ECW on TNN 12/17/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Richmond, VA

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner welcome everyone to the show. They are not in the ring this week. Styles mentions that the Impact Players will wrestle Rhino and Chris Candido in a number one contenders match.

Backstage, Lance Storm doesn’t think they should have to wrestle Candido and Rhino tonight. Storm says they are looking through them. Credible says on January 9th, they will achieve their destiny and win the ECW World Tag Team Championships. They deliver their catchphrases as usual.

ECW on TNN opening video.

Backstage, Chris Chetti tells Nova that he is coming back tonight. Nova tells Chetti that he isn’t coming back tonight because of his back. Nova asks if Chetti wants to be like Shawn Michaels or Dynamite Kid. Chetti gets in Kid Kash’s face and tells Kash that if he screws over Nova he will break his neck. Chetti asks if Kash checked out his ass. Chetti says he can turn a straight man gay with his good looking face.

In the ring, Da Baldies say that the streets of Virginia belong to the Da Baldies. DeVito calls out anyone to fight them for their turf. DeVito says they will have to go through him. As usual, here comes New Jack.

Opening Contest: New Jack defeated DeVito:
Jack tosses a trash can filled with trash into the ring. Jack with a few right hands and smashes a crutch over DeVito’s back. Jack nails DeVito with a keyboard. Jack with a clothesline and another shot to DeVito’s head with a cooking sheet this time. Jack places the keyboard on DeVito’s crotch and smashes it with a stick! Jack has a guitar and heads to the top rope. Jack leaps off and smashes the guitar over DeVito’s head to win the match. ½*
After the match, Jack goes to jam a fork into DeVito’s head but is attacked by Angel and Grimes. Angel has a staple gun and staples New Jack’s ear! Jack is checked on by a few officials.

DeVito remains in the ring and again issues a challenge to anyone who wants to fight for their turf. This time, ECW World Champion Mike Awesome answers the challenge.

Second Contest: ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeated Vic Grimes to retain the title:
Awesome enters the ring and cleans house with clotheslines. Grimes is able to get a few right hands in and big boots Awesome in the corner. Top rope clothesline by Grimes and hammers away on the champ. Awesome ducks a clothesline and drops Grimes with a release German suplex. Awesome clotheslines Grimes to the floor. Awesome leaps over the top rope and takes Grimes out with a suicide dive! Awesome with a chair shot across the back. Grimes sends Awesome into the guard railing misses a splash and hits his head hard on the concrete floor. Awesome sets up a table on the floor. Grimes hammers away on Awesome from the apron. Awesome comes back with several right hands and goes for a power bomb off the apron. Grimes blocks it at first but Awesome manages to power bomb Grimes through the table from the apron! Awesome covers Grimes and picks up the win. *
After the match, Awesome celebrates his win. Judge Jeff Jones puts over his client, Mike Awesome. Spike Dudley’s music hits and Dudley comes down to the ring. Dudley low blows Awesome and Acid Drops the champion! Dudley quickly leaves the ring and the champion is left laying! Awesome recovers but flips out over what just happened to him.

Backstage, Danny Doring is in the shower and says he doesn’t care about Nova and Chris Chetti. Electra enters the scene and heads to the shower. Doring goes to jump into the shower but Roadkill is in the shower. Francine comes over and wants to take a shower. Electra flips out over hearing a woman’s voice. Electra threatens to cut off Doring’s penis.

Third Contest: Hidaka fought Super Calo and Tom Marquez to a no contest in a triple threat match:
Calo and Marquez double team Hidaka to open the match and dropkick him to the floor. Marquez with a knee lift and a clothesline to control Calo. Calo with a springboard cross body and holds Marquez for Hidaka but Hidaka nails Calo with a springboard dropkick. Hidaka plants Marquez with a tornado DDT but only gets a near fall. Marquez connects with swinging neck breaker on Hidaka but Calo comes off the top with a double axe handle on Marquez. Handspring side kick by Hidaka on Marquez in the corner. Hidaka dropkicks Calo and delivers a shoulder block. Calo is able to clothesline Hidaka and connects with a seated clothesline. Marquez stomps away on Hidaka as Sabu makes his way down to the ring with a crutch. Sabu nails all three men with the crutch. Sabu has a chair and smashes Hidaka over the head with it. The same happens to Calo. Sabu kicks Marquez to the floor and places Calo on a table that is bridged on the floor. Sabu ends up taking out all three men with a triple jump leg drop through the table on the floor! NR

A couple of different videos highlighting the recent happenings between the teams involved in the main event.

Main Event: the Impact Players defeated Rhino/Chris Candido to become the number one contenders for the tag team titles:
Credible and Rhino start off with Credible controlling Rhino with a side headlock. Rhino gets out of it and shoulder blocks Credible. Rhino has a side headlock on Credible and shoulder blocks Credible again. Rhino drives Credible down to the mat with a wheelbarrow slam and Credible rolls to the floor. Candido tags into the contest and wants Lance Storm who tags in. they trade slaps and chops with Candido getting the upper hand. Candido shoulder blocks Storm and connects with a swinging neck breaker. Candido with a leg drop off the middle rope. Candido works on Storm with forearms in the corner. Storm runs into a big boot but ducks a clothesline and Credible super kicks Candido! Credible gets a chair and hammers away on Candido. Credible backdrops Candido onto the chair! Credible knee drops Candido but Candido comes back with a DDT onto the chair. Rhino tags in and stomps away on Credible in the corner with Candido. Rhino splashes Credible in the corner and delivers a few more stomps. Credible is gorilla press slammed by Rhino. Storm with a springboard clothesline to drop Rhino. Rhino is able to comeback with a spine buster on Storm and gets a two count. Candido tags back in and works on Storm with a boot to the ribs. Storm blocks a backdrop and goes for a vertical suplex but Candido reverses with a delayed vertical suplex but Storm escapes. Candido is still able to kick Storm on the side of the head and gets a two count. Storm springs off the top rope and hits Candido with a back elbow for a two count. Candido crotches Storm on the top rope and goes for superplex but Jason gets on the apron. Rhino knocks Jason off and Candido connects with a superplex. Tammy and Dawn Marie enter the ring and have a catfight. Candido and Storm break it up. Candido works on Storm in the corner briefly. Candido is met with cane shot from Credible, Rhino accidentally gores Candido! Storm super kicks Rhino and Credible pins Candido to win the match. ***
After the match, the Impact Players celebrate their win. Storm grabs a microphone and says they are the next tag team champions. Rhino and Candido seem to be having a split up on the floor. Eventually, they get cut off as the Sandman’s music hits. Sandman appears in the crowd and makes his way down to the ring. Sandman gets pissed at a fan for trying to prevent another fan from drinking a beer. That was kind of funny. Sandman reaches the ring and turns his back again.. Sandman spits beer at the Impact Players. Jason stays in the ring as Credible and Storm leave the ring. Sandman smashes Jason with a cane several times. Credible comes from behind and whacks Sandman with a cane of his own several times. Storm has a table and sets it up in the corner. Sandman ducks a cane shot and Credible nails Storm on accident. Rhino has comeback to the ring and he gores Sandman through the table in the corner! Rhino taunts the fans.

Backstage, Raven says that he is trying so hard to do the right thing. Raven says he can’t wrestle Tommy Dreamer again if this doesn’t work out. Raven claims to be to weak to wrestle Dreamer again. Raven always thought he would lure Dreamer to his side but the opposite happened. Raven is going to be at the pay per view and they will get rid of the Impact Players. Raven tells Dreamer that he can count on him. Raven is talking to Francine. Francine says she understands Raven.

End of show.

My Take:
The segment involving Chris Chetti was just weird. The guy is clearly turning heel on Nova, at some point, but this character of his is kind of odd. Thinking that other men are checking him out and claiming to be a guy that can turn anyone gay. That is just weird.

Both matches involving Da Baldies were squash matches, basically. Which I don’t think is a good idea considering Da Baldies have been getting a decent push on television in recent weeks/months. But, then again maybe they should start jobbing out since the other heel stable (Impact Players) are clearly the top priority. Both matches were pretty bad, by the way.

Why on earth was Tom Marquez wrestling Hidaka and Super Calo? That was a confusing. It seemed odd until Sabu came out and kicked ass, which was fun to see considering he was a cripple with his knee injury. The build up of Sabu/RVD at the Guilty As Charged pay per view has been done nicely.

The main event this week was a good bout. Pretty obvious that the Impact Players were going to win considering they have been attacking the champions for several weeks now. I like the win for the Impact Players as this just confirms the thought that the year 2000 will be a big year for Justin Credible and Lance Storm. You can throw Rhino into that mix as well.

One note though, their wasn’t any mention of Steve Corino or Dusty Rhodes on this show. Horrible job of following up on a interesting angle that happened the previous week.

Overall, the main event was pretty good and made the show entertaining at the end. Everything leading up to that was boring, aside from the Sabu beat down. The main event makes this show average.

Thanks for reading.

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