083 ROH Buffalo Stampede 10/15/2005

ROH 83 – Buffalo Stampede – 15th October 2005

Night 2 of Bryan Danielson’s debut weekend as ROH Champion. Last night he defended the belt against Austin Aries in a technical blinder. Tonight he takes on his first “international” challenger in Steve Corino – a match that was originally promised to us for September of 2002. It’s a big chance for some of the people that have never seen Corino work serious, straight-up wrestling match to see what he’s capable of. Elsewhere we’ve got a No DQ 6-man with The Embassy and Generation Next, McGuiness/Joe in a Pure Title rematch, Ki/Cabana in a pretty unique contest and the Rottweilers giving new Tag Champions Mamaluke and Rinauro their toughest challenge to date. This is ROH’s last show in the Buffalo market for the forseeable future due to crowd problems. At New Frontiers the notorious “title belt” fans pissed off everyone from spectators to wrestlers alike. At Dragon Gate Invasion Samoa Joe had to throw people out for attempting to throw sh*t at AJ Styles. Apparently at this show a fan took a swing at Austin Aries during the tag match. I’m growing increasingly pissed off by ROH live crowds myself so, I’m all for ditching a market if the fans are gonna be dicks. Sorry to the majority of fans in the area that are likely loyal and dedicated fans but…that’s the way I feel. So lets go to Buffalo, NY for the last time in a while. Dave Prazak, Lenny Leonard and Jimmy Bower as usual.

Lacey’s Angels open the show, and Lacey seems surprisingly understanding about their loss. She does say it’s time to do things her way though…starting with a fluffy coat for Jimmy Jacobs. She’s got some smart-casual attire for Whitmer too. They’re willing to play ball it seems.

Dave Prazak talks to Corino about his big shot tonight. He restates his desire to change ROH once he becomes the champion.

Davey Andrews vs BJ Whitmer

Clearly Davey has advanced enough to get booked in singles matches against ROH mainstays. This has squash victory written all over it, it’s really a case of how much Andrews can impress on his way to defeat. BJ for his part needs the win to establish himself as a threat again now he’s part of a new group. Lacey is out there with him since he’s an Angel now.

They kick things off with some basic chain-wrestling around the arm. Whitmer tries to bully Andrews with big forearm smashes but the student isn’t going down and fires back. He knocks BJ down with a flurry, but the hillbilly tries to headbutt a dent in his head then goes to work. Backbreaker by Whitmer for 2. Davey fights out of a chinlock only to run into a knee to the gut and goes down again. He does knock Whitmer down again with a running clothesline. Andrews shows more fire with a couple more takedowns, then a pretty timid-looking Busaiku knee in the corner. BJ blocks the Final Cut and takes him upstairs. Andrews fights whatever BJ had in mind but dives into an Exploder for 2. Wrist Clutch is blocked with a roll-up and Davey nails a spear for a near-fall. Whitmer with another exploder but this time he pulls Andrews’ shoulders up. LARIATOOO…and he pulls the shoulders up again. WRIST CLUTCH EXPLODER and this time there’s no reprieve. 07:58 is the time.

Rating – DUD –
Really basic, but then again, Andrews is really green. It was an obvious story with Whitmer dominating, Andrews showing a few fiery moments before getting squashed. The problem was that Davey isn’t good enough to make anyone care yet, and BJ isn’t really over enough to carry him.

The Embassy promise to do someone a permanent injury tonight…then sick Abyss on another student for kicks. Alex Shelley gloats that now he’s friends to watch his back and he’s getting revenge for all the times GeNext injured him. Rave teases the debut of his new finisher tonight.

Sterling Keenan vs Claudio Castagnoli

James Keenan is the next CM Punk waiting to happen folks, trust me on that. He’s really impressed me in 1PW so far and if he gets put in a Punk/Raven type feud with somebody in ROH then he could really break out in a huge way. Speaking of breaking out, that’s exactly what Double C has been doing recently. Shock wins over Colt Cabana and Nigel McGuiness have both heralded his ascension to full-time roster member. He’s right in the Pure Title picture after beating the champion last night so will be looking to keep his momentum going now. His outfits are beyond all description…EYYYYYYY!

Keenan gets comprehensively out-wrestled by the European specialist to start with. Double C with a double boot to the head then a diving uppercut to the neck. SJK blocks the diving uppercut tope by smacking him through the ropes. He controls for a while but Castagnoli mounts his comeback with a series of European uppercuts from various positions. Stalling vertical suplex on Keenan for 2. Fireman’s carry backbreaker from Sterling gets a near-fall. LUNGBLOWER out of the corner but Claudio kicks out again. TORTURE WRACK DRIVER…RICCOLA BOMB! SJK is done just like that at 05:07.

Rating – * –
Too short to mean anything but it was miles more fun than Andrews/Whitmer. We got a few flashes of how fun Keenan can be pissing a crowd off, and Castagnoli was charismatic enough to get them going too. Nothing more than a brief exhibition match for both men.

More promo-time for Jade Chung. She’s upset that Abyss beat Jack Evans last night, but she didn’t show any fear when the Monster was set on her. That was her best promo yet…

Jimmy Jacobs vs Jay Lethal

Jacobs has his new coat on and a new style as well, meaning no HUSSing to please the fans – all at Lacey’s command. This would be a big win for him if he could pull it out, since Jay Lethal is one of the rising stars of the promotion thanks to his pairing with Samoa Joe and victory over Low Ki. He’s fresh off a big win last night as he and Joe beat The Embassy in a tag match.

The fans are begging for ‘just one HUSS’ but Lacey forbids it. Jay Lethal sucks up to the fans by HUSSing instead. He controls Jacobs on the mat as well, forcing him to scurry to the sanctity of the outside. In the end he inadvertently crotches himself against the ringpost and then gets a backbreaker. Cobra clutch over the knee by Joe’s protégé, then a dropkick to the neck. Jimmy runs to the outside again and has to keep running to avoid Lethal’s tope. Eventually he’s able to guillotine Jay on the ropes then come back in with a clothesline off the top for 2. He heels it on offence with chokes and a big mean boot to the back of the head. Double stomp trampoline into a senton by the new Angel. Stepping enzi by Lethal and both take some time to recover. Jacobs with a chop to the throat but he walks right into a spinebuster and only just kicks out. Second rope heel kick scores, as does a SPRINGBOARD DDT! Jimmy blocks the running suplex and hits a flatliner to the second turnbuckle. Flying headscissors off the second for 2. Contra Code blocked but Jacobs finds the mark with a spear. SENTON BOMB…Lethal kicks out. He looks for the Contra Code again but Lethal counters with the DRAGON SUPLEX! Jacobs gets counted down in 11:07.

Rating – ** –
As fun as pointless filler can really be I suppose. Jacobs new comedy heel character was alright (since the HUSS thing is stale IMO), and I liked Lethal’s offense all targeting the neck as set up for the Dragon Suplex. Nothing memorable or anything though.

Nigel McGuiness vs Samoa Joe – ROH Pure Title Match

Joe’s Pure Title reign was shockingly ended by Nigel at Dragon Gate Invasion. He used controversial means to get it done, but he took the belt from one of the biggest names in independent wrestling and you can’t argue with that. Since then he’s got more and more liberal with his use of “shady” tactics to win matches. He’ll probably need every trick in the book to beat the Samoan here. Just to piss him off further he calls him ‘Shrek’ and a ‘wrestling bear’ before the match…

Joe starts off in kill mode and uses his first ropebreak he’s so desperate just to kill Nigel. He loses number 2 as McGuiness grabs on a desperation cross armbreaker. Now McGuiness works a headlock right next to the ropes and puts Joe’s hand on them. That’s all three breaks gone in around a minute. Artful dodger from Nigel is countered with KAWADA KICKS! He stretches the champion out with a modified abdominal stretch. Bootscrapes and the running facewash all nailed perfectly. Breaking out something new, Joe hits an elbow drop off the second rope for 2. He’s taking McGuiness apart with a combination of stiff strikes and mat-work that he has no answer to. McGuiness uses his first break to escape a grounded headscissors. Joe gets 2 with a big running kick to the chest. Powerbomb into the STF deliberately close to the ropes so he gets Nigel to use his break number 2. Samoan crab similarly close and McGuiness has no choice but to give up his final break. Joe has his opponent’s slingshot lariat scouted and he counters with a big boot. McGuiness is taking a beating and tries to get some rest on the outside. Big mistake of course…OLE OLE KICK! He looks for a second but McGuiness moves out of the way and Joe’s leg gets STUCK IN THE RAIL! He only just manages to free himself before the 20 count. E HONDA SLAPS…RUNNING KNEE! Nigel escapes the Musclebuster…Joe COUNTERS THE TOWER OF LONDON WITH THE CHOKE! McGuiness puts his feet on the ropes (which is legal) and pins Joe right there at 10:55.

Rating – *** –
Awesome little match, easily Nigel’s best PT defence so far. The story was really well done, and added a freshness to what was the fourth ROH match between these two in 2005. Nigel starts off by cheating to cost Joe all his breaks, but as soon as Joe turned the momentum, he just had no answer. Joe for his part knew that after three previous matches, he would struggle in a WRESTLING match with McGuiness so based his offence around a number of big strikes. There was some cool familiarity stuff in there, as well as Joe using some new spots to surprise an old opponent, and the dodgy finish allows Nigel to go over, his heel heat and title reign still intact, without Joe losing face. Behind only The Future Is Now in terms of ranking their efforts in 2005.

Jimmy Rave/Alex Shelley/Abyss vs Austin Aries/Roderick Strong/Jack Evans – No DQ Match

We get an amazing video package highlighting basically everything that’s gone down in this feud so far. Alex Shelley’s feud with Generation Next is covered, going into his turn to the darkside and Nana’s money. Aries turning down Nana’s buy-out offer is shown. Sydal and Abyss coming into the groups is shown. Jade Chung finally turning on The Embassy in New York, the same night as Roderick Strong laid down the challenge to Steel Cage Warfare on December 3rd. This just gets more and more intense, and has already produced some really cracking matches. Last night they clashed again with Abyss destroying Jack Evans, then Strong coming out to save him and Jade by giving Nana a half nelson backbreaker. What’s in store for us next? Jade and Nana are both at ringside…

Abyss tries to get all three GeNext guys but they are too quick. HEAT SEEKING MISSILE/PESCADO combo to the floor by Aries and Strong. Evans is left alone with Abyss who catches him with a TORTURE WRACK DROP! Rave and Shelley come into the ring, and they take turns in beating up Jack whilst the other two keep Austin and Roddy on the floor. SKULLF*CK ON A CHAIR! Finally the other two GeNext guys have had enough and use a ladder to fight their way into the ring. They trap Abyss in the corner with it and then run up the ladder into strikes onto the monster. Shelley eats ladder as well from a double flapjack. Rave gets double-teamed on the floor as the chaos continues. Aries with a dropkick through the ropes then a CRAZY DIVING PLANCHA ON ABYSS! Strong and Shelley are out brawling on the merch table! It’s all getting hard to follow, let alone to PBP on. Abyss moves out into the crowd with Evans now until Strong comes at him with dropkicks. Rave is choking on Austin with his own t-shirt. Jimmy and Strong are in the ring now, and Rave CHAIR SHOTS THE LADDER INTO ROD’S HEAD! Aries takes him out and Strong gives Shelley a double knee gutbuster.

Meanwhile Evans and Abyss fight out near the batting (baseball) cages at the back of the building. This building they use in Buffalo is weird. First it’s a hockey arena, now indoor baseball? Abyss tries to put Jack through a table but Roddy makes the save with a chair. They set the monster on the table now. EVANS WITH A 630 OFF THE CAGE THROUGH A TABLE! HOLY SH*T! That was crazy stuff, and everywhere else it’s still complete mayhem. Austin is stacking tables at ringside but Shelley takes advantage of them by driving Roderick’s head into them. HALF NELSON BACKBREAKER! Rave in…HALF NELSON BACKBREAKER THROUGH A CHAIR! Strong tries to splash mountain him through the tables but Shelley stops it with a superkick. SHELLSHOCK OFF THE APRON THROUGH THE TABLES! THIS IS MENTAL! Nana is involved now and it’s two-on-one on Aries. The Prince with the running ass to the face…so Jade gives him another low blow! Aries Finlay rolls Jimmy onto a ladder…BUT MISSES THE 450 SPLASH AND EATS THE STEEL! Rave and Nana trap Aries under the ladder and use it to pin him at 17:54.

Rating – **** –
That sh*t was, as Gwen Stefani would say, ‘BANANAS’. First they proved they could do an awesome 6-man wrestling match at Redemption, now they go out and put on one of the wildest No DQ matches in ROH history. Some of the stuff they were doing was just out of this world brutal. The 630 off the cage, the Shellshock off the apron, the 450 into the ladder. I’m absolutely blown away…and you can consider this show stolen! How will the Wargames match top that?

INTERMISSION – The Dave (Prazak) is with the champ. Unlike Corino, he doesn’t want the belt for power, for his ego and the like. He cherishes it because it lets him wrestle how he wants to.

Tony Mamaluke/Sal Rinauro vs Homicide/Ricky Reyes – ROH Tag Title Match

Remember when the Rottweilers won the Trios Tournament and got to book any kind of match they wanted? Remember how after that, the Havana Pitbulls sort of disappeared and never used that chance? Well now Ricky Reyes is back and semi-over he’s cashing in his shot. He’s demanded this tag title shot with his stable-mate Homicide. Should be a big test for Mamaluke and Rinauro, who frankly have SUCKED as Champions so far.

Homicide starts with Rinauro with the crowd absolutely dead. Sal gets the better of an armdrag exchange before bringing in Mamaluke to work the mat. Homicide isn’t a slouch at that though and works into a tag to Reyes. More very serious chain wrestling that doesn’t really go anywhere. Cide gets out-worked by Mamaluke again so goes to the outside for a break. He goes for a few quick pins so Tony locks on a triangle choke which Homicide has to powerbomb out of. Rinauro drop toeholds Cide over Mamaluke’s knee for 2. Sal hits an armbar DDT for 2. He gets a couple of shoulderbreakers before Homicide fires back with an Ace crusher and makes a tag. Reyes with the basement dropkick in the corner. Homicide starts getting aggressive with kicks to the back then a choke over the ropes. Ricky chokes him as well after a neckbreaker. Rinauro with a desperation rana but Homicide prevents the tag by booting him in the head. Backbreaker/leg drop combo from the Rottweilers for 2. They’ve been focused on the back and neck the whole time during this isolation. To that end it’s Homicide with the crowd-working chinlock of doom. Sal counters to a series of nearfalls so Cide throws him to the mat with a T-bone suplex. SECOND ROPE DDT gets 2! Cide goes for a second though and that’s a costly error as Rinauro scores with a super hurricanrana. Mamaluke gets the tag and unloads offence on both Rotts. Saito suplex and a frog splash on the Notorious 187. He wheelbarrows into the Fujiwara armbar but Cide tries to bust his jaw with a forearm. Rinauro hits Reyes with a one-legged quebrada and a swinging DDT. Homicide gives him a piledriver before Ricky German suplexes him. TOPE SUICIDA by Tony on Homicide…AS REYES PUTS RINAURO IN THE DRAGON SLEEPER! Mamaluke breaks it then gets shoved into a shortarm lariat from Homicide. Rinauro nails a springboard crossbody on Reyes to secure the win at 19:43.

Rating – ** –
I’d like to state first that I have no problem with the length of this match. It wasn’t great, but 20 minute Tag Title matches make the belts seem that much more important and if ROH are serious about making their tag division mean something then it’s a plus. The problem was how these guys chose to fill their allotted time was a little tedious. I liked the combination of Homicide and Reyes. Although Cide phoned this one in a little bit he was fun bringing a little bit of heelishness to the beatdown on Rinauro. Ricky Reyes, meanwhile, was the star of this match for me. He didn’t set the world on fire but just like he has been doing in squashes recently he brought a foul-tempered brutality to everything he did that was fun to watch. The first 5-8 minutes of this were completely pointless though. Mamaluke aimlessly chain-wrestled with both Homicide and Reyes. It didn’t serve any purpose other than to kill time before the brief token babyfaces having the upper hand before the whole face in peril schtick you’re used to in tag formula matches. It was a pretty lame finish as well, with Sal forgetting about his neck to hit his high spots. I wish they’d have kept the tag straps on a heel Whitmer and Jacobs. FBI 2005 are looking like flops if you ask me.

Jim Cornette reports in from the Commissioner’s office. He talks about how people have been getting World Title shots based on grudges and hatred rather than people earning their shots in the last few months. Most of that is surely CM Punk’s fault? Anyway, he’s reinstating the Top 5 Rankings…that’s cool.

Low Ki vs Colt Cabana

This is to further the Homicide/Cabana feud which continues to escalate. They clashed last night in a tag match when it was Cabana teaming with Steve Corino against the Rottweiler combination of Ki and Homicide. Low Ki came out on the losing end of that match because Colt Cabana pushed Cide’s foot off the ropes, causing him to be pinned by Corino.

Cabana is all about mocking Low Ki, taking the piss out of his angry fighter stance that he starts all his matches with. KI SMILES BAH GAWD! He returns to angry mode by clamping onto a hanging armbreaker out of the corner. Cabana tries to use his strength which is his chain-wrestling, but Ki isn’t bad at that and bridges into a kick to the chest. Colt tries again and Low Ki counters with a very technical bite to the leg. The Rottweiler gets grounded as his opponent persists with working the arm. Ki goes for a bridging kick again so Cabana goes for the dreaded foot-tickle. Wristlock takedown into a bridging wristlock on the former ROH Champion. That draws Low Ki into his first stiff chop of the match. He goes for a second and it’s countered with BALLROOM DANCING! Ki is clearly frustrated, and this allows Cabana to ground him and test the arm some more. Split-legged hamstring stretch, and Colt actually pulls his opponent by the ears. Low Ki tries to do the same hold in return but isn’t tall enough and ends up frustrated again. The inevitable happens and he’s had enough of chaining with Cabana and he front suplexes the Saint over the top rope for 2. Staying on that area, Cabana finds himself trapped in a bodyscissors. He finds a counter so Ki beautifully switches to the figure 5 headscissors instead, then floats back to the bodyscissors once Colt has been re-neutralised. He tries to escape with another hamstring stretch but Ki has weakened the ribs now and blocks with shots placed there. MACHINE GUN CHOPS but Cabana responds with repeated bionic elbows. Tidal butt-butt followed by his lariat but it only gets 2. Colt 45 blocked by going to the ribs again. Cabana goes to the top rope and gets crotched. DOUBLE STOMP TO THE SPINE…OFF CABANA’S BACK! He’s looking for the Ki Crusher but Cabana isn’t doing business. Ghetto Stomp blocked with an inverted atomic drop and Colt Twirly Bird’s Low Ki…before Homicide comes out to distract him on the microphone. He calls Cabana ‘CM Punk’s b*tch’ enabling Ki to hit the shotgun dropkick and a GHETTO STOMP! Low Ki wins at 20:36.

Rating – *** –
Another match which maybe went on a touch too long, but I definitely enjoyed it. The first 10 minutes had fantastic psychology as Colt countered all Low Ki’s trademark stuff like intensity and striking power with his wrestling ability and repeated off-putting humour. That only worked for so long until Low Ki snapped, performing some superficial work on the ribs which obviously set up for the Ghetto Stomp finish…then storyline kicked in at the end with Homicide repaying the favour for his defeat to Jack Evans at Joe vs Kobashi. Maybe going 20 minutes with that was a tad excessive in front of a less than responsive audience, but it gave them enough time to play-out a complex little story. Not everyone will like this (some will be bored to tears I’m sure) but if you can appreciate the psychology of the opening (as opposed to something like Mamaluke in the last match who went absolutely nowhere with the same kind of early chain-wrestling) then you’ll be fine.

Bryan Danielson vs Steve Corino – ROH World Title Match

It’s been said enough really. American Dragon wants to be a fighting champion and sent out open contracts for title shots all around the world. Corino got one thanks to the HUSTLE promotion in Japan and makes a challenge tonight. He was scheduled to get one thanks to a Zero-ONE open contract back with Samoa Joe was champion but pulled out at the last minute (and got replaced by Joe vs Punk 2), and was scheduled to wrestle Bryan Danielson as long ago as 2002 before Japanese commitments got in the way. It’s amazing this match ever got tied down at all. Corino forgoes his usual long introduction because he’s all business tonight.

Corino charges with a clothesline and a NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! TWO COUNT!! Danielson flees and Steve gives chase to the floor. The champ tastes the steel of the railings before we go back inside. Duelling forearm strikes which Dragon wins with a ROARING ELBOW! AmDrag tries to teach the stupid Americans the ‘you’re gonna get your f*cking head kicked in’ chant all British football fans should be familiar with. The initial pace of the match has cooled off now and they test each other with a back and forth collar-and-elbow. Corino looks to control his young opponent with a wristlock but Bryan just bridges out and dropkicks him in the face. Danielson looks for a wristlock of his own but Corino is able to counter into a headlock. Now he tries to control the champion with a knucklelock which leads to an awesome sequence with Danielson trying to suplex himself free and Steve refusing to let go. Danielson isn’t intimidated and slaps away on the former ECW Champ then floors him with a jumping enzi. Corino hits back with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. To the top rope for a big superplex that gets another close 2. Dragon with a European uppercut, but as he goes for a second Corino counters with a DDT. Tiger Mask flip out of the corner by AmDrag, into a corkscrew enziguri. Butterfly suplex then a running Banzai drop follow that. Corino tries to take a shot at former nemesis Homicide by going for an Ace crusher off the second rope but it’s blocked and the champ flies with a missile dropkick. No Mexican surfboard tonight because ‘he’s too fat’ – Danielson. Judo DDT scores but the diving headbutt misses and Steve locks on a COBRA CLUTCH CROSSFACE! Danielson counters to a bridging German, but when that doesn’t work Corino takes the advantage again with an STO. Dragon blocks a lariat…RIGHT INTO CATTLE MUTILATION! The challenger is able to get to the ropes though. Superplex nailed by Dragon, then some extra elevation on the diving headbutt. Cattle Mutilation pin for 2. Regalplex blocked, but so is Steve’s northern lights bomb. Corino has a lariat blocked and this time does hit a second NLB but it’s still only good for 2. Old School Expulsion COUNTERED WITH A REGALPLEX! CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! Corino taps in 24:16.

Rating – *** –
It’s not a must-see match, but I really found myself caught up in this one. Corino isn’t a graceful worker, and certainly doesn’t have all the moves in the world, but his pacing was beautiful. He played the cunning old-stager brilliantly from the opening flurry to the way he looked to test Danielson with basic power holds. Any time he strayed away from this formula it allowed the younger, quicker, technically superior Bryan Danielson to take the advantage and dominate the match. It lacked a little drama because, although they established a fine storyline, they didn’t actually progress it very well, meaning very little of their climactic nearfall stuff was as exciting as it could’ve been. I did like the finish though, as the desperate challenger busts out the move that took him to the ECW Title years ago only to have it prove to be his undoing. On Danielson’s part, it was an interesting change of pace from the Aries defence last night. There he dominated the match and really drove it forward, as opposed to tonight where it was really Corino’s match, with AmDrag proving himself flexible enough to work around an opponent, rather than work HIS match.

Roderick Strong meets Dragon as he steps through the curtain but before he can make his point he is jumped by The Embassy. Aries and Evans arrive and the two factions are brawling again. They fight back through the curtain and go at it in front of the fans as they exit the building.

Ace Steel cuts a creepy promo all shot in black and white. He’s gone mental since Chad Collyer busted him wide open at Punk: The Final Chapter. He’s been training non-stop and is coming for revenge. Awesome stuff from Crazy Ace.

Tape Rating – *** –
Just did enough to scrape 3* since it’s a consistently decent top-to-bottom show. After the first two matches everything is decent at worst. Ki/Cabana and Danielson/Corino were surprisingly cerebral top-liners that you’ll either love or hate depending on how you like your wrestling. Plus you’ve got Nigel’s best Pure Title defence and the absolute craziness of the Embassy/GeNext 6-man. Nothing comes close to the Dragon/Aries masterpiece from Enter The Dragon the night before, but there are a lot of lengthy matches to get your teeth into, less squashes, and a better general flow. There’s been nothing on either night that has screamed must-see though. Granted the Dragon/Aries was awesome, but they’ve done better at Testing The Limit. It was a good weekend for providing a lot of solid matches, it was just a little short on flat-out awesomeness coming off the red-hot Kobashi weekend.

Top 3 Matches

3) Bryan Danielson vs Steve Corino (***)

2) Nigel McGuiness vs Samoa Joe (***)

1) Jimmy Rave/Alex Shelley/Abyss vs Austin Aries/Roderick Strong/Jack Evans (****)

Top 5 Enter The Dragon Weekend Matches

5) Roderick Strong vs Jimmy Yang (*** – Enter The Dragon)

4) Nigel McGuiness vs Samoa Joe (*** – Buffalo Stampede)

3) Samoa Joe/Jay Lethal vs Jimmy Rave/Alex Shelley (**** – Enter The Dragon)

2) Rave/Shelley/Abyss vs Aries/Strong/Evans (**** – Buffalo Stampede)

1) Bryan Danielson vs Austin Aries (****1/2 – Enter The Dragon)

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