ECW on TNN 1/7/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: White Plains, NY

The show opens up with footage from last weeks show highlighting Tanaka vs. Awesome. Also, Awesome hitting Spike Dudley’s girlfriend with a clothesline is shown.

ECW on TNN opening video

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are up in the booth. TNN censors Gertner’s sexual poem, the whole thing. Styles goes over the Guilty As Charged pay per view which will be taking place in two days.

A video going over the history of the ECW World Championship up to this point in ECW is aired.

Backstage, Spike Dudley cuts a promo on Mike Awesome. Dudley is pissed that Awesome knocked his girlfriend’s teeth out. Dudley notes that he hasn’t missed a match in over three and half years. Dudley doesn’t care about winning or losing. Dudley promises to hurt Awesome at Guilty As Charged.

Backstage, ECW World Champion Mike Awesome and Judge Jeff Jones cut a promo. Jones mentions that he is a judge and manages the ECW World Champion. Jones wants to know who Dudley think he is. Jones is mad that Dudley’s girlfriend made him look ridiculous. Awesome brags about knocking Dudley’s girlfriends teeth down her throat. “Just imagine what I am going to do to you.”

Backstage, the Impact Players cut a promo on Tommy Dreamer. Storm talks about how big of a night tonight is for Tommy Dreamer. Storm says that Justin Credible is going to beat Dreamer. Credible tells Storm to not come down to the ring as Credible wants to wrestle Dreamer by himself. Credible says Dreamer isn’t the man and is going to crush all the dreams that crossed Dreamer’s mind. No catchphrase this week.

Opening Contest: Amish Roadkill/Danny Doring defeated Kid Kash/Nova and the Dupps in a elimination match:
All six men are brawling in the ring to open the match quickly. The Dupps backdrop Doring but Nova bulldogs the Dupps. Roadkill side slams Nova and Kash takes Roadkill down with a tilt a whirl head scissors. Kash leaps off the top and somersault dives onto everyone on the floor. Kash attempts a springboard hurricanrana but is caught by Roadkill and Doring clotheslines Kash. Doring is double teamed in the corner as Roadkill is sent crashing through a table on the floor by the Dupps. Double shoulder block by the Dupps on Nova. Roadkill takes the Dupps out with a springboard double clothesline. Roadkill splashes the Dupps in the corner. Nova plants Roadkill with a tornado DDT but runs into a big boot from one of the Dupps. Kash knocks the Dupps off the apron. Doring and Nova splash onto Beau and Kash sneaks in for the pin to eliminate the Dupps.
Elimination #1: the Dupps via pin fall.
Doring with a top rope leg drop on Nova. Kash crotches Roadkill on the top rope and Doring gets a near fall on Nova. Kash hammers away on Doring and connects with a top rope hurricanrana. Kash dives onto Roadkill but is caught. Nova frog splashes Doring but Electra enters the ring and attacks Nova. Jazz enters the ring and spears Electra, which leads to a catfight. Simon Diamond comes down and carries Jazz to the backstage area. Chris Chetti is slapped by Electra but ends up making out with Electra and carries her to the backstage area as well. Doring dumps Nova to the floor. Doring and Roadkill plant Kash with the Lancaster Lust and Doring pins Kash to win the match. **

Footage of the recent happenings between the Impact Players and Raven/Tommy Dreamer is shown.

Main Event: Justin Credible defeated Tommy Dreamer in a stairway to hell match:
Justin Credible marches up the aisle way as he doesn’t want to wrestle. Dreamer heads over to Credible and Jason and hammers away on both men. Dreamer tosses Credible off the entrance ramp onto the guard railing. Dreamer continues to hammer away on Credible and sends him into a wall. Dreamer sends Credible into the guard railing and bridges a ladder on the apron and railing. Dreamer punches Credible until Dreamer is crotched on the railing by Credible. Credible with a few more punches and sends Dreamer into the railing. Dreamer manages to send Credible back first into the ladder positioned on the floor. Dreamer tosses the ladder into the ring and continues to punch Credible on the floor. Dreamer sets the ladder up in the corner and blocks a super kick from Credible. Dreamer avoids a clothesline and connects with a spine buster. Dreamer low blows Credible but Credible sends Dreamer into the ladder in the corner. Dreamer stumbles out and is met with a super kick from Credible! Credible crotches Dreamer on the top rope and wedges the ladder on the middle rope in the corner. Credible attempts a superplex but Dreamer drops Credible face first onto the ladder. Dreamer leg drops Credible on the groin and places the ladder on the bottom rope. Dreamer proceeds to slingshot Credible face first into the ladder! Dreamer crotches Credible on the top rope and sets the ladder on the middle rope. Dreamer stands on the ladder and goes for a superplex but Credible shoves Dreamer down and Dreamer is crotched on the ladder! Credible sets the ladder up in the corner and goes back to attacking Dreamer. Credible demands a chair from Jason and gets one. Credible drop toe holds Dreamer onto the back end of the chair. Credible goes up top and drives the ladder down onto Dreamer’s chest! Several jabs by Credible but Dreamer is able to toss Credible into the ladder and Credible flips over the top crashing to the floor. Dreamer puts the ladder around Credible’s head but Credible low blows Dreamer. Credible goes to the middle rope but Dreamer gets up and has Credible on his shoulders. Dreamer drops Credible face first onto the ladder! Dreamer places the ladder in front of Credible’s groin and grabs a chair. Dreamer smashes the chair into the ladder and Credible’s groin has got to be hurting! Dreamer climbs the ladder and grabs the Singapore cane. Dreamer is kicked by Jason on the side of the head. Francine low blows Jason and connects with a bronco buster in the corner! Credible grabs Francine and goes for the That’s Incredible but Dreamer hits Credible with the cane over the head! Dreamer goes for a pile driver on the ladder but Lance Storm springboards off the top rope and clotheslines Dreamer onto a ladder! Raven pulls Storm groin first into the ring post and we get a catfight between Francine and Dawn Marie. Dreamer grabs Dawn Marie but avoids a kendo stick shot. Credible gets out of a power slam and hits Dreamer with the kendo stick a couple of times. Credible plants Dreamer with the That’s Incredible for the three. **¼

Backstage, Rhino tells the Sandman that he has no fear, and no mercy. Rhino promises to beat the shit out the Sandman in two days at Guilty As Charged. Rhino growls into the camera to close out the segment.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner hype up Guilty As Charged to close out the show.

End of show.

My Take:
I’m actually interested in the Spike/Awesome title match for Guilty As Charged. It is highly unlikely that Dudley will win the match, because Awesome needs to get back on his dominate ways. However, it could be a fun match to see Dudley get destroyed. A fine story to go along with the feud as well.

The opening tag match was a fast paced match but I really couldn’t get into it because for the most part I don’t have any reason to care for the men involved. There is no denying, though, that Kid Kash is a great athlete and good be in store for some big things in 2000.

A mediocre main event this week between Credible/Dreamer that pretty much saw the same finish we have been seeing for months now. Honestly, they need to come up with better finishes. Impact Players head into the PPV with the momentum. They have been getting the upper hand in this feud quite a bit. ECW trying to phase out Dreamer and the other original ECW guys? Perhaps.

By the way, TNN is starting to crank up their censorship with the censoring of Gertner’s sexual poem. Let the mayhem begin.

Overall, I couldn’t get into the show for whatever reason. The matches were really, really average at best. Maybe their wasn’t much effort but into the show due to the pay per view in two days. Average show at best.

Thanks for reading.

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