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WWF Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams 1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams
Release Date:

Hillbilly Jim is your host for this WWF Coliseum Video, Bloopers, Bleeps and Bodyslams! Jim hypes up some exclusive WWF action on this tape. We also will see some bloopers from the announcers of the WWF. We have a WWF Intercontinental Championship match to kick off the tape.

Opening Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Crush to retain the title:
Crush shoves Ramon and they lock up briefly as Crush shoves Ramon down to the canvas. Crush backs Ramon into a corner and shoves the champion again. Ramon with a wristlock and switches to a top wristlock but is yanked down by the hair. Go behind by Ramon but Crush elbows out and breaks free from the hold. Crush works on Ramon in the corner with right hands and a head butt. Snap mare by Crush and knee drops Ramon a few times. Crush punches Ramon on the lower back but Ramon comes back with a right hand. Crush stops Ramon with a super kick to regain control. Crush goes back to snap mare and connects with a leg drop. Crush has a body scissors on Ramon right in the middle of the ring. Ramon reaches the bottom rope but is stomped by Crush until he falls to the floor. Crush comes off the apron with a double axe handle. Back in the ring, Crush connects with a backbreaker and keeps Ramon across his knee for some added pressure. Ramon is able to knee his way out of the hold and ducks a clothesline. Knee lift by Ramon and drives Crush down face first. Ramon with right hands and drops Crush with a discus right hand. Ramon signals for the Razors Edge but Crush throat thrusts the champ. Crush delivers another backbreaker and heads to the top rope. Crush leaps off and connects with a knee lift for a two count. Crush thinks he won and this allows Ramon to roll Crush up from behind to get the three count. *¼ (12/15/1993, Augusta, ME)

Hillbilly is back at the gym and puts over that “great match.” Jim introduces some bloopers by Gorilla Monsoon. Monsoon messes up a few lines regarding the Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna match at Summer Slam 1993. That’s about it.

Second Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers defeated the Headshrinkers to retain the titles:
Scott and Samu start off with Scott connecting with a quick arm drag. Samu controls Scott with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Scott. Samu blocks a hip toss by delivering a clothesline. Samu follows up with a running clothesline in the corner. Scott comes charging out of the corner and clotheslines Samu. Scott drives Samu down with a double under hook power bomb for a two count! Fatu tags into the contest and so does Rick. Fatu with a knee lift and over hand chop to control Rick. Fatu with a throat thrust and head butt. Rick catches Fatu on a leapfrog with a power slam for a two count and follows up with a quick clothesline which causes Fatu to roll to the floor. Fatu attempts a sidekick but Rick is able to avoid it, twice. Fatu hammers away on Rick in the corner but Rick comes back with a flurry of his own. Fatu stops Rick with a super kick and connects with a backbreaker. Fatu is on the middle rope but Rick cuts Fatu off and brings Fatu back down to the mat with a overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall! Scott gets the tag back in but is met with a kick to the back from Samu as he ran the ropes. Fatu nails Scott with a super kick and Samu tags back in. Samu delivers a throat thrust and a series of elbow drops for a two count. Samu head butts Scott on the lower midsection area. Samu chokes Scott in his corner and distracts the referee so Fatu can choke Scott with the tag team rope. Scoop slam by Samu but Scott comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Inside cradle by Scott but the referee was distracted by Fatu. Samu recovers and head butts Scott again. Scott is punched by both Headshrinkers in the corner behind the referees back. Fatu attempts a scoop slam but his back gives out. Scott isn’t able to make a tag as Fatu head butts Scott again. Fatu blocks a hip toss and clotheslines Scott for a near fall. Fatu has a nerve hold on Scott but Scott elbows out and manages to take Fatu over with a overhead belly to belly suplex! Scott is still unable to make a tag to Rick. Fatu misses a running spear in the corner and hit’s the ring post shoulder first. Samu and Rick get tagged in with Rick cleaning house with clotheslines. Rick power slams Fatu and leaps off the top rope driving Fatu down with a bulldog for a near fall as Samu elbow drops Fatu on accident. Headshrinkers are able to double head butt Rick and drive Rick down face first down to the mat. Scott crotches Fatu on the top rope and Rick rolls Samu up for the win! ***¼ (8/31/1993, Lowell, MA)

Third Contest: Rick Martel defeated Owen Hart by count-out:
Martel with a top wristlock but Hart counters with a hammerlock until Martel gets to the ropes. Martel controls Hart with a side headlock but Hart counters with a top wrist lock until Martel again reaches the ropes. Martel taunts Hart after a go behind by doing some jumping jacks. Martel knee lifts Hart and hammers away on Hart. Martel cartwheels away from a right hand but is met with a couple dropkicks and Martel rolls to the floor. Hart slaps Martel in the corner and trips Martel with a drop toe hold. Hart controls Martel with a arm lock and yanks on Martel’s arm for a few moments. Hart arm drags Martel as he charges out of a corner. Martel sends Hart hard chest first into a corner and connects with a back suplex followed by a elbow drop to the lower back. Gut wrench slam by Martel gets him a two count. Martel has a chin lock on Hart and jumps down onto Hart’s back as Hart tries to get to his feet. Hart comes off the ropes and backslides Martel for a two count. Martel rams Hart face first down into the mat and goes back to a chin lock. Hart blocks a backdrop by kicking Martel in the face. Martel battles back with a few strikes and knee lifts in the corner. Abdominal stretch by Martel for a brief amount of time. Backbreaker by Martel and drives his knee into Hart’s lower back. Martel leaps off the middle rope but is punches in midair by Hart. Hart with a flurry of right hands and monkey flips Martel over. Spinning heel kick by Hart and he heads to the top rope. Hart leaps off and connects with a cross body but only gets a two count. Martel tosses Hart through the middle rope to the floor. Martel distracts the referee as Jerry Lawler runs out and sends Hart into the ring post. Hart is counted out. *¼ (9/28/1993, Worcester, MA)

A few bloopers by Vince McMahon are shown. Hillbilly Jim talks about Todd Pettengill and introduces some more bloopers from Todd. I actually found these bloopers to be funny.

Fourth Contest: Tatanka defeated WWF World Champion Yokozuna by disqualification:
Tatanka storms the ring but is met with right hands and a head butt from Yokozuna. Yoko clotheslines Tatanka as he comes off the ropes and Tatanka is knocked silly. Yoko charges towards a corner but misses a back splash. Tatanka with a few overhand chops but is met with a back elbow from Yoko. Tatanka misses a dropkick after avoiding a elbow drop. Tatanka controls Yoko with a side headlock and attempts a shoulder block but fails at knocking Yoko down. Tatanka comes off the ropes and is whacked by Mr. Fuji with the Japanese flag. Yoko has a nerve hold on Tatanka for a few moments. Tatanka fights to his feet and elbows out of the nerve hold but is met with a vicious clothesline from the champion. Yoko drops Tatanka with a chop and goes back to the nerve hold. Tatanka starts to get to his feet as the fans get behind him. A few back elbows by Tatanka but Yoko rams Tatanka into the corner. Tatanka is on a War Path and chops Yoko several times. Tatanka heads to the top rope and nails Yoko with a overhand chop and the champ falls down! Mr. Fuji gets on the apron and Tatanka is distracted. Yoko grabs his salt bucket and nails Tatanka with it to cause the DQ. *½ (1/12/1994, Fayetteville, NC)
After the match, Yoko delivers a leg drop and drags Tatanka to a corner. A fan actually jumped the railing but a officer told him to get back. Randy Savage runs down and clotheslines Yokozuna sending the champion to the floor.

Fifth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon/Marty Jannetty defeated IRS/Diesel by disqualification:
Jannetty and IRS start off the contest. IRS scoop slams Jannetty and taunts the fans as the match officially starts. IRS takes Jannetty over with a hip toss and adjusts his tie. Jannetty blocks a right hand and delivers a few of his own followed by a hip toss, scoop slam and dropkicks IRS into a corner. Diesel tags into the contest and Ramon tags in as well. Diesel shoves Ramon down out of a lockup position. Side headlock by Diesel and shoulder blocks Ramon as he comes off the ropes. Test of strength sees Diesel get the upper hand quickly. Ramon battles to his feet but is kicked in the gut by Diesel. Ramon delivers a few boots of his own and takes Diesel over with a modified backdrop. Jannetty tags in and jumps off the middle rope to double axe handle Diesel. IRS ends up tagging in and knee lifts Jannetty. IRS misses a clothesline and Jannetty connects with a cross body for a two count. Jannetty runs the ropes but is met with a knee to the back from Diesel. Jannetty is rammed back first into the corner and Diesel continues to work on Jannetty with a few forearm shots to the back. IRS tags back in and holds Jannetty so Diesel can get another shot in. IRS leg drops Jannetty and gets a two count. IRS slows down the contest with a sleeper hold. IRS uses the ropes for leverage and tags in Diesel. Diesel side slams Jannetty and gets a two count. IRS leg drops Jannetty behind the referees back and remains in the ring despite their not being a tag. Jannetty with a sunset flip and gets a two count. IRS elbow drops Jannetty and has a sleeper hold on Jannetty once again. Jannetty elbows out and collides heads with IRS as he comes off the ropes. Ramon tags in as IRS knees Jannetty to the floor. Ramon with right hands and a back elbow to knock IRS down. Ramon back suplexs IRS and knocks Diesel off the apron. Diesel gets in the ring and Ramon hammers away on the big man. Ramon stomps away on Diesel and chokes Diesel in the corner. IRS grabs his briefcase and whacks Ramon over the back to cause the DQ. **¼ (10/20/1993, Burlington, VT)
After the match, Ramon ducks a double clothesline and manages to clothesline both IRS and Diesel. Jannetty and Ramon clean house to end the contest.

Back to some bloopers but this time with Lord Alfred Hayes. Only a couple from Hayes as he messes up Bam-Bam Bigelow’s name.

Hillbilly Jim introduces a few bloopers from Johnny Polo and Gorilla Monsoon. Jim hypes up the next match between Bigelow and Doink.

Sixth Contest: Doink the Clown defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow by count-out:
Bigelow tries to yank Dink into the ring but Doink saves his buddy. Bigelow shoulder blocks Doink a few times to start the match. Doink takes Bigelow over with a overhead belly to belly suplex and clotheslines Bigelow over the top to the floor. Doink and Dink taunt Bigelow and Luna in the ring. Doink with a drop toe hold as Bigelow tried to attack Doink from behind. Doink leg trips Bigelow and has a STF locked in. Dink distracts the referee and Luna rakes Doink’s eyes. Bigelow shoulder blocks Doink and has a front face lock on Doink. Dink enters the ring and punches Bigelow. Doink comes off the ropes and is met with a back elbow. Bigelow misses a falling head butt. Doink knee lifts Bigelow and connects with a bulldog for a two count. Bigelow misses a splash in the corner and Doink continues to control Bigelow with a arm lock. Bigelow avoids a charging Doink and Doink falls to the floor. Luna goes to attack Doink but Dink kicks Luna from behind and runs away. They enter the ring as Doink is rammed head first into the ring steps. Dink begs off Bigelow in the ring. Dink avoids two splashes and runs to the floor. Doink crawls back into the ring and avoids a splash in the corner. Doink attempts a power slam but Bigelow falls onto Doink for a two count. Bigelow controls Doink with a sleeper hold. Doink with a jaw breaker and manages to scoop slam Bigelow followed by a knee drop for a two count. Side suplex by Doink for a two count. Doink with a few leaping clotheslines but Bigelow doesn’t go down. Doink is tripped by Luna and Bigelow elbow drops Doink. Bigelow scoop slams Doink and heads to the top rope. Bigelow leaps off and connects with a diving head butt. Dink enters the ring and challenges Bigelow to fight. Luna slides in from behind and holds Dink. Dink gets out of the hold and head butts Bigelow which sends the big man to the floor. Bigelow is counted out. * (12/15/1993, Augusta, ME)
After the match, Luna grabs a knocked out Dink from the head butt and drags Dink to a corner. Bigelow heads to the top rope and taunts the fans. The referee stops Bigelow and Doink is able to drag Dink out of the ring.

Seventh Contest: Crush defeated Bret Hart:
Crush shoves Hart into the ropes to start the match. Hart with a go behind but Crush is able to break free from the hold. Crush wants to do a test of strength but Hart isn’t interested in doing it. Hart decides to do it after some taunting. Crush quickly gains the advantage and brings Hart down to his knees. Crush keeps control until Hart is able to roll through and has the advantage on Crush with the test of strength. Crush quickly gets to the ropes and falls to the floor. Hart with right hands on Crush and comes off the ropes with a clothesline for a two count. Hart jumps onto Crush’s back and has a sleeper on Crush. Crush yanks Hart down to the mat and misses a fist drop. Hart elbows Crush to the floor. Hart goes to the floor and hammers away on Crush for a few moments. Crush is able to stop Hart with a super kick after a failed rollup. Crush leaps off the middle rope and punches Hart on the back. Crush drives Hart down with a backbreaker and gets a two count. Crush has a head scissors on Hart and pulls on Hart’s arm for some added pressure. Crush sends Hart hard back first into a corner and has a bear hug locked in. Hart punches out of the hold but Crush nails Hart with a right hand and tosses Hart to the floor. Mr. Fuji is about to hit Hart with a flag but the referee stops that. Crush is able to ram Hart face first into the ring steps and gets a two count back in the ring. Crush catches Hart coming off the ropes and connects with another backbreaker for a two count. Tilt a whirl backbreaker by Crush for another near fall. Crush thinks he won and is rolled up by Hart for a two count. Hart with a few right hands but is stopped with head butt from Crush. Crush runs into a big boot in the corner and Hart connects with a bulldog off the middle rope for a two count. Hart rolls Crush up but only gets a two count. Side Russian leg sweep by Hart but isn’t able to quickly follow up. Hart slowly covers but only gets a two count. Hart leaps off the middle rope and connects with a forearm drop. Hart with a series of punches in the corner until Crush atomic drops Hart. Crush with another backbreaker and heads to the top rope. Crush leaps off but misses a knee drop. Hart goes for the Sharpshooter but Mr. Fuji gets on the apron and distracts Hart. Crush accidentally punches Fuji off the apron! Hart with a inside cradle but the referee is distracted. Owen Hart runs down and rolls Crush on top of Bret. Crush keeps the cover and picks up the win! **½ (2/23/1994, Locksheldreke, NY)

Hillbilly Jim introduces some more bloopers. These bloopers involve technical issues.

Eighth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Marty Jannetty in a steel cage match to retain the title:
Jannetty with a flurry of right hands and clotheslines Michaels with his t-shirt. Jannetty tosses Michaels around the ring with his t-shirt around Michaels neck. Michaels tries to climb out but is quickly stopped by his former partner. Jannetty sends Michaels hard back first into a corner. Jannetty dropkicks Michaels as Diesel looks on from the floor. Jannetty clotheslines Michaels and goes for a cover but that isn’t a way to win the match. Michaels blocks being sent into the cage and hammers away on Jannetty with right hands. Michaels dropkicks Jannetty and connects with a backbreaker. Jannetty blocks a dropkick and catapults Michaels into the cage! Jannetty goes for the cover and the referee jumps in for a two count. Jannetty tosses Michaels into the cage and goes to leave through the door but Michaels prevents Jannetty from leaving. Michaels jabs Jannetty in the corner and misses a spear in the corner. Michaels hits his head and shoulder on the ring post and cage. Jannetty tries to leave but Diesel holds the door. Jannetty kicks the door into Diesel and punches Michaels away. Jannetty tries to leave again but Michaels drags Jannetty back in and hammers away on him. Michaels is able to toss a charging Jannetty face first into the cage. Michaels sends Jannetty into the cage again and attempts to leave but Jannetty prevents Michaels from leaving by grabbing his foot! Michaels punches Jannetty away and starts to climb up the cage but Jannetty grabs Michaels foot. They are on the top rope but Michaels elbows Jannetty down to mat. Jannetty gets up and yanks down Michaels tights and pulls Michaels down to the mat as well. Michaels has a sleeper on Jannetty and sits down in the middle of the ring. Jannetty gets up and is able to ram Michaels head first into the cage! Jannetty with right hands and a atomic drop which sends Michaels head first into the cage. Jannetty slowly climbs the cage and is stopped by Michaels at the top of the cage. Michaels yanks Jannetty down to the canvas and starts to climb over the cage. Michaels is just about over but Jannetty is holding onto Michaels hair! Jannetty hammers away on Michaels and Michaels almost falls to the floor from the top of the cage. Jannetty power slams Michaels off the top of the cage down to the canvas! Jannetty starts to climb up the cage but Diesel is climbing the other side preventing Jannetty from climbing. Jannetty is able to knock Diesel to the floor but Michaels is able to dive to the floor and retains the title! *** (8/17/1993, White Plains, NY)
After the match, Jannetty tries to plead his case to the referee but doesn’t get the decision he wants.

Before the next match, Jerry Lawler tells the fans they needs to kneel down and kiss his feet. When Randy Savage comes out, Lawler continues to yell at the fans and demands they stop calling him Burger King. Lawler gives Savage the chance to leave the ring and avoid any further beating. Lawler says Savage only needs to kiss his feet and declare him the undisputed king. Savage declines by chasing Lawler.

Main Event: Randy Savage defeated Jerry Lawler:
Lawler is able to send Savage into the ring post and ring steps. Lawler leaps off the top rope and punches Savage back down. Lawler hammers away on Savage and chokes him in the corner. Lawler rams Savage head first into the corner and delivers a series of left hands. Lawler snap mares Savage and leaps off the middle rope connecting with a fist drop. On the floor, Lawler ends Savage into the ring steps. Lawler continues his dominance by choking Savage in the corner. Lawler attempts to crotch Savage on the ring post but Savage uses his legs to ram Lawler face first into the ring post. Savage rams Lawler into the ring steps and post once again. Savage leaps off the top and goes for a double axe handle in the ring but Lawler punches Savage in the midsection. Savage blocks a pile driver with a backdrop and goes up top but Lawler bails to the floor. Lawler walks up the aisle way and deices to leave. However, Bret Hart comes walking down and Lawler goes back into the ring where he is quickly rolled up and Savage gets the three. *½ (9/28/1993, Worester, MA

Hillbilly Jim closes out the video by thanking everyone for tuning into the action.

End of tape

My Take:
Crush/Ramon was a pretty basic and boring contest. I wasn’t expecting a great match or anything but those two really stunk up the joint. Bad way to start off this tape.. Could this be a long two hours?

Headshrinkers/Steiner’s was a good tag team match. I really enjoyed it as all four men put on a good show. I don’t think I have seen those guys put on a bad match.

Owen/Martel was pretty disappointing. Owen was still sporting his High Energy look at this point. Owen actually seemed a little off during the match as he wasn’t crisp with his moves as he usually was. The announcers even made note of that on a few occasions.

Tatanka/Yoko was pretty lackluster as well. I’m not sure why they felt like Tatanka needed to win by DQ. Yoko is a dominating champion or should at least be presented like he is. Yoko should have gone over, but its like it matters for this kind of tape.

Some decent action in the next tag match, but ended in a lame fashion. Its pretty bad that this tape has had several DQ’s or count-outs. Their has only been one good match that had a clean finish so far. This tape isn’t shaping up to do well.

I’ve never been a fan of the Doink/Bigelow matches. There match on this tape was pretty much a comedy match but Doink did showcase some of his wrestling skill. Another dumb finish with Dink head butting a over 300lbs man to the floor.

Crush/Bret Hart was a solid battle that happened to take place in a high school gym. Really, it was a high school gym and I thought that was pretty odd that they would tape a match considering the location. Makes WWF look kind of second rate by doing that. Anyway, good action for a match that went roughly 15 minutes. Hart carried Crush to a decent match.

I enjoyed the cage match between Michaels and Jannetty. Those two guys usually put on good matches and this was no exception. Surprised that they never had a cage match on a bigger stage than a coliseum video tape. Oh well…

Savage/Lawler wasn’t all that bad but it wasn’t given anytime to mean anything. Lawler is a great heel and got some great heat during a time where it was hard to get the fans into matches. Wish we could have got a elbow drop, though.

Lastly, it seemed like quite a few matches had a very similar finish. Ramon/Crush, Hart/Crush and Savage/Lawler had really similar rollup finishes. I don’t like having repetitive finishes as it is just lame. That kind of bothered me, but its not a big deal, I guess.

Overall, three good matches out of nine. Crush/Hart, Michaels/Jannetty and Steiners/Shrinkers. None of them are must see but they are good contests. However, there is six other matches that make this tape something I can’t recommend. However, last I knew you can get this on Amazon for like ten bucks or even cheaper so if you like WWF circa 1993-1994, that would be a pretty good deal.

Thanks for reading.


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