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ECW on TNN 11/26/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Chicago, IL

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are standing in the ring to start the show with the fans chanting ECW. They are cut off by Jerry Lynn. Styles asks Lynn is working with Tajiri. Lynn says “fuck you Joey, this interview is now over.”

ECW on TNN opening video

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are talking as Rhino and Chris Candido come over and Rhino talks about wanting to kick Raven, Sandman and Dreamer ass right now. Rhino wants a warm up match. Tammy Sytch calms Rhino down and says they will find some opponents in ten minutes and find a closet to do, well, you know..

At a New York train station, New Jack is ranting and yelling wanting to kick Da Baldies asses right now. Jack basically says he is going to anally rape Angel. That is so nice of him.

Opening Contest: ECW World Television Champion Rob Van Dam defeated CW Anderson to retain the title:
Anderson works on RVD in the corner with a left hand and a chop. Anderson runs into a big boot and RVD sunset flips Anderson for a near fall. RVD nails Anderson with a spin kick and plays to the crowd. RVD controls Anderson with a side headlock but Anderson gets out of it and has a wristlock on RVD. RVD gets out of it and spin kicks Anderson followed by a cartwheel back flip for a near fall. Anderson with a cheap shot as the referee pulled them apart. Anderson nails RVD with a super kick and gets a two count. Swinging neck breaker gets Anderson a near fall. Anderson scoop slams RVD and heads to the top rope. RVD cuts Anderson off with a roundhouse kick and connects with a leaping bulldog off the top rope driving Anderson face first down across the ring apron! RVD places Anderson on the guard railing gut first and comes off the apron with a spin kick! Slingshot leg drop by RVD back into the ring for a two count. Anderson avoids a spin kick and connects with a spine buster but only gets a two count! Anderson misses a clothesline and is tripped by RVD. RVD is able to kick a chair into Anderson’s face and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash for the win. **¼

Back to the train station, New Jack still hasn’t found Da Baldies. Jack is saying that Angel and DeVito don’t want any of him. Jack is screaming at a homeless person as he continues to look for Angel and DeVito.

Second Contest: ECW World Television Champion Rob Van Dam defeated Sabu to retain the title:
Sabu is in the ring and attacks RVD. This is apparently a title match. Sabu with a springboard moonsaults for a near fall. Sabu works on RVD in the corner and goes for a springboard kick but RVD beats RVD to it and hits Sabu with a sidekick. RVD comes off the ropes and connects with the rolling thunder and a spinning leg drop. RVD scoop slams Sabu and heads to the top rope but is crotched by Sabu. Sabu with a nice hurricanrana off the top rope and gets a near fall. Sabu smashes RVD over the head with a chair and hit’s the triple jump moonsaults! Sabu misses a baseball slide and is dumped into the crowd. RVD with a somersault dive off the railing onto Sabu in the crowd as the show goes to commercial! Sabu has RVD on a table and leaps off the top rope driving RVD through the table with a leg drop! Sabu stands in the ring as the show goes to another commercial. Sabu goes for another springboard off a chair but gets his leg stuck in the chair. RVD stomps away on the chair and jams the chair down to the mat with Sabu’s leg still caught in it! Rhino and Chris Candido run down to the ring and attack Sabu and RVD! Sabu dumps Candido to the floor as RVD kicks a chair into Rhino’s face. RVD takes Candido and Rhino out with a somersault dive on the floor! Sabu is limping in the ring as RVD battles with Candido and Rhino. RVD heads back to the ring and helps Sabu up only to kick Sabu on the injured leg! RVD works on Sabu’s leg by driving the leg down to the mat. RVD with a Five Star Frog Splash onto Sabu’s leg which was on top of the chair! RVD is yanking on Sabu’s leg as Alfonso throws in the towel to give RVD the win. ***
After the match, RVD celebrates his victory.

Back to the New York train station, New Jack isn’t going anywhere until Da Baldies show up to the 6th train.

Third Contest: Little Guido defeated Super Crazy:
Guido controls Crazy with some mat wrestling to start off the contest. Crazy reaches the ropes as he is in a arm bar. Crazy chops Guido and arm drags Guido. Crazy attempts a springboard moonsaults but is dropkicked in midair by Guido for a near fall. Big Sal trips Crazy and Crazy goes for a moonsaults but Gudio shoves Crazy to the floor. Guido misses a cross body and Crazy takes both Sal and Guido out with a moonsaults. Crazy and Guido exchange right hands on the top rope with Guido getting the upper hand and eventually connecting with a leg drop off the middle rope for a near fall. Guido with a side Russian leg sweep off the middle rope as Crazy was going for a moonsaults, gets Guido a near fall. Guido chops Crazy in the corner and is able to slam Crazy off the top rope for a near fall. Crazy battles back with a swinging DDT and both men are down. Crazy goes for the cover but only manages to get a near fall. Crazy goes up top and connects with a somersault dive for a two count. Crazy hammers away on Guido in the corner with ten punches. Big Sal enters and splashes the referee in the corner on accident. Crazy counters a power bomb and hurricanrana Sal! Tajiri comes in and so does Lynn. Lynn clotheslines Crazy on accident and allows Tajiri to deliver a brain buster on Crazy! Guido covers Crazy and picks up the win! **½

Back to the New York train station, New Jack still hasn’t found Da Baldies. It ends up that Jack was on the wrong train as the Da Baldies pass by Jack on a different train taunting him.

Main Event: Impact Players/Rhino defeated ECW World Tag Team Champions Raven/Tommy Dreamer/the Sandman:
Dreamer sends Credible and Storm into the guard railing but is attacked by Rhino in the ring. Dreamer is tripled team in the ring as Raven comes down to the ring and sends Credible to floor. Storm nails Raven with a super kick and has a chair but accidentally hits Rhino! Raven drop toe holds Storm into the chair. Raven and Dreamer with ten punches on Storm and Rhino in opposite corners. Credible works on Raven on the floor while Dreamer is double teamed by Rhino and Storm in the ring. Storm with a clothesline on Dreamer in the corner. Credible with right hands on Raven on the floor. Credible with a elbow drop off the apron onto Raven through a table! The Sandman’s music hits and Sandman finally makes his way down to the ring to even the odds. Sandman gets to the ring and is super kicked by Storm rather quickly. Sandman is met with elbow drops from Storm. Francine enters the ring and chokes Rhino. Dreamer gores Rhino and connects with a pile driver! Sandman is double teamed by the Impact Players on the floor. Storm nails Dreamer with a springboard clothesline but is low blowed by Francine. Dawn Marie low blows Dreamer and we have a cat fight between Marie and Francine. Sandman with a white Russian leg sweep on Credible! Dreamer with the Death Valley Driver on Storm. Raven goes for the DDT on Storm but Sandman nails Raven with the cane. Credible is able to cover Raven and picks up the win. **

Back to the train station, New Jack sees DeVito and walks over but is attacked by Angel from behind with a trash can lid. Da Baldies stand over the “dead gangster” and claim that the city belongs to Da Baldies.

End of show

My Take:
The camera angle used for this show was something that annoyed me. The camera was set up at an angle instead of straight up with the ring. The angle wasn’t used all that much, but still, it was annoying when used.

CW/RVD was a decent little title match. CW got in a few good moves but RVD was never going to lose that match. I like CW Anderson and I think him having a major heel role in 2000 should be expected. He has a good heel look and the guy can actually wrestle. That is a good combination.

RVD/Sabu was a good, fun match with a lame finish to protect Sabu. Just a usual spot fest filled match those two put on. Nothing wrong with that, though.

Guido/Crazy was a solid bout as well. That seems to be a theme for the matches lately on the show. The teasing of Lynn being a heel and teaming with Tajiri isn’t all that interesting, especially considering Lynn showed remorse for hitting Crazy, on accident, and the announcers tried to play up the fact that we don’t know Lynn’s motives. I was quite surprised that Guido won the match, but he did so in a non-clean way. At least Guido gets a pin fall over Crazy which is a rare thing to see.

The main event was just a simple brawl that wasn’t all that special. It just seems like every week Sandman/Raven/Dreamer turn on each other but still team with each other and whatnot. It’s not all that interesting to me, personally. Just have them feud with the younger heels and make good business. This doesn’t need to be ECW 1997.

Overall, the show was mainly centered around wrestling and New Jack’s feud with Da Baldies. The wrestling was pretty good while the promos with Jack were just odd mostly. Another overall good show by ECW.

Thanks for reading.

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