ECW Guilty As Charged 2000 1/9/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Guilty As Charged
Date: 1/9/2000
From: Birmingham, Alabama

Joey Styles and Cyrus are standing in the ring as the fans chant ECW! Styles welcomes everyone to the show and introduces Cyrus. Cyrus gives greetings from the office and tells Styles that he better be on his best behavior. Styles jokes that Cyrus got his job by doing sexual favors, basically. Cyrus claims that he speaks at a level greater than the fans. Cyrus attempts to speak like the fans and insults them in the process. Joel Gertner shows up and cuts off Cyrus by saying “Well.. Well.. Well.. “ Gertner tells Cyrus that this is pay per view and says he will do what he always does on pay per view. Gertner goes over what he has lined up for tonight or what he has already done and flips off Cyrus before leaving.

ECW Guilty As Charged opening video

Before the first match, Lou E. Dangerously reminds the finds what his name is.

Opening Contest: CW Anderson defeated Mikey Whipwreck:
CW misses a slap and hits his partner Billy Wiles. Whipwreck sends CW into the corner and drop toe holds Billy into CW’s groin. Whipwreck with a slingshot elbow drop to the apron. Whipwreck drops CW midsection first across the guard railing and kicks Wiles away on the apron. The distraction allows CW to super kick Whipwreck off the apron and Whipwreck leaps over the guard railing and falls hard into the crowd. CW with a running hammerlock power slam and gets a near fall. CW works on Whipwreck’s left arm by stomping away on the arm. CW goes for a cover but only gets a two count. Whipwreck with a few right hands and a uppercut. CW with a single arm DDT and gets a near fall. CW with a hard left hand and sends Whipwreck into the corner where he runs into a big boot. Whipwreck attempts a tornado DDT but CW blocks it. Whipwreck manages to connect with a side Russian leg sweep and gets a two count. Whipwreck leaps off the top and knocks CW down with a clothesline for a near fall. Whipwreck attempts a backslide but CW breaks free and nails Whipwreck with a left hand. Whipwreck comes off the ropes and hit’s the Whippersnapper. Whipwreck covers but the referee is pulled out by Dangerously. Billy Wiles enters and drives Whipwreck down with a tilt a whirl power slam. CW goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Dangerously distracts the referee again and Whipwreck nails Wiles with the Whippersnapper. CW misses a cell phone shot but Dangerously nails Whipwreck with a cell phone. CW drives Whipwreck down with a spine buster and picks up the win.

Joey Styles and Cyrus talk about the Raven and Tommy Dreamer situation. They also talk about the Rob Van Dam/Sabu match. Lastly, they hype up the ECW World Heavyweight Championship match between Mike Awesome and Spike Dudley.

Second Contest: Danny Doring/Amish Roadkill/Simon Diamond defeated Nova/Kid Kash/Jazz:
Diamond backs away from Jazz wanting nothing to do with her. Doring and Jazz start off the contest with Jazz locking in a side headlock but Doring shoulder blocks Jazz as she comes off ropes. Doring goes chest first into the corner and Jazz rolls Doring up for a near fall. Roadkill tags in and misses a running splash. Kash tags in, ducks a clothesline and arm drags Roadkill a couple of times. Doring gets atomic dropped by Nova and Kash connects with a running bulldog. Diamond is catapulted into the ring by Jazz and Jazz chops away on Diamond. Jazz with a monkey flip out of the corner and kicks Diamond in the groin. Jazz connects with the Jazz Stinger on Diamond and plays for the crowd before going for the cover and gets a near fall. Diamond is pulled out by his man “Dick”. Kash springboards off the top rope and takes both “Dick” and Diamond out with a somersault dive! Jazz hammers away on Diamond on the floor but is picked up by Dick. Jazz gets on Dick’s back and chokes him all the way to the back. Back in the ring, Nova connects with a reverse DDT on Doring. Nova connects with a running neck breaker on Roadkill. Nova clotheslines Roadkill and ducks a clothesline from Doring. Nova with the Elevator on Doring and gets a near fall. Roadkill and Doring connect with a spine buster/clothesline combo on Nova. Roadkill splashes Nova in the corner and Doring hit’s the Bareback but only gets a near fall. Roadkill slams Nova near the corner and connects with a Amish Elbow off the middle rope. Roadkill drives Nova down with the Dirt Road Slam and Doring comes off the top with a elbow drop but only gets a two count! Doring punches Nova from the apron as he mocks Nova. Chris Chetti has run down to the ring and is on the apron getting behind Nova. Nova with a sit out spine buster on Doring and is kneed to the corner where Chetti tags in. Chetti with a few clotheslines on Doring and kicks Roadkill several times knocking him off his feet. Chetti connects with a slingshot cross body on Roadkill and Nova does the same. Doring takes Nova out with a cross body as well. Electra gets on the apron and displays her body for the crowd. She enters the ring and is scoop slammed by Chetti. Chetti proceeds to do a 69 position until he is attacked by Doring. Doring blocks a kick to the back but Chetti comes back going for the death valley driver. Chetti’s back gives out on him and Doring hits the Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am. Doring goes up top but Nova cuts him off. Nova hammers away on Doring until he falls off to the floor. Roadkill leaps off the top and splashes Chetti to win the match.
After the match, the Dupp Brothers come down to the ring and attack Roadkill and Chetti. Nova and Doring come into the ring with chairs but the Dupp’s bail to the floor.

Backstage, Judge Jeff Jones and ECW World Champion Mike Awesome cut a promo. Jones talks about Spike’s girlfriend getting her teeth knocked down her throat. Jones says that Awesome is going to kill Dudley. Awesome repeats the same things that Jones said. Awesome says that has spent the last twelve years busting his ass to win the championship.

Backstage, Spike Dudley is with his girlfriend. Dudley tells Awesome that he is going to have to deal with him. Some guy tells him he needs to restart the promo and Dudley flips out saying that he isn’t a actor and that he isn’t acting about this situation.

Before the next match, Steve Corino grabs a microphone and tells the fans they are very disrespectful. Corino says that he has put together a great dream tag team match tonight. Corino has picked the best partner for Tajiri and that man is Super Crazy! Little Guido comes out and is offended that Corino didn’t pick him. Corino claims that he is the most powerful man in ECW. Corino tells Guido that he will not have a partner for this match. Paul Heyman shows up at the top of the ramp and calls Corino a dickhead. Heyman reminds Corino that he runs the shots in ECW. Heyman tells Corino that Guido does have a partner tonight. Heyman will pick Guido’s partner and announces that Guido’s partner will be Jerry Lynn! Corino doesn’t like the decision.

Third Contest: Tajiri/Super Crazy defeated Little Guido/Jerry Lynn:
Lynn and Crazy start the match and trade wrist locks. Crazy with a hammerlock but is taken down by Lynn with a snap mare. Crazy with a shoulder block and Lynn comes back with a springboard cross body. They reverse a few moves and they have a standoff. Lynn with a kick to Crazy’s gut and shoulder blocks Crazy. Crazy with a tilt a whirl arm drag but Lynn comes back with a monkey flip but Crazy lands on his feet and they have another standoff. Tajiri tags into the contest and points at Guido. Guido shoves Tajiri and slaps Tajiri across the face. Tajiri with a few kicks but is tripped by Guido and Guido gets a few shots in. Guido is met with another kick to the chest and Tajiri comes off the ropes with a handspring back elbow a few seconds later. Tajiri with a couple of stiff kicks to Guido’s head knocking Guido silly. Tajiri chops Guido up against the ropes and attempts a tilt a whirl backbreaker but Guido reverses with a arm breaker. Guido tags out to Lynn who comes off the middle rope with axe handle to Tajiri’s arm. Tajiri misses a spin kick and is chopped in the corner. Lynn with a running clothesline in the corner and goes back to chopping Tajiri. They botch a move so Tajiri head butts Lynn and locks in the Tarantula until Guido and Crazy come in. Crazy with a release German suplex on Guido for a near fall. Crazy with a flying head scissors and charges towards Guido but misses and crashes to the floor. Lynn leaps off the top and takes Crazy out with a cross body. Tajiri with a moonsault onto Lynn on the floor. Guido and Crazy brawl into the crowd while Tajiri and Lynn get back into the ring. Crazy slams Guido onto a few chairs and heads to the railing. Crazy takes Guido out with a moonsault in the crowd! Tajiri connects with a running dropkick in the corner as Lynn was in the tree of woe. Tajiri steps on Lynn’s groin as well while Crazy tosses Guido into a wall. Tajiri with a spinning heel kick back in the ring to keep control of Lynn. Tajiri crotches Lynn on the top rope but Lynn battles back and drives Tajiri down with a sunset flip power bomb! Lynn with a hurricanrana but only gets a near fall. Lynn ducks a clothesline and connects with a German suplex for a near fall. Tajiri lands on his feet on a second try and connects with German suplex on Lynn. Crazy takes Guido out with a missile dropkick and dropkicks Tajiri. Lynn and Guido power bomb Tajiri and Crazy and they both get near falls. Tajiri and Crazy run into boots in the corner and Guido/Lynn both connect with tornado DDT’s for duel near falls. Crazy attempts a head scissors but is slammed down to the mat by Guido for a near fall. Crazy with a boot to Guido’s gut and power bombs Guido followed by a springboard moonsault which gets him a near fall. Tajiri mists Lynn and Crazy DDT’s Lynn but only manages to get a near fall. Lynn is driven down with a double team power bomb and kicks out at two. Guido dropkicks Tajiri to the floor while Crazy pile drives Lynn for a two count. Guido turns on Lynn and hit’s the Sicilian Slice. Tajiri plants Lynn with a brain buster a few seconds later and wins the match. ***
After the match, Lynn is beaten down by Tajiri, Victory and Tommy Rich. Corino calls Dusty a fat, washed up piece of garbage. Dusty Rhodes appears from behind while Corino continues to talk smack. Rhodes waits behind Corino and delivers several biotic elbows to everyone. Rhino comes down to the ring and nails Dusty with a right hand and stomps away on the American Dream! Corino has Dusty’s cowboy hat on and the heels bail when a bunch of wrestlers make the save.

Backstage in a hallway, New Jack says that a lot of people have pissed him off but never to the point that he is right now. Jack talks about being stabbed in the ass and how he didn’t take the knife out for a week. Jack says that he is taking out the DA Baldies one man at a time. Jack is going to break Angel’s ass down and their match will be a bloodbath.

Fourth Contest: Spanish Angel defeated New Jack:
Jack tosses several weapons into the ring and is met with right hands from Angel. Angel corners Jack and hammers away until Jack rakes his eyes and smashes Angel over the head with a road sign. Jack hits Angel with a mailbox and hits Angel with a weapon that I don’t know what it was. Jack has a cheese grater and slices the grater across Angel’s forehead! Angel has been busted open while Jack goes under the ring to grab a roof of a car! Angel with a boot to the gut and a elbow smash. Jack is able to send Angel back first into the roof of the car! Jack goes to the top rope as Angel lays on the roof. Jack leaps off with a elbow drop and bites Angel’s forehead. Jack hits Angel over the back with a road sign. Jack has a vacuum cleaner and smashes it across Angel’s groin! Grimes and DeVito get involved but Jack is able to seemingly fight them off. Jack sends Grimes into the crowd and hammers away on Grimes as they make their way to exits. Grimes attempts a vertical suplex but Jack blocks it and takes Grimes down with a suplex of his own. Jack follows up with a DDT on the concrete floor. Jack sets up a table in the crowd and places Grimes on it. Jack goes to the section where the cameras are and leaps off crashing down onto Grimes breaking the table! Angel appears and hammers away on Jack with several left hands. Angel rolls Jack into the ring but misses a road sign shot. Jack nails Angel with a sign and has the staple gun. DeVito comes in and Jack uses the gun on DeVito! Angel nails Jack over the head with a shovel and pins Jack! *

Backstage, Bill Alfonso and ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam cut a promo about the new year. RVD says it’s a good year and says he doesn’t see any serious competition coming up. Alfonso reminds RVD about Sabu and RVD simply says he is going to retain his championship. RVD names several people he has beaten but Alfonso says they aren’t Sabu. RVD reminds everyone how long he has held the championship and puts him over as being the best wrestler. RVD even says that he is the Sheik’s favorite wrestler! Alfonso leaves the room and goes to Sabu’s room. Alfonso cuts a promo for Sabu about how Sabu has been waiting for someone to be as tough as him. Alfonso says that RVD is a product of Sabu and nearly says that RVD would win. Alfonso lastly says that if Sabu doesn’t beat RVD he will grab his bags and walk out tonight!

Fifth Contest: ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam defeated Sabu to retain the title:
They trade right hands until RVD kicks Sabu in the gut and leg drops Sabu as Sabu mistimed a duck under. Sabu dropkicks RVD’s knee and they go to the floor trading more right hands. Sabu hits RVD with a chair and sends RVD into the guard railing. Sabu leaps off the chair and hits RVD with Air Sabu up against the railing. Sabu goes for the cover back in the ring but only gets a two count. Sabu has a arm bar on RVD but RVD quickly reaches the bottom rope. Sabu with a kick to RVD’s jaw and follows up with a springboard side kick but only gets a two count. Sabu misses a slingshot somersault leg drop and RVD nails Sabu with a kick. RVD connects with a cartwheel back flip splash and gets a two count. RVD gets a boot up in the corner and attempts to go to the top but is shoved off by Sabu and hit’s the guard railing face first! Sabu with a baseball slide and RVD flips over the guard railing. Sabu sets up a chair and leaps off the top rope taking RVD out with a dive into the crowd! Sabu with a few right hands before tossing RVD back to ringside. Sabu grabs a table and sets it up on the railing. RVD kicks Sabu a few times to stop whatever Sabu was attempting. RVD drops Sabu chest first across the railing and leaps off the apron with a spin kick to Sabu’s back! RVD with a baseball slide and leaps over the top with a somersault dive knocking Sabu out on the floor! Sabu avoids a shoulder block from the apron with a kick to RVD’s face and knocks RVD down to the floor with a sunset flip power bomb! Sabu sends RVD into the guard railing and sets RVD up on the table on the guard railing. Sabu heads to the top rope leaps off with a splash driving RVD through the table! Sabu covers RVD in the ring but only gets a near fall. Sabu with a leg drop and begins to tape up his injured knee. RVD gets a chair from Alfonso but Alfonso enters the ring and gives Sabu a chair shot. They have dueling chairs until Sabu is able to smash a chair over RVD’s head and gets a two count. Sabu locks in the camel clutch in the middle of the ring but lets go to drop a leg across the back of RVD. Sabu hammers away on RVD and attempts a springboard sidekick but misses RVD and hits the referee. Sabu is able to hit the triple jump moonsault and covers RVD but their isn’t a referee to count the pin fall. Sabu follows up with a triple jump leg drop but again only gets a two count. Sabu heads to the top with a chair but RVD charges and kicks the chair into Sabu’s face! Sabu crashes down to the canvas and both men are hurting at this point. RVD goes for a cover but Sabu is able kick out at two. RVD kicks the chair into Sabu’s face and heads to the top but Sabu crotches RVD. Sabu attempts a hurricanrana but RVD holds on and Sabu crashes to the canvas. RVD with a nice split legged moonsault but only gets a near fall! Alfonso enters the ring with a chair and refuses to give RVD a chair. RVD kicks the chair into Alfonso’s face! Sabu knocks RVD down and attempts a triple jump splash but RVD grabs the chair and hits Sabu in the ribs. RVD leaps off the top and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash! RVD goes for the cover and gets the three count. ***½
After the match, RVD puts his hand out and Sabu shakes his hand.

Backstage, the Impact Players cut a promo. Lance Storm says that tonight is their night. Storm claims that they are faster, stronger and younger. Credible says for the past four months they have been beating them up. Credible says that the game is over tonight and believes they will become the tag team champions.

Joey Styles says that because of the attack on the Sandman on the pre-show by Rhino means that the scheduled match between the two has been scrapped.

Sixth Contest: Impact Players defeated ECW World Tag Team Champions Tommy Dreamer/Raven to win the titles:
Raven is knocked off the apron by Credible while Dreamer is knocked off by Storm. Impact Players manage to get their catchphrase in but are attacked by eh champs. Dreamer clotheslines Storm to the floor and Raven does the same to Credible. Storm is sent into the railing by Dreamer and Credible is also sent into the railing by Raven. All four men brawl towards the entrance way. Dreamer rubs Storm face into the fencing for a few moments. The champions toss the champions off the side of the entrance way and the Impact Players crash through tables! Raven tosses Credible through a table on the floor while Dreamer and Storm make their way back to the ring. Dreamer drops Storm throat first over the top rope and connects with a slingshot splash from the apron for a near fall. Raven tags in and the champs connect with a side Russian leg sweep/clothesline combo on Storm and Raven gets a near fall. Dreamer tags in and nails Storm with a swinging neck breaker. Dreamer misses a clothesline on Storm but blocks a super kick from Credible. Dreamer misses another clothesline but isn’t able to block a super kick from Storm. Credible hammers away on Dreamer in the corner for several moments. Credible with a jawbreaker and tags out to Storm. Double team backdrop on Dreamer and Storm gets a near fall. Storm is given a chair and wedges the chair in the corner. Storm avoids the chair in the corner and rolls Dreamer up but Dreamer kicks out and sends Storm head first into the chair! Dreamer rolls Storm up but only gets a near fall. Credible tags in and drop toe holds Dreamer on the back of the chair! Dreamer rolls to the floor and Storm gets a few shots in on him. Credible tells Dreamer to get up and drops a chair to apply a sleeper hold. Dreamer has been busted open but is able to get to his feet. Dreamer with a hangman’s neck breaker on the chair! Credible rolls over for the cover but Dreamer pops his shoulder up at two! Storm goes for the super kick but misses Dreamer and hits Credible! Storm spins around and is planted with a DDT by Dreamer! Dreamer tags out to Raven who cleans house with right hands on the challengers. Raven knocks Storm off the apron into the guard railing. Raven uses the snot rag on Jason as he tried to hit Raven with a chair. Raven with the drop toe hold on Credible and Dreamer baseball slides a chair into Storm’s face. Credible connects with the That’s Incredible on Raven but Raven kicks out! Dreamer enters and hammers away on Credible sending Credible to the floor after sending Credible to the corner. Storm with a pile driver on Dreamer and gets a two count. Storm attempts a suplex from the apron through a table on the floor but Dreamer blocks it and is able to backdrop Storm over the top sending Storm through the table. Credible hits Dreamer with a chair but is low blowed by Francine. Dawn Marie enters and has a cat fight with Francine. Francine delivers the bronco buster to Dawn Marie! Credible goes to hit Francine with a kendo stick but Raven shoves her out of the way and takes the hit. Credible with the That’s Incredible and pins Raven as Francine was being held by Dawn Marie. **1/4
After the match, the Impact Players celebrate their title win.

Backstage, Steve Corino, Rhino and Jack Victory are caught before they leave the arena. Corino says that they buried the legend Dusty Rhodes. Rhino tells Corino that he can talk for himself and says that Rhodes was yesterdays news. Rhino makes it clear that he is coming for the ECW World Championship sooner rather than later.

Joey Styles and Cyrus talk about the main event between Mike Awesome and Spike Dudley. Footage of Awesome hitting Spike’s girlfriend is shown as well.

Before the start of the main event, Spike Dudley sets up two tables on top of each other. Dudley grabs a microphone and says that Awesome has been making a name for himself by putting people through tables and beating up women. Dudley says he has made a living going through tables and calls out Awesome.

Main Event: ECW World Heavyweight Champion Mike Awesome defeated Spike Dudley to retain the title:
Dudley quickly goes on the attack with a few right hands but Awesome recovers quickly and gorilla press slams Dudley over the top sending Dudley crashing through a table! Dudley crawls back into the ring but is sent over the top and Dudley crashes through the two tables he set up before the contest! Awesome tosses Dudley over the guard railing into the crowd and leaps over the railing taking Dudley out with a body splash. Awesome clotheslines Dudley back to the ringside area and tosses Dudley back into the ring. Awesome with a slingshot body splash and covers but Dudley kicks out at two. Awesome with a nasty clothesline to Dudley’s face and taunts the fans. Awesome sets Dudley up for a power bomb but Dudley hammers his way out of it and hurricanrana Awesome to the floor. Dudley with a shoulder block off the apron and hits the Acid Drop on the guard railing. Dudley hits Awesome with a chair across the back several times. Dudley is holding his knee and appears to seriously hurt himself. Dudley attempts a suicide dive but he gets caught in the ropes and Awesome catches him. Awesome goes to the top but Dudley crotches the champ and connects with a hurricanrana. Awesome quickly gets up and clotheslines Dudley followed by a big splash but only manages to get a near fall. Awesome runs into a big boot in the corner three times and Dudley comes off the top with a double stomp! Dudley spears Awesome through the ropes to the floor. Dudley charges towards Awesome with a chair but gets the chair kicked back into his face. Awesome tosses Dudley over the railing into the crowd and grabs a chair. Awesome smashes the chair over Dudley’s head and toes back to the ring to taunt the fans. Awesome springboards off the top rope and takes Dudley out with a splash in the crowd! Awesome appears to have slipped on the wet floor and is holding his elbow. Awesome sets up another table on the floor and sends Dudley shoulder first into the ring post. Awesome signals for the power bomb off the apron through the table. Dudley hangs onto Awesome’s leg and low blows the champ. Dudley is able to connect with the Acid Drop off the apron and both men go crashing through the table on the floor! Dudley begins to choke Awesome with a television cable! Dudley gets a chair and hits Awesome before leaping off the top hitting Awesome again the chair over the head! Dudley goes for the Acid Drop back in the ring but Awesome shoves Dudley over the top and Dudley crashes through another table on the floor! Awesome sets up a table in the ring and goes for a power bomb but Dudley gets out of it and attempts a Acid Drop but is met with a sick clothesline. Awesome places Dudley on the table and heads to the top rope. Dudley rolls off and crotches Awesome on the top rope. Awesome is able to grab Dudley and goes to the top rope where Awesome jumps off sending Dudley crashing through the table with a power bomb! Awesome covers Dudley and picks up the win. ***½
After the match, Awesome celebrates his victory.

My Take:
CW/Whipwreck was a quick opener but I thought it was a decent contest for what it was. Anderson getting the win is pretty big for him and the stable at the time. Whipwreck continues to job in ECW but later in the year that would change.

Six man tag match wasn’t all that great for me. I couldn’t really get into it and the action just didn’t seem to be all that great. It’s too bad that Kash was out of the match early because he was one of the few people in the match that I enjoy and feel would have made the match more entertaining.

Guido/Lynn/Crazy/Tajiri put on a good show I thought. The match was fast pace and kept the crowd entertained throughout. Not sure why Guido turned on Lynn but I wasn’t surprised about that occurring. The aftermath with Dusty Rhodes really hypes up the future Rhodes/Corino match up extremely well.

Jack/Angel obviously wasn’t a wrestling match and was just garbage fighting. It was fine for what it was as their were a few spots that were pretty cool but it wasn’t overly great or anything of that nature.

Sabu/RVD was a very good ECW TV Championship match. Their were a few botches but the overall action was very good. This would mark the final appearance of Sabu in the original ECW which is a shame but that’s just how it is. This was a good way for Sabu to go out. Without a doubt one of Sabu’s better performances.

The tag team title match was a solid contest. The ending was fine as it advances the storyline with Raven and Francine. Storm and Credible get some gold to go along with what will surely be a big year for both men. You could tell in 1999 that 2000 would be a big year for both men. Looking forward to seeing how the year shapes up for them.

The main event was a great match. Dudley got his ass kicked but kept coming back for more and more. Honestly, Dudley could have easily been turned into a main event star here. I truly believe that. The guy deserves it after that match as he blew out his knee a short time into the match and kept doing just insane spots. Awesome looked, well, awesome in this match and the crowd was greatly entertained. I can’t remember the last time Spike Dudley had such a great hardcore match. Great way to close out the show.

Overall, I would have to say this is a good way to start off 2000. Two matches nearing **** stars in my opinion, one *** star match and solid tag team title match. A good showing for ECW I thought.

Thanks for reading.

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