WWF RAW 5/13/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Sioux City, IA

RAW starts off with a technical problem so we just see the RAW logo for a few moments. Whoops!

The WWF World Tag Team Champions The Bodydonnas are in the ring to start off the show as Zip will be in action.

Backstage, Jim Ross is with Ahmed Johnson. Johnson isn’t worried about the Bodydonnas because he overcame Jeff Jarrett’s guitar and the British Bulldog attack a few weeks ago. Sunny comes into the picture and tries to flirt with Johnson. However, that doesn’t work as Johnson calls Sunny “trash”.

Opening Contest: Ahmed Johnson defeated Zip/Skip:
Zip started the match but Skip switched with his partner and hammers away on Johnson for the early advantage. Sunny distracts Johnson to allow the switch again. Electric chair slam by Johnson on Skip. Skip is back dropped over the top to the floor as well. Zip tried to enter the ring but failed as the referee kept Zip away. Spine buster by Johnson driving Skip down to the canvas. Johnson soon follows up with the Pearl River Plunge to win the match. *

A video of the Ultimate Warrior plugging Warrior University is aired.

Second Contest: Vader defeated Duke Droese:
Vader spits in Droese’s face to start and delivers several right hands in the corner. Droese with a boot, punches and a clothesline to knock Vader off his feet. Droese follows up with a running cross body sending both himself and Vader over the ropes to the floor as RAW goes to commercial. Vader tosses Droese into the ring steps, twice. Vader splashes Droese back in the ring and hammers away on Droese in the corner, again. Short arm clothesline by Vader to keep the advantage. Droese battles back with a jaw breaker to get out of a sleeper. Droese is able to dropkick Vader and head butts Vader lower midsection area. Droese leaps off the top rope but misses a flying head butt. Vader quickly slams Droese and connects with a Vader splash coming off the middle rope for the win. ½*

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer come down to the ring to be interviewed by Vince McMahon. They have a gold casket with them with the WWF Intercontinental Champion Goldust’s name on it. Bearer says that Goldust is getting ready to cross over to the dark side. Taker says he intends to immortalize Goldust. WWF Intercontinental Champion Goldust and Marlena make their way down to the ring. Goldust flirts with Taker mentioning how tall and stiff Taker is. Goldust also likes the scent of the Undertaker which drives Goldust crazy. Goldust says that Taker can lay him down in the casket whenever he wants. Goldust grabs Taker’s hands but Taker squeezes and brings Goldust down to the mat. Mankind runs down to the ring and attacks Taker from behind. Mankind shoves his fingers down Taker’s throat! Taker tries to fight out but isn’t able to and ends up being unconscious as a result. Goldust proceeds to lay on top of the Undertaker and grind up and down on Taker’s chest and groin area. Goldust taunts the fans and turns around only to see the Undertaker has sat up! Goldust quickly bails from the ring and heads to the back. Taker slowly makes his way towards the back to end the segment.

Third Contest: Justin Hawk Bradshaw defeated Aldo Montoya:
Bradshaw dominated Montoya early and often. Gut wrench power bomb and a standing senton splash by Bradshaw are the early highlights. Montoya is able to connect with a missile dropkick. However, Bradshaw nails Montoya with a clothesline to win the bout. ¼*
After the match, Montoya is branded by Bradshaw and Zeke.

Footage of the British Bulldog attacking WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels at a beach in Kuwait is shown. Bulldog tossed Michaels into the water, seemingly trying to drown him and then ran away.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a non-title match:
Arm drag by Hunter to start off and taunts the fans. Hunter follows up with another arm drag as Michaels attempted a go behind. Hunter leg trips Michaels from begins and Michaels is aggravated with how the match has started. Michaels gets out of an atomic drop and trips Hunter. Michaels clotheslines Hunter over the top to the floor. Michaels heads over to Hunter’s lady friend, who is sitting next to Jerry Lawler, and begins to flirt with her. Hunter runs over towards Michaels but is met with a right hand. Michaels drags Hunter into the ring over the top rope and drops Hunter down face first for a near fall. Michaels stomps on Hunter’s nose but misses a splash in the corner. Hunter is able to kick Michaels over the top to the floor. Baseball slide by Hunter drops Michaels to the floor. Mr. Perfect has came down to the ringside area. Michaels rams Hunter face first into the apron. Hunter is able to comeback by dropping Michaels throat first across the guard railing as RAW goes to commercial. Double axe handle by Hunter off the top rope for a two count. Hunter works on Michaels with stomps and right hands in the corner. Big high knee lift by Hunter for another near fall. Sleeper hold by Hunter keeps control of Michaels for a few moments. Michaels gets out of the hold but Hunter regains the advantage with right hands and stomps. Michaels shoulder blocks Hunter from the apron and counters a back suplex attempt by Hunter with a cross body for a near fall. Uppercuts by Hunter but Michaels is able to backslide Hunter for a two count. Hunter gets up quickly and clotheslines Michaels to regain the advantage. Several forearms by Hunter in the corner causes Michaels to fall down in the corner and appears to be in trouble. Hunter comes off the ropes and connects with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall as RAW goes to commercial. Michaels gets out of a sleeper hold and hammers away on Hunter. Michaels continues with a flurry of right hands in the corner. Michaels counters a pedigree attempt by catapulting Hunter into the corner. Michaels follows up with a atomic drop and a flying forearm smash. Michaels hit’s a top rope elbow drop for a two count. Michaels counters a pile driver attempt with a hurricanrana but Hunter rolls through for a near win. Hunter goes for the pedigree but Michaels backdrops Hunter and connects with the Sweet Chin Music for the win. ***¼
After the match, Shawn Michaels celebrates the hard fought win.

Backstage, Jim Ross is with Camp Cornette. British Bulldog says that he will be beating Shawn Michaels at the next In Your House pay per view. Bulldog’s match with Jake Roberts next week is brought up. Bulldog says he isn’t afraid of snakes. Bulldog assures everyone that Michaels will not be getting anywhere near his wife next week.

End of show

My Take:
The opening match was really just a handicap match despite not being advertised by one. In any event, I thought it was a fine extended squash. I like Ahmed Johnson. It may have been a poor choice to have the WWF World Tag Team Champions get dominated by one guy, but perhaps the Bodydonnas aren’t considered to be long reigning champions.

I don’t like that Vader is being portrayed as someone who is afraid to fight. Vince McMahon keeps saying on commentary that Vader isn’t as good when someone is attacking him or whatever. Honestly, Vader should be just destroying the under card guys in complete squash matches. He would be seen as a much bigger threat when he feuds with the main event guys later on.

The interview segment between Goldust and the Undertaker was entertaining. Goldust is a freak and doing what he did to the Undertaker was awesome. This feud is being built up fine as I would have to think people are interested in seeing the Undertaker just destroy Goldust for his actions. I know I am.

I would be quite surprised if Justin Hawk Bradshaw isn’t given fairly large push in the summer. He has the size, the momentum in terms of a push and some good offensive moves.

The main event was a good match and perhaps the best match on RAW so far in 1996. It’s not surprising since Michaels and Hunter are best friends, though that isn’t to say that Michaels doesn’t put on a good show either way. The match was given plenty of time and had a clean finish. I can’t complain about anything for this match.

Overall, a good show. The main event is a good match and the main interview segment was enjoyable. Thumbs up.

Thanks for reading.

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