142 ROH This Means War II 4/13/2007

ROH 142 – This Means War 2 – 13th April 2007

Anyone else with me that this is a stupid name for a show? It seems an odd choice of show to get a sequel too. It’s not like the original ‘This Means War’ show back in October 2005 was overly remarkable (although the Danielson/Strong match is a must-see classic). It’s back to regular business for ROH after a couple of months of higher-profile shows with the Fifth Year Festival then Wrestlemania weekend. Tonight sees Austin Aries finalise the line-up for his stable then leading them into a 6-man tag team bout against the No Remorse Corps. Colt Cabana announced that he had signed a WWE contract, so his farewell tour of ROH starts tonight. The main event has Takeshi Morishima returning from Japan to team with Chris Hero against #1 contender Nigel McGuinness and his NOAH tag partner Doug Williams. Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard await us in Lake Grove, NY.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (07/04/07) – Absolutely zero new content to be found on this wire. It’s all highlights from Detroit.

Daizee Haze promises that fans will see her wrestling ability in her match with Sara Del Rey. I seriously can’t be the only guy who hates Daizee Haze right?

Pelle Primeau vs Kevin Steen

ROH gave Steen and Generico another chance to impress during the Philadelphia leg of the 5th Year Festival. Both men had been in ROH before, but basically sucked up the joint. They were thrown in with the Briscoes and given a final opportunity to show what they could do – and they delivered big time. The Briscoes/Steen-erico match was one of the highlights of the entire 5th Year Festival, and earned Big Kev and his masked sidekick future bookings.

Steen doesn’t take Primeau too seriously at first and falls victim to a few headscissors. But Primeau tries a tornado DDT and gets caught. Steen almost launches him through the ceiling. He rips off Roderick Strong’s chop-teasing spot which I don’t think will go down too well. Cannonball senton in the corner nailed as Primeau gets punished without mercy. Showing real heart, he manages to hit a swinging DDT on Mr Wrestling, then a springboard press. But the size he’s giving up is just too much. Steen catches him in a Kryptonite Krunch, and follows it with a pumphandle cradlebreaker. Moonsault misses, but Steen recovers by catching Pelle and suplexing him into the turnbuckles. Package Piledriver nailed, and Steen picks up the win at 05:33.

Rating – ** –
It won’t be winning any awards for best opening match ever but it did it’s job. Kevin Steen is about to become a full-time member of the ROH roster and this was a convincing victory to show off his array of dangerous moves. It’ll be interesting to see if he can deliver top notch performances on a regular basis like he’s been doing on the rest of the independent scene.

Daizee Haze vs Sara Del Rey

This isn’t the first time these two women have wrestled. They’ve clashed in ROH before and have what is billed as a “competitive rivalry”. The reality is that the matches these girls have had have disappointed largely because they haven’t had the time to show what they can do. Like I always say, check out some SHIMMER tapes if you really want to see women like these wrestle.

Haze tries to use her quickness, but gets knocked over simply running into Del Rey. She hits some ugly armdrags, then they botch something in ugly fashion. I think it was supposed to be another overly-ambitious armdrag by Daizee. Sara controls the match as a smattering of ‘boring’ chants break out. Haze tries another ugly move (a crossbody) but gets caught and Del Rey hits rolling fallaway slams for 2. Out of nowhere Daizee hits a frankensteiner for 2, then climbs the ropes again for a missile dropkick. Heart Punch ducked and Sara hits a MEAN German suplex. Daizee lands on her feet out of the Royal Butterfly and rolls-up Sara for the quick victory at 06:25.

Rating – * –
Too short to mean anything, and as is so often the case when she wrestles in ROH, Daizee looked incredibly sloppy. She tries to hit too many crowd-pleasing spots that she’s just not capable of executing and it makes her matches look incredibly poor. She struggles with her execution in her longer SHIMMER matches, but at least there she has the time to build a decent story with her opponent. That’s not a luxury afforded to her in ROH. If a male worker was as poor, sloppy and uncharismatic as Daizee is then they wouldn’t be near an ROH spot. I don’t mean to really criticise Daizee Haze but it’s been the same for a while now and there are much better female wrestlers out there who I’d rather see get her spot. I also don’t think the positioning of this one on the card helped. Haze/Del Rey is very obviously a “big woman/little woman” match. It comes after we’d just seen a male equivalent, which was shorter, much better executed, and with much more crowd-entertainment with Steen’s various neck-breaking spots. I love SHIMMER but unless they’re serious about it, I don’t see a place for competitive women’s wrestling in ROH.

In the back Mark Briscoe wants to wrestle tonight, but Jay reminds him he still needs a couple more weeks off to recover from his concussion. He does get to tell Claudio to man up though…

Erick Stevens vs Eddie Edwards vs Jason Blade vs El Generico

Four corner action between four guys who don’t have regular roster spots and are looking to get more bookings with a good performance. Erick Stevens has impressed in FIP and made his ROH debut last time in Detroit, decimating Alex Payne and Mitch Franklin in quick time. Blade and Edwards frequently make appearances on this east coast shows, but look destined to remain nothing but jobbers for the time being. Generico, like Steen earlier, will be looking to build on his impressive showing in Philadelphia and bring some of his outstanding form in other indies like PWG into ROH.

Edwards and Blade start, which isn’t the best news for the crowd since it’s Generico and (to a lesser extent) Stevens that are over. Eddie looks the more solid of the two incidentally. The fans love Generico and get into the match as he starts taking it to Stevens. Erick catches the Mexican with a powerslam, then lifts Blade for an overhead belly to belly. Edwards tries to hang with the power of Stevens but gets clotheslined over the top rope. Erick misses the Choo Choo on Generico, but he catches the Luchadore as he goes for a running Yakuza kick and powerbombs him for 2. The match starts to amble along without much flow. Edwards is stuck in the ring getting worked over, and he has some decent exchanges with Stevens. Eventually they get dragged to the floor by the other two. STEREO DIVES BY BLADE AND GENERICO! Blade takes out Generico with a swinging front slam, but Stevens comes in and mauls him in another massive powerslam. Generico T-bone suplexes Eddie into the turnbuckles then nails the running Yakuza kick. BRAINBUSTER nailed but Blade saves. ROPE RUN GERMAN SUPERPLEX BY STEVENS! DOCTOR BOMB ON BLADE! Stevens wins at 11:32. That’s his third consecutive win.

Rating – ** –
Nothing more than a copy and paste four corner survival match, with the added interest that it was four relatively unexposed guys getting to show a little bit more of their abilities than usual. I thought Edwards looked a solid hand – as he has done in every one of his ROH outings to date. If they can find a role for him I think he’d do well. The match was designed to make Stevens look good, and in that respect he delivered. He was steady as the powerhouse of the match. I think he has more to do in order to make himself convincing as a big, badass bruiser, but that should come with experience.

Austin Aries comes to the ring and gets a HUGE pop. Nobody will get a bigger reaction than that all night. He announces that his group to fight the NRC is called ‘The Resilience’ (lame name). He invites Erick Stevens to join him in The Resilience. Stevens accepts, meaning it’s Aries/Stevens/Cross against Strong/Romero/Richards tonight. The NRC come out to brawl, with M-Dogg joining the party too.

Delirious vs Colt Cabana

This is a rematch from the Finale of the 5th Year Festival where they had a comedy classic. That match featured (fake) babies, dragging people out of the crowd, wrestling the referee and other light-hearted shenanigans. But this rematch takes on greater significance as it’s the first match of Cabana’s final run in Ring Of Honor. He’s heading to the WWE soon, and only has four dates left.

Cabana adopts NINJA POSE to protect himself from Delirious’ craziness at the ringbell. He traps the Lizard-man in a leglock then pretends he’s stuck to inflict more damage. Delirious runs away with Colt’s boot in revenge. He tries to ‘work the nerves’ with a Vulcan neck pinch…but Cabana tickles his way out. They work the referee into the comedy, with Todd Sinclair ending up flat on his backside as well. Delirious has had enough and disappears under the ring. Cabana gives chase…and reappears in the Matt Classic mask (his masked persona on the ill-fated MTV Wrestling Society X). They disappear under the ring again…and Delirious comes out wearing the Matt Classic mask. He then gets annoyed because Cabana runs out in a Delirious mask. Never Ending Story clotheslines by Deliri-Colt. Flying Asshole misses, and Delirious angrily kicks at the ass. He hits a CIMA dropkick to the butt then an atomic dropkick. ‘He thinks he’s identified a weakness in the buttocks’ – Leonard. Sinclair inadvertently gives Colt a few shots to the ass for good measure. ‘Check it’ – Cabana to Sinclair. Delirious misses a flying elbow drop which is the cue for a Cabana comeback. Flying Asshole (with butt-selling) nailed, but Delirious counters a sunset flip to win at 11:05.

Rating – *** –
Not quite as funny as the 5YF – Finale match but it was another good comedy exhibition match from two of ROH’s top entertainers. With Colt leaving it really leaves Delirious as the sole “fun” midcard babyface, so in many ways this was the passing of the torch. Cabana handing his comedy-crown to Delirious so to speak.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Jay Briscoe

This match is to resolve another issue from when Castagnoli was a heel aligned with Chris Hero. The Briscoes had a couple of matches with the Kings of Wrestling at the end of 2006 (their Final Battle 2006 clash was particularly memorable) and now we’re milking one more match from that rivalry. And hey, Claudio’s a former tag champion, Briscoe is a current tag champion. There’s pride at stake for that reason too. Jay gets a rare chance to wrestle solo as his brother is out injured. Claudio began his attempts to salvage his ROH career over Wrestlemania weekend in Detroit. He represented ROH against Dragon Gate on both nights, putting in a commendable effort in the exciting 8-man main event at All Star Extravaganza 3, then downing the impressive youngster Yamato at Supercard Of Honor 2.

Castagnoli is obviously very well-versed on the mat but Briscoe does a good job hanging with him in that area from the bell. Jay applies the Stretch Plum early as he takes the advantage. Giant swing by Claudio to disorientate his opponent. He evades Jay’s dropkick attempt and drops an elbow to the back of the neck. Briscoe is able to land a big clothesline that sends them both tumbling to the floor. On the outside Castagnoli bounces off the ropes in spectacular fashion to knock Jay into the crowd. Jay caught his head on the guardrail as he went over and is gushing blood from the back of his head. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO THE FLOOR by Jay as this match finally starts to come to life. He hits the Five Star Frog Splash for 2. Bicycle kick by Double C, then a straight-jacket German for another nearfall. Jay again tries to come off the top but gets levelled by a Castagnoli uppercut. He goes for a superplex but Jay counters into a SUPER GOURDBUSTER! Claudio has enough about him to block the Jay Driller and he springboards into another European uppercut. Alpamare Water Slide brings it home for Castagnoli at 11:06.

Rating – ** –
There was absolutely nothing memorable about the match, but it was a solid back and forth contest. Both guys tend to have their best matches in tag team action but they went out there and worked hard to put on a decent 10-minute contest. It’s certainly not a match I’ll be rushing to rewind the DVD and watch again though.

Claudio points out that since he just pinned one half of the Tag Champions, he just earned himself a shot at the belts. Mark Briscoe accepts the challenge…which brings out Kevin Steen and El Generico. They say they deserve a title shot because they almost beat the Briscoes in Philadelphia. Mark accepts their challenge too, then gets attacked by Steen. Castagnoli and Jay get involved, leading to everyone fighting up the aisle to the back. Mark looks injured again after Mr Wrestling’s cheap shot.

Brent Albright vs Homicide

This match was supposed to happen at Supercard Of Honor 2, but was cut short when Adam Pearce ran in and forced an early DQ. Albright is a hired assassin, being paid by Jim Cornette to do a number on Homicide. These guys also met at The Chicago Spectacular Night 1. Homicide won that match by DQ as well because Brent Albright (paid by Bryan Danielson) locked in the Crowbar and refused to let go.

Albright attacks Homicide during his ring entrance, which suits me just fine since Homicide always takes an inordinate amount of time to get into the ring and wrestle anyway. Out to the floor they go for the predictable throw each other into the railings session. Homicide tries to use a chair but the ref stops him. Albright then looked set to get the advantage, but got distracted by Julius Smokes and it allows Homicide to stay on offence. They do the most contrived set up for the Tope con Hilo ever, with Albright falling to the outside from the lamest-looking shoulder tackle ever. That leads to them fighting in the crowd, with Cide getting suplexed into a row of chairs. The crowd brawl segment starts to drag and is fairly generic. Cool if you were there but on DVD it’s pretty tedious to sit through. Back at ringside Albright makes it interesting again – swinging Homicide into the rails. Smokes attacks Albright…how is that not a DQ? Smokes does get ejected from ringside though…as Albright swings Homi into the railings again, then does the old Undertaker throat guillotine on the chair (that thing he did to Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan back in 2002). This match is just meandering along and boring the hell out of me. Albright livens things up by missing a flying crossbody, and Cide makes things worse with the Ace crusher. Belly to belly superplex from Brent instead, then the 61-Knee for 2. Three Amigos by Homicide, but he takes too long getting to the top so doesn’t get to hit the Guerrero-tribute Frog Splash. He knocks Albright through the timekeeping table instead…but it’s only good for 2. Albright drops to a knee to block the Cop Killa, but can’t land his Half Nelson Suplex either. Homicide clips his shoulder against the ringpost…then takes the Half Nelson Suplex. He tries to roll through Albright’s attempts to hit a second Half Nelson…but it doesn’t work. The second Kobashi-plex gets the job done for The Gun for Hire at 15:59.

Rating – ** –
Too long, exceptionally dull…that’s how I’d sum this match up. I don’t think the poor quality of this match was down to lack of effort. These guys just simply didn’t mesh well, and giving them over 15-minutes totally exposed that. Homicide is largely redundant to ROH by now. His performances have gradually lost their edge since he took off in TNA too. Albright is also struggling to recapture the form that made him so successful in the Heyman-era OVW. I’m not sure I like this big, brawler gimmick Gabe’s given him either. I know ROH isn’t exactly short on gimmick-free, shut up and wrestle types…but I really think Heyman’s ‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright was much better than Gabe’s ‘Gun for Hire’ version.

Shane Hagadorn appears to put the boots to the fallen Homicide, but in the end the Notorious 187 gets his heat. He and Smokes give the rookie a spike piledriver on a chair. Ouch!

INTERMISSION – Rebecca Bayless says Mark Briscoe is being taken to hospital again. Sweet’n’Sour Inc. (Hero, Larry and Tank Toland) appear for a promo. Sweeney tells Hero to make sure he puts a hurting on Nigel McGuinness tonight.

Shingo vs Jack Evans

I like the look of this match. Both guys should be familiar with the Dragon Gate style, and you’d imagine Jack’s high-flying should mesh well with the powerful ground base of Shingo. Jack manages to pin Shingo in a Four Way Fray in New York a couple of months ago, then the next night they teamed up to unsuccessfully challenge for the Tag belts held by Chris Daniels and Matt Sydal, so they’ve got prior experience as both partners and opponents.

Jack is gets up to his usual antics, flipping from all kinds of positions to evade Shingo’s attacks then lands a few high-flying moves of his own. Finally Shingo gets his hands on Evans, dropping him with a sit-out powerbomb. Keeping things smart, Shingo holds Evans on the canvas where he can’t fly around. Jack hits back with a double springboard flying headscissors. SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT PLANCHA to the floor! The lack of space between ring and rail made that move absolutely terrifying. He comes back in with a springboard knee strike and gets 2 with a standing Yang Time. Shingo catches Evans again and hooks his legs on the top rope for an elevated DDT. The Gallon Throw gets 2 and Shingo goes to the mat again, attacking a leg now to keep Jack down. Evans tries a handspring elbow but gets caught and slammed on his face. SHINGO LARIATO for 2! Last Falconry blocked with a REVERSE RANA! Shingo fights with Evans on the top rope but ends up in the tree of woe. ONG JAK KNEE DROP! 630 SENTON! Jack wins at 08:59.

Rating – *** –
Maybe a tad generous on the ratings again, but I thought Jack and Shingo both wrestled this match with great intelligence and it made it a very believable contest. Jack’s comeback and hope spots were timed well amongst Shingo’s dominance and power moves. I think they could have a better match with more time, but in less than 10-minutes this was decent.

Roderick Strong/Rocky Romero/Davey Richards vs Austin Aries/Matt Cross/Erick Stevens

This is the first fully-fledged stable battle. Roderick Strong leads a three-piece No Remorse Corps for the first time. He and Davey Richards recruited Rocky Romero at Supercard Of Honor 2. Austin Aries officially announced the formation of The Resilience earlier in the show, adding Erick Stevens after bringing in Matt Cross at Fifth Year Festival Chicago. Remember that this one is an elimination tag.

The Resilience don’t wait for introductions, running straight to the ring to get their hands on the NRC. New member Erick Stevens goes straight after his trainer and FIP nemesis Roderick Strong as Aries battles with Davey Richards on the other side of the ring. Romero and M-Dogg are the first two to go at it inside the ring. Fair play to Romero, he keeps up with the speedy Matt Cross with no problems whatsoever. Roderick refuses to get into the ring with Aries at this stage of the match. Richards and Stevens really tear into each other, but Stevens gets the better of it by levelling Davey with a big clothesline. Everyone in The Resilience gets a turn at punishing Richards, giving the babyfaces the first defined advantage of the match. Long Island loves Stevens’ ‘Choo Choo’ gimmick too. Richards manages to flip Aries over the ropes then distracts the referee whilst Strong and Romero get in some illegal double-teaming on the outside. Strong in legally now, and he launches Austin overhead with a fallaway slam. NRC in control at the 10-minute mark and they’re looking like a well-oiled machine. Aries dives under a Strong chop attempt and gets the hot tag to Stevens. TKO on Romero, then an AMAZING front slam on Strong for 2. Oklahoma Stampede gets 2 as well! The NRC get piled up in the corner which leads to the super-popular CHOO CHOO body avalanche! Davey saves Strong from the Doctor Bomb with his handspring enzi. GIBSON DRIVER and Stevens is eliminated at 12:03.

Matt Cross does an awesome job fighting off both Strong and Romero but the numbers advantage shows as Richards runs in at the last and prevents a tag to Austin. Davey mocks the Power Drive elbow, but karma bites him in the ass as Aries runs in from behind to chop him in the back. M-Dogg is isolated by the NRC for several minutes, getting peppered with strikes and stretches leaving him in a world of pain. Out of nowhere he flips out of the corner and hits Richards with an enzi kick. Hot tag to Aries who takes it to the whole NRC. Cross with a springboard double stomp on Richards for 2. Austin dives to the floor with the Heat Seeking Missile. M-Dogg tries to go for his handspring moonsault to the floor but Richards stops him. Alarm Clock kick then the DR DRIVER! Cross is eliminated at 21:43. That means it’s 3-on-1; a colossal advantage for the No Remorse Corps. With the numbers in his favour, now Roddy is delighted to get in the ring with his former partner and throws him across the ring with a butterfly suplex. The NRC tag in and out rapidly keeping themselves fresh as they beat the hell out of Aries. Double A manages to shinbreak back suplex Richards into Rocky. BRAINBUSTER on Richards! 450 Splash misses…DEATH BY RODERICK! Romero kicks lumps out of Aries’ head and pins him with a Tiger suplex at 27:46.

Rating – **** –
Probably the best match of the show. I think some people will say I’m over-rating this, but I liked it. The No Remorse Corps come out looking like absolute bad asses by winning without a single elimination. They need to be over and believable heels, and a massive win like this really helps. Davey Richards continue to be entertaining as hell as a cocky heel, discovering personality he’d never shown at all in 2006. Erick Stevens only had a little cameo here, but he continued to show a lot of promise. He’s a big guy and hits his spots well and looked like a world-beater for the few minutes leading up to his elimination. And Austin Aries, one of the most over guys in ROH right now, gets more babyface sympathy heaped on him by battling valiantly against the 3-on-1 situation at the end. Solid booking and solid wrestling. On a weak show this was an unexpected surprise.

The NRC look like they want to do more damage to Aries, but Delirious runs out (armed with the ‘Section C’ sign) to make the save.

Sara Del Rey tells Becky that Daizee Haze was lucky to beat her tonight and wants rematch.

Nigel McGuinness/Doug Williams vs Takeshi Morishima/Chris Hero

Nigel has an ROH World Title shot tomorrow night after pinning Samoa Joe (whilst teaming with Morishima) in Chicago. This is a warm-up for that one, with a little added spice now that Hero has come in as Morishima’s partner. Larry Sweeney, his agent, negotiated the spot as partner to the World Champion, and Sweet’n’Sour Inc. still have beef with Nigel after he interrupted their shenanigans with both Bruno Sammartino and Johnny Fairplay at Wrestlemania weekend. Doug Williams is here for his annual visit to ROH. He’s probably still miles better than half the current roster. He regularly teams with Nigel in NOAH so they should be very familiar with each other. And coming out to ‘Vindaloo’ – Fat Les makes them the coolest tag team ever.

Doug Williams is not happy at being announced as hailing from Manchester. Nigel seems to find it quite funny though. Tank Toland conducting Hero’s pre-match warm-up is also rather amusing. Nigel tries to lay a few shots in on Morishima but Hero jumps him. Mori and Hero look surprisingly fluid as a team for the opening seconds until Williams manages to drag Hero to the floor. RUNNING BUTT ATTACK by Morishima on McGuinness. Nigel turns things round on Hero though, and the British team apply simultaneous bridging wristlocks on the American. They stay on Hero’s left arm which is a sound strategy. He is kept well away from Morishima in the corner as they continue to do damage. Eventually Hero gives Williams a jawbreaker and tags out. Morishima applies an abdominal stretch right in McGuinness’ face to taunt him. Williams tries to mount a comeback but Hero lifts him into an exploder suplex, which Larry Sweeney promptly claims is a tribute to Jun Akiyama. Every submission hold Mori applies is pointed straight at Nigel which is a nice touch. Williams goes for Chaos Theory but it’s blocked, so he drops Hero with the Revolutions DDT instead. He tags Nigel in who unloads offence on both his opponents. Meanwhile Doug has climbed to the top rope. FLYING KNEE STRIKE AT MORISHIMA ON THE FLOOR! McGuinness gets 2 on Hero with his first McLariat of the night.

Hammerlock DDT scores, then a Kimura but Morishima breaks the hold. NODOWA OTOSHI! That’s a tribute to Taue by Hero! Morishima tries to climb the ropes but Doug stops him. Tower of London by McGuinness. He throws strikes at the World Champion, but he won’t go down. At last he floors Mori with a big McLariat for 2. Back Drop Driver blocked and Team UK hammer him with European uppercuts. Williams knee’s Morishima into another McLariat. GUTWRENCH SUPLEX from Williams to Morishima. Knee strike combo then the Bomb Scare knee drop get 2. URINAGE SUPLEX from Morishima, but Williams gets up and drops him with a back suplex. Nigel blocks the Back Drop Driver only for Mori to sit his fat ass down on top of him. MISAWA ELBOWS by Hero! He then sets up for Marufuji’s SHIRANUI! That gets 2! Next up he tries Go 2 Sleep but Nigel blocks and slaps him in the face. Morishima wipes out Doug with his ass, then clobbers Nigel with a lariat. GERMAN SUPLEX FROM WILLIAMS TO SHIMA! CRAVAT SUPLEX BY HERO! MCLARIAT BY NIGEL! Shortarm McLariat on Hero gets 2. Williams holds Hero on his shoulders for a DOUBLE Tower Of London…but Morishima breaks the pin. Mori then shoves Hero aside and saves him from the Jawbreaker Lariat with a Bossman Slam. BACK DROP DRIVER but Doug saves at 2! Nigel hammers Hero with another Lariat to get the pinfall victory at 18:57.

Rating – **** –
I wasn’t really expecting much from this match. I came in thinking I was going to get a solid, if slightly dull NOAH midcard tag as a main event on an ROH show. But in fairness to all four guys, they showed their quality and pulled out something slightly better. Hero’s NOAH tribute act was really entertaining, and I thought the McGuinness/Williams combo looked really good. If Doug worked the US on a regular basis I’d love to see more of them teaming up. I also thought the teases on Nigel/Mori for tomorrow night were very well done. I’m not saying this was heart-stoppingly good. It probably only just scraped into 4* territory. But this has been a pretty lacklustre show and in truth this match was a cut above almost everything else on the card (NRC/Resilience excluded).

Tape Rating – ** –
Sorry guys, this one was a total an utter ROH B-show. The majority of the show passed me by with nothing particularly sticking out as memorable. Nothing was exceptionally bad, and only the two main event matches were long – which meant that (unlike many ROH shows) you can easily and sit and watch the whole DVD through in one sitting. But the quality just wasn’t there outside of the two main events. If anything, I think I’ve over-rated numerous matches throughout the show. I had to think hard and went high on every match from Homicide/Albright through to the main event. I guess completists will enjoy the elimination 6-man, and NOAH fans will get a kick from the main event. This one is easily skippable and you’re missing nothing major though.

Top 3 Matches

3) Delirious vs Colt Cabana (***)

2) No Remorse Corps vs The Resilience (****)

1) Nigel McGuinness/Doug Williams vs Takeshi Morishima/Chris Hero (****)

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