WWF House Show 8/9/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: New York, NY

Howard Finkel announces that due to a ruptured kidney and broken nose, Ahmed Johnson will not be wrestling Owen Hart. However, there is a replacement and that will be Yokozuna! Refunds will be given up to the fourth match. Fink runs down some of the big matches scheduled for the show.

Opening Contest: Justin Hawk Bradshaw defeated Aldo Montoya:
Bradshaw misses a right hand in the corner a few times. Montoya with a few right hands but Bradshaw sends Montoya into the corner. Bradshaw misses a clothesline and is rolled up for a near fall. Montoya arm drags Bradshaw and has a arm bar locked in. Bradshaw nails Montoya with a big boot and delivers a few knee lifts in the corner. Scoop slam by Bradshaw and taunts the fans briefly. Bradshaw sends Montoya hard back first into a corner. Bradshaw slams Montoya down to the mat and stomps away on Montoya for a few moments. Bradshaw with right hands in the corner and Montoya is in trouble. Montoya counters a scoop slam attempt with a inside cradle for a two count. Bradshaw runs into a big boot in the corner and misses a clothesline. Montoya with a couple of running clotheslines to knock Bradshaw off his feet. Montoya leaps off the top connecting with a cross body for a two count. Bradshaw catches Montoya coming off the ropes and scoop slams Montoya. Bradshaw misses a elbow drop but kicks Montoya to regain control. Montoya goes chest first into a corner and Bradshaw connects with a back suplex. Bradshaw comes off the ropes and nails Montoya with a vicious clothesline to win the contest!

Second Contest: the Godwins defeated the New Rockers:
Phineas and Jannetty start off the contest as Phineas gets the crowd behind him. Jannetty with a boot to the gut and a wrist lock. Cassidy gets the tag and comes off the top rope with double axe handle across Phineas arm. Jannetty comes back in for a wrist lock and tags out to Cassidy who comes in and chops Phineas down to the mat. Cassidy keeps control of Phineas with a arm bar and sends Phineas into the ropes. Phineas elbow drops Cassidy and head butts Cassidy a couple times. Jannetty tags into the contest and goes back to a wrist lock before tagging out to Cassidy. Phineas is able to ram the Rockers into each other and clotheslines both men! Cassidy is rammed into Henry’s boot and Henry gets the tag. Henry with a side headlock and hip tosses Cassidy. Jannetty tags back into the contest. Jannetty with a cheap right hand but Henry is able to control Jannetty and tags in Phineas. Jannetty pokes Phineas in the eyes and tags out to Cassidy. The Rockers double team Phineas until Cassidy sends Phineas to the floor. Behind the referees back, Jannetty clotheslines Phineas on the floor. Cassidy head butts Phineas a few times and puts the boots to Phineas which gets him a two count. Henry tries to get into the ring but this allows the Rockers to double team Phineas. Cassidy controls Phineas with a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Phineas tries to get up but is yanked back down by the hair. Phineas gets up and punches Jannetty in the corner to break free. Phineas runs into a double big boot in the corner and Jannetty slaps Phineas a few times. Cassidy tags in and they knock Phineas down with a double right hand. Phineas ducks a clothesline and nails Jannetty with a clothesline of his own. Henry gets the hot tag and cleans house. Henry nails Cassidy with a back elbow and face plants Cassidy for a near fall. Jannetty nails Henry in the corner as Cassidy rolls Henry up for a near fall. Cassidy is sent into Jannetty in the corner, which causes Jannetty to flip into the ring which is a tag, apparently. Henry drops Jannetty with the Slop Drop for the win. *

Third Contest: Marc Mero defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley:
Hunter backs Mero into a corner and delivers a few right hands and chops. Mero comes back with a atomic drop and a tilt a whirl head scissors. Mero drops Hunter with a right hand but runs into back elbow in the corner, which sends Mero to the floor. Mero with a shoulder ram from the apron and sunset flips Hunter for a near fall. Mero with a backslide but only gets a two count. Hunter is able to backdrop a charging Mero over the top to the floor and taunts the fans. Hunter sets Mero up and connects with a vertical suplex back into the ring from the apron. Hunter delivers a knee drop and gets a two count. High knee lift by Hunter but Mero is able to kick out at two. They both a clothesline, so Hunter tries to cover with a sleeper hold but that comes across poorly. Mero is sent chest first into the corner and Hunter connects with a back suplex for a near fall. Hunter goes back to a sleeper hold but Mero is able to quickly counter with one of his own. Hunter runs to a corner and rams Mero face first into the top turnbuckle. Hunter heads to the top rope but Mero runs up the ropes and arm drags Hunter back down to the mat. Mero with several right hands in the corner and tosses Hunter over the top rope to the floor. Mero comes off the ropes and takes Hunter out with a somersault dive on the floor! Sling shot leg drop gets Mero a near fall. Mero sets Hunter on the top rope and hit’s a hurricanrana but only gets a two count! Mero goes for a slingshot body splash but Hunter gets his knees up. Hunter connects with a backbreaker but Mero kicks out at two. Hunter sends Mero chest first into the corner and goes for a back suplex but Mero gets out of it and rolls Hunter up for the win. **½

Fourth Contest: Mankind defeated Jake Roberts:
Mankind attacks Roberts before the bell on the floor and sends Roberts into the ring post. Mankind works on Roberts in the corner for a few moments and chokes Roberts. Roberts comes out of the corner and Mankind quickly shoves his fingers down Roberts throat to win the match in under a minute. NR

Fifth Contest: Vader fought Psycho Sid to a double count-out:
They lock up a few times but they don’t budge. Vader with a side headlock but Sid is able to get out of it, but neither man follows up. Vader goes back to a side headlock and just stands in the middle of the ring killing time. Sid breaks free again but neither man follows up. A third side headlock by Vader, and this is just getting ridiculous. Sid gets out a third time and has a top wrist lock on Vader. Vader with a knee strike to Sid’s midsection and delivers a right hand to Sid’s throat. Vader splashes onto Sid who was hanging on the second rope. Vader with a elbow drop for a two count and locks in a sleeper hold. Vader scoop slams Sid and comes off the ropes with a big splash for a near fall. Vader blocks a sunset flip attempt by sitting down onto Sid’s chest! Vader covers but Sid is able to pop his shoulder up at two. Sid gets to his feet and hammers away on Vader until Vader gets a few right hands in and backs Sid into a corner. Vader sends Sid into a corner and splashes Sid. Vader attempts a Vader Splash off the middle rope but Sid gets his knees up. Sid with a running clothesline and scoop slams Vader! Sid choke slams Vader and gets a two count, though the referee botched the pin. Sid clotheslines Vader over the top to the floor. Sid leaps off the apron and double axe handles Vader. They brawl on the floor and both men are counted out. *
After the match, Sid poses for the crowd and gets pyro. Their was a camera at this show for some reason. Sid was seen talking into a camera.

Sixth Contest: Yokozuna defeated Owen Hart:
Hart with a flurry of right hands in the corner but is soon met with a clothesline and a scoop slam. Yoko chops Hart which causes Hart to roll out of the ring and up the aisle way. Hart returns to the ring and wants to shake hands with Yoko. Yoko doesn’t seem to be interested so he doesn’t shake hands. Hart with a side headlock but is shoulder blocked by Yoko as he comes off the ropes. Hart comes back with a few right hands and kicks Yoko on the back of the head. Hart comes off the ropes and yanks Yoko down by the hair as the referee was distracted by Cornette. Hart chokes Yoko on the middle rope and Cornette gets a few shots in as the referee was distracted. Hart comes off the ropes and nails Yoko with a spinning heel kick. Hart leaps off the top but is caught by Yoko who drives Hart down to the mat with a side belly to belly suplex. Yoko follows up with a hug leg drop! Yoko drags Hart to a corner and splashes down on Hart connecting with the Bonzai Drop for the win.

Seventh Contest: WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Goldust to retain the title:
Goldust tried to attack Michaels before the bell but Michaels just sent Goldust over the top to the floor. Michaels with a few right hands and is nearly sent over the top by Goldust. Michaels comes back into the ring and backdrops Goldust to the floor. Michaels drops Goldust face first across the ring apron and goes for a pile driver on the floor but Goldust counters with a backdrop! Goldust with a few right hands on the floor and sends Michaels back into the ring. Goldust with right hands in the corner and beats Michaels down to the canvas. Goldust taunts Michaels until Michaels spears Goldust and delivers several right hands and a stomp to the face. Michaels continues his offense with a running clothesline for a two count. Goldust pokes Michaels in the eyes and blocks a backdrop with a uppercut and clotheslines the champion. Goldust drops Michaels throat first across the top rope and sends Michaels into a corner where Michaels flips and falls to the floor. Goldust drops Michaels throat first across the guard railing. Goldust stomps Michaels from the ring as Michaels gets to his knees on the floor. Michaels rams Goldust head first into the top turnbuckle and goes up top but is slammed off by Goldust! Goldust goes for the cover but Michaels is able to kick out at two. Goldust controls the champion with a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Michaels gets out but runs into a knee lift. Goldust with axe handle and gets a two count. Michaels comes off the ropes with a cross body but Goldust regains control with a vertical suplex for a two count. Goldust goes back to a sleeper hold. Michaels gets up but is yanked back down by Goldust. Goldust clotheslines Michaels over the top to the floor and taunts the fans. Goldust brings Michaels back into the ring but misses a big boot. Michaels misses a elbow drop and Goldust gets a two count. Goldust keeps Michaels grounded with a front face lock. Michaels gets to his feet and drops Goldust gut first down to the canvas. Goldust comes off the ropes and collides with Michaels causing both men to be knocked out. They trade right hands with Goldust getting the upper hand. Michaels comes off the ropes and connects with a flying forearm smash. Michaels kips up to his feet and hammers away on Goldust. Michaels power slams Goldust and heads to the top rope. Michaels leaps off and connects with a elbow drop! Michaels signals for the super kick and connects! Michaels covers and picks up the win. ***
After the match, Mankind enters the ring and shoves his fingers down Michaels throat! The Undertaker comes down to the ring and saves Michaels from a beating. Taker actually chases Mankind through the crowd to the back.

Eighth Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Smoking Gunns defeated Skip/Zip to retain the titles:
Bart and Zip start off the contest. Bart with a side headlock early on but is sent into the ropes where he shoulder blocks Zip. Bart scoop slams Zip and tags in Billy. Billy misses a elbow drop and is arm dragged by Zip. Zip with a arm bar and tags in Skip who comes off the top rope with a double axe handle. Skip controls Billy with a wrist lock until Billy fights out of the hold with right hands. Billy misses a right hand and Skip connects with a hurricanrana. Skip takes Billy over with a few arm drags but Billy stops Skip and catapults Skip into the corner. Skip jumps to the middle rope and leaps off connecting with a cross body. Skip heads to the rope but is crotched by Bart who shook the ropes. Bart tags in and stomps away on Skip for several moments. Bart sends Skip hard back first into a corner and taunts Zip. Billy tags into the match and leaps off Bart’s back to splash Skip in the corner. Bart comes back into the match and stomps away on Skip some more. Bart controls Skip with a sleeper hold for a few moments. Bart backdrops Skip and tags in Billy. Bart connects with a swinging neck breaker and Billy comes off the ropes with a leg drop for a near fall. Skip battles back with right hands but Billy is able to power slam Skip to regain control. Billy leaps off the top looking for a double axe handle but is met with a atomic drop from Skip! Zip and Bart get the hot tags. Zip cleans house with right hands on both Billy and Bart. Gut wrench sit down power bomb by Zip on Bart and Skip splashes Bart from the top rope. Billy beats up Skip on the outside and returns to the ring to leap off the top with a leg drop as Bart side slams Zip for the win. **

Jim Ross comes down to the ring and puts over the fans. Ross introduces the Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Ross interviews Henry about competing in the Olympics for the United States of America. Henry talks about signing his WWF contract, which I think he says feels great. Ross asks when will we see Henry in the ring. Henry is going to take his time to train and hopes to come back to MSG soon. Hunter Hearst Helmsley comes down to the ring and reminds Henry that this is the World Wrestling Federation, just incase Henry had forgotten. Henry eventually shoves Hunter and Hunter bails to the floor to avoid any kind of severe beating. Henry stands tall in the ring and gets some pyro.

Ninth Contest: Savio Vega defeated the British Bulldog:
Quite a bit of stalling by Bulldog on the apron. Vega with a few right hands in the corner to get the upper hand. Bulldog shoulder blocks Vega but is catapulted by Vega and hip tossed a few times. Vega has a arm bar on Bulldog for several moments to keep the upper hand. Bulldog connects with running clothesline as Vega comes out of the corner. Vega elbows his way out of a sleeper hold but is whipped back down to the canvas. Bulldog goes for a cover but Vega is able to kick out at two. Vega with a few right hands and goes for a sunset flip which he gets for a near fall. Bulldog nails Vega with a running clothesline and taunts the crowd. Bulldog sets Vega up for the running power slam but Vega counters with a rollup for a near fall. Bulldog managed to send Vega shoulder first into the ring post on the kick out and gets a two count. Vega comes back with a vertical suplex and both men are down in the middle of the ring. Vega goes for a spinning heel kick but Bulldog rolls out of the way. Bulldog has a crucifix pin but Vega kicks out and Bulldog didn’t. Vega wins as Bulldog had his shoulders down on the mat.
After the match, a fan enters the ring, but isn’t tackled. Bulldog clotheslines Vega as Jim Cornette blocks the referee in the corner. Bulldog and Cornette head to the back.

The Fink hypes up the September 29th, Madison Square Garden show. Faarroq Asad vs. Yokozuna, Vader vs. Psycho Sid in a lumberjack, and Goldust/Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels/the Undertaker are the matches hyped up.

Main Event: The Undertaker defeated Steve Austin via disqualification:
Austin with a right hand in the corner but Taker isn’t affected. Austin gets a few shots in but Taker continues to stalk towards Austin. Austin begs off to the floor as he isn’t able to hurt Taker. Austin goes after Bearer on the floor but backs off as Taker goes to the floor. Austin with several strikes as Taker enters the ring. Austin with right hand and boots in the corner. Taker tosses Austin into a corner and delivers a flurry of right hands. Taker with a big backdrop and right hand. Taker walks the top rope and jumps down across Austin’s arm. Taker chokes Austin in the corner and connects with a scoop slam. Taker misses a leg drop and Austin hammers away on Taker in the corner. They go to the floor where Austin sends Taker into the guard railing. Austin comes off the ropes with a forearm drop and gets a two count. Taker with a few right hands but Austin is able to sneak a low blow and gets a near fall. Taker drops Austin following several right hands but Austin comes back with a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Austin leaps off the middle rope and hit’s a forearm drop but Taker pops his shoulder up at two. Taker comes off the ropes and clotheslines Austin. Austin blocks a backdrop and pile drives Taker. Austin attempts a tombstone but Taker reverses and plants Austin with a tombstone. Taker goes for the cover but Mankind runs down and causes the DQ. *
After the match, Mankind is able to shove his fingers down Taker’s throat in the corner. Shawn Michaels runs down and makes the save for Taker. Goldust comes down as well and attacks Michaels. Jake Roberts has come down and gets in the action. Taker choke slams Austin and Michaels leaps off the top hitting a elbow drop. The baby faces stand tall to close out the show.

End of show

My Take:
A fairly basic opening contest between Bradshaw/Montoya. Bradshaw was getting some decent heel heat at this point, and yet he didn’t really amount to anything later on in 1996. Anyway, not a horrible match as they hit all the spots. It just wasn’t a exciting contest.

The tag team match was quite boring. The fans don’t seem to be interested in what the New Rockers have to offer and I have to say I don’t either. The Godwins are quite popular with the crowd, though. That may be the only good thing of the match.

Mero/Hunter was a solid bout. Despite the one botch, it was a competitive match and the crowd was into it. Nothing for me to complain about.

Not much to say about the Mankind/Roberts match. It was a really quick squash match, essentially.

The beginning of Sid/Vader was just horrible. They seemingly stalled for three minutes before anything happened. I didn’t enjoy the contest at all, which isn’t too surprising. I mean, most big man vs. big man matches are crap to begin with. Considering this was a house show, it was wishful thinking to even think they would do anything good.

Yoko/Owen wasn’t anything all that great. It was a fairly quick contest. I thought it was kind of surprising to have Yoko go over Owen here. Sure it is just a house show, but Yoko hadn’t been relevant on television for a few months. Last time I checked Madison Square Garden was a big market for the WWF. Oh well.

Michaels/Goldust was a solid contest. It may have been a little slow, but it was a fine contest I thought. I don’t know why this match was held so early, though. Michaels is the champion, he is suppose to be the major draw. Yet, he is put on right after intermission. That doesn’t seem right. I think the fact that Michaels isn’t the most popular guy on the roster, is starting to be realized by the WWF.

The crowd was pretty much dead for the tag team titles match. Not that great of a match but it wasn’t necessarily a horrible contest by any means.

The Henry/HHH segment was quite corny and I don’t know why it was put on this show.

Well, Savio Vega was really popular with the MSG at this point. He got a really big reaction which is something I didn’t expect. It’s sad that Bulldog was in a world title program two months ago and is now back to a mid-card level.

Quite a few people left before and during the main event between Austin and Taker. That would surely not happen the following year or in 1998 for example. The match actually sucked. The fans weren’t into it at all and it just felt really flat. A bad way to end the show.

Overall, a lackluster show. Mero/HHH and HBK/Goldust are really the only decent to good matches on the show. Despite all the big names being on the show, it failed to deliver any consistent entertainment. A lackluster MSG show.

Thanks for reading.

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