening Contest: Lex Luger defeated Rick Martel: Martel doesn’t get a entrance. Lex Luger gets a good reception with a few boo’s in the mix. Luger blocks right hands and goes to hit Martel but Martel runs away and hides underneath the top rope. Martel works on Luger in the corner with right hands and knees to the midsection. Luger fights back with right hands and several clotheslines that causes Martel to roll to the floor. Ted DiBiase is right behind Cornette and McMahon counting money in the first row. Luger continues to work on Martel with a side headlock. Luger slingshots Martel from the apron back into the ring and locks in a side headlock again. Luger with a atomic drop and clothesline that sends Martel to the floor. Martel drags Luger to the floor as RAW comes back from commercial. Luger rams Martel face first into the apron and sends Martel back into the ring. Luger runs into a high knee in the corner and clotheslined down by Martel. Luger fights out of a chin lock by ramming Luger back first into the corner. Martel leaps off the top looking for a axe handle but Luger nails Martel in the midsection. Martel avoids a dropkick by Luger to regain control. Luger fights back with a vertical suplex but Martel recovers quickly to work on Luger’s back briefly. Luger with a backdrop and Luger is fired up. Luger with a power slam and locks in the Torture Rack and Martel is forced to give up. *1/4
After the match, Lex Luger celebrates the hard fought win.

Stills from Wrestle Mania X where Mr. Perfect screwed Lex Luger out of the WWF World Championship. Razor Ramon retaining the WWF Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match. Bret Hart regaining the WWF World Championship from Yokozuna.

Owen Hart is backstage lifting weights getting ready for an upcoming contest. Owen says that he is ready to beat anyone.

Commercial Break

A video promoting the ten man tag team match that will occur next week on RAW. This is the same match that was suppose to happen at Wrestle Mania X.

Second Contest: Owen Hart defeated Mike Freeman: Ted DiBiase tells Vince McMahon that everyone has a price of the million dollar man. DiBiase says that over the course of the next few weeks he will be having some big surprises for the WWF. Owen just throws Freeman around the ring. Owen with a spinning back elbow. Freeman gets a little bit of offense in. Owen takes Freeman down with a bulldog and locks in the Sharpshooter for the squash win.
After the match, Owen Hart signals that he should be the WWF World Champion.

Video of Burt Reynolds putting over the WWF.

Commercial Break

Third Contest: Doink defeated Eric Cody: Before the match, Doink sprays DiBiase with water. Doink has a arm lock on Poti and Dink runs in and stomps on Poti which would cause a disqualification but that doesn’t happen. Doink with a German suplex for a near fall. Doink connects with the Whoopee Cushion to pick up the easy win.

Stills from WWF Wrestle Mania X are shown.

Jim Cornette is in the ring and introduces the WWF World Tag Team Champions the Quebecers and Johnny Polo for a interview. Polo is very proud of the Quebecers. Lou Albano comes out wanting to know if the Quebecers accept his challenge from last week. Albano heads backstage to get his team and it is revealed to be… The Headshrinkers. Johnny Polo says that they are tough and could beat them so that’s not fair. Jacque believes that the Headshrinkers are good friends but Albano says that they aren’t friends.

Commercial Break

Video package hyping up a Wrestle Mania X rematch on RAW next week. Earthquake will take on Adam Bomb.

Fourth Contest: 1-2-3 Kid defeated Black Phantom: Phantom takes Kid down with a hip toss but his offense doesn’t last long at all. Kid with several kicks to knock Phantom down. Kid misses a dropkick but recovers quickly to connect with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Kid with a running dropkick in the corner and connects with a spinning cross body off the top for the win.

Commercial Break

Main Event: Crush defeated Ray Hudson: Crush with a standing savant kick to control Hudson. Crush with various chops throughout and connects with a gorilla press slam and a leg drop for the win.

Commercial Break

Vince McMahon goes over what will be seen on RAW next week. The ten man tag team match, Earthquake versus Adam Bomb, Razor Ramon and Yokozuna will in action.

End of show

My Take: Luger/Martel was a pretty dull featured match on the this show. Looks like the Quebecers are being thrown into a feud with the Headshrinkers. I’m not quite sure if that segment was suppose to turn the Headshrinkers face. If it wasn’t, then i guess it will be happening fairly soon. Overall, just a bland show.

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