WCW Nitro 5/29/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
From: Salt Lake City, UT

A video from Thunder where Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner threatened Vince Russo to give them a three way dance against Jeff Jarrett, and got it. Nash ended up pinning Jarrett following a power bomb.

Outside, Ric Flair and his family arrived to the building and tells them he knows what he is doing. Reid ends up yelling at his mother saying Ric knows what he is doing. Ric leaves and once that happens, Vince Russo’s security team kidnaps them.

Nitro opening video

Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden welcome everyone to Nitro.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Nash makes his way out to the ring to a decent ovation. Before Nash can say anything, WCW United States Champion Scott Steiner makes his way out with his freaks. Nash thanks Scott Steiner for helping him out on Thunder. Nash talks about how Russo and Bischoff claimed they were going to eliminate the millionaires. Nash talks about Lex Luger’s injury, DDP’s life being controlled by Bischoff, Hogan has a retirement at Great American Bash, and Vampiro wants to set Sting on fire. Nash brags that plans for him haven’t been going the way Russo has wanted. Nash makes reference to Scott Hall in Orlando who would like to be back in WCW. The fans give him Hall easily the biggest pop in over two months on WCW television. Nash says that the millionaires are legends and introduces Ric Flair to the ring, though he didn’t mention Flair by name, but rather a example of a legend. Flair has his attention set on Russo, obviously. Flair mentions unknown medical reasons for his injury on Thunder a few weeks ago. Flair tells David Flair that his wrestling career will come to a quiet end. Nash chimes in and tells Ric Flair that he is the WCW World Champion and gives the belt back. Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and out comes the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Jeff Jarrett is not happy about seeing Flair get the title back. Jarrett calls the guys in the ring “self serving women.” Jarrett says that its those three guys battling against the world and he doesn’t like the odds for them. Jarrett books Kevin Nash into a handicap match against Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott. Scott tells Jarrett to kiss his ass. Jarrett books himself into a WCW World Heavyweight Championship match against Ric Flair later on. Vince Russo makes his much needed appearance and tells Ric that he is always going to stay one step ahead of him. David Flair comes out with his family kidnapped earlier. Ric, Scott and Kevin charge up the ramp way and beat down the security guys and chase after David.

Outside, A gasoline truck driven by Vampiro shows p to the arena.

Backstage, Russo and Jarrett are dragging the Flair family outside to some other area. Ric is running around looking for them.

Tony, Scott and Mark hype up Ric Flair vs. Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship taking place later tonight.

Before the next match, Disco Inferno cuts a promo with the Filthy Animals where Inferno challenges Chavo Guerrero to a lumberjack match. Konnan chimes in and calls Booker T a dumb ass.

Opening Contest: Chavo Guerrero defeated Disco Inferno:
Guerrero leaps over the top rope and clotheslines Inferno to quickly start the match. Guerrero takes Inferno over with a exploder suplex and takes the Filthy Animals out with a top rope cross body onto the floor. Inferno stops Guerrero by dropping him throat first across the top rope. Inferno continues with a cobra clutch side Russian leg sweep and allows his stable mates to get a few shots in on the floor. Inferno scoop slams Guerrero back in the ring and leaps off the middle rope but misses a forearm drop. Guerrero Thez Presses Inferno and dropkicks Inferno to the ramp way. MIA run over and attack Inferno as Rey Mysterio enters the ring to attack Guerrero. Well, Rey gets distracted by Major Gunns, as he wants a BJ in front of everyone. Gunns rips her shirt off and proceeds to low blow Rey in the corner. Inferno stumbles into the ring and is planted with a tornado DDT by Guerrero who gets the three as a result. *
After the match, Tygress comes down to the ring and attacks Major Gunns until she is pulled off by MIA and the Filthy Animals.

Backstage, Vampiro is with Pamela. Vampiro tells Pamela their will be a fire here tonight. After the interview, Kronik are attacking Horace Hogan until Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak attack Kronik with a pipe to save Horace.

Ms. Hancock makes her way down to the ring with a microphone in hand. Hancock knows that the fans think she is a “stick in the mud.” Hancock knows how to let her hair down and have a good time. Hancock begins to dance for a few moments. Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch cut Hancock off. We see David Flair running from the backstage area to the ring. Candido rips on Hancock saying she doesn’t care about the wrestling business. Candido doesn’t want Hancock to stick her nose in his business. David Flair has entered the ring and starts to brawl with Candido until Ric Flair runs into the ring and gets a few shots in on David. Security runs down but they are laid out as David leaves with Hancock.

Outside, Kimberly Page is having her picture taken by several photo guys and puts herself over as she heads to the arena earlier.

Footage from May 26th where Kimberly is talking to Eric Bischoff about getting rid of Diamond Dallas Page’s stuff. Kimberly considers herself a “star.”

Before the next match, Booker T comes out in his GI Bro gimmick. Booker says when he first broke into the business, this was who he was. Booker challenges Shawn Stasiak to a boot camp match at Great American Bash. Booker turns his attention to Mike Awesome and challenges Awesome to a match. We see footage from Thunder back on April 27th where Awesome tried to put Booker out, but didn’t get the job done.

Second Contest: Booker T defeated Mike Awesome in a ambulance match:
Booker meets Awesome on the ramp way and they trade right hands until Booker super kicks Awesome into the ropes. Awesome backdrops Booker into the ring but Booker lands on his feet. Awesome connects with a slingshot shoulder block and power bombs Booker. Awesome heads to the top rope but is dropkicked in midair by Booker. They botch a leapfrog and Awesome covers it up with a right hand. Booker ducks a clothesline and comes back with one of his own. Booker nails Awesome with a scissors kick and tosses Awesome to the ramp way. Booker clubs away on Awesome until Awesome nails Booker with the steel halo. Awesome goes for a power bomb on the ramp way but DDP comes out and smashes Awesome with a chair across the back. DDP and Booker toss Awesome off the ramp way and through a table on the floor. Awesome is tossed into the ambulance and Booker wins. *

Backstage, Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak read a note until they are attacked by Kronik in the locker room. Elizabeth escapes from the room.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff, Billy Kidman and Horace are walking.

Outside, Hulk Hogan has arrived to the arena. We see Goldberg’s monster truck and we actually see Goldberg!

Backstage, Ric Flair continues to look for his family. David is also walking with Hancock.

Eric Bischoff, Billy Kidman, Ernest Miller Horace Hogan, Torrie Wilson and Kimberly make their way down to the ring. Miller is mimicking everything Bischoff says, proving to be a kiss ass. Bischoff believes that Hulk Hogan doesn’t have the guts to wear the red and yellow in the ring. Bischoff has a special referee in mind for Hulk’s match with Billy Kidman at the Great American Bash pay per view. Bischoff reveals that Horace Hogan will be the special referee. Hulk Hogan makes his way out and Bischoff looks to be scared. Hulk claims that the red and yellow will never die. Hulk is going to kick Kidman and Horace’s ass at the Great American Bash. Hulk will be the WCW World Heavyweight Champion at Bash at the Beach in July. Hulk goes to the ring and brawls as Goldberg is seen walking into the arena.

Third Contest: Kevin Nash fought Rick Steiner/Tank Abbott to a no contest in a handicap match:
Nash is attacked during his entrance but manages to get the upper hand until Steiner nails Nash with a pipe wrench. Nash is rolled into the ring and worked on by both Abbott and Steiner for a few moments. Eventually, Goldberg’s music hits and out comes Goldberg to a big ovation. Goldberg spears Rick Steiner and follows up with a Jackhammer. Tank Abbott has bailed from the ring and walks to the backstage area, avoiding Goldberg. DUD
After the match, Goldberg helps Nash up and they embrace. Goldberg grabs a microphone and tells Abbott that he has heard him running his filthy mouth. Goldberg proclaims that he is back! Goldberg also notes that the slaughter begins tonight and challenges Abbott to a match next week in Atlanta, GA!

Outside, Goldberg leaves the arena in a car, not the monster truck.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff flips out over the return of Goldberg and doesn’t know what they are going to do.

Tony, Scott and Mark hype up what we just witnessed.

Before the next match, we see footage from Thunder where Terry Funk regained the WCW Hardcore Championship by beating Shane Douglas while wearing a gorilla suit. Funk cuts a promo and wonders what Bischoff’s big surprise is. Funk doesn’t care who he is wrestling tonight for the WCW Hardcore Championship. Funk decides to head to the backstage area and shove his foot up Bischoff’s ass but Vampiro ends up coming out to answer the challenge

Fourth Contest: WCW Hardcore Champion Terry Funk fought Vampiro to a no contest to retain the title:
Funk low blows Vampiro on the ramp way and plants Vampiro with a pile driver for a two count. Vampiro low blows Funk and connects with the Nail in the Coffin on the entrance ramp. Vampiro hit’s the referee with the Nail in the Coffin. Vampiro yells at the pyro guy to hit his pyro, but they mess up that spot. Vampiro sends Funk into a light by the stage and beats Funk to the backstage area. Vampiro power slams Funk through a table and attacks various WCW officials. Funk whacks Vampiro with a trash can over the head a couple of times. Funk nails Vampiro with a pole across the back and sends Vampiro onto a concession table. They are outside at this point where Vampiro power slams Funk through another table. Vampiro nails Funk over the head with a trash can as Funk tries to fight back blindly. They head to the production where Funk rams Vampiro head first into the truck. Vampiro falls off the steps and crashes through another table. They are now by the gasoline tank and Vampiro rams Funk into the tank a few times. Vampiro sprays Funk with gasoline until Sting comes over and hammers away on Vampiro Sting shuts off the hose as Vampiro grabs a blow torch. Several officials run over and get the torch away from Vampiro. ½*

Backstage, Ric Flair is still looking for his family as Russo is talking to Ric’s family. Russo tells Shane Douglas that tonight he is wrestling Scott Steiner in the asylum cage match. Douglas gets a shot at the WCW United States Championship.

Back to the video from May 26th where Diamond Dallas Page arrived to his house where all of his stuff are in boxes. DDP continues to say “this must be a rib.” DDP tries to get in the house but the locks have been changed. Kimberly opens the doors to welcome DDP home. Kimberly says the house is hers. Police officers step in and tell DDP just to walk away, but DDP refuses to do so. DDP is told to get a lawyer and needs to stay 500ft away from Kimberly. The cop tells DDP that his kids love him, ouch!

Backstage, Mike Awesome is talking to Kimberly, who isn’t interested in helping Awesome. Chuck Palumbo needs Kimberly’s help to get Elizabeth. Kimberly is going to call out Elizabeth to get her back. Footage from Thunder is also shown where Elizabeth dragged Kimberly to the ring and DDP spanked his ex-wife.

Kimberly, Chuck Palumbo and Mike Awesome make their way down to the ring. Kimberly says that Elizabeth has gotten on her last nerve. Kimberly calls Elizabeth out to the ring, who makes her way out to the ring. Elizabeth tells Kimberly that everyone is sick of her and wants to know what Kimberly wants from her. In a pretty easy move, Palumbo and Awesome grab Elizabeth. Kimberly is going to show who is in charge. Diamond Dallas Page’s music hits and out comes DDP. DDP cleans house on Palumbo and Awesome with clotheslines and plants Awesome with the Diamond Cutter! Eric Bischoff comes out and tells DDP that he violated the restraining order that Kimberly had on him. Police officers come out and handcuff DDP. Palumbo attacks the cops and whacks DDP with the pipe. Lex Luger runs down to the ring and attacks Palumbo with right hands. Luger clotheslines Palumbo and cleans house, again. Awesome beats DDP down as he is still handcuffed but wait a second, Karl Malone has entered the ring and plants Awesome with the Diamond Cutter! Malone helps DDP up to his feet and they celebrate to end the segment.

Backstage, Pamela is talking to Ric Flair who tells Jarrett that he will get his title shot. Flair goes back to looking for his family.

Before the next match, WCW US Champion Scott Steiner cuts his usual sexual promo for his freaks.

Fifth Contest: WCW United States Champion Scott Steiner defeated Shane Douglas in a asylum match to retain the title:
Steiner attacks Douglas with right hands and clotheslines Douglas quickly. Steiner gorilla press slams Douglas as well. Douglas low blows Steiner and drives Steiner down to the mat with a front suplex and neck snaps Steiner. Douglas comes off the cage and is able to hit a swinging neck breaker. Douglas tries to hit Steiner with brass knuckles but Steiner blocks it with a bear hug. Douglas still has the object and nails Steiner with it. Steiner continues his offense attack with clotheslines but is rammed back first into the cage by Steiner, followed by a backbreaker. Side belly to belly suplex by Steiner and signals for the end. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner and cleanly wins the bout.

Sixth Contest: Billy Kidman defeated Sting:
Sting backs Kidman into a corner and sends Kidman chest first into another corner. Kidman blocks a back suplex and drives Sting down to the mat with a springboard bulldog. Sting hip tosses Kidman over the top rope on the ramp way and continues his attack with right hands. Sting tosses Kidman back into the ring and leaps over the top rope hitting Kidman with a clothesline. Kidman stops Sting with a DDT and heads to the top rope where he misses a frog splash. Sting nails Kidman with the Sting Splash and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock. Torrie Wilson distracts the referee and allows Vampiro to run down and nail Sting with the blow torch. Kidman covers and wins the match. *
After the match, Sting is beaten down until Hulk Hogan runs down and cleans house with right hands. Eric Bischoff comes in and whacks Hogan with a chair but Hogan isn’t affected. Ernest Miller has entered the ring and kicks the chair into Hogan’s face. Hogan is beaten down by Kidman, Miller and Horace. Sting is beaten down by Horace. Horace has a trash can and Vampiro ends up lighting the trash can on fire. Hogan’s red shirt is lit on the fire, as well. Vampiro drags Sting towards the burning trash can but Kronik makes their way down to the ring and they make the save.

Before the next match, it is revealed that David Flair will be the special referee for the title match.

Main Event: Jeff Jarrett defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair to regain the title:
Jarrett tries to attack Flair from behind but is met with several chops. Flair hammers away on Jarrett in the corner and drops Jarrett with a back elbow. Jarrett pokes Flair in the eyes and punches flair in the corner. Vince Russo and Ric’s family come down to ringside, or try to as Ric jumps onto Russo punching the writer. Jarrett tosses Flair off the ramp way and sends Flair into the guard railing. Jarrett has a chair and jabs Flair in the midsection a few times. Jarrett whacks Flair over the head with a chair and Flair has been busted open! Back in the ring, Jarrett beats Flair down with more right hands. Jarrett shows Ric’s family their bloody father. Flair is really bleeding but comes back with several chops. Flair chops Jarrett in the corner and snap mares Jarrett. Flair continues to hammer away on Jarrett. Ric blocks David’s attempt to hit him with the statue of liberty statue and hits David with it! Jarrett tosses Flair flipping into the corner and Flair falls to the floor where Russo whacks Flair with the baseball bat. Flair is rolled back into the ring and Jarrett locks in the figure four. A new referee comes into the ring and makes the count but Flair kicks out at two! Flair punches Russo off the apron and reaches the bottom rope. Jarrett goes for a backdrop but Flair inside cradles Jarrett and gets a near fall! Jarrett hammers away on Flair in the corner until Flair atomic drops Jarrett and delivers a low blow. Flair with right hands and chops in the corner. Flair flips to the apron after being sent into the corner. Flair clotheslines Jarrett and actually connects with a double axe handle off the top rope! Flair nails Russo off the apron and goes for the figure four on Jarrett but is kicked into the referee. Flair knocks the security guys off the apron and goes back to work on Jarrett. Russo has a referee shirt on as Flair knee drops Jarrett. Flair tries to lock the figure four on Russo but Jarrett whacks Flair with the guitar and pins Flair! **½
After the match, Jarrett and Russo celebrate their victory as the Flair family are dragged to the backstage area by security. A bloody Ric Flair is left in the ring as the New Blood drag the Flair Family to the ring so that Ric can look at what he doesn’t have.

End of show

My Take:
Kevin Nash must be a complete idiot. For the second time in over a year he willingly gives up the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, this time to Ric Flair. I understand that as a baby face it is a nice thing to do, but for god sakes it is pro wrestling. They both are going for the same goal and that is to be world champion. I find it incredibly annoying Nash would give the title up because it is the right thing to do, considering what he has done in WCW.

Chavo/Inferno could have been really good if it was given some time and their wasn’t other stupid shit going on. I’ve never understood the whole teasing of a blow job in the middle of the ring. Who would honestly do that? (aside from Jasmine St. Claire)

Booker/Awesome had a few botches, and thus was pretty disappointing. Awesome vs. DDP is getting some decent build up, but I hope Awesome doesn’t lose that match. Awesome seems to have been on a losing streak lately. Oh, and Booker T needs to drop the GI Bro gimmick ASAP.

Nice to have Goldberg back as the fans haven’t made that much noise on Nitro since I have been recapping these Nitro’s. I guess we are forgetting that Goldberg hates Kevin Nash for the way he ended his streak.

Funk/Vampiro was a decent little hardcore brawl that may have gone on a little too long for my liking, but oh well.

They really made Elizabeth out to look like a moron on this show. She goes to the ring to confront Kimberly, who has Palumbo and Awesome by her side. At least make it a trap or something. That was just poorly executed. Karl Malone getting involved with a Diamond Cutter got the fans riled up, again.

I must say having three matches go on back to back to back is okay by me. Makes the show go by quicker.

Steiner/Douglas was fairly basic but they managed to not make it a boring contest. Steiner is really starting to get over as baby face, if he is actually a baby face. I like him and hope they keep him on the “good side.”

Kidman/Sting was pretty basic as well. The announcers freak out when Sting leaps over the top rope and clotheslines Kidman, but when Chavo Guerrero did it in the opener it was just another move. That was pretty funny to me. Aftermath was kind of stupid.

Jarrett/Flair had a better match this week then they did two weeks ago. Seems like the main events are always having some kind of screwy finish, which I don’t like at all. I find it to be pretty pathetic that since April Jarrett has been a now three time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. At this rate, he will be a 20 time champion… by the end of the year.

Overall, a decent main event and the return of Goldberg and Karl Malone diamond cutting Awesome were the highlights. Still, not a good show. However, their was less crap then their was last week.

Thanks for reading.

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