ECW on TNN 12/10/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Atlanta, GA

The show opens up showing footage from a ECW Arena show where Rob Van Dam ripped on his former tag team partner, Sabu. RVD poked fun at Sabu’s injury and the fact he isn’t a champion. Sabu ended up smashing RVD with a chair and splashing Kamala through a table.

Backstage, Bill Alfonso is going to cut a promo but is cut off by Francine. Francine yells for Tommy Dreamer who runs into a locker room and stops Raven from pounding his head against the wall and tells him “you did the right thing, you’ve came to far to mess up now.”

ECW on TNN opening video

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are standing in the ring to open the show as the fans chant ECW. Styles notes they are on enemy grounds. Joel delivers his usual sexual poems of sorts.

A video from last week highlighting Steve Corino trying to ruin a Limp Bizkit concert.

Steve Corino is standing in the ring with Joey Styles and Joel Gertner alongside Jack Victory. Corino says he proved that hardcore wrestling is bad and hardcore music is even worse! Corino mentions a few bands that are good music, which are boy bands and Britney Spears. Corino says that Dusty Rhodes was the man dumb enough to start the hardcore revolution. Rhodes just happens to be in attendance. Corino thanks Rhodes for ruining the fans lives. Corino believes that 90% of the fans are drunk. Rhodes eventually makes his way towards the ring as Corino bad mouths Rhodes some more. Styles tries to say they aren’t taping this and tries to stop Rhodes. Corino calls Rhodes a fossil and Rhodes enters the ring. Corino says he is the future of professional wrestling and says he doesn’t have any respect for Dusty Rhodes. Corino slaps Rhodes and is met with elbow smashes from Rhodes. Rhodes knocks Victory down and scoop slams Corino! Rhodes delivers a elbow drop to Corino as the show goes to commercial!

Dusty Rhodes remains in the ring as the fans give him a pretty good pop. Rhodes just plays to the crowd.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner talk about the show and highlight some stuff for Hardcore TV. New Jack took out PN News with a dive off the balcony. Sabu attacked Rob Van Dam after RVD’s match with Tracy Smothers. Raven has snapped. Super Calo jumped from WCW to ECW but lost to Super Crazy.

Backstage, the Impact Players get ready to cut a promo. Justin Credible says he is the only true master of the Singapore cane and says he is the true hardcore icon. Credible proclaims he is going to beat Sandman all by himself. Credible doesn’t need anyone’s help. Lance Storm chimes in and says that tonight they make an impact. They finish off their promo with their usual catchphrases.

Opening Contest: Spike Dudley defeated Uganda:
Dudley with a low blow and quickly hit’s the Acid Drop to win the match. NR

Backstage, ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam cuts a promo on Sabu. RVD says he carried Sabu during their tag team run. RVD says that Sabu always had to have his ugly shadow covering over RVD’s spotlight. RVD knows that Sabu is going to comeback from his injury because he is dumb. RVD claims to be the Sheik’s favorite wrestler. Bill Alfonso doesn’t seem to be agreeing with RVD’s words.

Second Contest: ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeated 2 Cold Scorpio to retain the title:
Awesome shoves Scorpio into a corner and poses. Scorpio with a go behind but Awesome elbows out of it and shoulder blocks Scorpio. Scorpio gets out of a back suplex and super kicks Awesome to the aisle way. Scorpio takes Awesome out with a corkscrew cross body and a top rope moonsault! Scorpio with a few forearms but is caught by Awesome and tossed to the floor by the champion. Double axe handle by Awesome and delivers several right hands on the floor. Scorpio sends Awesome into the guard railing but Awesome is able to backdrop Scorpio into the crowd. Awesome dives over the guard railing and nails Scorpio with a leaping clothesline. They begin to trade right hands in the front row until Awesome nails Scorpio with a chair shot across the back. Scorpio tosses a chair into the ring as they enter back into the ring. Awesome clotheslines the chair into Scorpio’s face and covers but Scorpio kicks out at two. Leaping shoulder block by Awesome and they trade right hands. Awesome turns Scorpio inside out with a clothesline. Scorpio with a few kicks and a rollup but only gets a two count. Scorpio drops Awesome with a super kick. Scorpio heads to the top and connects with a big splash but Awesome manages to kick out at two! Back suplex by Scorpio and connects with a top rope moonsault for a near fall. Awesome catches a side kick and slams Scorpio down to the mat. Release German suplex by Awesome and calls for a table to be set up in the ring. Awesome sets up the table but Jazz enters the ring and punches Awesome a few times but that doesn’t do anything. Scorpio saves Jazz with a high cross body for a near fall and super kicks Awesome. Scorpio places Awesome on the table and heads to the top rope. Awesome crotches Scorpio on the top rope and heads to the top rope. Scorpio goes for a superplex but Awesome blocks it manages to power bomb Scorpio off the top rope through the table! Awesome covers and picks up the win. **¼

In the ring, Justin Credible cuts a promo on the Sandman. Credible says there is a guy in ECW who carries around a similar Singapore cane. Credible says he is the only guy in ECW with a big stick. Jason announces that he stole Sandman’s cane! Sandman’s music hits and we get the longest entrance in the history of wrestling. Sandman has a broom with him.

Main Event: Justin Credible defeated the Sandman:
Sandman goes after Jason but is met with a baseball slide from Credible. Credible sends Sandman back first into the guard railing before they go back to the ring. Credible gets a chair and rams Sandman face first onto the chair. Sandman sends Credible flipping upside down in the corner and chases after Jason to the back. Sandman ends up coming back with a ladder. Sandman drinks a beer halfway up the ladder. Credible stomps away on Sandman as Sandman returned to the ring. Credible tosses the ladder into the ring and sets up the ladder in a corner. Credible chops Sandman in the corner but Sandman is able to send Credible back first into the ladder and gets a two count with a rollup. Sandman bridges the ladder on the top turnbuckle and drops Credible face first onto the ladder for a two count. Sandman slams the ladder onto Credible and hits Credible with a slingshot leg drop from the apron with the ladder on his body for a two count. Sandman slides a table into the ring! Sandman sets up the table in the corner. Credible has a sleeper hold on Sandman! Rhino enters the ring and gores both men through the table! Sandman and Credible trade rights and lefts from their knees. Sandman with a white Russian leg sweep on Jason. Sandman goes for another on Credible but Credible has a chair and allows Lance Storm to nail Sandman with a springboard missile dropkick! Credible covers Sandman and picks up the win. **
After the match, Tommy Dreamer saves the Sandman from a post match beat down. Francine and Dawn Marie have a cat fight. Rhino goes to pile drive Francine but Dreamer nails Rhino with a chair. Storm springboard dropkicks the chair into Dreamer’s face! Dreamer and Sandman are beat down for a few more moments. They deliver their usual catchphrases.

Joey Styles goes over a replay highlighting what happened on this weeks show.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer thanks Raven for not helping them. Raven says that he would help Dreamer but will never help Sandman. Francine tells Raven that everything will be okay as the show comes to an end.

End of show.

My Take:
I liked the opening segment between Corino and Rhodes. Having Corino work with Rhodes is really going to give Corino a big rub and make him look like a credible heel. The slap Corino delivered was pretty weak, though. That doesn’t matter really as it was a solid opening segment.

The entrances were longer than the actual match for Spike/Uganda. The fans are really behind Spike with the giant killer gimmick.

Awesome/Scorpio was decent but nothing all that good. Scorpio seemed like he was off tonight as he seemed rather slow. Match wasn’t really his style, either. Awesome continues to be quite impressive during his title run.

Why are their always run ins during the main events for these shows? ECW rips on WCW for doing the same exact thing. If Justin Credible would have beaten Sandman cleanly it would have given him even more heat with the fans. Credible doing exactly what he said he was going to do would piss me off as a fan because he is just that good. Instead, he looks like a coward as he gets another cheap win. The match was just average at best.

Overall, a rather mediocre show this week. The matches were kind of lackluster but the opening promo was actually the most entertaining part of the show. This show breaks the recent trend of overall good shows, though.

Thanks for reading.

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