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ECW on TNN 12/3/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Philadelphia, PA

A video hyping up the happenings between Raven, the Sandman and Tommy Dreamer over the years. Tonight, Raven battles the Sandman with Tommy Dreamer as the referee. Also, Steve Corino will confront Limp Bizkit.

ECW on TNN opening video

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are in the middle of the ring as fans chant ECW. After Gertner delivers his “poem”, the Impact Players make their way down to the ring for a interview. Justin Credible is met with “just a pussy” chant before anything is said. Credible tells Styles that it is his honor to be standing with the ECW World Tag Team Champions (they aren’t). Styles notes that Credible is jumping the gun. Credible says that guys like Chris Candido and Rhino take the bullet for the Impact Players. Chris Candido, Rhino and Tammy Sytch make their way down to the ring. Candido says that he carried Lance Storm’s ass for a year and half and that is the only reason by Storm is in ECW. Candido mentions that Credible is only in ECW because Candido brought him in. Rhino has had enough with the talk and begins to brawl with the Impact Players alongside Candido. Tammy Sytch and Dawn Marie end up having a cat fight as well to close out the segment.

Backstage, Jack Victory is talking to Steve Corino. Corino says he can’t concentrate because of a Limp Bizkit concert happening next to the arena. Corino doesn’t know if he is doing something wrong since Rhino and Tajiri aren’t listening to him. Corino goes over to the concert by himself.

Backstage, the Sandman is smoking a cigarette. Sandman talks about Raven taking his wife, son and conning him to leave ECW. Sandman is going to take Raven to the extreme, tonight!

Opening Contest: Super Crazy defeated Hidaka:
Crazy with a hammerlock for the early advantage. Hidaka counters with one of his own but that doesn’t last long as Crazy hip tosses Hidaka. Hidaka goes back to a hammerlock and trips Crazy down to the mat. Hidaka twists Crazy’s left leg a few times and gets a near fall. Shoulder block by Hidaka but Crazy delivers a few chops. Springboard cross body by Crazy and they trade hip tosses and leg sweeps for near falls. Hidaka nails Crazy with a handspring side kick in the corner and delivers a dropkick to a seated Crazy, sending Crazy to the floor. Hidaka baseball slides Crazy into the crowd and takes Crazy out with a springboard twisting dive in the crowd as the show goes to commercial! Hidaka plants Crazy with a springboard tornado DDT back in the ring for a near fall. Nice hurricanrana by Hidaka and plays to the crowd. Crazy power bombs Hidaka and connects with a springboard moonsaults for a near fall. Crazy with ten punches in the corner to keep control of Hidaka. Hidaka comes back with a spinning heel kick and connects with a beautiful hurricanrana out of a electric chair slam situation for a two count. Hidaka drops Crazy on his head with a German suplex for another two count! Hidaka chops Crazy in the corner and goes for a tornado DDT but Crazy shoves Hidaka away. Crazy with a sit down power bomb and a springboard moonsaults to pick up the win. ****

Backstage, Steve Corino says he is going to stop the Limp Bizkit concert. He is going to prove that he isn’t a comedy act and is a force to be reckon with in ECW.

At the Limp Bizkit concert, Steve Corino yells at a female fan for not having respect for himself. Corino says “this is disgusting.”

At a random house, Raven says the Sandman is a abusive drunk just like his father. Raven talks about his father slapping him and whipping him when he was seven years old. Raven laughs at thinking of stealing Sandman’s wife and kid. Raven repeats that Sandman is just like his father. Raven would have killed his father, but his father died before he could. Raven says Sandman is going to wish he was dead.

At the Limp Bizkit concert, a female fan yells at Corino to get off the stage. Corino asks if she talks to her mother with her dirty mouth. Corino is mooned by the female fan. Fred Durst tells Corino to shut up, but Corino reminds Durst that he is Steve Corino. Corino calls the fans drunks and pot heads. Durst has the fans yell “Fuck You!”

Backstage, Cyrus meets with Jerry Lynn. Cyrus asks Lynn about his situation with Tajiri. Lynn tells Cyrus to figure out for himself. Lynn doesn’t answer the question.

Main Event: The Sandman defeated Raven (Tommy Dreamer as the special referee):
Sandman works on Raven on the floor with left hands. Sandman sends Raven face first into the guard railing and into the ring post. Sandman sets up a table but Raven uses it on Sandman by suplexing Sandman through the table! Raven has been busted open early on. Raven tosses two chairs into the ring as there are two tables in the ring as well. Sandman knocks Raven down with punches but Raven low blows Sandman and drop toe holds Sandman face first onto a chair. Sandman is able to drive Raven face first into the chair and punches Raven onto a table. Sandman misses a slingshot senton splash and crashes through the table! Raven has a sleeper hold on Sandman but Sandman breaks the hold by falling backwards onto the broken table. Sandman hammers away on Raven as Dreamer checks on Raven. Sandman grabs another table and tosses it into the ring. Sandman with a few left hands and sets up a table in the corner. Raven low blows Sandman, again and delivers a head butt to Sandman’s groin. Sandman connects with a rolling senton splash through the table! Chris Candido enters and low blows Dreamer which allows Rhino to gore Dreamer! Rhino gores Sandman through another table! Raven is on top of Sandman for the cover but only gets a two count! Sandman plants Raven with a DDT as Lori Fullington comes into the ring. Lori helps Raven up and low blows Raven. Francine runs down and has a cat fight with Lori! Francine plants Lori with a DDT! Raven drops Sandman with a DDT as the Impact Players pull Dreamer out of the ring and beat up Dreamer on the floor. Raven takes everyone out with a slingshot cross body on the floor! Justin Credible nails Raven with a cane and Sandman connects with a white Russian leg sweep to pick up the win. **½

Back to the Limp Bizkit concert, Fred Durst distracts Corino long enough so that Axl Rotten nails Corino with a left hand. Balls Mahoney smashes Corino over the head with a chair and Corino is busted wide open! Rotten delivers another vicious chair shot to close out the show.

End of show

My Take:
It seems like the opening promo segments are never given any time to actually develop into anything. This week wasn’t anything different as it was simple insults and then a brawl. That didn’t keep my interest all that much.

Crazy/Hidaka match was a fantastic contest. I really enjoyed that contest. Some fabulous action between those two. Hopefully Hidaka sticks around because that guy is really talented and looked great here. Very, very good match.

I thought Steve Corino did a decent job with the Limp Bizkit stuff. The chair shots at the end of the show were just crazy vicious and dangerous. But, I think the segments really helped Corino come across in a more serious character then he was being portrayed as.

Main event was a decent brawl with plenty of interference. Raven sure has been doing a lot of jobbing throughout his second run in ECW. I don’t really understand that as Raven is surely the most recognizable name considering he was in WCW and WWF. Seemed kind of odd that the Impact Players were helping Candido and Rhino despite what happened to open the show. Oh well.

Overall, ECW is on a pretty good streak with the good shows. Both matches this week were enjoyable and the Steve Corino promos with Limp Bizkit helped him greatly. Good stuff this week.

Thanks for reading.

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