ECW on TNN 1/21/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Philadelphia, PA

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are standing in the ring to open up the show. Gertner rips on Cyrus instead of doing his sexual laced poem. Cyrus ends up coming out and tells them that they have a lot of heat with the office. Cyrus tells Gertner that he has been in Gertner’s corner since day one. TNN tries to filter in crowd noise to cover up an asshole chant. Cyrus tells Gertner that the dirty middle name thing is not over with the crowd. Cyrus tells Gertner the next time he ignores his authority he will kick Gertner’s fat ass. Gertner tries to attack Cyrus but Styles jumps on Gertner, holding him back.

ECW on TNN opening video

ECW World Tag Team Champions the Impact Players alongside Jason and Dawn Marie come down to the ring. Credible has a microphone and says “we told you so” when he said that he and Lance Storm would win the tag team titles from Raven and Tommy Dreamer. Credible says that they are running the show and they will not be defending the titles tonight. Danny Doring, Roadkill and Electra come down to the ring. Doring apologizes for cutting their interview short. Doring tells the champs that they will put the titles on the line against them. Lance Storm asks Doring who he thinks he is and calls them “a couple of opening match guys.” Storm asks who they ever beaten aside from jobbers. Storm will think about having a match with them when they beat a mid-card team. Storm introduces Raven and Tommy Dreamer as the guys Doring and Roadkill will compete against.

Opening Contest: Danny Doring/Roadkill defeated Raven/Tommy Dreamer:
Raven and Dreamer clear the champions from the ring with chairs but are attacked by Doring and Roadkill as the show goes to commercial. Doring clotheslines Dreamer and tags out to Roadkill. Roadkill scoop slams Dreamer and heads to the top rope where Dreamer crotches Roadkill. Dreamer connects with a superplex and makes his way to tag in Raven. Raven tags in and cleans house with right hands a couple of knee lifts. Raven uses the snot rag on Doring and grabs a chair. Raven drop toe holds Roadkill into the chair and Doring accidentally elbow drops Roadkill. Raven DDT’s Doring but only gets a two count as Roadkill breaks up the pin. Dreamer tosses Roadkill over the top to the floor. Dreamer sets up a table on the floor and puts Roadkill on the table. Dreamer slingshots over the top rope and splashes onto Roadkill crashing through the table. Electra and Francine enter the ring where Dawn Marie nails Francine with a shot from behind. Raven grabs Francine and carries her to the backstage area. Dreamer puts Doring in the tree of woe and steps on Doring’s groin. Death Valley Driver on Doring but Roadkill break up the pin attempt at the count of two. Roadkill power slams Dreamer for a near fall. Dreamer counters the G-Spot Sweep and DDT’s both men. Rhino comes down to the ring and plants Dreamer with a pile driver! Doring heads to the top rope and leaps off hitting a elbow drop to pick up the huge upset. **¼
After the match, Dreamer is beaten down by Steve Corino and Jack Victory. Dusty Rhodes enters the ring and hammers away on both Corino and Victory. Rhodes nails both men with a biotic elbow and elbow drops Victory. Rhino storms down to the ring and clotheslines Rhodes. Dreamer tries to protect Rhodes but is stomped by the heels. The music of the Sandman hits and out comes the Sandman! Rhino misses a gore and hits the corner. Sandman whacks Rhino over the head several times with a kendo stick and he is pulled out of the ring. Sandman stands tall as Rhino is held back from entering the ring.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner hype up the next match.

Main Event: Super Crazy defeated Tajiri in a Mexican Death Match:
Tajiri kicks Crazy in the midsection and they have a stand off after a shoulder block by Crazy as the show goes to commercial. Tajiri nails Crazy with a running baseball slide in the corner as Crazy was in the tree of woe. Tajiri tosses three chairs into the ring and spits on three fans in the front row. Tajiri kicks Crazy a few times and puts Crazy in another tree of woe. Tajiri puts three chairs in front of Crazy’s face. Tajiri baseball slides the three chairs into Crazy’s face! Tajiri goes to the floor and slides a table into the ring. Crazy has been wide open as result of the three chairs being baseball slid into his face. Tajiri begins to bite Crazy’s bloody forehead and rub the blood on his chest. Tajiri attempted to slide a chair into Crazy’s face but Crazy moves and the chair flies into the front row, twice! Tajiri puts Crazy on the table and heads to the top rope. Tajiri leaps off and double stomps Crazy on the table, which doesn’t break. Tajiri does it a second time and Crazy crashes through the table. Tajiri kicks Crazy right in the face and proceeds to mock Crazy! Crazy connects with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and a springboard moonsault! Crazy tosses Tajiri to the floor and sends Tajiri into the front row. Crazy whacks Tajiri over the head with a chair. They brawl towards the back of the arena where Crazy puts Tajiri onto a table. Crazy leaps off the bleachers and connects with a moonsault through the table! Crazy sends Tajiri into a few chairs as they make their way back to the ringside area. Crazy kicks Tajiri several times in the ring and delivers ten punches. Crazy goes back to the corner and delivers a another ten punches. Tajiri nails Crazy with a handspring elbow but Crazy quickly clotheslines a bloody Tajiri! Crazy crotches Tajiri on the top rope and nails Tajiri with a springboard spinning heel kick to the back of Tajiri’s head! Crazy goes for the cover but isn’t able to put away Tajiri! Tajiri blocks a kick and locks in the Tarantula! Tajiri low blows Crazy and gets a near fall with a German suplex. Crazy gets out of a brain buster but is met with dropkick to the knee. Tajiri baseball slides Crazy into the front row and takes Crazy out with a springboard moonsault! Tajiri grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up on the middle rope. Crazy missile dropkicks Tajiri and sends Tajiri to the floor. Crazy has a second table and slides it into the ring. Tajiri has ring wrench and kicks Crazy before jamming the wrench into Crazy’s mouth. Tajiri mists Crazy while sitting on the table set up on the middle rope. Crazy counters a hurricanrana attempt and power bombs Tajiri through the other table! Crazy covers and picks up the win! ***½

ECW World Heavyweight Champion Mike Awesome and Judge Jeff Jones are in the ring. Awesome brags about kicking Spike Dudley’s ass last week. Awesome also brags about knocking Spike’s girlfriends teeth down her throat. Awesome puts himself over as the most awesome athlete and wrestler in the business. The fans start to chant for Rob Van Dam. Awesome holds the only championship that matters in wrestling, the ECW World Championship. Awesome believes that makes him the whole fucking show. As soon as Awesome says that, ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam makes his way down to the ring. RVD tells Awesome to watch what he says and stop confusing his fans. RVD tells Awesome that he is the whole fucking show. Awesome puts down the ECW Television Championship that RVD is wearing. Awesome tells RVD to try and take the belt away from him! RVD accepts to do it and a referee comes down. However, the lights go out as soon as the bell sounds. We see Sabu standing in the ring! The fans want a three way dance but Awesome is not interested in that. Awesome is willing to kick their ass right now. Sabu ends up smashing RVD with the chair and Awesome power bombs RVD on the chair! Sabu nails RVD with the triple jump moonsault! Sabu leg drops the chair onto RVD and Sabu decks Bill Alfonso with a right hand. Sabu splashes onto Bill Alfonso, crashing through a table on the floor. Spike Dudley runs down but he is power bombed by Awesome as well. Awesome grabs a second table and places RVD on the table. Awesome and Sabu go to opposite corners and both leap off connecting with a big splash/leg drop combo onto RVD crashing through the table! RVD and Spike Dudley are left laying in the ring to end the show.

End of show

My Take:
Cyrus is starting to get some decent heel heat. Its not all that hard considering he is saying all things that ECW fans are against.

The opening interview segment was pretty basic, but I don’t think that Doring and Roadkill should be getting involved in a main tag tea feud with the Impact Players. The match with Raven/Dreamer was a solid tag team bout and a good upset for Doring and Roadkill. However, they still need to get some big wins before even thinking about being a credible challenger for the tag team championships held by the Impact Players.

Tajiri/Crazy was a very good death match. Tajiri has really started to show his personality and has been very entertaining in recent weeks. A very good, bloody, battle between two bitter rivals.

The last segment was awesome. The beginning was kind of bad because Mike Awesome isn’t a great talker, but once RVD came out it really picked up to be something great. The fans are clearly into a feud between RVD and Mike Awesome, as I am as well. Sabu returning only to attack RVD wasn’t surprising but the beating on RVD and later Spike Dudley was a great way to kick off an apparent partnership between Awesome and Sabu. Excellent way to end the show.

Overall, I am going to say this has been the best ECW on TNN show to this point. Quite honestly, their wasn’t anything bad about the show. Awesome show that has set up some interesting feuds moving forward.

Thanks for reading.

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