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WCW Nitro 4/24/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
From: Rochester, NY

A video going over the recent happenings in WCW is shown. Jarrett/DDP is briefly touched on, Kidman/Hogan, Sting/Vampiro, Nash/Awesome, Booker helping Jarrett and the ending where Bret Hart came to the ring with a chair are shown.

Backstage, Sting and Vampiro are brawling. Sting tosses Vampiro into walls and cases all over the backstage area. Sting walks away and Vampiro nails Sting with a lead pipe. Bam-Bam Bigelow is seen just casually walking towards the ring.

Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden hype up who did Bret Hart hit with the chair last week.

Opening Contest: WCW Hardcore Champion Terry Funk defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow to retain the title:
Bigelow attacks Funk from behind with a trash can during Funk’s entrance. The Cat runs down and hits both men with a trash can lid. Funk uses a chair on Bigelow a few times. Bigelow tosses a chair at Funk who has rolled into the ring. Bigelow puts a trash can over Funk’s body and smashes a chair into the trash can a couple of times. Cat enters the ring and nails Bigelow with a cartwheel kick sending the chair into Bigelow’s face. Funk falls on top of Bigelow and picks up the win. ¼*
After the match,. The Cat overshadows Funk’s win by getting his music played and dances in the ring.

The announcers talk about the recent happening between Hulk Hogan and Billy Kidman. They show the footage from last week and it shows Bret Hart nailing Hulk Hogan with the steel chair.

Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson make their way down to the ring to talk to the fans. Kidman has his ribs taped up. Kidman talks about daring Hulk Hogan last week to meet him in the parking lot. Kidman knows that Hogan realized that Kidman is more of a man then Hogan can handle. Kidman talks about nearly dying after being hit with the hummer. Kidman tells Hogan to bring the yellow and Kidman will bring the red, Hogan’s blood. Kidman will finish Hulk Hogan at Slamboree.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff, Kimberly and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett notice Kidman was in the ring and wonder what he was up too.

Backstage, Norman Smiley is trying to convince Vince Russo to allow him to wrestle Terry Funk. Russo tells Smiley to find a partner and they will wrestle Terry Funk at Slamboree for the WCW Hardcore Championship.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett, Kimberly and Eric Bischoff make their way down to the ring for some more talking! David Arquette is in attendance and they talk about Ready to Rumble. Jarrett is going to give DDP a chance to be in a movie which will see Jarrett kicking DDP’s ass in a three tier cage. Jarrett introduces a video from Ready to Rumble to show what the three tier cage is all about. Jarrett proclaims he is going to beat DDP’s ass and neglect him just like DDP did to Kimberly. Eric Bischoff is using a hand free microphone and calls out DDP for some news regarding Kimberly. DDP makes his way down to the ring and asks what Kimberly is thinking by hanging out with Jarrett and Bischoff. Kimberly says she is finally in the drivers seat and once thought she and DDP had something special. However, Bischoff enlightened her to several things regarding her career. Kimberly was enlightened about DDP and says she wants out of the marriage. Kimberly is holding the divorce papers and DDP says they can work things out. Kimberly doesn’t want to work things out and says DDP is embarrassing himself. DDP calls Kimberly a super bitch and gets a pop for swearing! Bischoff tries to calm things down. DDP will sign the papers as soon as he shoves them down Bischoff’s throat. Jarrett nails DDP over the back with a guitar and Arquette attacks Bischoff! Chris Kanyon comes down to the ring and sends Jarrett to the floor saving Arquette! Bischoff flips out that Arquette attacked him at his show. Bischoff challenges Arquette to a match later on and Arquette accepts. Arquette says that if Arquette pins Bischoff DDP gets a title shot against Jarrett inside a steel cage. Bischoff accepts while Jarrett tried to convince Bischoff to not do it!

Backstage, Kronik threaten Vince Russo and say they want a title shot tonight. Russo needs them to do something first and then they will get it.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is assuring Jeff Jarrett that he will take care of Arquette. Bischoff tells Jarrett to get Kidman for him.

Backstage, Sting is walking around looking for Vampiro.

Before the next match, Tammy Sytch talks about knowing how to turn on all the guys. She says Paisley doesn’t know what the men want to see. Tammy takes off her robe and reveals a “sexy outfit”.

Second Contest: WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Candido/Tammy Lynn Sytch defeated The Artist/Paisley:
Artist and Candido trade right hands to start and they both go down following a shoulder block. Paisley and Tammy enter the ring and cover their opponents but only get a two count. Tammy and Paisley have a cat fight until the referee pulls them apart. Tammy leaps off the top rope and takes both men out on the floor with a cross body! Artist goes for a suplex on Tammy but Candido punches Artist and Tammy nearly wins the match. Candido clotheslines Paisley after Artist ducked and Tammy covers Paisley to win the match. ¼*

Sting makes his way down to the ring as Candido and Sytch remain in the ring. Sting drops Candido with a Scorpion Death Drop and grabs a microphone. Sting says it is show time. Sting calls Vampiro a punk, wimp and a kid. Sting wants Vampiro tonight because it is Nitro. Sting challenges Vampiro to a first blood match for later on.

Backstage, Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon hype David Arquette up for his match against Bischoff.

Third Contest: Kronik defeated Ric Flair/Lex Luger:
All four men brawl in the ring to start off the contest. Miss Hancock walks down to the ring to scout the match. Luger dumps Adams to the floor as Buff Bagwell comes down with a bat. Bagwell gets knocked off the apron by Luger and Shane Douglas hits Flair with a bat behind the referees back. Kronik manage to drop Flair with the High Times to win the match. DUD
After the match, Bagwell and Douglas beat down Flair and Luger with baseball bats. Kronik end up attacking Douglas and Bagwell.

Backstage, Mean Gene is with Vampiro. Vampiro calls Sting old and whack. Vampiro wants to stick his fingers into Sting’s eyes and wants to see Sting bleed like a pig. Vampiro tells Sting to come into his web.

Backstage, Bischoff tells Kidman to listen to him and Kidman will be where he wants to be.

Backstage, Mean Gene is with Bischoff, Kidman and Mike Awesome. Bischoff says that Mike Awesome is Billy Kidman’s security. Bischoff knows that Hogan will not be able to find a partner to wrestle Awesome and Kidman. Bischoff also announces that he is the special referee for the Kidman/Hogan match at Slamboree.

Fourth Contest: Billy Kidman/Mike Awesome defeated Hulk Hogan in a handicap match: Hogan is double teamed as soon as he slides into the ring. Hogan rams Awesome and Kidman into each other and Kidman falls to the floor. Hogan works on Awesome with a few right hands and clotheslines Awesome to the floor. Hogan goes to the floor and sends Awesome into the guard railing. Hogan with more right hands I the ring and clotheslines Awesome. Hogan takes off his weight belt and begins to whip Awesome! Hogan chokes Awesome and delivers several punches. Awesome regroups and works on Hogan in the corner. Hogan gets a boot up in the corner and takes Awesome over with a back suplex. Hogan goes back to whipping Awesome with his weight belt and chokes Awesome with the belt as well. Awesome grabs the belt and begins to punch Hogan with the belt buckle. Hogan low blows Awesome and connects with a clothesline. Hogan mounts Awesome with several right hands and tries to get his hands on Kidman but isn’t able to. Awesome backs Hogan into a corner and Hogan is double teamed. Awesome with a standing elbow drop and gets a two count. Hogan ducks under a double clothesline and connects with a double clothesline of his own. Hogan drops Awesome with a right hand and continues with a throat thrust. Hogan with ten punches on Awesome in the corner until Kidman comes in and is greeted with right hands. Awesome knocks Hogan down and comes off the ropes with a big splash and gets a near fall. Awesome whips Hogan with the weight belt but Hogan punches Awesome and nails Awesome with a big boot. Hogan doesn’t go for the leg drop because Kidman keeps distracting him. Hogan scoop slams Awesome and follows up with a few elbow drops and a boot scrape. Hogan tosses Awesome to the floor and chops Awesome on the floor. Hogan rams Awesome head first into the announcers table and gets right in Mark Madden’s face. Awesome is sent shoulder first into the ring post but pokes Hogan in the eyes. Hogan sends Awesome into the guard railing and turns around to be met with a steel chair shot from Kidman. Hogan has been busted open. Awesome slides a table into the ring as Kidman beats down a bloody Hogan in the ring. The table has been set up and Awesome power bombs Hogan through the table! Kevin Nash is seen backstage seeing what is going on. Awesome grabs another table and tosses that one into the ring as well. Second table is set up and Hogan is placed onto the table. Kidman comes off the top rope and big splashes Hogan through the table! Kidman tears off a Hulkster shirt and connects with a leg drop to pin Hogan. **
After the match, Kevin Nash finally decides to make his way down to the ring. Nash cleans house until Torrie Wilson low blows Nash from behind. Nash is rammed groin first into the ring post and Awesome smashes Nash’s ankle with a chair. Awesome and Kidman stand tall as Hogan and Nash are left laying.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff and David Arquette are walking to the ring with their groups.

Fifth Contest: David Arquette defeated Eric Bischoff:
Jarrett distracts Arquette and Bischoff stomps away on Arquette in the corner. Arquette is able to spear Bischoff and connects with the worm. Arquette covers but the referee is pulled out by Jarrett. Jarrett nails DDP with the championship and the referee has been knocked out. Bischoff low blows Arquette and Jarrett goes to hit Arquette with the guitar but hits Bischoff on accident. Arquette covers Bischoff and picks up the win. DUD
After the match, the lights go out and Sting is in the rafters looking down.

Backstage, David Arquette and Chris Kanyon celebrate their win while we see Jarrett and Bischoff angry about losing.

WCW United States Champion Scott Steiner makes his way down to the ring with his freaks. Steiner says that he had a couple of freaks call him from NYC because they wanted to ride a legend. Steiner says they believed nothing was finer than Scott Steiner. Steiner says this week is payback for Booker T screwing him over last week. Steiner says Booker is going to floss with his shoelaces. Steiner calls out Booker T. Booker has some new theme music which sounds pretty horrible. Booker gets a cheap pop for mentioning where they are at. Booker doesn’t want to make this personal and says what he did was business. Booker says Steiner was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Booker isn’t going to apologize for what he did. Booker enters the ring and says they can fight if they can’t get along. Booker tells Steiner’s freaks that once they go black they never go back. Steiner attacks Booker from behind and hammers away on Booker in the corner. Booker is able to drop Steiner with a sidekick and mounts Steiner with right hands and they trade right hands as Nitro goes to commercial.

Backstage, Diamond Dallas Page is getting ready for his match.

Backstage, Vince Russo tells Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell that they need to go to the ring and wrestle Kronik with the tag team titles on the line.

Sixth Contest: WCW World Tag Team Champions Buff Bagwell/Shane Douglas defeated Kronik to retain the titles:
All four men brawl in the ring until Bagwell is tossed to the floor. Clarke works on Douglas with several punches and knee lifts. Bagwell kicks Clarke from the apron and is knocked off the apron by Clarke. Douglas drops Clarke with a front slam and tags out to Bagwell. Clarke chops Bagwell in the corner but Bagwell comes back with a swinging neck breaker. Douglas enters and they drop Clarke with a double back elbow for a near fall. Douglas with a few jabs on Clarke but Clarke catches Douglas and drops Douglas throat first across the top rope. Bagwell and Adams get tags and Adams cleans house. Adams drives Bagwell down with a full nelson slam and nails Douglas with a right hand. High Times attempt but Bagwell tosses the referee out. High Times on Bagwell as Douglas is sent to the floor. Russo enters the ring and hits Clarke with a baseball bat. Douglas whacks Clarke with the bat across the back. Russo nails the referee with the baseball bat. Bagwell covers Adams and Russo makes the count to allow the champions to retain the titles. DUD

After a commercial, Tank Abbott makes his way down to the ring. Abbott says that they are going on three shows that Goldberg hasn’t answered his challenge. Abbott claims to be a real warrior and says he is going hurt someone because of Goldberg. Abbott walks around ringside and attacks Bob Ryder. Jeremy Borash enters the ring but Abbott knocks Borash out. Bill Banks is also knocked out and Abbott leaves.

Seventh Contest: Diamond Dallas Page defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett in a steel cage match to win the title:
The cage has a top to it but it isn’t a Caged Heat match. DDP attacks Jarrett before the bell by slamming the door into Jarrett’s face. DDP sends Jarrett into the crowd and brawls with Jarrett for a few moments. Jarrett hits DDP with a trash can a couple of times but DDP returns the trash can shots. DDP sends Jarrett over the guard railing and they are over by the entrance way. Jarrett tosses DDP into the railing back first and drops DDP throat first across the railing. DDP comes back and sends Jarrett back first into the railing and delivers a few right hands as they enter the cage. Jarrett stomps away on DDP to regain control of the contest. DDP sends Jarrett into the cage a couple times and catapults Jarrett into a corner. DDP with a few punches but is low blowed by Jarrett and dropped face first across the top turnbuckle. Jarrett sends DDP face first into the cage a few times. DDP drops Jarrett with a few right hands and a discus clothesline. DDP goes for the cutter but Jarrett low blows DDP and Mike Awesome is at the door. Jarrett plants DDP with a DDT and taunts the fans. DDP counters a suplex attempt with the diamond cutter and Awesome prevents DDP from getting the pin at first until Kanyon comes in and allows the referee to finish the count. DDP wins the belt!
After the match, DDP, Kanyon and Arquette celebrate the win.

Main Event: Vampiro defeated Sting in a first blood match:
Sting comes down from the rafters and struggles to free himself from the cord. Vampiro attacks Sting on the aisle way and brings Sting to the ring. Sting delivers right hands and clotheslines Vampiro to the floor. Vampiro quickly rolls back in but is sent back to the floor by Sting. Sting eye rakes Vampiro and connects with a snap suplex. Vampiro is dumped to the floor yet again and stands on the announcers table. Vampiro signals for something and a red liquid falls from the ceiling. Sting is wiped out by the liquid and Vampiro drops Sting with the Nail in the Coffin. The New Blood enters the ring and gets a few shots in on Sting. Sting tries to get some offense in but he is overwhelmed by the numbers. Vampiro hooks Sting up on the cord Sting used earlier and Sting is just hung over the aisle way dripping red liquid to close out the show.

End of show.

My Take:
What the hell did I just watch? Aside from two matches nothing was given any time to develop at all so this section will be rather short I would think.

The whole Bischoff/DDP/Kimberly/Jarrett saga is mildly entertaining but is a weak top program in my opinion. I think it is pretty sad that DDP would need a actor to help fight his battles. Bischoff/Arquette match was just horrendous on so many levels that it made WCW look like a complete joke. I would have to think they could come up with something better than that.

What was with Ric Flair wrestling in his street clothes? Three guys wrestled in street clothes on the show. The other two being Douglas and Bagwell which is understandable because they didn’t expect their match. But why didn’t Flair have any ring gear? I didn’t understand that.

The best part of the show was the handicap match between Kidman/Awesome and Hogan. Seeing Hogan go through two tables and be pinned by a cruiserweight is just great. The action was necessarily horrible either but seeing Hogan get demolished the way he did by younger talent was long overdue.

The steel cage match was a simple brawl that had more action outside of the ring. What the hell is the point of booking a steel cage match if more than half the match is booked outside the ring? DDP winning the title is something I didn’t care about because the story hadn’t been developed to the point where I would be happy to see DDP get his revenge. Russo simply blew off the ending to the feud incredibly too soon with that decision.

The main event was a complete and utter joke. A liquid just takes away any strength Sting had? Seriously. The fans were pretty vocal about how lame of an ending that was. I assume Vampiro won the match although Sting wasn’t technically bleeding his own blood, if that makes much sense.

Really, the only thing to maybe look forward to in WCW is the Scott Steiner/Booker T feud. They can at least put on decent matches against each other. Though, I do have to wonder what ever happened to the teased Steiner/Flair feud that seemed to have been hinted at on the 4/10/00 show. Now that could have been a interesting one. Oh well.

Overall, a really horrible show. The fans lost much of their excitement midway through the show because they weren’t given any long lasting matches until it was too late to care about what was going on. A complete mess of a show. They need to slow down the booking and stretch things out and not book a month worth of stuff into two hours. Hopefully in the weeks to come the shows are better because this was a disgrace.

Thanks for reading.

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