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ECW on TNN 11/19/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Binghamton, NY

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are standing in the ring to open the show. Styles gets cut off by Rhino. Styles notes that the main event is Raven/Tommy Dreamer defending the ECW World Tag Team Championships against Justin Credible/Rhino. Rhino rips on Credible saying he is a pussy. Rhino isn’t afraid of Raven or Tommy Dreamer let alone anyone else. Rhino says he is going to win the titles and that they will remember only one name and that is Rhino!

Backstage, Rhino walks until he is cut off by Tammy Sytch. Tammy wants to bring Rhino to the janitors closet and well, you know.

ECW on TNN opening video

At a train station, DeVito and Angel are looking for New Jack. DeVito notes that Skull and PN News are in a falls count anywhere match against Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten with the loser of the fall leaving ECW. DeVito says that they are looking for New Jack who is already back on the streets, apparently.

Opening Contest: Jerry Lynn defeated Super Crazy:
Lynn with a backdrop and dropkick sending Crazy to the floor. Lynn follows up with a slingshot cross body on the floor. Crazy stomps away on Lynn in the ring. Lynn takes Crazy over with a tilt a whirl head scissors. Crazy hit’s a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a near fall. A dangerous power bomb by Crazy where Lynn hits his head on the bottom rope, Crazy gets a near fall. Lynn counters a power bomb attempt with a hurricanrana and connects with a German suplex for a two count. Crazy stops Lynn on the top but Lynn shoves Crazy off and plants Crazy with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Crazy knocks Lynn off the top rope and Lynn crashes through a table on the floor! Crazy covers Lynn in the ring for a near fall. Crazy connects with three moonsaults but Lynn kicks out at two. Crazy spikes Lynn with a pile driver but isn’t able to get a three count. Crazy with a nice brain buster and goes for the cover until Steve Corino enters the ring. The referee knocks Corino down with a right hand but is misted by Tajiri. Tajiri with a brain buster on Crazy and leaves the ring. Another referee comes in and makes the count as Lynn covers Crazy for the win. ***

Back to the train station, DeVito and Angel are looking for New Jack. Angel issues a challenge to New Jack.

Backstage, Steve Corino thinks he is dying from a brain tumor. James Mitchell comes over and says a prayer or something. Corino says he is cured and is “born again”. Mitchell says this gig sucks but “it beats managing Mortis and Wrath”.

Second Contest: Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten defeated PN News/Skull in a falls count anywhere match:
Skull whacks Axl with a chair on the floor while News works on Balls in the corner with right hands. Axl with a chair shot to Skull’s back on the floor. Balls with a series of jabs to News and a running clothesline following a low blow. News nails Balls with a clothesline of his own. Skull is choking Axl on the floor. News leaps off the top rope but misses a splash as Axl pulls Balls out of the way. News is met with two chair shots. Skull misses a chair shot and is super kicked by Balls. Balls connects with the Nut Cracker Suite on Vito landing onto two chairs. Axl covers Skull and gets the three. NR

Backstage, Steve Corino is trying to find Rhino with Jack Victory. Corino enters a locker room and sees Rhino talking to Chris Candido. Rhino threatens the camera guy to leave the room while they think of a plan.

Back to the train station, Angel and DeVito don’t care about Skull losing as he wasn’t tough enough to be apart of DA Baldies. Angel challenges Jack to a street fight next week.

Backstage, Danny Doring and Roadkill are upset about Rhino and Chris Candido getting tag team title shots. Doring thinks they need boobs for title shots, so Electra comes in and becomes their manager.

Before the next match, Corino complains about being hit by a referee. Corino demands restitution for the damages to his face. Corino wants the tag titles, but is punched by Tommy Dreamer instead.

Main Event: ECW World Tag Team Champions Raven/Tommy Dreamer defeated Rhino/Chris Candido to retain the titles:
Dreamer with a side headlock to control Candido and connects with a shoulder block. They miss spinning kicks and have a standoff as the show goes to commercial. Candido stomps away on Dreamer and leap frogs Dreamer but is met with a side Russian leg sweep. Raven tags in and Candido is pancaked by the champs. Raven sends Candido back first into the guard railing. Rhino gets a few shots in on Raven while Dreamer comes over and gives Raven a trash can lid. Raven nails Rhino with the trash can lid. Dreamer and Candido brawl into the crowd while Rhino and Raven brawl by the ring. Raven leaps over the top rope and splashes onto Rhino crashing through a table! All four men are brawling around ringside now. Dreamer has a chair but is low blowed by Candido and sent off the apron into the guard railing. Rhino with a spine buster on Dreamer in the ring as they are the legal men. Rhino covers but only manages to get a near fall. Rhino runs into a big boot in the corner but is able to GORE Dreamer and gets a two count. Delayed vertical suplex by Candido on Dreamer for a two count. Candido crotches Dreamer on the top rope and goes for a power bomb but is back dropped by Dreamer. Rhino comes over and is able to drive Dreamer down with a sit down power bomb. Raven gets the tag and hammers away on Candido. Raven avoids a Gore by Rhino and Rhino nails Candido in the corner! Raven with a chair shot to Rhino and drop toe holds Rhino onto the chair for a near fall. Dreamer sets Candido up for the Death Valley Driver but Tammy low blows Dreamer! Francine enters the ring and we have a cat fight. Francine plats Tammy with a DDT! Dreamer plants Candido with a DDT as well and picks up the win. ***
After the match, Raven and Dreamer are attacked by Rhino, Candido, Corino and Victory. The beat down continues until the music of the Sandman hits! Sandman shows up in the crowd and makes his way down to the ring. Sandman enters and canes Rhino, Corino and Victory. Sandman checks on Dreamer and is attacked by Raven! Dreamer pulls Raven off but Raven keeps going at Sandman! Sandman accidentally canes Dreamer as the Impact Players storm the ring. Storm with a super kick on Raven and Rhino gores Sandman! Impact Players deliver their catchphrases and pose to close out the show.

End of show

My Take:
ECW shouldn’t be using the fake crow reactions that WCW has been historically known for using. That is what they used for Rhino coming out to the ring, don’t use fake heat. It’s just dumb.

Lynn/Crazy was a enjoyable match for sure but I didn’t like the finish. One thing I dislike about ECW is that they don’t really use DQ’s or if they do it is never consistent. Could have used the interference in a much different and better way.

Skull leaving ECW is unforunate. I don’t like PN News in this role and I was expecting him to lose the match. By the way, Skull would be going to WCW a month later and is best known as Big Vito.

I enjoyed the main event this week. The aftermath of the main event was done nicely, I thought. Though, I would think, as a wrestler, having the Sandman be the guy saving me is a bad idea. The guy does take awhile to get to the ring. Anyway, the young heel stable of Lance Storm, Justin Credible, Chris Candio, and Rhino is shaping up very nicely. A lengthy feud against Raven, Sandman and Dreamer could make for some good business.

Overall, a good show this week. The opener and main event were good bouts. Solid show from ECW!

Thanks for reading.

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