ECW on TNN 1/14/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Atlanta, GA

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are standing in the ring with the fans in Atlanta chanting ECW. Gertner goes to deliver his line about is cut off by Cyrus. Cyrus mocks the fans way of speaking and is greeted with a “you suck dick” chant. Cyrus tells Gertner that TNN was shocked by Gertner’s statements. Cyrus had to go into the production truck and edit out Gertner’s offense commentary. Cyrus has a list of things that will no longer be tolerated on TNN.
1. No longer dirty middle names to get Gertner over.
2. No sexual like comments at all.
3. Their will be no more smart remarks about western country music. Cyrus also mentions inbreeding and several country music groups.
4. Also, no negative comments about Roller Jam.
5. Cyrus also announces that their will not be any negative remarks about Roller Ball.

ECW on TNN opening video

Joey Styles hypes up what happened at Guilty As Charged. Sabu may be gone from ECW, Raven and Tommy Dreamer lost the ECW World Tag Team Championships and Rhino attacked Dusty Rhodes.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner talk about Cyrus and how he is a pain in the ass, basically.

Opening Contest: Super Crazy defeated Little Guido:
Guido leg trips Crazy to quickly start the contest and gets a few shots in but jumping to the floor to get away from Crazy. Crazy with a boot but is tripped by Sal E. which allows Guido to get a few shots in. Crazy misses a knee drop and is rolled up for a two count. Crazy hip tosses Guido and connects with a springboard moonsault for a two count. Crazy attempts a middle rope moonsault but Guido gets his knees up. Guido has a arm bar locked in but Crazy manages to reach the bottom rope. Crazy is sent to the floor where Sal E holds Crazy but not for long. Guido misses a cross body but is caught by Sal E. Crazy takes both men out with a springboard moonsault as the show goes to commercial. Guido shoves Crazy off the top rope and connects with a leg drop to the back of the head for a near fall. Guido tosses Crazy to the floor again where Sal tosses Crazy into the railing and splashes Crazy. Guido gets a near fall back in the ring and has a arm bar locked in. Crazy plants Guido with a springboard sunset flip power bomb for a two count. Crazy baseball slides a chair into Sal’s face and hammers away on Guido for a few moments in the corner. Guido blocks a head scissors by slamming Crazy face first down to the canvas. Guido has a chair as the referee is distracted. Crazy manages to DDT Guido on the chair and Sal accidentally splashes Guido. Crazy goes for the cover but only gets a near fall. Crazy plants Guido with a running tornado DDT to pick up the win. **½

More hype about what happened at Guilty As Charged five days ago.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner wonder if Sabu is really walking out of ECW. What does it mean?

Clips of RVD vs. Sabu from ECW Guilty As Charged are shown.

Backstage, ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam cuts a promo about never betting against RVD. RVD would have kept Sabu around by having him carry his bags. RVD is still the whole fucking show. RVD acknowledges Bill Alfonso who has a towel on his head and appears to have had a rough night.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner talk about Rhino attacking Dustin Rhodes at the pay per view because Rhino was made about the Sandman being unable to show up to the arena.

Footage from ECW Guilty As Charged where Dusty Rhodes saved Jerry Lynn only to be attacked by Rhino.

Joel Gertner reveals that Dusty Rhodes and a mystery partner will wrestler Rhino and Steve Corino on the February 4th show.

Outside, Da Baldies are cutting a promo on New Jack. DeVito says that their issues with New Jack are not over despite everything that has happened. DeVito puts over Angel as the king of the streets. Angel says he is the toughest guy in ECW. The streets will always belong to Da Baldies.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner chat about Mike Awesome nearly killing Spike Dudley at the pay per view.

Backstage, ECW World Champion Mike Awesome says that Spike Dudley earned his respect with that beating. Awesome tells Spike that he is welcomed to come after his belt again because Awesome wants to see how close to death Spike can get.

Main Event: Jerry Lynn defeated Tajiri:
Tajiri attacks Lynn from behind and dropkicks a seated Lynn to kick off the contest. Tajiri chops Lynn in the corner a few times but Lynn comes back with a head scissors sending Tajiri to the floor. Lynn takes Tajiri out with a slingshot cross body onto the floor. Tajiri baseball slides Lynn into the guard railing a few times and they trade a few blows. Tajiri drives Lynn face first into a chair and table. Back in the ring, Tajiri works on Lynn with a few kicks in the midsection. Tajiri bites Lynn and rolls Lynn up for a near fall. More kicks in the corner by Tajiri and ends up getting the Tarantula locked in, briefly. Handspring back elbow by Tajiri to keep the advantage of the contest. Tajiri places Lynn in the tree of woe and delivers a running baseball slide knocking Lynn silly. Tajiri proceeds to stand on Lynn’s groin! Tajiri chops Lynn a few times and goes for another handspring but Lynn counters with a hurricanrana. Lynn block a hurricanrana from Tajiri with a sit down power bomb for a two count. Tajiri goes behind Lynn and takes Lynn over with a German suplex for another near fall. Lynn plants Tajiri with a tornado DDT and gets a two count. Tajiri kicks Lynn several times in the chest followed by a stiff kick to the face. Tajiri knocks Lynn out with a kick to the head but only manages to get a two count on the pin attempt. Lynn gets out of a brain buster and low blows Tajiri followed by the cradle pile driver to win the bout. ***

Footage form Guilty as Charged where the Impact Players won the tag team championships.

Backstage, ECW World Tag Team Champions Impact Players cut a promo about being the new tag team champions. Storm makes reference to the screw job in 1997 about how it is hard to get the belt off of someone from Calgary.

End of show

My Take:
The show seemed to be heavily centered around recapping what happened at Guilty As Charged, though their were two exclusive matches for this telecast.

Crazy/Guido and Lynn/Tajiri were both good matches. Which, isn’t surprising because those four guys consistently put on good matches for ECW on any given show that they compete on.

This is pretty short because nothing new happened, so I don’t have really any new thoughts or opinions on it. A lot of the show was recapping the previous PPV, as I mentioned above.

Overall, the only exclusive stuff on this weeks show were two good matches. Thus, a good show by ECW.

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