ECW on TNN 11/5/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Philadelphia, PA

The show opens up with footage of a tag match involving Raven/Dreamer and the Impact Players. Francine and Dawn Marie have a catfight in the middle of the ring. Rhino attacks Tommy Dreamer as Dreamer grabbed Marie. Rhino drives Dreamer down to the mat with a spine buster. Raven goes for a DDT on Rhino but Justin Credible nails Raven and Dreamer with a kendo stick. Credible and Storm plant Dreamer and Raven with a tombstone pile driver and a regular pile driver. The lights go out as the referee makes a count. When the lights go back on… THE SANDMAN is standing at the top of the Eagles Nest! The crowd explodes! Sandman comes down to the ring and nails Jason with a kendo stick shot. Rhino is being held back by Corino, Impact Players and Jack Victory. Sandman remains in the ring for a while and has a stare down with Raven who just casually walks away. Sandman and Dreamer drink beers and embrace to close out the opening segment.

ECW on TNN opening video

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner welcome everyone to the show. Styles runs down what will be taking place at the November to Remember pay per view in forty eight hours.

The Baldies are in the ring and they call out Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten so they can show them who the real hardcore chair swinging freaks really are. Baldies miss a couple chair shots and knocked to the floor by Balls and Axl. Vito the Skull is still in the ring and spits at Balls. Skull grabs a chair goes to hit Balls but Axl nails Vito with a chair and Balls smashes a chair over Vito’s head! PN News runs down and attacks both Balls and Axl. News has joined the Baldies! As expected, New Jack’s music hits and Jack attacks the Baldies with a variety of weapons. Angel gets up and is able to staple New Jack right in the eye! Balls and Axl quickly cover up Jack to protect him. Jack rolls around on the mat as the show goes to commercial.

Joey Styles continues to promote the ECW November to Remember pay per view event taking place on November 7th.

Outside, the Baldies cut a promo on New Jack and taking over the streets. Vito says that New Jack has gone soft. PN News says Jack used to be a tough guy. The streets now belong to the Baldies!

Before the next match, Spike Dudley gives his glasses to his apparent girlfriend. Little Guido takes the glasses and stomps on them in the ring.

Main Event: Super Crazy defeated Spike Dudley and Little Guido in a elimination match:
Dudley with right hands in the corner on Guido until Crazy connects with a sunset flip power bomb. Guido comes off the ropes with a elbow drop for a near fall. Guido drops an elbow on Crazy as the show goes to commercial. Dudley hip tosses Guido and follows up with a hurricanrana. Guido blocks the Acid Drop and has a arm breaker on Dudley until Crazy breaks it up. Crazy plants Guido with a tornado DDT and stomps away on Dudley in the corner. Dudley with a quick rollup but Crazy kicks out. Crazy runs into a big boot from Dudley and Dudley leaps off the middle rope connecting with a nice hurricanrana. Dudley is back dropped to the apron and takes Guido out with a somersault dive on the floor! Dudley hammers away on Guido in the crowd until Crazy takes both men out with a springboard moonsault! Dudley whacks Crazy with a chair but Guido nails both men with a chair. Dudley leaps off the top rope with a chair and nails Crazy over the head in the crowd! Dudley tosses Crazy over the railing back into the crowd and leaps off the railing connecting with a hurricanrana! Guido holds Crazy and allows Big Sal to splash Crazy on the floor! Dudley drops Guido throat first across the top rope and leaps off looking for a cross body but Guido blocks with a arm bar in midair. Dudley is able to reach the bottom rope. Guido sends Dudley hard shoulder first into the ring post as Big Sal sets up a table on the floor. Dudley is able to Acid Drop Big Sal through the table on the floor! Guido counters Dudley’s attempted Acid Drop attempt and drives Dudley down with the Kamikaze! Guido covers and eliminates Dudley.
First Elimination: Spike Dudley via pin fall by Guido.
Crazy slides in and connects with a quick German suplex for a two count. Spinning heel kick by Crazy and a standing moonsault for another near fall. Ten punches in the corner by Crazy and goes for a head scissors but Guido slams Crazy down to the mat for a near fall. Guido avoids a cross body and Guido connects with a leg drop off the middle rope for a two count. Crazy and Guido trade chops with Crazy driving Guido down with a snap suplex. Crazy with two moonsault and dropkicks a chair into Big Sal’s face. Crazy goes for a top rope moonsault but Guido gets his knees up. Crazy recovers and spikes Guido with a brain buster but Guido kicks out at two! Crazy hit’s a sit down power bomb and picks up the win. ***

Joey Styles hypes up the November to Remember pay per view, once again.

Backstage, ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso cut a promo. RVD brags that people wanted to talk about RVD even when Taz was the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. RVD believes Taz is jealous of him. RVD claims that people are calling him the greatest wrestler today. RVD is looking forward to beating Taz in two days.

Backstage, Simon Diamond says he is never alone and he always brings his big dick. A man named Dick Hertz debuts.

Backstage, Danny Doring is upset about losing his girl. Doring jokes that it will take him two hours to get over her. Doring ends up telling the single ladies that he will be in room 637.

Backstage, Bill Alfonso is with Sabu. Alfonso tells Chris Candido that Sabu will drive him through a table and end his comeback.

Backstage, back to Simon Diamond who says he is bringing his big dick to Buffalo.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn wants Tajiri to understand that Lynn will have the honor and pleasure of kicking Tajiri’s ass.

Outside, the Baldies tell New Jack that they aren’t hard to find. They insult Jack a few times.

Backstage, back to Diamond again and Diamond says that the guys in ECW will have to deal with his stiff dick. Dick Hertz, that is.

Backstage, Steve Corino is with Rhino and Jack Victory. Corino talks about the return of the Sandman. Rhino talks about not being in ECW during Sandman’s glory days. Rhino doesn’t owe Sandman anything other than an ass kicking! Rhino says people will not care about Sandman after the pay per view, but they will know the name Rhino!

Inside a empty arena, Raven talks about how Tommy Dreamer could allow the Sandman to be there tag team partner at the pay per view. Raven talks about their opponents Rhino and the Impact Players. Raven can’t wait to hurt Justin Credible. Raven would rather watch his mother die then allow Credible to beat him.

Paul Heyman promotes the 1999 November to Remember pay per view taking place on the 7th!

End of show

My Take:
I enjoyed the opening segment. I thought the brawl really caught my attention as I didn’t know what was happening so I needed to pay attention to figure it out. Some people don’t like that they need to pay attention but that makes a good television show. The return of the Sandman got a huge ovation. The only part of it I didn’t like was when Sandman was on the apron, drinking a beer with his backed turn, none of the four guys in the ring attacked him. Why would they wait for him to turn around? That didn’t make sense. Still, a huge pop for a ECW original.

Despite getting stapled in the eye, their wasn’t any noticeable blood on New Jack’s face which was odd. Also, PN News needs to leave ECW. News hurts the Baldies as he talks like he is a joke and nothing is serious. That guy bugs me a great deal.

A good triple threat match on this show that had the obvious outcome. Dudley pulled out a few moves I hadn’t seen him do before like various hurricanrana moves and whatnot. A good face pace match which shouldn’t be all that surprising. I do feel that Heyman needs to mix it up though and not have Crazy win every single one of them.

The rapid fire promos to close out the show were fine. I hate that Simon Diamond is seemingly a comedy heel now. Plus, it’s a lame comedy heel. Not a fan of that.

Overall, a good episode despite only one match. This was a pretty much a hype up show for November to Remember but their was still original footage for the show so it wasn’t just reliving stuff we have already seen. By the way, on paper November to Remember looks to be a good show.

Thanks for reading.

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