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WCW Nitro 5/1/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
: 5/1/2000
From: Birmingham, AL

WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette is talking to his wife Courtney Cox who isn’t thrilled about Arquette being the World Champion.

A video highlighting what happened on Thunder is shown. Russo claims to own Elizabeth and kidnapped her. Arquette pinned Bischoff to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

At the parking lot, there is a standoff between DDP and his friends and the New Blood centered around Arquette winning the title. A car comes speeding into the picture and almost hit’s the New Blood. Hulk Hogan was driving the car and gets out to brawl with the New Blood members.

Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden talk about what just happened.

Opening Contest: Norman Smiley/Ralphus defeated Crowbar in a hardcore match:
Ralphus is deemed the mystery partner for Smiley, but it isn’t pretty obvious who it is. Crowbar attacks Smiley from behind and connects with a spinning back elbow. Crowbar traps the mystery partner in the corner as the partner has a mascot suit on with a huge head. Crowbar tosses a trash can at Smiley but Smiley is able to power slam Crowbar onto the trash can. Crowbar head scissors Smiley over the top to the floor and sends Smiley into the guard railing. Smiley smashes Crowbar over the back with a chair to save his partner from a trash can lid shot. Smiley tosses Crowbar into a couple cars on the floor and gets a two count. Crowbar kicks a trash can lid into Smiley’s face and leaps off the apron connecting with a big splash for a near fall. Crowbar goes for a suicide dive but is met with a chair shot from Smiley. Crowbar low blows Smiley with a kendo stick and does the Big Wiggle on the mystery partner. Smiley hits Crowbar with a kendo stick and does the Big Wiggle on Crowbar. Crowbar and Smiley go for cross bodies but they collide. Crowbar hit’s the mystery partner with a trash can and scoop slams Smiley. Smiley crotches Crowbar on the top rope and goes for a back suplex but Crowbar counters with a cross body and gets a near fall. Smiley trips over his partner but is able to rollup Crowbar to win the match.

The announcers hype up some kind of announcement from WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette.

Backstage, David Arquette is telling DDP that he doesn’t deserve to be the champion. We also see Jeff Jarrett and Bischoff walking. Hell, we see Lex Luger and Ric Flair walking too!

We see footage of David Arquette talking to his wife on the set of a movie. Courtney Cox is trying to convince Arquette that he isn’t a wrestler.

Shawn Stasiak is at a gym and says he is the Perfect One. Stasiak is going to break the record in free throw shooting.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette, Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon make their way down to the ring. Arquette says this is a dream come true to be the World Champion. Arquette understands that he is a entertainer and has decided to give up the championship. “Maybe Booker T deserves it.” Arquette talks about the triple cage match at Slamboree and says the title will be up for Jarrett and Page. Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff and Kimberly cut off Arquette and make their way down to the ring. Jarrett calls Arquette a slappy for trying to make the rules. Jarrett notes that Arquette will be treated as a entertainer and will pay the consequences. Bischoff tells Arquette that he is going to act as a World Champion. Bischoff inserts Arquette into the triple cage match at Slamboree. Lex Luger has been chasing after Vince Russo as they completely cut into the segment. They run through the crowd as we go back to the normal segment. Bischoff books Arquette into a match later on against Tank Abbott! Abbott makes his way down to the ring. DDP chimes in and calls Bischoff a ass hole. Page says that Arquette isn’t wrestling Abbott. Abbott and Page brawl and then everyone in the ring starts to brawl. Security runs in and breaks up the fighting. Abbott challenges DDP to a match where if Abbott wins he will wrestle Arquette.

Backstage, Lex Luger is looking for Vince Russo.

Back to the gym, the Perfect One is continuing to shoot free throws.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff tells Hugh Morrus that he will be wrestling Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner in a three way dance. Bischoff also says if his MIA buddies interfere they will be fired.

Second Contest: The Wall defeated Horace Hogan in a tables match:
Wall meets Hogan on the aisle way and they brawl for a few moments. Hogan sends Wall into the guard railing but Wall comes back with a few knee lifts. They get back into the ring as Wall heads to the top rope but is crotched by Hogan. Hogan plants Wall with a elevated DDT in the corner. Death Valley Driver by Hogan as Ms. Hancock comes down to ringside to scout the match. Hogan grabs a table and sets it up in the ring. Billy Kidman runs into the ring but Hogan is able to toss Kidman to the floor. Wall nails Hogan with a big boot and choke slams Hogan through the table! ¼*
After the match, Hogan is beaten down by Kidman and Wall. Kidman connects with a middle rope leg drop. Hulk Hogan runs down to the ring but the heels bail to the floor. Mike Awesome comes in from behind but Hogan is able to hammer away on Awesome. Hogan is now fighting off all three men until Awesome clotheslines Hogan and stomps away on Hogan. Awesome places Hogan onto the table and heads to the top rope but Hogan has managed to fight off the table and crotches Awesome on the top rope. Hogan goes for a superplex but Kidman hammers away on Hogan. Awesome sunset flips Hogan and power bombs Hogan through the table!

At a graveyard, Vampiro cuts a promo directed towards Sting. Vampiro asks if Sting will come and play at the graveyard which is his “home”. Vampiro knows Sting will come and play.

Vince Russo comes down to the ring dragging Elizabeth with him and with some security. Russo calls Lex Luger out to the ring and says he will wreck Luger’s ass. Russo heads to the backstage area. Apparently it was for a match and not for right this second.

Before the next match, Scott Steiner rips into the fans and says the best time he spent in Alabama was when he left it.

Third Contest: Hugh Morrus defeated Jeff Jarrett and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner:
Morrus is double teamed as soon as he makes it into the ring. Morrus is met with a double back elbow and is stomped by both men. Morrus is also met with a double shoulder block. Steiner kicks Morrus in the corner as Jarrett taunts the fans. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner and Jarrett tries to steal the win which pisses off Steiner as Steiner was doing pushups. Morrus is clotheslined by Steiner and Steiner drops a elbow. Jarrett goes for the Stroke behind Steiner’s back but Steiner cuts Jarrett off and t-bone suplex Jarrett. Morrus clotheslines Steiner and misses the No Laughing Matter on Jarrett. Jarrett bails for the floor and Jarrett smashes Steiner over the back with a guitar. Steiner falls over and Morrus pins Steiner as Jarrett leaves. *
After the match, the MIA come down and celebrate with Morrus.

Back to the graveyard, we see Sting has arrived looking for Vampiro.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff has fired the Misfits in Action. We cut to another segment where Russo tells Elizabeth to turn around as he changes his clothes. She is disgusted.

Sting is looking for Vampiro at the graveyard. Apparently the camera view is coming from Vampiro who is behind Sting. Sting sees Vampiro and runs towards him but Vampiro runs away. Sting jumps over a ledge where Vampiro was hiding. Vampiro hits Sting several times with a shovel in the graveyard! Sting asks who Vampiro is as Vampiro has a tombstone. “I’m the monster you should have been.” Vampiro nails Sting with the tombstone and Sting falls into a open grave. We see Sting’s hand moving to close out the segment.

Backstage, Ric Flair is hyping up Lex Luger who is working out.

Fourth Contest: Tank Abbott defeated Diamond Dallas Page:
Abbott gets the upper hand as they trade right hands briefly. Abbott thinks he has already won and stands on the apron. Abbott knocks Page to the floor where Page sends Abbott into the guard railing and hammers away on Abbott. Page’s buddies have been locked into a locker room. Abbott tosses Page into the crowd but Page nails Abbott a few times with a trash can. Jarrett has come through the crowd and breaks a bottle over Page’s head! Abbott wins. DUD

Backstage, David Arquette doesn’t want to wrestle Abbott tonight. Page is put into a ambulance.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan attacks Mike Awesome in the locker room.

Billy Kidman comes down to the ring and says that a simple thank you from the fans would be nice. Kidman runs down a few things he and his friends have done lately. Kidman says their mission is to take out the heroes of WCW. Kidman claims to the kingpin now. Kidman says he knows he will pin Hogan again at Slamboree. Kidman issues a open challenge to anyone who is washed up. Nash is talking to Terry Taylor and makes his way towards the ring. Kevin Nash comes down to the ring and Kidman gets a few right hands in. Nash with a huge knee lift and works on Kidman in the corner. Nash hip tosses Kidman out of the corner and gets some good air on the toss. Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr. run down and attack Nash to help Kidman. Kidman connects with a missile dropkick. Nash is able to fight back and drops Kidman and Konnan with a side slam. Nash with a big boot on Rey and sets Kidman up for the power bomb. Konnan distracts Nash and Kidman is able to roll out of the ring. Nash chases after Rey and Konnan to the backstage area. Rey and Konnan run towards a car parked outside the building. The car is blocked in by another car and they are trapped as the show goes to commercial. Nash attacks Rey and Konnan for a few seconds.

Vince Russo comes out and tells Ric Flair that he will interfere at Slamboree and looks forward to beating up Ric Flair. Russo tells Luger that he will give Luger the key to unlock Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Russo to kiss her Kentucky ass. Luger comes down to ringside as Flair is attacked by Shane Douglas and Ric Flair. Luger tries to fight off security but the numbers are too severe. Luger is pepper sprayed and handcuffed. Luger is attacked by Douglas and Bagwell. Bagwell drops Luger with a reverse DDT. Elizabeth nails Russo with a baseball bat and makes a run for it. Kronik comes down to the ring and cleans house on security. Douglas and Bagwell bail from the ring to avoid Kronik. Police officers come into the ring and beat down Kronik.

Backstage, David Arquette wants Chris Kanyon to get him out of the match with Abbott.

Kevin Nash is now smashing up the car that Konnan was driving to get away. We also see Luger getting sent into a police car.

Vampiro comes down to the ring and says that the hunter has become the hunted. Vampiro compares Sting to a helpless newborn child. Vampiro is the freak, monster that Sting should have been. Vampiro claims to the be the only real Darkness. Sting’s music hits and we see a crow by the big screen. Sting comes down from the rafters and hits Vampiro with a baseball bat. Sting nails Vampiro on the knee and across the back with the baseball bat. Sting leaves Vampiro and heads to the backstage area.

Shawn Stasiak is shooting more free throws at the gym.

Backstage, Vince Russo has recaptured Elizabeth in the women’s dressing room. Elizabeth slaps Russo.

Fifth Contest: WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette defeated Tank Abbott in a non-title match:
Arquette jumps on Abbott’s back but Arquette is driven into a corner back first. Abbott slams Arquette to the mat and goes for a tackle but Abbott doesn’t budge. DDP has returned to the arena driving the ambulance. DDP comes in from behind and Diamond Cutters Abbott! Arquette is on top of Abbott and Arquette picks up the win. DUD

We see that Scott Steiner attacked Jeff Jarrett backstage not allowing Jarrett to help Abbott.

Back to the gym, Stasiak goes for another free throw but is attacked by Curt Hennig!

Main Event: Mike Awesome defeated Hulk Hogan:
They trade right hands until Awesome rakes Hogan’s eyes and gets a few right hands in. Hogan low blows Awesome and goes back to delivering right hands of his own. Awesome with a running clothesline and kicks Hogan to the floor. Hogan goes to the floor and is clotheslined on the aisle way by Awesome. Awesome nails Hogan with a short arm clothesline and they go back to the ring. Awesome leaps off the top and connects with a clothesline for a two count. Hogan rolls to the floor and drags Awesome to the floor as well and sends Awesome into the railing. Hogan whacks Awesome with a chair a few times over the head and across the back. Hogan sends Awesome into the guard railing and whips Awesome with his weight belt a few times. Awesome with a few right hands but Hogan sends Awesome into the ring steps and back suplex Awesome on the floor! Hogan crotches Awesome on the guard railing and continues to deliver right hands. Awesome hits Hogan a few times with a chair. Slingshot body splash by Awesome from the apron and gets a two count. Hogan gets a second wind and chokes Awesome. Hogan with a series of right hands and clotheslines Awesome in the corner. Awesome is kicked to the floor and Kidman comes in with a chair. Hogan blocks a chair shot and whacks Kidman over the back with the chair. Bischoff is now in the ring as Hogan goes to the floor to hammer away on Awesome. Kidman leaps off the top rope and whacks Hogan with a chair on the floor! Hogan has been busted open and Awesome pins Hogan in the ring. **
After the match, Hogan gets his payback by hitting Awesome and Kidman with a steel chair. A fan jumps into the ring and isn’t touched for about ten seconds. The red liquid drops from the rafters and knocks Hogan out. Hogan is beaten down some more by the New Blood. Eric Bischoff appears at the top of the aisle way saluting his troops.

End of show

My Take:
Their was a few decent spots in the hardcore match to open the show but I really didn’t like the finish of the match at all. Smiley is clearly one of the most over baby faces in WCW but is just regulated to hardcore low mid-card matches. That is a shame in my opinion. As I stated before, the mystery partner is clearly Ralphus.

David Arquette seemed out of place trying to cut a wrestling promo, which shouldn’t be surprising. Their was way too much of him on the show as well. It is sickening that the announcers would even think of putting over Arquette’s title reign as an impressive one.

I thought the aftermath of the tables match was pretty cool. I find it kind of stupid that Hulk Hogan would be back to full strength after taking a beating from Awesome that included a power bomb through a table.

No one cares about Hugh Morrus as he had no reason to be involved with Steiner and Jarrett. Looks like Scott Steiner is turning baby face considering Jarrett turned on him. Doesn’t make much sense to me as Steiner has been getting some good heel heat for over two years at this point.

Clearly WCW did a remake of the Undertaker/Mankind buried alive match from 1996 where Taker put his hand out from the grave. Sting is being made out to be their version of the Undertaker, to a point and that is sad. Two completely different characters.

Nice to see Rey back alongside Konnan. Not nice to see them destroyed by Kevin Nash within five minutes. Can the heels just get the consistent upper hand over the veterans for once? Good lord. Nash even has a “broken ankle” and is yet able to destroy three guys. Poor booking.

I liked the Kronik beat down segment of security. Made them look like badasses and the fans clearly bought into it.

Sting gets nailed with a tombstone but returns to the arena twenty minutes later and gets his revenge on Vampiro? You know what, this was booked on the wrong show. Obviously with six days until the next pay per view you want the fans to know that Sting will be there so I understand Sting getting a ridiculous payback on Vampiro. However, why not have done this two weeks ago? Keep Sting off television and have him return the Thunder before the pay per view, which would have been roughly three weeks off television and get his revenge on the pay per view? I just don’t understand Russo’s booking.

I have no interest in David Arquette pinning any form of wrestling talent. Even if it is a inexperienced Tank Abbott that should have never of happened.

Mike Awesome pinning Hulk Hogan has to be considered a enormous victory for Awesome in WCW. I’ve enjoyed Awesome’s work and with a win like this he can be inserted into the main even scene easily. Especially considering the talent in the upper card is the strong point for WCW, that could make for some interesting match ups.

Where the hell was Booker T? They must have completely dropped that Booker/Steiner feud after a week. Nice going. Why is Ric Flair not given a more prominent role on television? Flair is easily the most popular talent in WCW!

Overall, I only enjoyed the main event and Kronik beat down of security. The triple cage match for the pay per view was really progressed on this show but I wouldn’t say it was done in a good way. Uneventful show.

Thanks for reading.

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