ECW on TNN 10/15/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN

ECW on TNN starts off with Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch making their way down to the ring where Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are standing. Right after they enter the ring, Lance Storm and Dawn Marie come down to the ring. Storm says he saw Tammy’s confession on television and says he is happy that Tammy has realized that Tammy is a has been at the age of 26. Storm knew she was a has been at the age of 25! Storm says he carried Candido for a year and a half. Storm suggests Tammy go back to her old ways and take a powder. Dawn calls Tammy a prostitute and brief brawl breaks out.

ECW on TNN opening video

Opening Contest: David Cash fought Tom Marquez to a no contest:
Marquez works on Cash’s arm with a wrist lock early on. Marquez shoulder blocks Cash but Cash arm drags Marquez and stomps away on Marquez in the corner. Rhino runs down to the ring and Gores both Marquez and Cash to end the match. NR

Rhino and Steve Corino remain in the ring to cut a promo. They are wearing Atlanta Falcons jerseys and make sure to point out New Orleans Saints players Kyle Turley and Josh Wilcox. Rhino says he came there to beat their ass. Rhino starts to throw punches with Turley! Tommy Dreamer comes down to break up the brawl. Corino says he would end Dreamer’s career. They end up having a match.

Second Contest: Tommy Dreamer defeated Steve Corino:
Dreamer throws Corino over the railing and Corino lands on the first few rows. Dreamer hammers away on Corino in the crowd for a few moments. Dreamer tries to throw Corino off the bleachers but Corino elbows out of that situation. Corino fights back and Dreamer falls off the bleachers to the floor. Corino crotches Dreamer on the guard railing and continues to work on Dreamer with right hands. Dreamer has a camera stand wrapped around his body but manages to send Corino over the railing towards ringside. Dreamer uses the camera stand to whack Corino across the back and they enter the ring. Dreamer smashes Corino with a chair across his bare butt. Dreamer brings Corino back down to the mat with a superplex but doesn’t cover. Corino comes back with a spinning heel kick and stomps away on Dreamer. Corino sits down on a chair to lock in a front face lock. Dreamer fights out and sends Corino face first into the chair. Corino blocks a DDT and slams Dreamer back first onto the chair. Corino knocks out the referee as the referee was warning Corino. Corino misses a splash into the ropes and Dreamer plants Corino with the Spicolli Driver. Dreamer puts Corino in the Tarantula and Francine knocks Jack Victory off the apron with a kick. Tajiri comes in and dropkicks Dreamer. Francine low blows Tajiri and slaps him. Francine runs away from Tajiri and heads to the backstage area. Dreamer is busted open as Corino heads up top but is shoved off by Raven. Tajiri is met with a DDT from Raven. Raven ends up doing the same to his tag team partner Tommy Dreamer. Corino covers Dreamer but Dreamer is able to roll Corino up and wins the match.
After the match, Raven kneels over Dreamer applauding Dreamer on the win. Raven raises Dreamer’s arm a couple of times and poses for the fans.

Backstage, Bill Alfonso is with Sabu. Alfonso puts over Sabu and how dangerous the man is. Alfonso says that next week Sabu will be debuting on TNN!

Third Contest: Lance Storm defeated Chris Candido:
Storm chops Candido in a corner a few times but Candido returns the chops. Storm shoulder blocks Candido but is soon met with a clothesline from Candido. Candido mounts Storm with right hands and goes back chopping Storm in the corner. Candido misses a clothesline and Storm nails Candido with a nice spinning heel kick. Storm stomps away on Candido and delivers chops and right hands in the corner. Candido with a swinging neck breaker and comes off the middle rope with a leg drop for a two count. Storm stops Candido with a jaw breaker and clotheslines Candido in the corner, followed by a uppercut and a dropkick. Candido sets Storm up for a delayed vertical suplex and after several seconds, drives Storm down to the mat for a two count. Candido sends Storm to the corner and knocks Storm off the apron after Storm flips over. Candido leaps off the top and takes Storm out with a cross body on the floor! Candido sends Storm back first into the guard railing a few times. Storm stops another attempt and sends Candido gut first into the guard railing. Storm sends Candido over into the crowd but doesn’t do anything and brings Candido back to ringside. Storm with a nice springboard clothesline but only manages to get a two count. Storm heads to the top rope but is crotched by Tammy. Candido with a superplex and goes to the top rope where he connects with a diving head butt but only gets a two count. Tammy and Dawn fight in the ring. Tammy low blows Jason and goes for a DDT but Dawn nails Tammy with a purse. Justin Credible whacks Candido with a kendo stick and Storm spikes Candido with the cradle pile driver to win the match. **
After the match, the Impact Players do their usual catchphrase. Dawn Marie says that is one down and two more to go.

Main Event: ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeated Rod Price to retain the title:
They trade right hands to open the match until Awesome knocks Price down with a leaping shoulder block. Awesome clotheslines Price to the floor and takes Price out with a suicide dive. Price sends Awesome into the guard railing and connects with a side Russian leg sweep into the guard railing. Price with a back elbow back in the ring but only gets a one count. Price with a big power slam but only manages a near fall. Price is sent chest first into the corner and Awesome takes Price over with a German suplex. Awesome follows up with a running clothesline and calls for a table. Awesome nails Price with a big boot and sets up the table. Awesome drives Price through the table with a power bomb. Price’s manager Rajun Cajun comes in but he is power bombed over the top to the floor through a table! Awesome leaps off the top rope and connects with a frog splash on Price to win the match. *

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner hype up Mike Awesome defending the ECW World Championship against Masato Tanaka at November to Remember

Backstage, the Impact Players and Dawn Marie cut a promo. Marie says she is a star and will be running out of town soon. Storm says this is all business and says they will be winning the tag team titles. Credible just does his catchphrase.

Backstage, Da Baldies introduce themselves.

Outside on Bourbon Street, Raven cuts a promo about being a place of sin. Raven says it is better to have a condemned soul then have no soul at all.

Backstage, Miss Congeniality is trimming her nails and Danny Doring is trying to tell her to be sexy for the camera but she doesn’t care. Doring cuts a promo on Chris Chetti and Nova. Doring says Nova will do what they tell him to do or he will be laid out.

Back to Raven who continues to walk the streets. Raven calls a group of people idiots and says he feels Tommy Dreamers pain. Raven screams into the camera.

Backstage, Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney cut a promo. Axl says they are the hottest and most extreme tag team in ECW. Hardcore Chair Swinging Freaks is their name.

Backstage, Spike Dudley is playing with his hands.

Backstage, Da Baldies once again introduce themselves.

Outside in a parking lot, New Jack talks about seeing his father shoot his mother while being carried. He decided at that time he would take his opportunity.

Backstage, ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam is with Bill Alfonso. RVD knows that Bill Alfonso knows who he is going face.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn tells the Impact Players that a few broken ribs will not stop him. Steve Corino chimes in and calls Lynn a crybaby. Lynn doesn’t appreciate that and goes to find him in the locker room. However, Lynn is attacked by Tajiri as soon as he enters the second room and Corino gets a laugh out of it.

Back to Bourbon Street with Raven. Raven is with sinners who do not care or worry.

Backstage, RVD wants to wrestle Sabu but Alfonso isn’t thrilled about that.

Back to the parking lot with New Jack who says he is going to commit crimes and run away from the cops.

Backstage, Tajiri cuts a promo in Japanese.

Back to the parking lot where New Jack only knows violence. He is on a mission..

Back to Rob Van Dam who says people get what they pay to see. RVD tells Alfonso to bring on whoever he can to come after his championship.

End of show

My Take:
So, they are bringing Tammy’s drug issues from the past into a storyline. I have never approved of bringing that sort of thing into wrestling. Did it generate heat on Storm? Sure. But, something else could have been developed to get that heat.

It was pretty cool to see the Saints players actually get physically involved with Rhino and Corino. It is really shocking they did that considering the NFL was just in the opening months of its season. Dreamer/Corino put on a decent little brawl that was like most ECW matches.

Candido/Storm had a simple match with a few good spots thrown in the mix. Impact Players continue to close out 1999 on a strong note as they have been beating a lot of the top talent ECW has to offer. I’m big on Lance Storm, not so much on Justin Credible at this point.

Mike Awesome is really entertaining in the squash matches he competes in. Everything the guy does just looks good for the most part.

Overall, a much better episode that actually progressed storylines and wasn’t wasted away like last week. Nothing stands out as being great but it advances what needed to be advanced.

Thanks for reading.

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