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2CW Shakedown 6/23/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Shakedown
From: Rochester, NY

The show starts off with a supposed to be Kevin Grace vs. Ajax 820 contest. However, before they can lock up, the Wyld Stallyons come down to the ring and we eventually get a tag team contest with Grace and Ajax teaming together.

Opening Contest: Wyld Stallyons defeated Kevin Grace/Ajax 820:
Bill and Grace start off the tag match. Grace controls Bill with a wrist lock but Bill counters with a hammerlock. Bill switches to a side headlock and shoulder blocks Grace. Grace comes back with a hip toss and tags out to Ajax and Ted tags in as well. Ted and Ajax trade air guitar taunts. Ajax with a wristlock on Ted but Ted rolls through rolls up Ajax for a two count. Bill tags in and jumps off the middle rope connecting with a double axe handle for a two count. Ted tags back in and he also connects with a double axe handle off the middle rope. Stallyons continue with double axe handles and they get numerous near falls. Ajax nails Ted with a spinning heel kick and tags out to Grace who drops Ted with a neck breaker for a near fall. Grace dropkicks Ted through the middle rope to the floor. Grace comes off the ropes and knocks both Stallyons off their feet with a somersault dive! Back in the ring, Grace is double teamed by the Stallyons until Grace is dumped to the floor. Ted takes Ajax and Grace out with a cross body on the floor! Bill gets a near fall on Grace back in the ring. Grace gets a near fall with a sunset flip but is quickly met with a clothesline from Ted for another near fall. Ajax and Ted get hot tags which sees Ted power slam Ajax and baseball slides Grace to the floor. Ted lifts Ajax up and Bill leaps off barely hitting a blockbuster on Ajax. Ted covers Ajax and wins.

Second Contest: Jason Axe defeated Brian Fury:
Fury shoves Axe into a corner to start off. Axe bails to the floor to stall for a few moments. Fury controls Axe with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Axe. Fury blocks a hip toss and takes Axe over with one of his own. Fury dropkicks Axe to the floor and plays to the crowd as Axe struggles on the floor. Fury goes to the floor and chases Axe around until Axe rolls into the ring and clubs away on Fury. Side slam by Fury gets him a near fall. Fury avoids Axe in the corner and connects with a sit down scoop slam for a two count. Axe with a eye poke and a big clothesline to gain the advantage. Axe drives Fury down with a Death Valley Driver across his knee for a near fall. Axe chokes Fury across the middle rope for a few moments. Fury sends Axe chest first into the corner and connects with a leaping reverse neck breaker for a two count! Fury blocks a hurricanrana with a sit down power bomb and gets another two count. Axe bails to the floor and gets a drink of water from Bill Alfonso. Fury goes back to work on Axe in the corner. Axe leaps onto the apron but is punched off by Fury and Axe jumps into the first row! Fury leaps off the top with a cross body back in the ring and gets near fall on Axe. Fury chops Axe in the corner a couple of times. Fury goes to the middle rope but is low blowed by Axe. Axe with a botched Cradle Shock of sorts and gets a near fall. Axe inside cradles Fury and gets the win. **

Third Contest: Nikki Roxx defeated Ariel:
Well, I am just going to go with a long story short here. Roxx wins the bout with a elevated body scissors DDT. DUD

Before the next contest, the Outkast Killaz put themselves over as real World Tag Team Champions. They joke that they don’t believe they have AMIL tonight in tag action. The Killaz are attacked from behind by, AMIL.

Fourth Contest: Outkast Killaz defeated K-Pusha in a handicap match: Pusha with a running knee lift to a seated Diablo and springboards off the middle rope to plant Oman with a springboard face buster! Pusha connects with a middle rope hurricanrana on Diablo for a near fall. Pusha is sent into the ropes and driven down to the canvas face first by the Outkast Killaz. Diablo covers Pusha but only gets a near fall. K-Murda is not in the arena as he had “flight problems”. Diablo nails Pusha with a running clothesline and gets a near fall. Outkast Killaz nail Pusha with a double shoulder block. Well, 2CW Heavyweight Champion Dizzie is on the ring apron to help out Pusha, apparently. Pusha with a rollup out of the corner on Diablo for a near fall. Diablo stops Pusha coming off the ropes with a t-bone suplex! Oman tags in and works on Pusha with right hands. Pusha gets out of a reverse neck breaker and gets a near fall with a rollup. Pusha with a few more rollups for a two count. Oman drop toe holds Pusha and has a surfboard submission locked in. Diablo sends Pusha back first into the guard railing. Diablo has a sleeper hold on Pusha with a body scissors in the middle of the ring. Pusha is double teamed, but eventually tags in Dizzie, who cleans house with right hands. Dizzie nails both Outkillaz with his finisher. Dizzie ends up turning on Pusha with a Muscle Buster turned into a sit out spine buster. Dizzie puts Oman on top of Pusha to help the Killaz win the bout. **

Before the next match, Dizzie comes out and is wearing Slyck Wagner Brown’s t-shirt. Dizzie says he is important and has things to do so he is going on early. Dizzie is important, like Hulk Hogan. Springate grabs a microphone and calls Dizzie a “pussy coward” which Springate has made a lot of money in that role. Springate challenges Dizzie to a wresting classic.

Fifth Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Dizzie defeated Zaquary Springate III to retain the title:
Dizzie stalls for several moments before anything actually happens. Dizzie ends up hiding beneath steps that are directed towards the ring so that was a poor hiding job. This is really, really getting ridiculous. Springate flips Dizzie into the ring from the apron and stomps away on the champ after what had to be seven minutes of just stalling. Springate controls Dizzie with a figure four head scissors over the top rope. Springate knee drops Dizzie as the fans chant for ZS3 to win the title. Dizzie blocks a handspring back elbow but Springate rolls the champ up for a two count. Dizzie power bombs Springate for a near fall of his own. Dizzie punches Springate to the canvas and cocky pins the challenger for a near fall. Springate rolls Dizzie up for another two count. Dizzie slams Springate on the floor, later on and leaps off the top missing a head butt back in the ring. Springate takes Dizzie over with a double under hook suplex. Springate kicks Dizzie across the back and plays to the fans. Springate leaps off the middle rope but is met with an atomic drop. Springate clotheslines Dizzie a few times for a near fall. Springate with a knee lift to Dizzie and heads to the top rope. Slyck Wagner Brown runs down and shoves Springate off the top to the mat. Dizzie is able to backslide Springate and gets the win.

Before the next match, Isys Ephex cuts a promo about coming to Rochester on a train. Ephex announces that he has a fever, as the story with a woman on a train didn’t make much sense.

Sixth Contest: Eddie Edwards fought Isys Ephex to a draw:
Edwards backs Ephex into the ropes and eventually into a corner. Edwards with a go behind but Ephex reaches the ropes pretty quick. Ephex chops Edwards in the corner and backs off. They exchange some chain wrestling moves for a few moments. Edwards chops Ephex in the corner a few times getting a two count. Edwards controls Ephex for several moments with a side headlock on the canvas. Ephex gets out of the hold but Edwards takes Ephex over with a snap suplex. Ephex forearm smashes Edwards and rolls Edwards up for a two count. Ephex connects with a standing swanton bomb for a near fall. Edwards delivers a few forearm shots and a hurricanrana followed by a dropkick which sends Ephex to the floor. Edwards comes off the ropes and connects with a suicide dive onto Ephex! Edwards covers Ephex back in the ring but only gets a two count. Edwards nails Ephex with a clothesline and gets a near fall. They exchange head butts until Edwards delivers a series of running yakuza kicks but Ephex kicks out at two on the pin attempt! Ephex plants Edwards with a tombstone pile driver after they both reversed a few attempts. Ephex covers a few times but Edwards kicks out on each pin attempt. Edwards drives Ephex down to the mat with a modified back suplex turned into a face buster. Ephex runs into a back elbow in the corner and a chop from Edwards. Ephex gets a two count after another clothesline. Missile dropkick by Edwards and delivers a running double knee in the corner. Edwards with a rolling double mule kick to Ephex in the corner and gets a near fall. Ephex nails Edwards with the same mule kick but Edwards is also able to kick out. Ephex counters a reverse DDT with a modified Snow Plow for a two count. Ephex rolls through a rollup and kick Edwards right in the face. Death Valley Driver by Ephex for a near fall! Edwards attempts a sunset flip power bomb off the top rope but Ephex blocks it. Edwards still manages t drop Ephex face first into the top turnbuckle and connects with a power bomb for a two count. Edwards chops Ephex on the top rope and goes for a superplex but is head butted off by Ephex. They trade a series of rollups but are able to kick out on each attempt. Edwards rolls through onto Ephex and manages to get the pin. However, it is announced that both men shoulders were down and it was a draw. **½
After the match, Edwards wants five more minutes. Ephex says no because “I have a fever, and I am going home.”

Before the next match, JD Love cuts a promo about not giving a lap dance to a female who has a birthday coming up in a few days. Okay…

Seventh Contest: Loca Vida defeated Gordy Wallace and JD Love:
Dance off to start the match. Vida and Wallace splash Love in the corner. Wallace hammers away on both opponents and delivers a double elbow smash. Wallace is chopped in the corner by Vida and Love. Vida head scissors Love but is slammed by Love soon after. Wallace big splashes Vida and Love does the same for a two count. Vida connects with a double head scissors/headlock combo, twice. Vida is atomic dropped by both men and splashes by both men as well. Wallace rolls Love up for a two count. Double knee strike by Vida in the corner on Love and delivers a dropkick. Vida head scissors Wallace into a corner but misses a bronco buster. Wallace spine busters Vida but is met with a release suplex by Love. Vida heads to the top but is crotched by Vida. Wallace is chopped by Love who ends up power bombing Wallace off the middle rope and Vida is suplexed as well. Love exposes his ass and rubs his ass into Wallace’s face in the corner. Vida pulls down his trunks and along with Love deliver a double exposed butt splash. Wallace with a double Cattle Drive and gets a near fall on both men. Vida with the 315 on Love but is dropkicked to the floor by Wallace. Vida attempts a cross body off the apron onto Love but is caught and rammed back first into the guard railing. Vida walks away from the ring and ends up arriving on the balcony. Love senton splashes Wallace during the wait in the ring. Double clothesline knocks both men down in the middle of the ring. Vida stands on the top of the balcony, which is directly above the ring. Vida leaps off and takes both Love and Wallace out with a cross body! Vida connects with a double wheel barrow bulldog and covers both men to win the bout.

Main Event: Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Jerry Lynn:
They shake hands before the match to show respect. Brown controls Lynn with a wristlock but Lynn counters with a fireman’s carry and leg trip for a near fall. Brown gets out of a side headlock with a head scissors on the mat but Lynn gets out of it and goes back to a headlock. Lynn yanks down on Brown’s arm but Brown quickly rolls Lynn up for a near fall and they have a standoff. Brown has a side headlock on Lynn for a few moments until Lynn counters with one of his own. Brown scoop slams Lynn but is arm dragged by Lynn. Lynn works on Brown’s arm with a quick knee drop. Lynn hip tosses Brown but is kicked away. Brown arm drags Lynn and keeps the advantage with a arm bar. Brown stops a charging Lynn with a knee lift in the corner. Brown drops Lynn throat first across the top rope as he leaps over the ropes and jumps to the floor. Brown follows up with a slingshot leg drop onto the apron. Brown sends Lynn into the guard railing. Lynn smashes Brown head first into the top turnbuckle and springboard dropkicks Brown off the apron to the floor. Lynn connects with a guillotine leg drop across the middle rope and leaps off the apron nailing Brown with a somersault dive! Brown sends Lynn back first into the guard railing a couple of times. Brown heads to the top rope but is crotched by Lynn. Lynn brings Brown back into the ring with a superplex! Lynn plants Brown with a DDT but only gets a near fall on the pin attempt. Brown gets out of the TKO but Lynn rolls Brown up for a near fall. Brown with a quick leg lariat! Backslide by Brown only gets him a two count. Hip toss into a neck breaker by Brown for another near fall. Lynn drives Brown down off the middle rope with a springboard sunset flip for a two count! Brown gets out of the cradle pile driver but isn’t able to power bomb Lynn. Brown manages to connect with a backbreaker but isn’t able to put Lynn away! Brown blocks a cradle pile driver with a backdrop and sits down on top of Lynn hooking his legs to win the bout and earn a major upset! ***
After the match, Zaquary Springate and 2CW Heavyweight Champion Dizzie storm the ring to attack Brown and Lynn. Lynn and Brown fight back and we see Lynn drop Springate with the cradle pile driver and Brown hit the Appreciation Bomb on Dizzie! Brown and Lynn play to the crowd to close out the show.

End of show

My Take:
The Wyld Stallyons suck. Their gimmick isn’t funny, which I hope is their attempt because if it isn’t, then they are just morons. I really believe a Ajax/Grace singles match would have been a much better way to open up the show because it would be pretty hard to doing anything worse than that tag match. It was just a bad, bad opener.

Bill Alfonso was with Jason Axe yet again. Looks like Axe has a new full time manager, which is fine with me. This is the debut of Brian Fury in 2CW. Axe/Fury was a decent match but the finish was done horribly. Axe clearly botched the middle rope move and the inside cradle was just a way to get the quick finish. Fury looked impressive for the brief amount of time he was given offense. He certainly has some upside.

I have no interest in women’s wrestling, especially when the wrestlers are pretty much unknown. Though, Nikki Roxx has had a run or two in TNA, which still doesn’t mean much. If you dislike women’s wrestling, just fast forward like I do!

The handicap match was okay, I suppose, but the booking didn’t make much sense to me. Why would Dizzie come down to help Pusha, when Dizzie is clearly a heel. Hell, why would Dizzie attack the Killaz, turn on Pusha and then help the Killaz win the bout? I don’t understand that.

I couldn’t get into the Springate/Dizzie match after seven minutes of stalling. That was just ridiculous. The actual action was pretty bad, as well. A complete waste of time, I thought. SWB getting involved and costing Springate the title makes sense. SWB wants to beat Dizzie for the title, and not someone else. Plus, SWB has a history with Springate while it isn’t a long history, but it’s a history. Also, Springate can clearly become a baby face in 2CW, something I never would’ve thought would be a possibly a year ago.

Ephex/Edwards a was a okay match, and the match of the night up to that point. Ephex having a fever and still putting on a alright showing is impressive and everyone needs to respect that. They have had much, much better matches and I expect better in the future when Ephex isn’t ill.

Vida/Wallace/Love displayed some actual good wrestling moves, which only occurred for very brief moments. A nice little spot by Vida leaping off the balcony was able to get the crowd fired up for the rest of the match and show. Too bad the show was just about over. It was just a basic comedy match, really.

Brown/Lynn was the match of the night as those two put on a good match. It was a good match to close out a rather uneventful show.

Overall, this show was a disappointment. I was expecting Edwards/Ephex to be a great match, but due to illness those expectations weren’t met. Aside from Brown/Lynn (which isn’t must see) there isn’t anything on the show that was good or entertaining. This show was a bad show by 2CW.

Next show I will be reviewing took place in July 2007 called “2CWAthon”

Thanks for reading.

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