ECW on TNN 11/12/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Dayton, OH

The Impact Players arrive to the building where Jason tells them they need to leave. Jason says that Sandman is drunk and is beating up cops with a kendo stick. Jason says that the Sandman is going to kill them slowly. Rhino comes over and says that the Impact Players have nothing to worry about. Lance Storm wants to leave as he is a wrestler. Credible wants Storm to stay but Storm leaves with Marie. Credible stays with Rhino.

ECW on TNN opening video

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner welcome everyone to the show. Styles wonders if we have seen the split of the Impact Players. Steve Corino wrestles Jerry Lynn tonight. Super Crazy meets Tajiri and Rhino squares off against the Sandman! Styles also goes over some results from the November to Remember show. Raven nailed Sandman with a kendo stick and cost his team the match, on accident.

In a bathroom, Tommy Dreamer is acting like Raven as he cuts a promo. Dreamer says that Raven is just like everyone else and that no one is perfect. Dreamer asks Raven what could Raven do to him that he hasn’t already done. Dreamer smashes his head against the wall and begins to bleed from the forehead. Dreamer tells Raven that they are bound by blood. Dreamer wants Raven to do the right thing.

Before the next match, Steve Corino cuts a promo about the things that make him sick in ECW. Corino get sick at the sight of people who cry or whine. Corino claims to have been wrestling with a broken appendix for nine months. Corino says that because Lynn has a few bruised ribs he can’t wrestle much anymore. Corino calls out Lynn.

Opening Contest: Jerry Lynn defeated Steve Corino:
Lynn storms the ring and hammers away on Corino. Running clothesline in the corner by Lynn and follows up with a running bulldog. Lynn tosses Corino to the floor and puts the boots to Corino. Lynn sends Corino back first into the guard railing and face first into a chair. Victory comes in and is low blowed by Lynn. Corino has a chair and jabs Lynn in the ribs. Corino with several right hands and a backbreaker. Lynn with a flurry of right hands but Corino stops Lynn with a side Russian leg sweep onto a chair! Corino kicks Lynn in the corner but runs into a big boot. Lynn plants Corino with a tornado DDT. Lynn is able to spike Corino with the cradle pile driver to get the win.
After the match, Tajiri enters the ring and ends up spiting mist into Lynn’s eyes. Victory holds Lynn and Tajiri kicks Lynn in the ribs a few times. Super Crazy runs down and a blinded Lynn punches Crazy. Crazy and Lynn end up brawling as Tajiri, Corino and Victory get a laugh out of it.

Backstage, Cyrus is on the phone. Cyrus notices the camera and talks about the progress of the commentary staff. Cyrus is happy with Joey Styles but not happy with the work of Joel Gertner. Cyrus claims that Gertner has heat with the boys. Cyrus tells Gertner that he didn’t like how Gertner got in a fight with Taz at the November to Remember pay per view. Cyrus ends up calling a meeting regarding Gertner’s future with the company.

Joel Gertner and Joey Styles talk about Gertner being in trouble. Gertner is paranoid about what is happening to him.

Highlights of the Angel vs. New Jack match from November to Remember. Angel won.

Joel Gertner is talking to a cameraman hoping that the cameraman will say some good things to the office. Joey Styles goes over some highlights between Masato Tanaka and Mike Awesome from November to Remember.

Second Contest: Tajiri defeated Super Crazy:
Crazy with a leg trip for a near fall. Tajiri with a quick hurricanrana for a near fall. Crazy monkey flips Crazy and connects with a tilt a whirl head scissors. They exchange arm drags and have a stare down as the fans applaud. Tajiri fakes Crazy out with a handshake by nailing Crazy with a super kick. Tajiri takes Crazy out with a somersault senton splash on the floor! Tajiri kicks Crazy in the crowd and they brawl towards the back of the crowd. Crazy sends Tajiri into the wall and clotheslines Tajiri. Crazy leaps off the balcony and connects with a moonsault! They brawl back to ringside where Tajiri sends Crazy back first into the guard railing. Back in the ring, Tajiri locks in the tarantula. Crazy trips Tajiri and has a surfboard locked in and begins to roll around the ring. Crazy switches into a dragon sleeper but Tajiri doesn’t give up. Handspring back elbow by Tajiri and goes for the brain buster but Crazy gets out of it. Crazy slams Tajiri to the mat and goes for his three moonsaults but Tajiri gets his knees up on the second attempt. Tajiri hit’s the referee in the corner on accident. Jerry Lynn runs into the ring and stomps away on Tajiri. Crazy gets a few shots in on Lynn but Lynn spikes Crazy with a cradle pile driver before leaving. Tajiri with a standing moonsault and picks up the win. **

Steve Corino is standing in the ring with Rhino. We see Raven backstage standing up as Corino calls out the Sandman. Sandman takes forever to get to the ring.

Backstage, Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney cut a promo on the Baldies. Rotten says they showed the Baldies why they are the hardcore tag team in ECW. The Baldies were waiting in the stalls in the bath room and attack Mahoney and Rotten!

Main Event: Rhino fought the Sandman to a no contest:
Sandman drinks a beer in the ring and is gored by Rhino quickly. Rhino stomps away on Sandman to start the match. Rhino connects with a running power slam for a near fall. Rhino tosses Sandman over the top to the floor. Rhino sends Sandman flipping into the guard railing. Sandman is able to send Rhino into the guard railing and they get back into the ring. Sandman chops Rhino in the corner a few times before hitting a top rope hurricanrana! Rhino drives Sandman down with a power slam as Sandman comes out of the corner. Victory is knocked off the apron by Rhino on accident. Corino super kicks Sandman and Rhino nearly wins the match. Rhino spine busters Sandman onto a chair and heads up top. Rhino leaps off and misses a flying head butt which sees Rhino hitting a chair. Sandman takes Corino down with a side Russian leg sweep and nails Rhino with a kendo stick a few times. Justin Credible and Jason run in and Credible whacks Sandman several times with a kendo stick from behind. Tommy Dreamer runs down and cleans house until Rhino clubs away on Dreamer. Raven runs down with a chair and knocks Credible off the apron with a right hand. Raven smashes a chair over Rhino’s head. Raven helps Dreamer up but is nailed by Sandman with a kendo stick several times. Dreamer tries to pull Sandman off and drags Sandman to the floor.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner talk about Raven going off the deep end.

Outside, Raven says he did the right thing and wonders why Tommy Dreamer allowed the drunk to beat him up. Raven talks about being beaten up by his alcoholic father when he was seven. Raven keeps saying he did the right thing but Tommy let the drunk beat him up. “I did the right thing.. I did the right thing..”

End of show

My Take:
Why must Tommy Dreamer always smash his head against the wall when he delivers a emotional promo? That is just weird. I don’t think Dreamer does a good job doing that type of promo, anyway.

Lynn/Corino was a fairly quick match with some decent offense. Judging by the aftermath I would assume a Lynn vs. Crazy vs. Tajiri match is in the works. Nothing wrong with that, thought Crazy will surely win.

I believe this is the debut of the Cyrus character. Let the hate on TNN begin.

Crazy/Tajiri was kind of mediocre as I have seen a lot better matches between them. They just hit their usual spots and didn’t offer much else.

I actually liked the Baldies beat down. Though, how did Axl and Balls not notice four dudes in stalls?

Main event was kind of a lackluster one. The aftermath makes me assume that we are going back to 1996 with a Sandman vs. Raven feud with Dreamer in the middle of it all. That doesn’t sound all that interesting as it has been done before. Give me something new, and fresh please?

One last note, looks like there is more depth to the Raven character. The mention of his alcoholic father and all that. Raven seemingly is stuck in the mindset of when he was seven. I can live with this development.

Overall, a mediocre show. The wrestling wasn’t horrible by any means but nothing was overly exciting for anything. Just felt like a flat show to me.

Thanks for reading.

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