138 ROH Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool 3/3/2007

ROH 138 – Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool – 3rd March 2007

The final weekend of the Fifth Year Festival sees Ring Of Honor return to the UK for a double shot of shows from the Liverpool Olympia. Tonight’s main event has Nigel McGuinness lined up against Samoa Joe for the second time this year. A victory would go some way to establishing Nigel as one of the guys to carry ROH once Joe leaves after this weekend. Dragon Gate has a presence too, with Naruki Doi returning to join Shingo and challenge the Briscoes for the Tag belts. Roderick Strong defends the FIP Heavyweight Title internationally for the first time against the debuting Pac. There’s also another Delirious/Matt Sydal match, and they always deliver. We’re in Liverpool, England. Commentary comes from Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard, who have been excellent recently.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (01/03/07) – Nothing but highlights of recent shows.

Roderick Strong reveals that it was him that attacked Jack Evans in New York. That doesn’t make much sense. He’s going to use Pac to send a message to Evans tonight.

Jimmy Jacobs hangs out next to a brick wall. Lacey isn’t in the UK this weekend after Cabana gave her the Colt 45 in Chicago. But she was pleased with the amount of damage Jimmy did to him in their match. He vows to end it with both Cabana and Whitmer in Liverpool this week.

Davey Richards vs Homicide

This was originally booked as a World Title match, but obviously since Morishima won the belt that’s out the window, and we have no ROH Title defences in Liverpool this weekend. Expect this to be a competitive opener, with both men needing wins for different reasons. Davey, in particular, needs one because he hasn’t won for months.

Homicide is crazily over in the UK. Apparently this is the first time Julius Smokes has ever left the US too. Neither man is able to get an advantage so Davey fakes on a handshake and kicks Homicide in the leg. On the floor he throws a few more kicks, then boots Cide over the rail into the front row. He tries a monkey flip but Homicide lands on his feet then delivers a flying crossbody for 2. Davey suplexes him onto the ropes in brutal fashion, then goes ghetto by stealing Homicide’s bandana. Tilta-whirl backbreaker scores as Cide tries to mount a comeback. ‘I’m the man’ – Richards. That’s the second backbreaker he’s hit in the match too, and Cide appears to be in some discomfort. He makes the mistake of taking the match to the floor though, and Julius Smokes attacks him. He sets Richards up on the guardrail and that allows Cide to run into the TOPE CON HILO! Richards goes for a Ligerbomb but its countered with a hurricanrana. Next he tries more vicious kicks only for Homicide to duck one and lift him into a T-bone suplex for 2. Lariat ducked and Davey drops the Notorious 187 with his Saito suplex. Ligerbomb nailed this time but Cide kicks out. Inverted cloverleaf locked in which works the back that Davey attacked earlier in the match. He thinks about a shooting star press but takes too long climbing the ropes and Homicide pulls him down with an Ace crusher. Lariat ducked into the HANDSPRING ENZI! NO SOLD…HOMICIDE LARIAT!! Richards kicks out at the last moment. Homicide tries his Lariat again but this time Richards blocks it with the Alarm Clock kick. Back to the inverted cloverleaf in much better position. Homicide still finds the ropes. German suplex from Richards…but Cide again no sells to hit the Three Amigos. FROG SPLASH gets 2. It doesn’t matter though. Homicide lifts Richards into the COP KILLA and wins at 16:10.

Rating – *** –
Sloppy in places and maybe a little long but it was a nice way to open the show. The reaction Homicide got was massive, and it was the perfect match to play off that. Richards does some heel stuff to make himself unpopular, but essentially Homicide gets in all his trademark offence (including the Cop Killa) and wins the match to make everyone happy. To be honest, when I heard these guys got over 15 minutes I was actually expecting a little more than this, but it worked fine.

Sara Del Rey vs Allison Danger

As a big fan of the SHIMMER promotion, seeing these two added to the card for the UK shows was a real treat for me. Meeting both women the next night at 5YF Finale was really cool. Recently these two have been teaming together, but tonight they’re going to wrestle in an attempt to show the English fans how great women’s wrestling can be.

Hopefully the British fans show these two the respect they deserve. They do seem into the solid mat wrestling that the women produce from the bell. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not Bryan Danielson and Doug Williams out there but the fluidity of their chaining is decent. Del Rey gets an advantage by sitting down on Danger’s chest, then standing on her throat to stay in the ascendancy. Royal Butterfly blocked as Allison tries to score a flash pin against her larger opponent. Del Rey puts a stop to that by booting her in the stomach. Once again she goes for the Royal Butterfly but Danger again counters, this time with an STO. Lovelace Choker gets 2 because she just hasn’t done enough damage, and Sara comes up with more running boots to the midsection. Samoan drop gets 2 and it appears Del Rey has focused on doing damage to the midsection. Danger comes back with the Curb Kick for 2. Bodyscissors/cravat submission but Sara STANDS UP! ROYAL BUTTERFLY! She wins at 08:29.

Rating – ** –
That was pretty much as good as they could do with the time allocation. I want to see them wrestle in SHIMMER now because they look like they’ve got tremendous chemistry and would really shine putting a longer match together. In terms of SHIMMER exhibition matches, this was one of the best. Del Rey is really getting pushed by ROH this year and she deserves it – she’s a talent.

The moronic, not look at the camera promo has made it’s way over the Atlantic too unfortunately. Jay and Mark Briscoe tell everyone in the world to man up…

Jimmy Jacobs/Jimmy Rave vs BJ Whitmer/Colt Cabana

The main storyline to keep an eye on here is the Jacobs/Whitmer rivalry. They have a Falls Count Anywhere match tomorrow night which is supposed to settle their differences, so we’re getting a preview of that tonight. Jacobs will also be looking to do more damage to Cabana following their bloody Windy City Death Match in Chicago last week. He lost there but Lacey doesn’t mind as long as he injures his enemies. Whitmer will also be pissed at Jimmy Rave for using the ropes to pin him in their match in Chicago. How focused will Rave be on this match though? He has a Fight Without Honor against Nigel McGuinness (Colt Cabana’s tag partner) tomorrow night.

Team Jimmy interrupt Cabana’s fun and games during his introduction as they jump their opponents and take the fight to them on the floor. Whitmer tosses Rave through a row of chairs and vanishes off into the crowd whilst Cabana and Jacobs stay a little closer to the ring. BJ attempts to launch Rave off a balcony in a chaotic opening couple of minutes. Back at ringside again and still the babyface team are in control. Whitmer grabs Jacobs and powerbombs him INTO the guardrail before the match starts to take the form of a regular tag match. Despite that guardrailbomb BJ ends up playing face in peril and gets worked over by both the Jimmy’s. It’s formulaic stuff but I’m impressed with the energy of Rave and Jacobs as the heel team, and Cabana’s anguished and desperate cries for a tag on the apron also add to the drama. Finally Whitmer hits Rave with an exploder and makes the hot tag to Colt. Quebrada press on both opponents gets 2. Flying Assholes for the pair of them as well before he brings BJ in again. Jacobs meets him with a flurry of forearms, then Rave drops him with a spear. Jacobs’ senton bomb nailed for another 2 count. He can’t hit the Contra Code though and Whitmer comes up with a sweet spinebuster/brainbuster sequence. Cabana and Rave fight on the floor as BJ and Jacobs fight on the top rope. AVALANCHE CONTRA CODE! Jacobs wins at 13:46.

Rating – *** –
It wasn’t the best match this feud has produced. In fact, it was pretty much par for the course in that respect. However, where this match had the edge is that the UK fans were scorching hot for it. It was nothing more than your basic formula tag with a few moments of heated brawling thrown in…but the electric crowd really helped make this one seem like a far bigger deal than it actually was. All four guys looked like stars so well done to the fans in the Liverpool Olympia.

Delirious vs Matt Sydal – 2/3 Falls Match

Anytime these two are booked together it tends to be a fantastic match. They almost stole the show in August at the disappointing Epic Encounter 2. They bettered that in the finals of Survival Of The Fittest 2006 when they tore the house down. Delirious went onto win that match in what was his first ROH victory over Sydal. They also had a ridiculously underrated match at Suffocation – Delirious winning that one too. They’re always pretty evenly matched so tonight it’s 2/3 falls.

Sydal promptly shows his experience wrestling Delirious by hanging out on the ramp during his ringbell lunacy. Delirious gets the fans on his side using his assortment of whacky shenanigans, but whenever a wrestling match looks like breaking out he more than holds his own in that regard too. Sydal tries to get an advantage in a pin by pulling on the mask which isn’t exactly kosher. Once again you’re able to see the incredible familiarity these two have with each other as they go back and forth seamlessly. The crispness with which Sydal hits the enzicanrana and a dropkick is also incredible. He rather cockily pauses to accept the applause of the fans though. He hits what is arguably low blow straight in front of the referee, continuing his descent into heeldom. Delirious starts a comeback, but Sydal kicks him in the nuts (blatantly this time) and wins the first fall with a small package at 10:14. He’s wrestling full-on heel now, choking Delirious with tassels ripped from his mask. He does hit an awesome slingshot leg drop to the apron though. Delirious is tossed to the floor by the mask, but that turns out to be a blessing in disguise as he manages to toss Matt into the railings.

PANIC ATTACK into the rail! Back inside Sydal blocks the Cobra Stretch. Bizarro Driver nailed instead for 2. Sydal sweeps the legs for the standing moonsault, but this time Delirious gets a shoulder up. Cyclorama (moonsault belly to belly – thanks Wikipedia) blocked since Delirious has lost to that numerous times. SHADOWS OVER HELL! COBRA STRETCH! Sydal taps at 16:46 and it’s 1-1. Sydal does an AWESOME backwards leapfrog to evade a Delirious dropkick, but still eats a second Panic Attack in the corner. He rolls to the floor as Delirious goes for the Cobra Stretch again. He tries to run under the ring but the lizard man drags him out and sets up for Shadows Over Hell again. Matt moves this time and lands a RUNNING cradle DDT for 2. He takes too long posing to the fans from a clothesline in the corner and takes an elevated neckbreaker out of the corner. There’s a double KO moment as both run into the charging boot of the opponent, and it’s Sydal up first going for the quebrada Slice. Sydal Press avoided, and Delirious armdrags him back to the COBRA STRETCH! This time Matt counters it into nearfalls. CHEMICAL IMBALANCE II…gets 2! Sydal has lost to that move before. Delirious thinks about Shadows Over Hell, but Matt shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch him. CYCLORAMA BELLY TO BELLY! Sydal wins at 23:22.

Rating – **** –
Once again Sydal and Delirious deliver a tremendous match with each other. The pacing and story-telling in this one was remarkably good, as they effortlessly moved from comedy/respectful opponent stuff to the really hot back and forth wrestling of the final fall. Matt’s slow transition through the match from happy babyface to cocky bastard was the catalyst for that story-telling. He’s been getting more and more arrogant for months but this was the first time it really translated to working heel in the match and I thought it worked well for him. I genuinely couldn’t tell you if I prefer the SOTF06, Suffocation or this match best. They’re all that good…

The Dangerous Angels proclaim their match to be women’s wrestling at it’s finest. Jetta and Eden Black appear to say they’re the best women in the UK and challenge the Americans for tomorrow.

Roderick Strong vs Pac – FIP Heavyweight Title Match

This is the first time the FIP belt has been defended outside of Florida, and apparently I’m now supposed to accept it as a World Title. I don’t…it’s still just a regional title. Pac has been getting some major attention and is the best big star to come out of Britain. I know by this point he’d already been to the US on a couple of PWG shows. As a UK fan I’ve seen him a number of times and he certainly is a talented flier. Strong wants to use this match to send a message to Jack Evans apparently.

Strong spits at Pac rather than shake hands…classy. He basically overpowers Pac from the bell, looking totally dominant against the smaller man. Pac naturally tries to increase the pace with a headscissors but Roderick’s power quickly re-establishes itself. He does the chop-fake into a poke to the eyes which is quality heeling that I really dig. More beautiful headscissors’ from Pac though, but he tries a moonsault off the apron only to be caught and dropped face-first over the guardrail. Strong dishes out a press slam into the ringpost as well that leaves Pac crawling on the floor in pain. It’s not good to have back problems in a match with Roddy, and he demonstrates why with a Danielson-esque Mexican surfboard (with nostril pulling) then a backbreaker. Standing SSP from Pac gets 2, but Roderick stands up to hit a belly to belly backbreaker. He leaves the ring again and tries to snap Pac in half around the guardrail. BACK SUPLEX ON THE APRON NAILED! And this is under FIP Title rules so Pac has a real battle on his hands to beat the count back into the ring. He tries to throw a couple of kicks out of the corner but Strong simply flips him up and boots him onto the apron. CRAZY hangtime on a missile dropkick by Pac, and he follows up with a Phenom DDT leaving both men down. He ducks the trademark chops and uses dropsaults to send the champion through the ropes. He rams Strong into the guardrail then climbs the ropes. CORKSCREW SHOOTING STAR INTO THE FRONT ROW! He takes too long getting Roddy back into the ring though, and Strong is able to come back with an Orange Crush. Death By Roderick misses and Pac hits a moonsault senton. To the top again but he’s taken a lot of abuse and takes his time. Strong capitalises with a superplex then DEATH BY RODERICK! Gibson Driver blocked and Pac flies out of the corner with a tornado DDT. 450 SPLASH GETS 2! Pac climbs the ropes one more time. INVERTED CORKSCREW SSP MISSES! SICK KICK! GIBSON DRIVER! Strong retains at 18:09.

Rating – **** –
I know he’s already scheduled for tomorrow night anyway, but I think it’s safe to say Pac has earned himself future bookings (I’m talking getting flown to the US) with that performance. He busted out some spectacular acrobatics and put in a hell of a performance in what was a massive match for him. I’ve seen him live a fair few times and have sometimes found him to be a tad inconsistent, so to deliver this on a massive opportunity like an ROH show is testament to his character. And he’ll take all the headlines, which is a shame because Roderick Strong put in his best showing in a long time. Pac’s spots popped the crowd but they only meant something because he was doing such a good job beating the crap out of him and stringing the rest of the match around the high-flying.

‘Bring back Pac’ – Liverpool. Strong tries to do more damage by putting him in the Stronghold…until Delirious runs from the back to make the save. He just won’t leave Roderick alone…

Jimmy Jacobs doesn’t care that he pinned BJ Whitmer tonight. He’s disappointed he didn’t injure anybody…so challenges Whitmer to a fight in the basement tonight.

Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Naruki Doi/Shingo – ROH Tag Title Match

Does Doi and Shingo teaming together make any sense in Dragon Gate storylines? I don’t follow the promotion closely enough to really know. This is Doi’s first ROH appearances since Wrestlemania weekend 2006 so it’s good to see him back. We should be in for a hell of a match to start the Briscoes’ third reign as Ring Of Honor Tag Team champions.

Mark and Shingo start, but my attention is taken up by how shiny Doi is. Between the baby oil and the PVC pants the dude is reflecting every light in the building. He has a sweet exchange with Jay the first time they get into the ring though. The Briscoes try to double team him but he powers Jay down and clobbers him with forearms. Instead the champions try their luck with Shingo and have a little more success. It doesn’t last too long though and, via some impressive teamwork, the Dragon Gate duo work their way back into the match. Shingo holds Mark in wheelbarrow position for a big running dropkick from Naruki and that draws Jay into the ring to break a pin. He back suplexes Shingo into a slingshot double stomp from Mark and the tide turns again. He also elevates Takagi for a springboard spinning heel kick. Is there a better team in wrestling than the Briscoes right now? Backbreaker/SPLIT-LEGGED CORKSCREW MOONSAULT LEG DROP combo gets 2. How the hell did Mark even do that? Shingo still lays both of them out with a flatliner/DDT combo and edges towards the tag to Doi. TOPE SUICIDA ON MARK! Shingo drills Jay with a sit-out powerbomb for 2 even though he’s not legal. He sets up both Briscoes in the corner for Doi’s super-fast cannonball senton. He then props Jay in the middle rope…SOMERSAULT SENTON BOMB to the ribs gets 2. The fans are absolutely eating this up by the way. Jay drops Naruki with a blockbuster and tags to Mark.

RED NECK KUNG FU B*TCH! Michinoku Driver nailed but it only gets 2. ROPE RUN SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE FLOOR! Mark is a just a crazy crazy man. Meanwhile Doi muscles Jay into a powerbomb. Apparently we’re going Dragon Gate rules on the legal man tonight. MISSILE DROPKICK/BACK DROP DRIVER COMBO gets 2 for Team Dragon Gate. Mark hits his springboard frog splash then pulls Shingo up for a leg drop/sidewalk slam combo. The pace is so damn quick now. Doi leg drops Mark down over Shingo’s knees, but Briscoe soon springs off the middle turnbuckle to hit a forearm. GERMAN SUPERPLEX BY DOI! Jay comes in and plants him with a gourdbuster. SHOOTING STAR PRESS INTO DOI’S KNEES! DOI 555…AS SHINGO HITS A SUPERPLEX ON JAY! FROG SPLASH ELBOW DROP FROM DOI GETS 2! He thinks about another Doi 555 but this time Jay blocks. SHINGO LARIATO accidentally gets his own partner. TOTAL ELIMINATION wipes out Doi, and the Briscoes follow up with the splash mountain neckbreaker. Shingo saves Doi from the springboard Doomsday Device, but Mark still gives him the urinage suplex. GORILLA PRESS DVD by Jay but Shingo breaks the fall. They try the Spike Jay Driller…but Shingo saves with a SHINGO LARIATOOOOOO! Mark springboards in anyway and eats another lariat. Did Shingo just hit a Yokosuka cutter? Cut-Throat Driver blocked…LAST FALCONRY! SHINGO WINS! SHINGO WINS! New champions at 22:40!

Rating – ****1/2 –
That’s an extremely jealous rating, but it was my second favourite match of the Fifth Year Festival thus far (only Joe/Morishima tops it) and I’ve given numerous matches 4* already – so wanted to establish the difference. I don’t know what it is about the Briscoes when they come to the UK but they seem to deliver amazing tag matches every time. Aside from incredibly lax legal man rules (which, if this was Dragon Gate rules, wouldn’t matter anyway) this was a flawless exhibition of high-spot orientated junior heavyweight tag wrestling. The crowd reaction to Shingo winning is honestly one of my favourite crowd responses ever in ROH. Nobody can BELIEVE they just saw it. Do I agree with the decision to hot shot the belts onto the makeshift DG duo simply to set up a Briscoes singles match tomorrow night? No, to be honest I think it’s lazy booking and could’ve been done differently (have the Briscoes lose to Daniels and Sydal in Chicago, lose to Doi and Shingo tonight, wrestle in singles tomorrow to do the “manning up” thing then win the belts from Daniels and Sydal Wrestlemania weekend in Detroit for instance). Doesn’t change the fact it was a great moment though.

The new champions leave the devastated former champions alone in the ring. Jay bemoans the fact that they’ve now lost the ROH and GHC Jr Heavyweight tag belts in their first defence. He challenges Mark to a match tomorrow night so they can toughen each other up.

That segment would’ve been much more effective if the sound system in Liverpool wasn’t so shoddy. And that’s one of numerous technical gripes I have about tonight’s show. Just like the last Olympia show, the hard cam is too far away, out of focus and has a dodgy white balance which makes it basically useless. As a result it means most of this show is shown via the ringside camera. That’s fine, except it gives an extremely confusing and disorientating view of the action. Those prone to motion sickness might not want to watch that Tag Title match for that reason. These problems should’ve been fixed. It’s bad enough that the ROH UK shows have to be held in the stupid tiny ring. Mistakes like this make the British shows look amateurish in comparison and I don’t like that.

5TH YEAR FESTIVAL VIDEO – This one focuses on the past year of the Tag titles, so it’s basically a run down of Aries and Strong’s best matches together, with some Kings Of Wrestling and Daniels/Sydal thrown in. The finish to that Dethroned match is still amazing though.

Nigel McGuinness vs Samoa Joe

The issue between these two started when Joe started trashing NOAH – of which McGuinness is a proud representative. They had a competitive (if underwhelming) match at Dedicated, with Joe coming out the victor. But the heat between them reignited at 5YF NYC when Nigel basically acted as Morishima’s spokesman and got into a ruck with Joe as a result. This is Joe’s final weekend in ROH, but Nigel will only be interested in getting a massive win in his home country. Remember, he’s already pinned Joe once this year – doing so in the tag team main event last weekend in Chicago.

Despite the fact we’re in England, Joe is still Joe so he’s still more over than McGuinness. Nigel pulls his groin in basically the first second of the match by getting his leg caught in the ropes. He spends the rest of the match with an obvious limp as a result. Joe dominates Nigel with his massive kicks, and despite being unable to hit his elbow suicida he still sweeps his legs from under him meaning McGuinness crashes face-first into the ring apron. To make things worst Joe swings him into the railing. And whilst he’s on the floor he might as well hit an Ole Ole Kick…in the country where that move was born. McGuinness comes back with the Rebound McLariat from the apron. He starts working on Joe’s shoulder, driving it into the ringpost then striking it from various positions. Hammerlock DDT scores, but very obviously hurts Nigel’s injured groin in the process. His performance in this match is a real gut check. And the fans are starting to get behind him as he applies the bridging chickenwing. ST-Joe nailed, but the Samoan is rather slower than usual to continue the attack thanks to his injured arm. He blocks McGuinness’ headstand mule kick, but Nigel floats over into that rear kick into a cutter out of the corner for 2.

Cobra Clutch into a McLariat nailed but once more isn’t good enough for victory. Joe tries to counter the Tower Of London into the Choke but McGuinness manages to lift him back to the top rope. Tower Of London scores this time, but if it wasn’t good enough to beat TJ Perkins there’s no way it’ll beat Joe. Joe hits a flying knee strike from the second rope to put the Brit on the back foot again. Powerbomb into the submission sequence (without a hint of arm-selling) from Joe, but Nigel gets a foot on the ropes. McLariat again for 2…but all the lariats have given Joe a bloody mouth. Nigel sets up for a Tower Of London on the apron, but Joe blocks it. Like an idiot McGuinness climbs to the top rope. MUSCLEBUSTER ON THE APRON! NIGEL IS DEAD! He literally isn’t moving and referees come out to try and drag him to the back. Joe tries to call Nigel back to shake his hand, assuming that injury has ended the match. When that doesn’t happen he calls McGuinness a ‘British pussy’…and that doesn’t go down well. He hobbles back down the ramp and the crowd goes nuts. B*TCH SLAP ON JOE! Nigel blocks the ST-Joe…but the Rebound Lariat is blocked with a slap. MUSCLEBUSTER AGAIN…NIGEL KICKS OUT! MONSTER LARIATOOO! BUT NIGEL KICKS OUT AGAIN! Joe slaps the absolute sh*t out of him, then almost gets rolled up out of nowhere. BIG BOOT IN THE CORNER! CHOOOOKE! Nigel is unconscious at 22:52, and the match actually is over this time.

Rating – **** –
That was a really strange match. Joe was wrestling in his copy and paste house show, I’ll hit my spots and leave with minimal injuries TNA style, whilst Nigel was out there busting his ass with a bad leg wrestling like it was the biggest match of his career. As such all the drama of the match came from McGuinness’ inspired performance. I had my usual criticisms of Nigel’s work (too many lariats, arm work that leads nowhere, the Tower Of London being dead as a finisher etc) but he had undeniable charisma as the underdog. The electric last few minutes following the Musclebuster on the apron were a fitting conclusion to the match, but just like in New York…the wrong person won. Imagine what an awesome moment it would’ve been if Nigel had defied injury and pinned Joe in his hometown. Like Morishima, he’s one of the people expected to step up and main event once Joe is gone…so seeing him basically get KILLED by the departing star at the end of this match accomplishes nothing. I am genuinely baffled by the logic behind putting Joe over everyone on his way out when he should’ve been making new stars.

The PA is crap so it’s impossible to understand what Joe is saying on the microphone. He does put Nigel over as the guy to carry ROH, then sends the crowd wild with more glowing endorsements of the promotion and its fans.

BJ Whitmer arrives in the basement and the show ends with him fighting Jimmy Jacobs in the dark. That’s just plain gay…

Tape Rating – **** –
Second best show of the year behind 5YF NYC. I can’t put it in simpler terms than that. The first three matches are all fine, and the four marquee matches are all excellent. Briscoes/Team DG creeps into MOTYC territory, Delirious and Matt Sydal told an awesome story in their 2/3 Falls match, Pac wowed the fans with a spectacular debut performance, and Joe and Nigel had a predictably good match to round things off. Highly recommended…

Top 3 Matches

3) Matt Sydal vs Delirious (****)

2) Roderick Strong vs Pac (****)

1) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Naruki Doi/Shingo (****1/2)

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